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Bombing the Iraqi People to Death

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Postby Cole_Trickle » Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:24 am

A laundry list of detail complete with security failure after security failure which leads to many deaths of the innocent. One has to wonder how a Country can become such a place while the Worlds most powerful Entity stands watch.

Major attacks this year aside from the most recent death totals:

Major attacks in Iraq since Jan. 1, when a
new U.S.-Iraqi security pact took effect:

_ Oct. 25 — Two powerful car bombs explode in downtown Baghdad, killing at least 75 people in an apparent attempt to target the fragile city's government offices.

_ Aug. 19 — A double truck bombing in Baghdad kills 65 at the Foreign Ministry and 28 at the Finance Ministry. Two other bombs, including one near the Health Ministry, kill 8. More than 500 are wounded in the attacks.

_ Aug. 7 — A suicide truck bomb targets a Shiite mosque in a northern suburb of Mosul, flattening the mosque and killing at least 44 people. The attack also injures more than 200 people. Bombings against Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad kill seven.

_ June 24 — Bomb rips through crowded market in Baghdad's Sadr City, killing 78.

_ May 20 — A parked car bomb explodes near several restaurants in northwest Baghdad, killing 41.

_April 29 — Twin car bombing in a popular shopping area in Sadr City, the biggest Shiite district in Baghdad, kills 51 people.

_ April 24 — Back-to-back female suicide bombings kill 71 people outside the most important Shiite shrine in Baghdad in Kazimiyah.

_ April 23 — Suicide bomber strikes restaurant in Muqdadiyah, kills at least 53, including 44 Iranian pilgrims, three Iraqis and six burned beyond recognition bodies.

_ March 10 — Suicide bomber targets tribal leaders at market in Abu Ghraib, killing 33.

_ March 8 — Suicide bomber strikes police academy in Baghdad, killing at least 30.

_ Feb. 13 — Female suicide bomber targets Shiite pilgrims in Musayyib, killing 40.

_ Jan. 4 — Female suicide bomber strikes Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad, killing 38.

Poor people " INSURGENTS " having access to Military grade explosives- How?


Damage, severe damage.


And of course death:


Damage that indicates the size/scope of the blast-blasts.


So one can ask why this didn't/doesn't garner more air time in the West/USA?

Credit Fintan Dunn @ BFN He's done an EXCELLENT job of covering both Iraq and Afghanistan and I for one appreciate his efforts.

The Link and it's entire content:WARNING Not for the faint of heart: ... sc&start=0

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Postby inja » Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:52 pm

Isn't this just unbelievable. My mind at the moment can't wrap around that two blasts can create this much damage.


This is the letter supposedly written by Al-quaida admitting to the destruction


The BBC has some live footage as well. It has no sound though. I'm actually looking for the video with sound taking with a cell phone.

Just reading the list you posted it seems to be quite lively over there. The fact that we aren't reporting much from over there can only be a political move. I don't watch the news at all but just from hearing people around me seems Afghanistan is a big focus/Obama. Doesn't that just make you go....hmmmmmm....

Thanks for posting the thread.
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Postby vulcan6gun » Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:14 am

Nice pictures, they had stories to go with them. Written by reporters working for little unheard-of outfits like UPI, AP, CNN, et cetera... as do the photographers that TOOK those pictures.

These latest tragedies have been all over the news for days, how much more air time do you want to give them? :roll:

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Postby Cole_Trickle » Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:44 am

Now let's look for an excuse:

Police arrested over Iraq bombing

Iraq has arrested more than 60 security force members, including 11 senior officers over Sunday's twin suicide bombing in the capital Baghdad.

Those arrested include the commanders of 15 checkpoints near to where the attacks took place.

The attack in which more than 150 people were killed and 500 injured was the deadliest in Baghdad for two years.

Correspondents say the scale of the bombings raised new questions over the competence of Iraqi security forces.

Anything to justify keeping US forces on the ground in country. Hell these US NATO Trained POLICE ain't worth sheep sh*t! :roll: :lol:

WAKE UP PEOPLE-- A group tied to AL_K_DAH claims responsibility. :roll: :roll: Do there wear dresses?


A militant group linked to al-Qaeda, Islamic State of Iraq, said on Tuesday that it had carried out the attacks in a claim that could not be independently verified.

Sunday's co-ordinated attacks near the Baghdad governorate headquarters and the ministry of justice came as Iraqi MPs were in deadlock over the rules governing next January's general election.

The Iraqi parliament has until 31 October to break the deadlock, with differences between Arab and Kurdish factions centring on the disputed northern oil city of Kirkuk.

It is feared that attacks will become more frequent as militant groups attempt to destabilise Iraq in the run-up to the elections.

US President Barack Obama said he was outraged by the bombings.

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