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Postby Medusa » Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:49 pm


Strange word, love the way it roll's of the tongue as well!

Doppelganger meaning "double'walker" (German expression) the double often called the human double, is usually an apparition of an actual living person. It is generally an exact replica of the person, including physical characteristics and clothing, and frequently deceives a witness in thinking that it is the actual person. Usually the double appears to be a solid figure from a distance, but tends to act strangely or menchanically.

Only the owner of a doppelganger can see it (not always though)otherwise it is invisable to the human eyes. Dogs and cats have been known to see doppelgangers. (cant see how they can prove that though) Providing sympathetic company, a doppelganger almost always stands behind a person, and they cast no reflection in a mirror. They are prepared to listern and give adive to humans, either implanting ideas in their heads, (sub-con') or a sort of osmosis. It is said to be bad luck if it is seen, and rarely a doppelganger will make itself visable to friends or family, often causing great confussion. Doppelgangers can be mischievous and malicious.

The specific nature of the double is unknown. There are several theories as to its cause. The most popular in occultism is that the double is a projection of the astral body. The projection is usually involuntary, or in the case of an adapt, it can be accomplished at will. Seeing of the double is often the presage of the imminent death of the person.

The double is known by various other names, including the "Beta body", "Fluidic body", and "Pre-physical body". Different cultures call the double by various names such as, Vardoger in Sweden. It is called a "Fetch" in Ireland and England (folklore).

One widespread belief among the tribal cultures is that the double is the soul, which is a reflection of the body.

Cant rememeber where I got this from, it was so long ago as well now, but thought I would still share it guys xx
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