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Postby Dyrmyk » Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:34 pm

I have been eating extremely healthy lately (vegan diet) and been taking in a lot of drinks with a lot of vitamins in them. And two weeks into it, I have been remembering a lot of traumatic events that had happened to me and dealing with them in such a way, that it doesn't bug me anymore thinking about it and telling everyone. Because I'll know what to do if it ever happens again.
One event the sticks out in my mind is what happened on August 30th 2008.
At 3:30pm, I was meditating in my room by sitting in my chair listening to ambient techno music and getting into a trance like state, it was very relaxing music.
Suddenly from a distance, I sensed something weird appear about 250 meters from my apartment. As it drew closer and closer, a sense of fear began to become more and more powerful, until it became so close, that I couldn't ignore it's presence.
It's evil aura was so strong that I could see it clearly through my apartment wall. As it stood there across the street from me. It had a face of a cat with pointed scaly ears, yellow piercing eyes, black scales all over it's body, spines instead of whiskers, legs of a reptile, two rows of spines going down it's back to the base of the tail, it's tail looked like it was from an alligator. It also had very long claws, all black. Also, it had a voice of a bobcat. I felt a horrific feeling. It felt like I was about to die and have my spirit and soul destroyed leaving nothing behind, it felt like I could do nothing about it. I felt completely paralyzed and powerless.
My friend, who was in the room next door, he did a Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints prayer. As he started that, I got enough strength within me to move my right hand and play some Christian Heavy metal on my computer, I managed to get up and point my speakers towards the evil entity and cranked the music to maximum.
After a few seconds later, what seemed like hours, a beam of pure white light shot downward from the sky and disintegrated the demon.
With a sigh of relief I asked my friend if he was okay, I told him what I saw and he said "You saw it too?" We didn't tell anyone what happened that day.
We ended up suppressing the entire event.

Two years before I moved to that apartment, (93 McMillan Oshawa Ontario Canada) there lived an evil man that practiced spells from the Necronomicon and he also screamed argued and beat up his wife every day for two years. After his wife got fed up of the evil man, she got the landlord to phone the police. During his arrest, he was tasered twice. No effect to him, it took four officers to tackle him to the floor because he was yelling and screaming at the officers. As he was on the floor, he was cuffed and started his final Necronomicon mantra curse on the officers and the entire house.
By the time he was forced inside the squad car, the curse was complete.
He got out of going to jail by putting a spell on a judge and he now currently lives on 15 Quebec St Apartment 5 Oshawa Ontario Canada and currently goes by the name of Mark Benjamin Hayday. He is currently armed and dangerous with a sword and the Necronomicon.
Enemy Target for Aug 30 2008.JPG
Mark Benjamin Hayday
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