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Alien Abductions and Extraterrestrial Entities

My Introduction and my encounter

The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby Erorr » Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:51 pm

bionic wrote:For what it's worth erorr, I believe you.
The weirdness of it rings true to me.
Especially the way you all reacted, and the sudden drowseyness and afterwards how everyone seems to want to forget what happened or even have a sort of amnesia with it.
Tell me, when you were posting the story or when you try to go over the story, do you feel a sort of spaceyness, drowsiness, 'forget about it' feeling come over you?
That would happen with me a-lot when I would try to work out the details of just what the heck happened to me.
Like I was given a post hypnotic suggestion to zone out if I tried to remember details more clearly.

As you can see, I had similar kinds of things happen long ago.
Most probably WHY I believe you..I see things I relate to in your story..especially the confused, weirdness factor..I realize that you see..what most people who haven't had such an encounter don't having something SO WEIRD happen can confuse and throw off your senses as it happens..
"what am I seeing?"..'what am I hearing?".."WTF??!!".."I am scared, excited..but..mostly..CONFUSED"

The bulk, certainly the most dramatic of 'my stuff' happened so long ago now they don't even feel relevent to me (which actually feels like a post hypnotic, or maybe even subliminal, telepathic, at this point suggestion to me, even..'let it go,now')

Though, it did shape who I mostly that I realized..genuinely 'things are not as they seem' in this life/world/reality..

I actually lived in Fishkill for a while a long, long time ago and some stuff happened with me there. (but not my most dramatic stuff)

To be honest , my knowledge of that night is completely dissolved. It's just become the story , luckily I have that original post saved on my computer. I wrote that within the first few weeks after the encounter which is why its pretty emotional. I was trying to capture every part of the night into text before it faded over time. Which iam grateful for because now my predication was right and my entire recollections dissolved into this story. One thing I try to remember is the face to face growl. I mean that was the most confrontational and threatening part of that night and when trying to really paint the picture in my head theres a sort of sheet of glass to it and yes as soon as I try to remember that night at all in detail I just go meh , its not important even when trying hard to capture anything from it. I account this to human error though but it could be "their" doing. Oddly enough you say you once lived in fishkill? This experience happened 3 miles outside of pine bush.

I'm unsure if you members here are aware of pine bush but apparently its "ufo sighting capital" of the north east? Maybe its just new york?

Regardless the town has always been boasting itself as a serious hot bed for activity.

Either way bionic , if you could PM me and give me a run down on what has happened to you / your experiences id appreciate it.
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Postby Erorr » Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:08 am

Also I just re-read my OP and I realized how far fetched i started everything off. It's just one big mash up of 30-40 minutes of staring into 3 sentences.

When we noticed it we watched it for awhile until we realized it was a moving object. From there we watched for a handful of minutes as it moved around a wooded area going to certain places in it. It wasnt like oh sh*t ufo dude! oh sh*t beams!

It wasnt that fast paced. Sorry if that intro to the whole entire ordeal seems a bit offputting , id change in but thats my original story and id rather leave it unedited
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Postby JavaMama » Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:47 am

Clearly this is just an Ambush site with no credibility whats so ever.
I live in Pine Bush and YES .... I have seen things. I have heard things.
Don't care to share my experiences with mindless, biased, bored, unruly, and rude children.
I am not here to seek advice or substantiate my sightings. my experiences are real and don't care about others opinions on the subject.
ERROR , Get in touch with this lady and you might get some answers. I wish you well.
She is a UFO investigator from the area.
AS FOR THE MORONS hanging out here waiting to ambush people..... Get a FU****** LIFE !
If you DO NOT believe anything people say anyway, then go break some light bulbs. No thought has to go into THAT..................... PERFECT for your kind of stupid.
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Postby n120by60w » Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:37 am

Erorr nice post!

Abduction in any form can be hair raising.

Our reaction to it can be tempered.
If we are curious we can use simple tools to interact if we wish too.
If we want it to end we can simply go to bed and try to go to sleep. Putting it out of our mind so to say.

If you would like to work on developing your tool set or just would like to put it out of mind feel free to chime in on the serious abductee chat in this Board. We are here to let you know that you are not alone.
- Watcher

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