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Postby DMVAARG » Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:23 pm

These are all things that have happened (perhaps telekinetically?) in the past 2-3 weeks... 2010 has been pretty interesting so far. :lol:

1st instance: Who Moved My Soap?

I was at home and needed to wash my hands. I went into my bathroom and reached into the shower to grab the bar of soap from the shower caddy. When I was done washing my hands I reached to put the soap back, but it fell through the metal slats of the shower caddy and landed in the bottom of the bathtub. I was feeling rather lazy and didn't want to get my hands soapy again so I decided to leave it there -- in the bottom of the tub -- until I needed to wash my hands again.

Well, about an hour or two later, I went back into the bathroom, and low and behold -- the soap was placed neatly back inside of the shower caddy. I was beyond words! I was home alone and I only have the 1 bathroom, so it's not like I was confusing one bar of soap with another. No. This was too weird and I have absolutely no explanation for what happened. A poltergeist? Maybe my own kinetic energy? Perhaps it was a helpful ghost or spirit? Who knows? All I really want to know is who moved my soap?

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2nd instance: Who Moved My Pebble?

OK. This one happened about a week and a half ago. I keep a small tranquility fountain on my desk at work. It was a Christmas gift to myself, so I've only had it for a couple of weeks. Anyway, the fountain came with several river rocks (pebbles) for use as decoration. The fountain has 2 tiers for the water to cascade down. At one point I placed 3 or 4 of the pebbles on the top tier and put the rest of them on the lower tier. After a day or so I decided that I didn't like the way it looked with the pebbles scattered about so I moved them all to the lower tier.

So on this particular day a week and a half ago I was sitting at my desk and the fountain was running. I was speaking with a co-worker about replacing the river pebbles with something else (because they look a little drab). A minute or so after my co-worker left my desk I heard the distinct sound of one of the pebbles plopping down into the fountain. I looked over at it, and would you believe that one of the pebbles was now sitting on the top tier?!?! I didn't know what to make of it so I just let it go.

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3rd instance: Who Moved My Dish Towel?

(I'm assuming) that my boyfriend must have placed the dish towel on the freezer handle of the refrigerator (I always keep it on the refrigerator handle). Anyway, I walked into the kitchen earlier today and I saw the dish towel, plain as day, hanging from the freezer handle. It didn't belong there but it wasn't hurting anything so I left it as it was.

Several hours later I returned to the kitchen and the dish towel was nowhere to be found. (I still don't know where it is). Now, my first inclination is to think logically and retrace my steps/actions. Did I move it? Nope. Did I use it? Nope. Was anyone else home during this particular stretch of time? Nope. I was off from work today so I was the only one home. In fact, my boyfriend had already left for work well before I made my way into the kitchen this morning so it's impossible that he could have moved it this afternoon.

It's possible that this is more telekinetic activity on my behalf, -or- I'm also willing to entertain the notion that I may in fact have a helpful spirit shadowing me.

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Alien Abduction Research Group (Website) (Web Forum)
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