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Cashless Society?

Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby tigger » Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:45 pm

Already happened, like the Amazonians.

MonarchSmile wrote:
How many years do you think this might take?

Lebensborn has a treasurer.

The population embraced Ceausescu's Misogynist Genocide. The degraded demoralization of hostage slaves, habituated to emulating privilege, imprinted with Stockholm syndrome. Exorcising the subconscious firewall conflict with Angela's Ashes catharsis.

The Securitate formed a rape club

markusmaximus wrote:And oh yeah, free speech only works if you use it. ... 623463/pg5
Don't be afraid, or you've already lost.

like the one in Japan and suspected of operating in Picton. Now there are lotus feet off the tran ky ky, *BM's* "cannibal lottery." Cowudder Taliban T'hug Stadium executions for raped *Teen Brittneys*

Sgro bro pious child bride slave trading.

Birth bond treasury and after birth abortion. Monsanto's Global Birth Bond Treasury serfdom farmed Epsilon
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Postby Island_Girl » Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:31 pm

khanster wrote:
MonarchSmile wrote:I did
I have been
It's fun
I'm still human :oops:
I don't do that when I'm driving tho'
Try it masturbating :!:

You remind me of someone called "Dissonant Dreamer", at this forum.

All we need now is at1with0 to join in on your thread-jacking

Hi Khan...tell At1 and DD hello. :)
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Postby tigger » Sat Sep 19, 2009 6:06 pm

Amazonians, those were the truly, civilized X'ed out for Kronos.

"Missing Allen's" MK Ultra Ottawa

"High horses are dangerous places to sit." Whitley Strieber.

Idi Amin , is purifying Ceausescu's Uranus district of

Miraculous Ghost Cars in Corn Fields.

Trans national borders for experimental png and guinea png, depending on wallet. Idi Amin is avenging his *blood diamond* childhood.

"Retarded" Graffiti Surgery for png's vicious sycophants embracing a misogynist genocide's kapo.


Cowudder only mutilates women that make Prince Uranus' bankrolls homicidal with jealousy for looking half their Saami age.

Those poor and disenfranchised enough, to be hostage to hostile prisoner dilemma.

Once Prince Uranus' reason to rape a comatose teenager, now his reason to murder her, and invite missing allen's Sgro bro Securitate to murder all of

Ceausescu's fiscal "retards.'

Bebe Glazer
thinks Sarah Palin is a genius.

Women in Kanada, can live lives more degraded than dogs. How many children, go missing each day.

Their mother's snorted at, as "child molesters" as was bro's of Borat? Ceausescu is only alienated from his absentee joint custody with no obligation to support

when he issues death decrees, with a kapo halo, as a response, fifteen years later to not wanting to pay support for three years of his only child's life. Sodom and Gomorrah's purists are "purifying."

Png's Ceausescu went pee pee in broken LP's adolescent snorting pinnacle catharsis of "retarded" graffiti vandalism.

Png is climaxing.

Climax X'ed out for X'mas Killamanjaro Fatwa ... 33c9c67196 ... eystrieber ... tsd302.htm ... 4N20090505 ... nnSTCVideo ... nd-suicide ... 33c9c67196

*La fee*, was invigorating kleptocratic mutilation as disability cost cutting measures while protecting manufacturer's contracts,

drowning peasants, when redundant.

The useless oat eaters.

*La fee*, was giving Ceausescu's "destruction of women" agenda, parental alienation syndrome,

snorting some more with a snort fatwa from Killamanjaro.

*La MC fee*, paid all the crimes of Prince Uranus' mommy -

Ashley Smith conducted Ceausescu's genocide, than pretended she was "retarded" in Israel, for the money.

Living large with Janus in Kwanada's double bound pimped purdahs.

Altruism is interfering with cowudder's raping. Idi Amin is personally eating, the women, scholarships are "wasted on."

Pinchbeck's reptilian spirit of Ashraim, the kleptocrat's patsy lizzard,, is a "Hick in Hoboken."

Dieback Executioner's" strikes another blow, Killing the uppity slaves for Halliburton allied with Sgro. ... y_strieber

Dieback Executioners.

The kleptocrat's African disparity in bottom line distribution, a criteria of png, guinea png populace.

Gladiator liberty, Idi Amin is jealous of Png.

At home on Turtle Island, the Kleptocrat's hired t'hugs, Terrorist Kamps.

Image ... ,8643.html

Unless healed by aliens, female heart murmurs are invisible to malepractice practitioners. Those are Png's "retarded whores."

Presumably, the reader has discerned the reason for the dogpiles

Ceausescu's kidnapping perjuring bro is selling slaves through Sgro, allied with Halliburton.

It is part of a kleptocratic assault on living standards,

that exploits Ceausescu's misogynist mass murder's graffiti.

A Png Snrt's Pinnacle of abuse addiction, Ceausescu's corporate wooden logos ... _id=109979

for the purpose of murdering the fiscal fears of Securitate birth bond inflating, rapists.

Residential schoolyards compensated, never again, since Doctard Cameron, MK Ultra.

Source of the trauma is irrelevant, "Hicks of Hoboken" mutilate Monarch, and peasant

with word salad whimper quiet internet casino stadium execution, cowudder "retarded" graffiti surgery" and bullying double bound thefts in security.

