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Australia's 911.. The Port Arthur Massacre

Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby MartinTimothy » Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:59 am

Unofficial synopsis.. Jews want a gun law passed so they stage an horrific massacre.

Martin Bryant was befriended by two Mideast types in the month before, April 28,1996 they took two cars to Port Arthur, one drives Bryant's Volvo to the cafe and slaughters the thirty five, moving his way back to the cottage, they killed the elderly couple and give Bryant a drug mixture containing amphetamines and benzodiazepine, used by Mossad on Arab suicide bombers.

Bryant was told to, "stay and protect," and as they left the pair were seen escaping over drawbridge.

Image Image

Port Arthur is remote town in Tasmania, an island state off the tip of southern Australia, total population 480,0000, Hobart the capital where Martin Bryant lived has 180,000, Launceston has 90,000, the remaining towns are 10,000 and under.

Image Image

In the 1800's Port Arthur was where England sent it's worst convicts, today this remote village of 2,000 is a premier tourist attraction and gets many thousands of visitors a year, the town has two small hotels and a couple of restaurants - no stoplights and one policeman.


Martin Bryant is alleged to have killed 35 people there on April 28,1996

Synopsis of the "official" story.

On Sunday April, 28, 1996 Martin, a 28 year old surfer with a history of mental problems went on a rampage through the historical town of Port Arthur in the southeastern corner of Tasmania.

Packing his car with weapons and a surfboard, Martin headed to the ruins of Port Arthur's famous prison. Outside the Broken Arrow Cafe he muttered, "There's a lot of WASP's around today, there's not many Japs here, are there?" Then he entered the cafe, pulled out two expensive semi automatic rifles from his tennis bag, and methodically shot at everyone inside.

Once they were all dead he went out and murdered the driver of a tourist bus and shot at tourists around the site. After he walked back up the main road to his car.

On the way he passed a woman who worked at the site with her two daughters. He murdered the woman, her toddler daughter and chased after the five year old and killed her. Then drove up to the admission booth of the site, murdered the people working there, and shot at people driving by.

Next he drove to the gas station, murdered someone in a passing car, forced a driver into the trunk of his car and drove to a small bed-and-breakfast. By the time he left the colonial prison ruins and their vicinity, 32 tourists lay dead and 18 others were wounded; 20 were killed in a cafeteria, another 12 on the roads surrounding the historic ruins.
Apparently Martin knew the proprietors of "Seascape".

It is unclear whether he murdered them then, or before the rampage through Port Arthur. Holed up in the quaint seaside cottage, Bryant was surrounded by 200 police officers. During the 12-hour siege an Australian journalist managed to reach Bryant by phone. He told her, "I can't talk now, I'm having too much fun. I want to have a shower and if you ring me back again I will shoot the hostage." Later that night, he killed the driver who had been kidnapped and forced into the trunk of his car.

The next morning the house erupted in flames. Bryant ran out with his pants on fire and surrendered. He was rushed to the Royal Hobart Hospital where he was treated for second-degree burns and had several skin grafts, before being transported to Risdon Prison Hospital.

Jenetta Hoani, the gunman's former girlfriend, claimed that Bryant was obsessed with bestiality, violent videos and teddy bears, of which he had 200 in his bedroom. His best friend was a pet pig with whom he sometimes shared his bed. Jenetta said Martin's favorite video was "Child's Play 2", which features a doll named Chucky that is possessed by a serial killer and comes to life after killing a boy and taking over his body. She also said that he would undergo frightening personality changes and appeared to delight in death and danger.

Police have widened their investigation to include the killer's possible involvement in five other deaths making Martin a possible serial killer as well as the most lethal gun-toting mass murderer of the Archives.

Detectives are investigating links between Martin, two or more stabbings, and the disappearance of a German backpacker three years ago, the apparent suicide of his father, Maurice, and the death of Helen Harvey, his family friend and possible lover. Dad's body was found in a dam with his son's diving weight tied round his neck. Helen died in a car accident in which Martin was a passenger.

With her death Bryant inherited about $500,000. Neighbors said Martin used to grab the steering wheel when Helen was driving and several times the car had gone off the road.

On December 22, 2000, Bryant tried to kill himself again in his maximum security cell in Hobart's Risdon Prison. He was found bleeding after trying to cut his femoral artery in the groin region and making several cuts to his inner arms with a razor blade. A doctor was called in to the prison about 9.30pm Monday to stitch Bryant's wounds.

Bryant is known to have made at least four suicide attempts since his arrest, but this was the first for three years. On other occasions he reportedly took an overdose of sedatives which were supplied to him by another prisoner. He also attempted to strangle himself with bandages and tried to choke himself by swallowing a rolled-up tube of toothpaste.


There were 700 reporters at a convention in Hobart, and eighty came to Port Arthur the next day.

Twenty five or so of Australia's top surgeons were attending a conference in Hobart at the time of the killings, they were subsequently sequestered to assist in treating the wounded.

