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Alien Abductions and Extraterrestrial Entities

Strange Being In Woods Near My Home October 4th 2009 Western

The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby UFOHunter82 » Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:16 pm

I am 27 years old born 6-30-1982

I have sent these pictures and report to two other sites the day after taking them and they still have not posted the report or pictures.

I was walking the dog on The River Trail In My Hometown in Western Maine
on october 4th and i took lots of pics that day but only in 4 of them this Strange Cyclops Like Being showed up.

I did not see it with my eyes well taking the pictures The best picture is the third one in the series.

I could not post image on here cause the resolution is to big so go to this link.

Heres TheLink. ... nzANrfj1mg

Im also posting the original and enhaced on here if i can.

I am a Private UFO Investigator Well I take Reports from people i meet and know and from one's i dont online.

I take pictures almost every day my camera only works good in the daytime i also have digital binocular camera i use sometimes also only good in the daytime.

I have got alot of weird pictures in the daytime with both i have posted on myspace and some on msn live spaces

I also see ufos all the time since i was a kid thats what got me into this in the first place.

I have some blogs on my myspace page that tell some things about me Oh and my Real name Is not Hale Kaden Thats My Investiator name and online name.

You Can not be to careful these days online when investigating things like this that is.

Ok im sending the best picture in an Look In The top left of picture.

Whaterver this being is i looked a it with magnifying Glass and I have to Say It freaked me out.

I have also darked the background on some of my pics i have printed and zoomed in and it seems like the three foot tall being is standing on somthing in the air behind the pine trees right on the river shore.

It must have known i was there cause I was only like 15 feet away from that tree and i looked at the area the next day and there are some small branches broke up there and a place where a being that small could have hovered in this craft.

I dont know what it was doing but it must have saw me i sure did not see it thats for sure.My dog did not see it either shes very good on the trail and stays when i take pictures anywhere right next to me.

Another thing thats strange is the thing its riding on has shapes in it and when you look at the pictures sideways theres an old mans face in the bottom of the craft.

I dont know there alot of shapes there like eyes as well its the freakyiest picsture i have ever seen.

Indians are also known to have lived on this trail in the very old days.

Could you enhance the picture for everyone to see like make the background a little darker and zoom in on this being and craft?

In my opinion The Head and Eye Of The Being Are Very Strange It looks to me like a Mini Cyclops But Also could be a Spirit I guess?

The Way The Craft He is on Shimmers is also strange like a cloak of some type maybe there watching me i dont know.

I know i see alot of ufos in the daytime and mostly night time when i go out looking i also flash them Some times they come very close.I have had alot of sightings since i was 11.

I have been investigating for 15 years now Im 27 its like there attracted to me.

I also tell about why i think this is in one of my blogs on myspace i have been visited and abducted when very young. I have art i do from dreams and sightings also a drawing of a being i have seen when very young during my first abduction well from what i can remember of it which is not much.

I know since then i have had more contacts but they do not let me remember much or see them for fear i would tell on them and i probley would.I guess there still watching me have not had any contact that im aware of but who knows maybe i am.

I also sleep with a Dim light on not cause im scared of the dark but i want to see what they look like if they ever try anything again it has not happend in like 6 years but i know it will sometime here im not scared tho and i sleep fine.

Oh and the lights so i can see to go to the bathroom.

It wears a cloak and the eyes are alot like a grey but not the same and not as big but big Enough kinda like the ones on cummunion movie with christopher walken.

I have seen craft up close and alot of different types its really strange nobody else sees them.

I have not had time to send my ufo pictures to anyone or all my reports i could write two books just with the reports from me let alone everyone elses on the internet i have.

I will be posting more blogs about me and more reports as i can im also on twitter and youtube with some videos i post and people who contribute there videos.

One of my friends on there is martyn stubbs he is contributeing some of his videos i have talked with him some and he seems very credible.

There are people around the globe filming them all the time and posting on youtube i hope to know them all.

I do all this at the library in my hometown no computer at home i dont have much money but i know how to signal the craft and take good pictures in the daytime.

So as you can see i dont get much computer time to do what i would like and im typing this as fast as i can since my times almost up.

I will not stop my quest for the truth or at least some very good proof where everbody will know its real.

The pictures i have are on myspace and msn live spaces im going to leave some links here for you and for your listeners if you could tell people about this sometime on your radio show that would be good everyone should get to see these pictures i take and the links it would really help.

Im trying to keep My Hometown location and Real private For Now but if The site Admin wants to know it i would tell him just email me i will also give him details of where this picture was taken and where i take my other pictures.and would like to talk to him.

And yes People can copy My pictures and use Freely I want Everyone to See them.

Heres the links to pictures and my sites.

Myspace Profile. ... =388357858

Myspace My Photo Albums.
look in My projects Album for Enhanced UFO Pictures. ... =388357858

Heres a Link To My msn Live Spaces page where i can keep bigger versions of some my pictures. ... lbums.aspx
The Series of Pictures with the Strange Being are in my Pictures part 15 Album.
The first picture in the album tells the date the pictures were taken of the succeeding pictures.

Link To Youtube Page.

Please send reports and questions to My myspace on there when i can be if i do not get back to you then i will asap.

My camera is 8 megapixel fujifilm.

Im sending the attached picture the best one in the series tell me what you think.

Location:Westerm Maine Mountains

And yes People can copy My pictures and use Freely I want Everyone to See them.
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