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Postby sheye » Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:03 pm

I'm working on telepathy myself :lol:

but so far I'm not sure if I've NOT found any one to teach it to me effectivly :lol:

gonna keep working on it though 8-)

can't give up on any form of communication skills

sometimes I try to bat my eyelashes in french..but that can be tricky as well :lol:

edit: wasn't sure if I should put NOT in there considering some people get so suspicious when i edit so much because I often don't proof read , misspell words, in just the one language I can half assed try to communicate with in text, but if anyone knew that already would you consider teaching someone telepathy :lol: I also seem to forget the odd words here there for it to seem coherent (sighs)
by the way , anyone know how to sigh in french , would really like to learn ,cause the batting eyelash thing isn't working so well. :lol: :lol:

By the way, dark I'm impressed that you have so many languages in your head

thats awesome

anyone who has multiple language skills is very fortunate IMHO

can you please translate this for me in text in as many languages as you can?
if you read this and feel like you'd like to take the time to do it
I know it might seem like a silly request and don't blame you if you tell me to go take a flying hike


if anyone else is willing have a go at it
cause I would really like to learn

I know its a little late in the game of things for me to learn,but I'm willing to try.

Edit: I wasn't being sarcastic in this about wanting to know either(ok..I will admit i was being sarcastic a bit on other levels as well,have to watch that ,its not very nice)

how about this one instead,very simple in as many languages as you want to put it in

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