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The Obama Administration & US Politics

I support our president

As the 2012 election is now over, Barack Obama has won a second term. Many wonder how his policies, his administration, and how the entire political arena, will change our future.

Postby ricardo » Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:32 pm

I support our commander and chief. (Barrack Obama ) he does not have an

easy job. many people have said things that were personal and ugly about him

that indicate to me. he must be doing the right thing .

because , if I have learned anything in life ,

when things get dirty. and become personal attacks...

you ( they) have not only lost the debate.

but, have lost their " cool " :dance:
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Postby BloodStone » Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:31 pm

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One of the few remaining...U
got some kool aid dripping off youre lips...

If it were raining hookers, I'd get hit by a fag.
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Postby frrostedman » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:24 am

I despise our president for what he has done to this country and for the fact that he willfully and intentionally pitted people and classes of people against each other for his own political gain.

I won't let myself say I hate someone -- but O'Bama is at the brink and at the very, very top of my list.

I know all this Cloward & Piven talk sounds alarmist, but it's really, really happening. OBama is destroying this economy. INTENTIONALLY. In an effort to wipe out Capitalism.

Sad fact of the matter is, many progressives completely support the idea. The ends justify the means. If we have to implode and become a 3rd world country to make it happen, so be it.

Really, really pisses me off.

And I'm almost equally pissed at the Republican Party who couldn't manage to put forth a thoroughly decent candidate. Newt will get my vote but I am beginning to think we're in for 4 more years of Obama's destruction of our country, no matter who wins the Republican nomination.

All the Conservatives had to do is put Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, or Paul Ryan in for the nomination and they would have won the Republican nomination AND the general election in a complete landslide.

Mitt Romney??? Ron Paul???? Michelle Bachmann (who I loved until I realized she really IS the flake she is accused of being)???? Are you kidding me???? We couldn't do better than that? With so much riding on our future and an EASY victory at hand? Throw it all away????

I better go do some work or something before steam comes out of my ears.
Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man. - Albert Einstein
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Postby ricardo » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:18 am

he was given some really really bad advice from some really smart people?
I'm disappointed too. (specifically Obama ) weighted 83% on middle east performance. (overall.) potential to go higher , if goals met. metrics.

too bad we both can't come up with more candidates. that's sad :roll:

S.C. justice Ruth bader ginsberg
hillary as potential running mate( vp)
bill Richardson ?

there has to be more out there.
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Postby greeney2 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:30 am

Hey ricardo welcome to the BV, glad you are jumping right into it, I think we will see alot of you here. :D

I think Obama is a big disappointment, and think the Democratic Congress when they controled it were even worse. I also think that the Current Congress with some Republican seats refilled as a message from the voters, isn't much better. The one proven thing is that the President with a majority Congress failed and put us deeper into a mess. Their ideas have been a complete failure, from the cash for clunkers programs, to increasing the Debt far more than Bush, and athe bailouts that did not trickle down to normal folks. They gave billions to the auto industry, even after every CEO flew to Washington in private corp; jets to get it. They made a stupid dog and pony show out of sending them home, and told fly back in coach class and we will still give you the money. In the banking bailout, AIG was given billions, and caught within a month or so having a lavish "reorganization" convention is San Diego, in a 5 star hotel, with lavish food, liquer, suites. All the CEO's still got annual multi million dollar bonus anyway. Some simply left the company, taking huge severances, in the $50M stock holding ranges. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS FROM BAILOUT MONEY.

Obama has been a disaster, and he is hiding the real scope of it by showing false unemployment numbers, as job growth. Manipulating figures is something big business is good at, and governments. Oh boy! unemployment is under 10% now, people are back to work. Bullshit! unemployment benifits have run out, people have been forced to start social security early to get money,(babyboomers)or they end up on welfare counts after unemployment runs out. Point is they drop off the unemployment number of checks given out, and go onto other statistics. Add them all togather and what is the numbers? NO JOB growth and more people affected.

I don't want to think about the condition of SS and medicare, which I start in March. The hidden little parts of using medicare for programs to insure the uninsured, just sucks. We paid into this for our old age, and they are stealing it from us, to fund welfare programs. Who will cash in on it, will be 10 Million illegals in this country to begin with. It will just become another handout for those who have mastered the handout systems.

I don't even want to think about what Obama has made this country look like with his apologies to the world, and blunders in foriegn policy, stupid mistakes directly engaging Russia and Iran, to made fools of. His stance on hiding as a NATO participant in the Libya misison, and not standing up as the USA. He acts like we are a 3rd rate nation, and presents us in the same light to the world.

The voters wanted no more Hawks in the Whitehouse, they wanted Doves in the last election. How did that work out with Obama, Polosi, and Harry Ried at the top? It was a disaster, and the Democrats own it, they had total control of everything, and even had the odasity to Lock Repubicans out of Congressional meetings, and met privately. That is the biggest outrage of all, and unconstitutional thing Obama has allowed. THAT ACT ALONE, BLOCKED YOUR STATES REPRENTATION IN CONGRESS, THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNDEMENTAL PART OF THE CONSTITUTION. THAT EVERY STATE WILL HAVE EQUAL VOICE IN CONGRESS. WE all think about the Bill of Rights, and disregard these kind of issues, defined completly in the same Constitution. They actually preceed the Bill of Rights in the Document. Checks and balances, 3 branches of Government, all powers and restictions are in black and white, read it.
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Postby ricardo » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:14 pm

can we stipulate we know w/ certainty that not to act concerning bailouts
will have resulted in normalcy / stability in markets? why hobble your
argument with such predictive foreknowledge? (respectfully) I agree the financial compensation was egregious and unconscionable . the compensation ironically a result of the hands off policy (fiscal) breed into capitalistic blood.