The Tasmanian government had purchased a mortuary truck that could handle over twenty dead, only a short time before the shootings!

The police initially report that there were two gunmen at Seascape.

Witnesses say the shooter had a military appearance, he fired twenty head shots in a short time, shooting from the hip - he reloaded his second clip with one round left, the weapon was a rare Israeli commando model, CAR 15.

Witnesses couldn't identify the shooter, Jim Laycock was co owner of the Port Arthur Motel knew Bryant for 15 yrs, and said it wasn't him.

One month earlier Bryant had gone to Terry Smith's gun shop with an AR 15, and a phony gun license, he appeared to have no knowledge of even cocking or loading the weapon and Smith refused to sell to him.

Hill would be the “fall guy” who provided Martin Bryant with the weapons he allegedly used at Port Arthur.

Terry Hill was first (officially) noticed by the authorities two days after the massacre, when he recognized a picture of Martin Bryant, known to him earlier as "Martin" RYAN. Doing his duty as a responsible citizen, Hill immediately contacted the police and told them what little he knew about the man.

On 27th March Terry Hill and assistant Greg Peck were working at “Guns and Ammo” in New Town when "Martin" Ryan entered with a package wrapped in a towel, presenting the package muzzle-first with the comment “Something is wrong with it”.

When Hill unwrapped the towel he found that ‘it’ was a Dutch AR10 assault rifle fitted with a clip containing 15 rounds of high velocity .308 Winchester (7.62-mm NATO) ammunition. Terry Hill worked the action, and watched horrified as another live round ejected from the breech of the weapon.

Martin Bryant a.k.a. "Martin" Ryan had calmly walked into the store with a fully-loaded and unsafe assault weapon, blissfully unaware he had done anything wrong. His actions that morning demonstrated with chilling clarity that "Martin" had absolutely no idea how to load, cock, aim, fire, or unload, assault weapons of any kind.

But despite his ignorance Martin Bryant presented a licence that day in the name of "Martin" Ryan, correctly endorsed for prohibited and fully automatic weapons. Where Martin Bryant obtained this highly unusual licence has never been properly investigated.

Image Scurr Image MacGregor Image Beattie

Wendy Scurr a former ambulance paramedic employed as a tour guide at Port Arthur, called the police a couple of minutes after the shooting started, she says the police are distorting the timelines, and changing facts, and that evidence was planted and questions went unanswered.

Andrew MacGregor A former policeman, and speaker, who spent years investigating the massacre, feels it was a calculated preplanned operation. The final shootout occurs at the Seascape cottage, and he says there were two shooters, the second possibly being Bryant's controller

Stewart Beattie a retired Australian gunsmith, who is a prolific writer and investigator, on the Port Arthur Massacre, anonymously received the official video tape of the scene, his exposee on Joe Vialls may have exposed him as Ben-Menashe.

The problem with Wendy.. At 17 m 55 sec on the above video Wendy says she saw a blond man staring at her as she went to purchase her lunch from the Broad Arrow cafe, she does not say whether it was Martin Bryant or not.. surely by leaving everyone in suspense her credibility vanishes!

Australian Prime Minister of the day John Howard and his Jew handlers wanted gun laws, Howard is a liberal who panders to Australia's 140,000 Jews. Rupert Murdoch, who controls the newspapers, put him in power, Jews have always wanted an gun ban - Howard rushed the most draconian one in history through in two weeks, the legislation banned 80% of all firearms, set up a national registration and confiscated present guns.

Image Peters Image Browne Image George Soros

The Australian Gun Lobby

Rebecca Peters, a 42 yr old lawyer heads up the 'National Coalition for Gun Control', based in Sydney. Like Joe Vialls, she is another "Johnny on the Spot," bankrolled by Jewish financier George Soros.

NCGC has a branch in Hobart, Tasmania, headed up there by lawyer Roland Browne. His group was meeting the afternoon of the Port Arthur massacre, and showed at the Hobart Police briefing within the hour.


Bryant's history Bryant was a 29 yr old with an IQ of 60. At his house they found 200 teddy bears, hs father committed suicide when he was seventeen, and he lived with a Helen Harvey - a rich, middle-aged eccentric heiress who left him her house and $ 500,000.

Image Mullen Image Foreman

Court Psychiatrist Dr Mullen stated.. "Bryant didn't fit the profile, he had a stable childhood, mass murderers are troubled, financially insecure, aggressive and alcohol or drug abusers, the exception is Columbine, which involved two Jewish kids and the ADL.

Dr Foreman - Author They fit in three categories - family annihilators, the paramilitary enthusiasts, and the disgruntled workers, most shoot themselves and no one surrendered like Bryant.

There are numbers of PAM videos on Youtube..

They appear for the most part to resemble False Flag 911 videos in that they have long musical intro's, and as soon as hard evidence like the audio tape of the telephone conversations between "Jamie" and the police negotiators starts, the video cuts out.
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