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"The Dark Knight" 12 murdered, 50 injured in slauder

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Postby bionic » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:52 am

Have we found out whether he was recently,like, in the last few months, put on antidepressent meds yet?
Because if so, they might have played a role in all this.
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Postby at1with0 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:13 am

Sort of odd that an antidepressant could be cited as a cause.
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:21 am

What is it that motivates people to do this? This guy didn't show any signs of THIS level of dementia. And he is so smart. It makes me feel that these nuts are puppets under the control of something or someone else. I don't see any sign of remorse. It's like he did what was intended and it wasn't completely in his control

Now my friend you've made what is probably one of your very best posts. It's the reason why conspiracy sites exist in the first place, not intel sites, but pure lunacy fueled net sites who's sole purpose is to confuse those with legitimate intelligent questions. Most are Government backed or associated in one way or another.

This shooting is an absolute tragedy, the investigation thus far has been very very poorly handled. Someone leaked the info about the Psyche, and someone also leaked the info on the packet, which just so happened to turn up AFTER someone called the LE to tell them that they had a package which they thought was sent to them by Holmes, only it turned out to be false. So the FBI checks the mail room and just so happens to find the stick figure confession package.

If you watch the Police Chief's initial presser it's quite obvious that he's well aware of an accused persons civil rights as well as a right to fair and speedy trial. When asked, he refused to release the shooters photo after being asked by the Sheriff who had booked Holmes into lock-up. He said " I'm not going to be the one to release his photo "

So what gives here? Who's running this and who's really in charge?

THE Psych Prof: Has released a statement-------------which only further compromises the investigation.....She claims to have contacted the University
" Threat Assessment Team " over her concerns in regard to the Mental state of Holmes...........They have stumbled and stammered looking foolish in the process..

This is EXACTLY how these things either happen, or allowed to happen for one reason or another..JMHO.............Yet it's a near clone to the Jarred Laughner shooting, right down to the mental issues thing.

Psychiatrist Called Threat Team About Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes

Aug. 1, 2012

Aurora, Colo., shooting suspect James Holmes came to the attention of the threat assessment committee at the University of Colorado but no further action was taken because he left the school more than a month before the attack that killed 12 and injured 58, sources told ABC News.

ABC News has learned that Dr. Lynne Fenton, the psychiatrist who was treating Holmes, 24, at the school, was also a key member of the university's threat assessment team. The group of experts were responsible for protecting the school from potentially violent students.

KMGH-TV, ABC News' affiliate in Denver, reported exclusively that, according to sources, by early June, Fenton had informed other members of the team about her concerns regarding Holmes.

But on June 10 -- three days after Holmes bought an assault weapon and added it to his already growing arsenal -- he suddenly told the university that he was dropping out of the neurosciences doctoral program with no explanation. ... BqSV6C0_wk

My post about the bank robbing thing was to illustrate the type of PD force in Aurora................sure they got the guy in the end but they broke or ignored many laws in the process.

Maybe it's why the Police Chief was so careful during his initial presser about this shooting... I'm sure a few lawsuits were filed over that thing.

Everyone here knows that I'm extremely pro LE as well as being extremely pro civil rights as afforded by the Constitution.... Some LE's today seem to be able to twist meaning and fit it to circumstance without being held accountable, at least in a court of law..

No I think this dude was under the control of something or someone...........Only a severely deranged or mentally incapacitated person can do such a thing. Either chemically induced, or otherwise programmed.

It could be a reason as to why he's no idea what he did, or why he's in lock-up.

Most news outlets have moved on to other things, this can only be by design. All that's left are the disinfo rags who'll stop at nothing in an effort to conceal the truth about WTF really happened here.

Everyone deserves to know exactly what happened, why it happened, and how it happened so as, ( if anything ) be better able to stop things like this from happening in the future.

Further: What parent in their right minds takes a child to see a mid-night showing of any movie let alone Batman. Then.................they are USED by the media as a touchy feel good moment in an effort to diffuse all of the grief and sorrow????????????????

Anyone have any issues with that? TO ME, ever the conspiracy nutter. :roll: :crazy: It stinks of mind manipulation..............

Hard to say when so many have been flat out murdered. Anyway I might get stoned to death, or made fun of for thinking such thoughts EAH... :P Better shut my mouth.. :roll:

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Postby greeney2 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:01 am

Hard to imagine but I agree with several things Cole just said. First I think the police chief does have a duty to insure this lynch ready screwball gets a fair trial, not only for his rights, but for the citizens not to be crying, they screwed it up again. I think he deserves a fair trial, but I also think if he is found guilty, he should he hung the next day, not lethal injection in 20 years.

