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Critical Split: Sharia breeds anger in Germany

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Postby orangetom1999 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:37 am


Sharia Law is the fruit of combining church and state to the extreme. Very much like our body politic today. IN the end you have a political body which exerts a feudal type government of absolute power over the people. This just happens to be a feudal government of royalty over the people. A more extreme version of what the RCC had over most of Europe in the Middle Ages.

A more extreme version of what happened behind the Iron Curtain where the Communists had absolute power over their people.

This is why when you observe and look for the telltale signs...the body politic seems to be quietly backing Sharia Law on the people of not only the United States...but the governments in Europe as well. For Sharia is very akin to the desire of politicians and the body politic to return to absolute power. Feudalism/royalty.

What is not told to the that Sharia Communism ...defeats any notion of free market economics..but instead holds it hostage to the body politic and the economic situation will bear... in this case ...not bear the fruit for which it is capable because of the natural graft involved. The take over the top of everyone's labors will be to high and people will stop doing what they are doing rather than give it to the government.
The other word for this is " a shakedown." is the same thing...very repressive.

What you see in the video...teaching Sharia and Islam in the name of tolerance what will be coming to America carte blanche.
It becomes clear to Americans with any kind of attention span..that while they suppress Christianity...they will be promoting Islam in public schools. They are already doing that in California in public schools in a manner which would not be tolerated for Christianity.

The "Absolute Power " which can be derived and received from the proper exploitation of Sharia the power desired by the body politic.

The absolute mastery of everything.

To do this they..the body politic..must allow the religion of Ishmael to run free and the religion of Issac removed from the people.

This is why I often say ..that politics is a "Occult religion." A religion hidden from the view of most of the public while they ignorantly vote..over and over ..for a product which is not the product advertised.
In like manner Islam and Sharia is not the product advertised to the public.

And politics pays for and finances public education.

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Postby Guest » Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:38 pm

Unbelievable but there it is. :wtf:


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