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greatest enablers of soft jihad against women.

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Postby ricardo » Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:11 pm

greatest enablers of jIhad against women beside the unbelieving abusers. have
obstensibly been, rich and powerful women.

the facts are shocking because of
the 'real' , not imagined power in them. 1) women in many industrialized nations
exceed the education of men. 2) women's buying power and ' income control '
is equal if not exceeding men's. 3) ability to vote and actual vote are quantified in industrial nations by the fact that women , by voting for men , perpetuate learned helplessness. and are complicit in their own lack of political will.

'thus spoke' women...
in their paradoxical dilemma , accounting for all( willing to take the credit) but accepting none of the power or responsibility by fielding weak or unqualified

some on the list are ideas or concepts that perpetuate inequality , and learned helplessness. ( institutionalized helplessness.)

hasbara : perpetuation of messianic belief systems. historical defined roles.
that compliment - by way of existence- perpetuate counter opposing- extremely
repressive religions and orgainizations. (esoteric- profound -karmic-)

mrs asid- wealthy , intelligent? and in position to make an differance for women
by her proximity to an very powerful man in the middle east. Syrian president. human rights are and will ever be intrinsically linked to women's dignity. so, effectively if she's heir to leadership. or in a position to help, why doesn't she ?

queen RANIA- same deal. does a lot for humanitarian causes. but, overall
are they effective ? what's happening in women's equality and representation
in government ?

defence dept -having law that allows them to approve or disapprove legal
representation. has greater implications including women.

HC- I like this woman ( got to be careful lol) the cart before the horse ?
vocal , visable, powerful. it's not enough sometimes , being a women in power.
they have to produce results. intelligent. baby, if your not using it your losing it.
: definition. the women's movement contrary to popular opinion is still ongoing has not stopped . she does not compare to the others . is an positive contrast.
that has greater potential , because she lives in a powerful country. and , by whom she is as a person. (my voter impression- that perspective ) should extend
to foreign policy. can you do better on the big ticket ?

bin laden wives- again a free pass. allowed to fly to SA . - for humanitarian reasons.did the FBI question them ? did I miss something ? take the heat if ya gonna walk the beat. visibly the weaker sex. water boarding anyone ?
(sorry- that was uncalled for)

Saudi princess ameerah al- taweel / wife of al waleed bin talal [ Saudi prince.]
one of the richest men in the world and formidable in the power that responsibility necessitates. by our standards demure. active in women's rights in Saudi Arabia . known cause - helping push forward women's equal right to drive in saudi Arabia. does nothing / and wouldn't dare lift the veil on Wahhabism. strict Islamic interpritation. and perversions of Islamic doctrine through fatwas and legal decrees, [ intended to include kings decree/ same as law]

ironic that the ability and power Is present , but not the impetus, leadership or will to implement equal rights , dignity for all( human rights)

what women will not hesitate to call out her abusers if , in not doing so, her abuse will continue ? the test of true womanhood. [ if only one of these women
at the crucible of power will walk out on the humiliation they represent ]
call it like it is. speak at the united nations . speak to the people. speak from
the heart.

what matters most in the collective human endeavor , how we live . or, what we live for ? isn't time women were men's equal. controlling both their mind and body ? it is time to end the soft enabling that women perpetuate to presumably
keep the peace between the sexes, and in some governments real power to lead. men fear this as an loss of control. though false. think of the possibilities if women enablers of soft jihad , women of power spoke out ...
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Postby ricardo » Thu May 17, 2012 12:46 am

credible input from talented women agents . not sure why exactly why their
abilities are least published .

' historically' , these feelings of inferiority ,that persist today ,
and the breakout equalibrum , the ' bad' sometimes
outweigh the ' good '.

what that means is only the most deviant/wealthy,
rise to public notice and morbid appreciation .
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Postby ricardo » Thu May 17, 2012 12:58 am

those whom perpetuate the myth that housekeeping or raising children,
is comparable to a " real Job" especially from well to do couples,
whom "it takes a village" has no meaning.

besides , kids are in school most of the day... ;)

' I'll call the nanny , and order take out, the kids can watch a movie "
give me a break.

generally unless we are talking divorce, your not in abject fear of being fired.
nor, the constant scrutiny of a boss looking over your shoulder and judging your
every action. SAHP / parents are, immune in this society. case in point ...
octo mom !

this myth denigrates intelligent working moms. otherwise baby, wouldn't
these stay at home moms be eligible for their own independent healthcare ?
it's not the same. stop taking away from women that have real jobs in the real
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Postby ricardo » Thu May 17, 2012 1:39 am

your gonna love this one.

greatest enablers of soft jihad against women, are

women who refer to their own( other ) pregnancy(s) as " IT " :o
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Postby ricardo » Thu May 24, 2012 1:18 am

as far as I'm concerned . I think women should own Afghanistan . call it their
war. the greatest two crimes and threats to civilization .

