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myth of growing anti semitism ...

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Postby ricardo » Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:03 am

for gods sake . don't sell out your heritage.
to be a Jew , is to be Jewish , and all that this entails .
a unique and beautiful culture.

dear Jew, have you never been told no ? as if by taking a principled stand
against you, Jew. I have brought the wrath of god apon our heads.

a Jew can not be separated from Zion (ism) to be anti Zion is to be anti Jew,
for are not the people of Zion Jews ? so Jew ...get used to it. own it .
no more denial who we are Jew . therefore their is no defense for being a Jew.
one is not needed.

in some European countries , questioning the historical basis of the holocaust
of jewish culture is a criminal offense . in keeping knowledge from the people ,
by criminalizing speech, and freedom of expression, in doing so you separate them from any meaningful debate as to what a Jew is .how they came about . the history . the Shoah . (holocaust ) self defeating.

when I looked into the mirrior , I saw myself, for the first time.
and , I asked myself, is this what a Jew looks like ? I had forgotten about my
own history and the Shoah, amidst the anguished cries of the Palestinian nakba.
whom were now repeating our own historical holocaust .

313134 J - are you not feeling the separateness from the broken covenant ?
the path to healing is not in denial of who you are.but a challenge/ calling, and reaffirmation to be met for the evolution to come. no more games , no more slight of hand , no more saying " Zion is not the Jew." no more confusing
propaganda. the Jew must always remain true to their ideas .

it is not the Jew. but what the Jew has come to represent therefore the term anti - semitism , is fundamentally flawed . anti - semitism is a term used by the Jew, something to distance the Jew from his heritage , Zion . ( guilt from the occupation and rape of Palestinian people.)

you realized through all these years of separateness and denial , you are actually ... a Jew. and have a responsibility .to the land and creation and to express jewishishness in this world. but, forgotten ,until now must be earned ... shalom ...
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