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Separation of Church and State and the Exclusionary Rule????

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, this forum is dedicated to the topic of religion and spirituality. We live in a diverse world with different morals and ideas when it comes to our beliefs, so come in and share your thoughts.

Postby orangetom1999 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:08 am

The RCC...the Holy See...has become a default public the news media..and in the minds of many unthinking Americans for anything Christian.

Whenever Christianity comes up...automatically without thinking ...See Roman Catholicism.

You see this extensively in Time and Newsweek Magazine as well as numerous MSM outlets.

Want to know anything about Christianity ...see Roman Catholicism.

What most Americans do not know is that there are Christians who reject this in the part of public education, on the part of the MSM and others.

I have taught myself very quickly to spot this fingerprint and even the fabled Fox News uses this fingerprint which is one avenue which taught me to wake up about Fox News and it's character.
I now put Fox News right in there with CNN....Chicken Noodle News.
Also the same with MSNBC. Main Stream Noodle Broadcasting Corporation.
What is it that some say about Fox News...Faux think and I believe it fits.

Yes. I am labeling here. and in my opinion the main stream media well deserves it. for the Muslims...they too and their news outlets like alot of "Drama." Some of it is like the tabloids screaming "Rape" to you out of the check out stands.
Their leadership often seem want to use the same tabloid techniques to stroke their people to emotional goals...outrage.
This is the same exact fingerprint now being used on Americans ...Tax Breaks for the Rich. I believe the same Ishmaelites politicians are at work here on Americans as well.

I get the same reaction when listening to much of the MSM..but from a different angle than with Arab News....but drama nonetheless.

It begins to all read like variations of Jerry Springer...which I wont watch or listen to as well.

The Muslims would like to spread their Religion across the Globe and will at some Junction come into conflict with Rome and other Secular Governments in doing this. They will come into conflict with other Secular Religions...including the very devout and zealous Religion of Secular Governments.

For those with any historical these conflicts....the fingerprint of many of these secular empire building religions..including

"For they have filled the Land with Violence."

This is the fingerprint you need to know.

This is how you identify what these religions are.

For they not only fill the land with violence but do so in their own countries as well.

For this is not the fingerprint of the religion of Issac...but it is a fingerprint of the religion of Ishmael...throughout history.
It is the religion of many Western Secular Governments involved in Empire Building for someone else's goals.
We are about to see this fingerprint take place again in Syria as it did in Egypt and Libya.

For this is the history of America after the Spanish American War..when we began to go out into the world and take territories outside the Monroe Doctrine.
And we also began to become involved in wars for someone else. Wars in which we spent huge amounts on war and the materials of war..but brought home no spoils....."to the victors go the spoils." Thus meaning we have been fighting these wars for someone else...another Ishmaelite..secretly and privily..without them being known by most. And by this obedience to Ishmaelite doctrine.."We too have filled the land with Violence."

What you have with the Muslims, Rome and the Ishmaelite doctrine and religion at work in order to carefully..on a plan..."Fill the land with Violence."

To maintain, organize, and plan the violence to achieve a goal.

However..I believe at some time the members will turn on each other for the spoils. But only after dragging the rest of the world into the chaos.
I believe the Muslims will have to turn on the UN as well as Rome at some time.

In that case the Muslims will be doing us a favor to get the UN out of this country/USA. It doesn't belong here and has been way more trouble and expense than it has been worth..particularly to NYC.

I have gone back once again to re reading John Fox and his "Book of Martyrs."
It has been a few years since I read this book and the trail is clear...about the RCC..."For they have filled the land with Violence." modern times..times of intellect...wise of Enlightenment....the RCC has found itself in conflict with other Nations also carrying out this violence fingerprint to achieve their goals. At times these Ishmaelites have fought against each other ...but that is not how the history reads. The history reads..good guys verses bad guys.
What I have begun to learn is that they are all bad guys...all of them.

Once You learn a few things from history ...Filling the land with violence is one of the key fingerprints which is telling of the source of this history.
The other is ..of course...who gets the spoils.

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Postby zoltan2 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:27 pm

greeney2 wrote:The reason Frosty is because Zoltan is not a very honest person, and was exposed for being a liar as tichan, who both have an anti amirican agenda as well as anti catholic. I proved his lies, and they are still here for anyone to read and find out what zoltan/tichen are really interrested it, and its anything but the truth.

Anti catholic yes exposing some truth about the USA yes
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