1) the cruel subjucation-domination of women . ( women whom allow this to happen.) men)

2) proliferation and sales of hard drugs / slavery. opiates- heroin etc...

I thought sexist views were the perception ,one sex- has abilities -another lacks.

In theater, will not American orientalist perceptions /stereotypical behavior be

modified, due to culture or does there exist a ' human female universality '

that transcend conventional methods of communication ?

further, the Taliban observe ;'men's '' imposition of behavior on behalf of women,

not unlike the male dominated religious sect ( historical context roles)

delegation and strict enforcement of their normative and cultural values.

though cruel and unusual by western values . and, presumably w/ differant

outcomes envisioned . so, do we indirectly reinforce their behavior ?
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:18 am

"you've come a long way baby " said the Virginia ' slims ' advertisement .
the self gratifying acknowledgement that women were now men's equal.
ah yes ... time for a smoke ! we have earned it. BULLSHIT.

the woman's right to equality in America . that war on gender equality,
is ongoing . the march for women's rights is not over . this soft jihad war on women, Did not end w/ the above adverts to appease women's rights , and win
market share. recently , in Amerigringo , women make less money than men,
for equal work. our widely respected republican guard (not ) refused and killed a bills authorizing = pay for = work . bizaro since we are busy telling other countries what to do w/ { their } opposite sex. {intentional} sexism ...

in embarrassing defense of gender discrimination , I have to site, specifically the
myth that the war on equality is over. it's not. but women play an active role.
or is that passive (no pun intended) in their own demise from the political spectrum. they have not earned the rights due to lack of (political) participation
in war, international relations, or owning up to their shared responsibility in reproductive control. (lack of)

the voting power and economics are present but the leadership and fellowship
is absent. is there a reason for this ??? nor is central leadership necessary
in such a polarized and basic " right " (s)

granted ' baby' you have made in roads as = criminality, rape.
certainly though not acknowledged by many men. whom half asleep , drunk (hungover)or just waking, have discovered their other half, or female companions taking liberties w/ the nocturnal secret advantage( the package -our junk) on par w/ date rape, probably not. but criminal ; a crime punishable by imprisonment . what men among us, can say that has never happened to them ?
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Postby ricardo » Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:46 pm

the American supported blood sucking Egyptian elite military.
whom disallowed the carter foundation the final vote count before the run off.

who blame thugs for lives taken during the Arab revolt.
and held no one accountable for the continuing and past
abuse of women in the state of Egypt.

over 500s seats per representation women comprise les than 6 %
women have lost their voice and dignity. apparently poles
suggest women like their roles in society. (note) education
lags men by a amazing 25% .

I'm not sure but I think marrying women under the age of ' mental /legal capacity'
< 16/ 17 is legal in Egypt and nonconcensual relations w/ your spouse is legal .
essentially legalizing rape. I need clarification on these issues.

one of mubaraks chosen men, from the crypt make it to a one on one runoff ?
unbelievable . turn of events.

the prominent leaders of the revolt. wrote books cashed out and went cruising
for burgers out of country.
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:36 am

the leadership in the kindom of Saudi Arabia that rule /have the power of decree, and don't use it.

those whom care for and stable horses that have living conditions better than political prisoners. some 30,000 in Saudi detainment essentially w/ out charges.

women whom aren't allowed to drive. (trust issues here ? or uncontrollable wild women in SA I'd like to meet. the unmarried ones. laws read like early English common law .

wahhabists believe in modern servitude and slavery.
an modern take : of ' indentured servants post conviction'
very difficult standards. and zero rights .
women your in this catagory.

living standards so good : who gives a rats ass. so we have women sharing
the learned helplessness catagory again and subtle complacency via
"shopping mall seduction" Versace or human rights ? hahah
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:21 pm

american policy that diminishes women's rights . thus, the total woman.

I venture the balance of psychological cost of war is in need of correction -
but not in terms of social standing - protected status, we progressed beyond this terminology and in doing so we can not negate women , bearing shared responsibility , in the totality of war ( social costs) from voting on such matters
and being a full and complete member of society is the ultimate sacrifice for our
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:26 am

versace or human rights , this is not to say we can't or won't test the limits
of avant garde. art, or individual rights. you can have your cake and eat it too. freedom of expression and individual rights are positives as long as they are not infringing .

the point I'm trying to make w/ the term shopping mall seduction
is when the standard of living for one class usually the ruling elite become
so disjoined / disparate the average citizen standard of living,

the separateness brings a complacency , where one tends to lose touch w/ social inequities and human rights . a shared responsibility in society .

my question . do the wealthy protest and risk losing economic (usually political as well ) advantage ? is commercialism the Bain of social awareness .
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