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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:21 am

I am in solidarity w/ the peace loving shepards of justice,
those whom suffer the most; indignant abuse , knowing ,
there is a purpose , a cause and reason to live for,
and die if necessary, as a matter of principle .

across the vast oceans , turbulent w/ the blood of martyrs,
the sound of a tyrants whip, cracks across the back of the
dispossessed, weak, and sick. how brave a people
you are.

the blood has reached our shores. any principled people,
can not ignore the simple truths ; the righteous demonstrate,
and the goodwill of the innocent. your blood stains
our collective consciousness. we will not forget.
stay strong . be righteous .

our president gave a medal of freedom to the man who
thinks he is your master. chosen from antiquity,to command respect.
w/ one foot on your land and another on your head...he carries
the lamb. and , rides your horse. he was given a medal of freedom,
from our leader to shame and humiliate him. I know this in my heart.

how dare the arabs/Persian of many land(s)spit on the memory of the loss of Palestine.we are taught to love and not to hate. the Sunni Shia split is a house divided.a house divided falls. are you not from the same house? ... persians know
of this house... before long,' the law that wrought you apart ,
will be the law that melds you as one ' ...

we are not enemies of Zion, but against their leaders policy.
and welcome a celebration of a just and bountiful palestianian state,
along the israelian state. our lost brothers...
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