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Amerigringo human rights issues.

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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:06 pm

American human rights issues . comparative . extension of values appears to stop at our borders , violations have not excluded torture, export leading to torture, complacency in drug production, major arms suppliers to jus about anybody w/ fistful of dollars and few gold coins.

Americans per say have it pretty good. basically we f--- over everybody else .
so the much quoted " everyone wants to come to Amerigringo " rings true.
go figure.

civil rights and our constitution attempt comebacks and show a little life.

prisons most states - have extensive , rules for inmate /prisoner grievances ,
solitary or adm segregation is also limited by supreme court rulings and state
constitutions by laws. most states have ombudsman - a man who investigates
complaints and acts as a independent non interested non judgemental 3rd
party to seek equitable solutions. reports to the governor or other elected bodies.( has some ' juice ' ) slang = power...

mostly isolation is used to protect inmates or protect fellow prisoners from exceptionally predatory , violent and dangerous offenders.most state and private prisoners are under federal and state guidelines for rule of goverance though prison supers or wardens may set non / binding rules for immediate effect - conduct, security, compliance, operations.

all usually are afforded religious material, and access to a court appointed lawyer, or public defender if they can not afford one. by law. all states.
torture is state sponsored torture is obsolete . but exists in the form of gang violence w/ in the " walls"

also, may appeal conviction. and, has specified time to receive appeal and notice
of status of case. very very common. { specific time frame-again} medical care
and visitation common. some have/ allow conjugal relations .

now since 911 the rules of police conduct are convoluted. confession under
duress , (not torture) w/ out lawyers is apparently acceptable. constitutional rights are blurred for collection of rules of evidence, miranda may not be required, and suruptious behavior from the police is common. for example,
pretending to be a lawyer. state appointed. (I think) threats and promises only state or federal prosecutors are allowed to deal / make. plea bargains etc...
are used that mislead , frighten, suspects into unwarranted/ thus illegal confessions.

bribes are much less common here in the states, as opposed to many foreign nations where it is commonplace.

federal prisons are similar and pertain to federal crimes, by nature "white collar" crimes mostly( not fully recognized as more dangerous to the majority.)
the exception is the joint run military / federal prison distinguished post and pre Obama . ( clarity needed) military inmates / POWs ,are subjected to god knows what.
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