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Postby shadowcass » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:21 pm

I don’t really care that Keith Olbermann was fired —if fired he was. The guy didn’t exactly have clean hands when it came to engaging in the political free-for-all—he has been known to engage in many of the underhanded practices he has always furiously accused others of—including accepting “gifts” from Political Action Committees which he would then vigorously defend on the air while not disclosing his ties to the group.

Nor do I care that COMCAST and Brian Roberts (their CEO) now own NBC Universal outright (they already held 51% of the stock anyway…which gave them voting and policy control—so don’t expect much change in the kind of shows you are seeing). This means they own not just MSNBC but NBC, the SyFy Channel. BRAVO, the Weather Channel, SLEUTH, OXYGEN, and the Golf Channel—to mention only a few.

If this kind of semi-monopolization bothers YOU feel free to contact Brian:

Brian Roberts, CEO
Comcast Corporate Office
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102


The reason it doesn’t bother me is because I don’t watch TV anymore anyway. Nor shall I be paying COMCAST’s streaming media company XFINITY TV for the right to watch their crap on my computer. At the prices they charge they obviously have a higher opinion of the garbage they are churning out than I do.

The shows I do like that happen to be on one of COMCAST’S many channels (like DESTINATION TRUTH) I just buy by the season from

I advise all of YOU to do the same…and quit supporting “big business” in media as in anything else.

These groups are behind the cops moving into Oakland, CA (and other cities) and busting all the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters—reminds me of the good old days when the State and Federal Storm troopers used to break up anti Vietnam demonstrations—even killing protesters as the National Guard did at Kent State in Ohio (sort of puts all the “hype” about Tiananmen Square in perspective, doesn’t it? After all…Red China doesn’t claim to believe in “Freedom of Speech”. WE do but when push comes to shove it’s all a pretense, isn’t it?

Freedom is all very well until it incoveniences us.

We don’t REALLY believe in Freedom…or we wouldn’t be employing uniformed thugs to STOP it, now WOULD we?
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