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Postby Dark-Samus » Tue Oct 20, 2009 1:50 am

I can´t find an english artlcle but it´s about this.

There is a party in Sweden that is called Swedish Democrats and they recently said that basicly ALL muslims are a threat to Sweden and that we have to do something about it.

Now their Leader states that he did not say it like that really.
Well in most swedish people they are known as being hostile towards immigrants of any kind, specially of course those who are not "white"

So both the left and right side of politics are thinking about merging eachother to prevent them from getting any sort of power if they manage to come into the goverment next year in the elections.

My questions are:

Do you guys and gals think that Sweden should be more aggressive towards these Krauts?
I mean I`m really pissed off that Sweden is a free country but at the same time we allow these morons to thrive amongts us.

Then, Some people hates the idea of both sides merging with eachother, doesn´t that tell us, not only in Sweden but around the world that Humans in nature do not want peace but really wants to have problems and hatred towards others?

Are you really that stupid?!

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