most of the compensation were deals and contractual obligations pre-bailout.
as of this writing several of the bailouts have paid the govt ( tax payer)back with interest. public knowledge. I don't need to defend him.

international engagement ? I like some of Ron Pauls ideas .but man, he projects no engagement.

the republican guards have hogtied the bill of rights and Obama too.
and act like they belong in another country. what's up?

the democrats obviously have republicans in their ranks.
I want transparency and laws against members of congress benefiting from
prevaliged insider information just like the ones that apply to you and me.

I hear you and will consider the open meetings and blocking committie. observation. meanwhile , you have inspired me to check out the federalist papers, that may provide insight into what's up at the supreme court.

thanks for the welcome
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Postby ricardo » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:34 pm

and continuing rant... :dance: we all need to take some personal responsibility
concerning our debt to savings ratios and twisted consumer expectations
in this land of milk and honey.

when was it decided we all had to own a home that's 5000 sq feet?
who sold us that bill of goods? and why aren't there houses for every budget
that even our loyal vets can afford? back in the day notwithstanding any
toxic materials like lead or asbestos, houses were built to last and
had windows in all the right places. 800 sq feet 1200 sq feet ranch style
in the 40s, 50s, and 60s homes of that size are zoned out of existence
in order to feed the energy monkey. and the greed monkey.
where does the energy to heat and cool and light these homes come from?
they are the benefactors of adversarial conflict around globe today.
about the housing bubble. sorta.
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Postby greeney2 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:38 pm

You are right about one thing, the idea you need a 5000 sqft house, and that the little 800 sq ft. simple affordable house is extinct. That is becaue we have become an instant gratification society, wanting everything at our fingertips, no waiting, everything right now. We have also become a society that wants to live entertained every day of their lives. If they can make the payment, they can have it today, and if the house has some equity, I can borrow from that to have all the other things, cause I can make the payment. Both have a job, and we can get overtime, and we can easily make just one more little payment, and get something else. Now we have a house we can't afford, upside down because we spent the profit on toys that depreciate. Overtime got cut off, now we are in trouble, but we can run up the credit cards until they max out, and when they do we will transfer balances into new cards for a special rate. We can buy that new living room set and not make a payment until 2013 now, so thats not a problem either.

Oh no! the plant shut down and she lost her job. No problem we will get unemployment, cut down to the minimum payments every month we will get by. Meanwhile the boat will have to sit in the yard, and the motorhome we can plug in and use in the backyard, and let the kids live in it illegally cause they are both out of work. He still goes out dirt biking on the quads on Sundays, still have to have fun. Another $200 weekend day on the card, its only a couple dollars for the payment.

Sooner or later something doesn't get paid for, and that 12 months no int just kicked in the last years interrest if you don't pay it off completly. All the credit card are maxed out, you were late on 3 of them, so the interest of 9% just leaped to 21%, becasue the agreement is to never be late to retain the 9% rate. Your credit score tanked, and now you are in a pickle. Now you are screwed, because the housing market just collaped when the jobs disappeared. Supply and demand of housing depends on the jobs, now you are so upside down from loans plus the appraisal dropped, you are ready to walk away from the house now. No problem, you can just live on the streets in your motorhome, that the finance company is ready to repo too.

People are stupid, and they live beyond their means, and those people do not deserve to be bailed out. It is their own fault. Those of us who were not stupid, didn't abuse our credit, pay for all those losses in our rates. I don't feel sorry for them at all.
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Postby ricardo » Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:26 am

that was good. i didn't think I'd live to see the 'perfect rant' but that was
it. ! :clap: will have to be retweeted and dedicated to a lot of
Americans. above comments

old Ron Paul newsletter . I haven't read them in detail.
but some content w/ his name on the news letter appeared racist. will be interesting to see, in any upcoming debate when asked, if he denounces them. his prior defense was that he didn't write them .( nor should he be responsible for his signatory from content that is distributed in 'name' only. ) controversy was 90s and repudiated.(ghost writer) note to self. will have to research civil rights record... moving forward. I'm going to have to start a twitter account, every twit will feature only an twit pic . mission statement will be something
like.: the transformitive power of love through imagery (cr)

happy holidays...seasons greetings ,and thank you for your hospitality greeney2
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Postby greeney2 » Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:56 am

Thanks ricardo, hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday season too. Glad to have you as a new poster and that you are getting your feet wet jumping right in. We need new and fresh opinions and subjects, so you are welcome.

About my rant, the very sad part about it ricardo is that I worked with several people who were exactly like that. They just refinaced their home every few years, bought all the things I said, and were financial disasters. On top of that with all their debts, he was one to say he never had enough to start a 401K plan. I told him you are stupid not to. The company matched 50% up to $35 weekly. Not putting $70 a week into the plan to get the $35 is stupid, plus would be in tax deferred saving. He would not listen! He reciently retired, however he had nothing to show in home equity, sold it to get out from under it, to rent an apartment, and retired with no 401K plan. The classic example of credit abuse, and no bank forced him to do it. Only his own stupidity.
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