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Questions that make you think...

how many sides to silver dollar?

In this forum, questions are asked which are really tough to answer. Some philosophical, some regarding morality and many others. Have fun, and post your own personal tough questions!

Postby sheye » Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:35 pm

I don't know much either. All I really know is that you're not supposed to play Flamenco with steel strings, which is what Malaguena is.

I really like the way you don't let them boss you around
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Postby Wing-Zero » Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:52 pm

Yup. I'm a man of principle, I must say.
War is an extension of economics and diplomacy through other means.

Economics and diplomacy are methods of securing resources used by humans.

Securing resources is the one necessary behavior for all living things.

War = Life
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Postby sheye » Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:07 pm


what is this song about..I'm assuming it has no words

but have often been wrong in assumptions,as you well know

are you familiar with this song

and I know the spelling is most likely incorrect


perhaps allegria...believe it is spanish
beautiful song
do you have a link for manguella?(you know what I mean)..the song
that I'm too lazy to see how you spelled, which I'm sure is correct(in spelling)

hmmm.malaguena..what does it mean?
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Postby orangetom1999 » Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:44 am


A silver dollar real not a silver is in fact a dollar weight of silver by law...a certain purity and fineness of silver..90% pure. It is a dollar of weight law.

A half Dollar is half the weight and 90% fineness of silver...than is a dollar weight.

a quarter dollar is one fourth the weight and 90 % fineness in silver of the dollar.

a dime is one tenth the weight and 90% fineness of a dollar.

Before we had todays dimes we actually had a coin in circulation called a Half dime..and it was half the weight and of 90% fine silver of a silver dime.

From here we go to the smaller parts and use the weight system in copper. Copper is weighed to the penny weight.

What you have in this system of coinage is a Godly system of just weights and measures...just like Mama's measuring spoons or measuring cups in the kitchen.

Today by wisdom..intelligence..gnosticism now have a system of coinage in copper nickel and zinc slugs coated in copper to pass as pennies. Scrape a penny dated after 1982 and underneath you will find a zinc slug. It is no longer copper.

This is now a system of unjust weights and measures....a counterfeit system.

We know this because there is still in places in circulation a Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin which is two thirds the weight of a fifty cent piece yet claims to be worth twice as much. Both coins are in copper nickle. This means that copper nickle is not the substance used as money..thus all the copper nickle coins are counterfeits. You have to go to school to get this stupid and call this junk money. This means that copper nickle cannot be the money we are using.

The coins still say on them "In God We Trust."

Sheye ..give me the name of the god of unjust weights and name please...the counterfeiter??? one time our nations founders and leaders understood the need for the moneys to be a system of Just weights and pertains or is described in the Word..the by public education standards we have switched to a system of "Unjust weights and measures."

Our leaders no longer understand this...they don't even understand the name of the god they are serving. This is how a counterfeit best works..where the people being subject to it never know that they are participating in it.

Where, when, and why did out government switch to the god of unjust weights and measures and away from the Biblical description and guidelines for monies??

If you understand what I just described to will understand how government steals from the productive sector of the economy by deficit money creation.

This is also why the current government programs are and will not work in the long run..because they can so easily create money out of nothing ...the unjust weights and measures..thus decreasing the purchasing power of the dollar and thus collapsing the productive part of the economy in favor of the unproductive..but it does win politicians the votes they need to remain in office. Both republican and democrat...both parties.

The issue/question is never how many sides ..but what is the stuff that we are using as money in this economy?? What is the money of account?? The very stuff we use as money??

Hope this helps,
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Postby sheye » Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:51 pm

Hope this helps,

I will honestly say that everything you write orangetom is of help,in some form or another..

I learn much, from your posts,and feel like I have had the privelage of being at a grand teachers ,place of instruction.

Are you sure you are not a proff?

thankyou as always for your posts kind sir,
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Postby greeney2 » Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:46 pm

You do come up with some good stuff Tom. There were a few others. In and around civil war times we had a 2-Cent piece that was copper. Also a variety of 3-Cent piece made of Nickle and 3 differnet varietys of a 3-cent piece made from silver. We also had a 20- cent piece that was only made for 3 years. Early coinage we had the large cent, and the half cent. Even the half cent was much bigger and very thick compared to the current cent. Without looking any of them up, I'll assume the same weight formula applied to the total silver weight. All silver coinage was 90% silver and 10% copper. Silver clad from the 60's was 40% silver, until they went to copper clad, which was nickle copper clad, containing no silver. In 1943 copper was in demand for the war so they made the steel penny in that year. 1944 the following year was still no copper, they made the 1944 from reclaimed military brass shell casings which contains zinc. You can see the differnt color tone to them.

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver 7.5% copper, so you will either see it stamped or stated Sterling or is will say .925 someplace. Silver plate will never say either, so if you see a piece you can find real sterling flatware and table pieces that say sterling or .925. Many people don't realize the percentage of silver and the melt value or bigger pieces. Real Pawn Jewlery like Navaho and Zuni jewelery ususally was made from US coinage so most real authentic Native American pieces will be 90%.
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