This does smell a lot like damage control, on the surface, just like Penn State university covering everything up "for the sake of the University, and better good". The phyciatist seems to have done the right thing, reported it, just like Patrino, and handed the ball off to someone else. Another case where they didn't go over their chain of command and right to the police. Time will tell if this threat committee decided to just usher him out of their program quietly and just get him out of the university. Which will bring up the question about when does a crime become a real crime, or the mear mention of something henius enough. This is what is unfolding right now with the UC Irvine professor just arrested. They discovered his intent to do such a crime, and is now held without bail. We may be reaching a point where a figure of speech, like "I could kill that idiot" (figuratively) could led to being locked up. already if you joke, "this is a stick up" in a bank or similar antics in an airplane, you are in big trouble.

Yes our news system, milks the blood out of a story, than it ends up on the back pages to sensationalize the next story.

As far as parnets taking a 3 month old baby to the theater at midnight, its ludicras, you have to be nuts to even take a 3 month old into a theater at all, even for a childs show. A very good subject for the health forum, is the most filthy and bacteria related places to go, I have herd are sitting in theater seats. They are suppose to be the most highly contageous, contaminated enviorments you can sit in, and allowing a 3 month old to be in that borders on criminal. They do not have all their shots, and if they pick up things like whooping cough, it is deadly. We did not even see our granddaugher, before we both got flu shots and the the whooping cough shot which is really a major thing right now. This is a little like the stories you hear in the news about how a 3 year old gets hit by a car. However they never ever say, where the &^#k were the parents, or what idiots let a 3 year old out of their site, let alone running in near the street. These parents with the 3 month old, need to learn a few lessons about the stupidy of their actions, regardless of the shooting.
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Postby katsung47 » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:23 pm

Cops blew up the explosives they didn't find in the apartment ... ksdAMebpts

C.N.N Reports: No Explosives Found in Aurora Shooter's Apartment ... MNdNSqeUo4
Published on Jul 23, 2012 by linaverde

C.N.N's Early Start reported that:" Police have been searching his apartment, but they have not found any explosives inside, the suspect apparently told them that they might.". More than 7 hours after the shooting, C.N.N followed up a completely " inconsistent " report with some psychological programming for all of their viewers. C.N.N: Treating the people like mushrooms: Feeding them B.S. and keeping them in the dark.
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Postby DIss0n80r » Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:19 pm

Conspiracy nuts thrive on misinformation.
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Postby greeney2 » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:07 pm

The apartment was rigged and boobytrapped, taking several days to clear, which included setting off charges inside the apartment first, as well as transporting explosives to the dump to detonate them. I do not know what the purpose of your post is Katsung. The neighbor nearly opened his front door that night, when he programmed loud music to go on, and loure someone into opening the door. They probably would have been killed if they did, as the front door was rigged.

To add one more tragic part to this story, the woman who lost her 6 year old child, also suffered a misscarriage, has been given a 3rd and final blow. He injuries are going to leave her paralized forever, and the best they might hope for is very limited use of her arms, and that is still very unlikely.
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:20 am

The post is a direct reflection of distraction brought about by ridiculous News Reports....CNN reported that the PD found nothing in the way of explosives in the Apt. Did they later retract that piece? Did they simply leave it to the viewers imagination?

If people would read more and view TV less, then they'd be better equipped to digest misinformation and deliberate disinformation with a large dose of salt and maybe see it for what it really is.

Something happened that's never going to be told the night. Gee just look to the Judge and the handling of the case thus far. Some will immediately think that's for protection of the Process in general, those who have specific questions will see it as a cover.

All of these shooters seem to have the VERY SAME SOCIAL backgrounds......Wake up...that ain't no coincidence. They are easy, very easy to manipulate, especially when you include Psyche systems, Counsel, Meds, ETC.....Just my opinion, along with many many others who have actually worked in various levels of Intel.

There were several witnesses who had other things to say about that Night, yet you don;t seem them paraded out in front of the cameras and Mics......Their ideas of what they saw differ a bit from the early on reported story lines.

Anyway...............Just read a bit on the recent shooting in Milwaukee. Read that AP piece on the FBI and the person put in charge of that investigation......Read how it was reported that the Police shot and killed the shooter, only in the end he actually shot himself in the head.

