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Postby ricardo » Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:08 am

10s of thousands march in israel. in the attempt to drown out the sound of defeat. to actually think arab minority youth and excluded ultra orthodox jews, by birth right. could serve in the 'conflicted israelian defense forces'.to honor and protect the only homeland these youth have ever known...i submit ,it is a tough balancing act to implement.israel seeking a hegamonic ethnos w/ in a racially and 'ethnically divided nation' is not easy. bibi netanyaho; shrewdly, must realize any shared hegamony does not come cheap.

to share military service responsibility, is a act of tacit ," legal equality."
no longer can the reverse claim be made. these citizens did not serve in the military.therefore ,by logical reasoning ,have earned less rights to "legal recognition." do so at your own risk.least you appear treasonous to the idea
of a ethnically pure jewish nation that marches lock step across the hitherland,
looking toward the horizon, allowing nothing to stand in its way. be careful
where you look for creative solutions dear leaders .perhaps limited probationary service,that tests the loyalty of its officers.and regulates bravery ,to levels of perceived love and dedication,of israel,because, promoting one over another,
will be a source of contention.

"no longer can netanyaho say. by law, arabs and othodox jews can not serve
in the israel defence forces. unless, of course the law(s) of discrimination ,
become the norm. than what have we ? realities on the ground become
undeniable, and the once proud nation,fighting a growing fiction.the generally accepted principles of ; jewish state, "post war moral authority - holocaust acceptance " - loses its credibility and international legal standing- the self proclaimed jewish nation , becomes the aparthied state it always feared and hoped to avoid."tal law ruled unconstitutional, stuckdown by israeli knesset. this adds more non- arab jews to the idf ranks. what does this accomplish for so called arab ' citizens' wait and see. seeing is believing.

where is the right of palestinian return ? time accelerates and grows short.
israelian forces act like snoopy in tall grass. claustrophobic to say the least.
they must act the part of a nation among others in community and fellowship.
instead she readys nuclear weapons in violation of IAEA and NPT. which she
is not a signatory to. thus ' acting out ' the middle easts very own," lone wolf of nuclear ambiguity " terrorising its neighbors by nuclear ownership , and threat
of massive destuction and loss of life.
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:44 am

" its sad but israel is begining to look like a massive ponzi scheme, paying

off political debt w/ palestinian assets. it aint gonna work baby "

the more israel occupies ,the greater the sacred convenant is diminished.

(karmic law)
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