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keeping the pressure on israel.

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Postby ricardo » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:46 am

its no easy task having realized all things middle east, are impacted by
american support for israel. we enable her. but than again its a relationship,
that has a leverage into our very lives.

when you have one country that has made the seduction of american sovereign one of her tactics, in her overall plan for domination over the middle east and beyond. like the germans before her and oddly having been a victim,of their cruelty, israel having committed human rights abuse against palestinians has little to compare to.

what do israelians teach their children. ? cont... post war,must teach...
holocaust acceptance is diminished or nonexsistant . nice gesture,
from germany another payout for the holocaust survivers. but gaining
little credibility, by the blood libel forced on germans .by way of leveraged guilt.

interesting, did the money go to israel or russia ? do russian jews out of israel
qualify , and does this facilitate their relocation to israel ? do white jews ,
have priority over black african jews ? ( migratory preference)

to the jewish insight , this is compassionate and acknowledgement of
their responsibility during the holocaust , and reparations are resonable.
however , under present circumstances may become confused with
the rape of palestinains living among the brutal and powerful ,
warlords of the realm.

'in other words, this german blood libel for behavior during ww2 is tacitly validating israelian criminality in the territories.? why reward criminal behavior"?
kafkaesque ?

why else would german leadership not condition this leverage to withdraw
to 1947 mandate ? (or a reasonable compromise.)

these words will repeat, diminished holocaust acceptance , lost covenant, [diminished generally accepted historical and post holocaust reality.]
this will be the coming new dialogue moving forward. new realities in the middle east. diminished post holocaust acceptance. new zionism is old news ,
( its a repeat)

this is the new -paradigm shift. israelians must earn their way back to a independent state, this is because their generally accepted post holocaust
assumed right of return is gone. reason- war crimes. continued occupation
in the land of palestine.

it does not negate the event, but its significance is diminished because of israelian military occupation of internationally accepted palestinian lands.( acceptance) murder, and gross human rights violations. and war crimes...

i must be the only one who sees a questionable blood libel payout to criminals,
is this equitable international law ??? rewarding bad behavior. ( germany )

dear friends , dont ever think i dislike the jewish or semitic people. its the
government in place and a mind set that has taken a historical event and
perpetuated a myth . the myth is beyond the original concept. not the mere
existance in the holy lands.

also, the armageddon conceptual idea . is not my motivation. i see this as
apolitical . and secular in a pragmatic manner. evil/ good, what ever.
from a impartial arbiter , i see the probabilities , and self fulfilment;sfp) my goal,is not so, religious favoritism as a resolution, my goal is to single handily ,
avert nuclear catastrophe in the middle east . i like to think i can do it all
myself. but i could use some help. many will say i cant write about ,justice or human rights abuse in the territories , cus the jews got my scholarship and vacation to israel, " i could lose my job for this " "i will be black listed "
and you know what you will . but its a beautiful liberating feeling, baby.

from your world in practical terms you are fulfilling prophecy. im here to stop the predetermination/ alter the- outcome(s) we have awareness and choice. this is good or evil in man (us) we just have to act accordingly. this is a good fight. join me. but, dont hate the jew or iranians just because of a single crazy one.

this is a defineing moment we have lost brave men and our rights over this
festering middle east injustice. consider this . if oil was placed in the hands
of the rightful owners , will we be paying a artifically controlled price.
no, the real price - production and distr. is more like , 2.50 per gal at the pump.
were suckers. think im wrong . whats the price of greed added to the top. ?
cus you know its there. it did help destoying iranain refineries in the past,
right ? a little tangential.

the concept of a historical and post holocaust generally accepted
independent israel or right of return , is diminished by jewish criminal
behavior against palestinians in the israelian military enclaves -occupied

my dream and aspiration, is to be killed by a violent extremist jew.
that way, more people will know , like the palestinians,
jews do in fact kill, murder and maim. and, i will be one more
added to the long list , of victims, by the people who have lost
their convenant yet again.
(post holocaust acceptance)
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:23 pm

spys what for armageddon? added spin too. of course AQ isnt
after israel, they are after america for supporting israel ,
maybe a thing called occupation too. see: bombers ]

time to open a new front. israel. and it was iran . assassinations / bombings
you trifecta is doing splended. a few more sanctions on iran will squeeze the -$
from hez, hammas, and affiliates how will this effect recruiting ?

old world powers swim to the surface once again. almost like starting from scratch. id assume a big event.

maybe a return to direct confrontation. who needs terrorism anyway ?
its so yesterday.
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