They actually want to eliminate others shooters in that case, they claim that they will analyze every fragment, casing, ETC in that effort....Lawyers are actually accessing and supporting that investigation, some who've penned training books for cops/agents/intel...are also involved............

What's the difference between the two incidents....?

Many people are taught to believe that the Police/FBI/Others are here to serve you as a citizen of the US........Is that still the case, or has someone in authority escaped the reservation with a completely different set of values/ideas??????

All just my person opinion....I know for a fact that decent Cops/agents/intel exist
and hold true to ethics..........just as there are those who could really care less.

Only 1 person was wounded from gun fire who wasn't in the immediate theater...and he supposedly began the assault with a bird shot filled shotgun, most of which will bounce off of a human outside 30 yards.....yep it stings but nothing compared to XX there are many ( too many ) questions left unanswered..

The Police were very very quick to explain HOW he came to get into the Theater....I find that very very odd considering the magnitude of the case itself...witnesses have said that someone received a phone call and then went to the exit door and opened it....yet is it possible that he was actually MAKING A PHONE CALL................Anyone seen or heard anything about cell phones being found, call logs being investigated...ETC

This really should be an open and shut case " RIGHT " Drop out goes off the farm due to recent events that caused him to stock pile weapons/ammo/bombs/yada yada yada....oh and maybe on Meds maybe not, but was reported as a threat to a threat assessment team who DID..................WHAT???????????

There's a reason, one with a proven track record, why early " BREAKING NEWS ' pieces always seem to get lost or shuffled off to the abyss.....Just as there are those with like track records who always seeming to find themselves caught up in these
terrible events............Those are the things that simply can't be explained away by coincidence or spawned by the Nutter conspiracy theorists...

Just my 2-cents

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Postby greeney2 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:07 am

Cole you seem to imagine and fabricate you own ideas, based on information that is preliminary and information that evoloves or is changed after further investigation. One little thing, and you are off to the races with some wild idea. Like contending birdshot will not penitrate you after 30 yrds, concocting some shotgun theory, and imagining some sort of coverup. We do not even know for sure, what load he was using, unless they have released sales records about those rounds bought. Believe it or not, the cops have reasons to withhold some details of cases, for the sake of prosocution. You immediatly start thinking something is amuck, by reading between the lines. Allready you leapfrog to the Wisconson shooter, where they may have thought he was killed by he shot policeman, than after investigation, found he killed himself, after he knew he was hit by the cop. You think that all these things are conspiracies, becasue things change as they go along. Sketchy or tentative news is usually amended as they go along, its nothing new, and also not a part of a conspiracy.

You say the University threat team did nothing, but that is also not true. The Doctor reported it, and the University must have taken some action, he was being dropped from the program. They wanted to get rid of him and away from other students. What we may be stepping closer to, you could compare to the UC Irvine professer they just arrested in Los Angeles. His son committed suicide at his high school, and the Father was plannned this kind of thing. While arrested for being caught setting fires, their investigation led them to discovering his plans on computers, so is now held without bail. We are getting closer to when we think someone may be a threat, could be held even before they have committed any crime. That just "thinking or saying something" of this nature could get you locked up. Whats next? assuming anyone who ever had counseling is a risK? If you have a prescription for depression? This kid in colorado, never had a record, and never was in trouble before. The shooter in Wisconson, was kicked out of the Army, and a white sepremesist. The Arizona shooter, had a history of mental problems, and somehow was able to buy guns. The Ft. Hood shooter treated PMS and was a Doctor.
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:42 pm


Cole you seem to imagine and fabricate you own ideas, based on information that is preliminary and information that evoloves or is changed after further investigation. One little thing, and you are off to the races with some wild idea.

With all due respect you've zero credibility because you've not read anything of merit when it comes to the post I made....Nothing....otherwise you'd not make such asinine comments..

No one is off to the races in regard to ANYTHING associated with what is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE when it comes to this shooting/topic..........

Now I can assure you Sir, that I can LINK...............To articles, reports, AP pieces that will embarrass you................If of course you have any measure of shame whatsoever.

We've touched on this many times before...You're either a Company man, or a Yes Man...........Which is it? Why are you sooooooooooo freaking scared of the truth?

Was he dropped after failing an oral exam............or did he leave the program.....??? Which allowed those on the board to claim that there was nothing they could do because he had left the program..

Have your fun. only it's not very funny.

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