Kanaanites are surgically group grope raping and murdering adult abuse survivors of early childhood trauma, which was graffiti vandalized in revenge for barging in the door, and never accepting an explanation or apology,

only those with head injuries, accidental, since two years of age

for the absentee rapist's fatwa, because he is friends with celebrated malignant pinnacles of C'avlovian titled authority.

Garnished wage scholarships are wasted on psychotic paranoid schizophrenics, who will never push Borat's cart,

like the kidnapped infant who went on to grow out of Borat's imposed "juvenile delinquency" once the sixteen year old's growing appetite, really made the aging kapos resent the bills.

A personal favor for their good friends of png pinnacle dispensation.

Like when Uncle hero, adopted his Arduous familial dysfunctional role prototype, at eighteen, for a pity poop party extrodinaire negation of ultimatum, from the "retarded whore."

Uncle Hero, never needed treatment for being degraded while *blotto*.

Flurry of really expensive torture chambers. C'avlov's starving obesity's "Useless eater" mass murder catharsis.

A few Spartan "sniveling idiotic sycophants", cheering on their Kanaan golden cow


Ceausescu is blessed in his new Sunday Best

raping "retards".

Borat bro, the doctored PhD fake retardation contagion, is an invisible heart murmur.

"Zionist Bankers" have gotten in on the slave trade action.

Barbaric 'Honour Killings' Become The Weapon To Subjugate Women in Iraq

Body mutilated and dumped like rubbish.
by Terri Judd

Callaghan is aggregate like with Ceausescu's Borat, and a trail of child women victim, designated by png as the "retarded whores."

Moneygele's flurry of borat's scat sewage,

An insult to Mercury.

The kleptocrats are using his malepractice costa nostra to subjugate North Americans

as they do, all slave trade victims.

Png's "Dead Peasant Clause" in its rustic barnyard beginnings.

It's climactic epiphany the most degraded genocide in history.

Png's nuking of America

Staggered market ready "Jericho." Terrorist Kamps in every barrio.

Blowed up good, like that Buddha, the kleptocrats paid t'hugs to "purify." ... 8_kbr.html

The paranoid schizophrenic, believes she is "Queen of Hell" and Ceausescu does little to disabuse her of it.

The monster bin, has been paid with new torture chambers, to exterminate the uppity slaves,

interfering with the kleptocrazy's

destruction of democrazy with slave trading and economic take overs.

As in his sewers, awaiting execution and further torture degradation by Ceausescu's cohorts in Kleptocratic

punishment of "progressive school girls are dangerous" garnished wage scholarships.

The "clone" is an "abuser" for putting her in the hospital, and a free stereo, and kicking post,

when she is feeling well. The high IQ dyslexic, has not been taught to abuse

Arduous' scapegoat

he must be Borat's "retardo"

Borat's hostile hostage taking viscous Securitate scat is undermining her self esteem, not only murdering her mother.

The Securitate formed a rape club, because broken LP's identification with aggressors and scapegoating of

easily graffiti vandalized girls and women,

is how Ceausescu built a palace with pee pee.

Kapital at any cost is corporate ethos, not only Png's.

Borat graffiti vandalizes the easiest Invisibly "not disabled" targets for Puck's Police Gun Squad, as part of his margin of profit. Doesn't like 'useless eaters'.

Hiring slave traders, from Sierra Leone to invite another png pinnacle of snorting.

Profits must be large, with bro in Sgro. Median age, slave traded birth bond treasury, children.

If big money, and kleptocratic national thefts of identity was not enough motivation for

all the "congenitally vicious sycophants" mirrored by tunnel vision and its talking heads,

then Png's roid rages compensate.

His sideline is funneling the Taliban's contraband, into America's barrios.

Like a broken LP's power and control bankruptcy, in negotiating a shock zone's obstacle, exacerbating a dilemma

while profiting on it.

The Securitate formed a rape club, like the one in Japan and suspected of operating in Picton.

Now there are lotus feet off the tran ky ky, *BM* cannibal lottery. Or a Cowudder Taliban T'hug Stadium of Sgro bro slave trading.

Birth bond treasury and after birth abortion, by mutilated disparaged starvation.

A "Disgorged Solution", in Martinette's Canon.

Cartier was a typo, Ceausescu crowned Png, King.

My leg is practically the color of Idi,

if he were Png

not tortured by flurry of vicious sycophancy's, embracing a misogynist genocide's Turkish refugee kamp seasoned kapo

dermatorturtard, until Spring.

Bay of Png Fiasco

Wonder what broken LP would have done, had it been top secret's

14 yrs old son, seduced with late night parties, and underage drinking by Bruno,

and not her 14 yrs old daughter, asked to sing praises of Brunhilda,

after being asked to intervene in the case of Brunhilda and top secret's tween.

Broken LP hired Idi Amin, specifically to "purify" Ceausescu's Uranus district.

NativeAlien wrote:why do i find that sexually exciting? am i a male pig? or a closet lesbian?... :?
"You can use my face as a chair."...that would be out right vulgar and presumptious of me...but now that you mentioned it...please feel free to flop your ass on down ... :lol:

Prince Uranus' Turkish refugee kamp's kloset is producing an epidemic of homosexual "retardeds."

Sounds like broken LP's post scripted graffiti.

The slave trader's prisoner's dilemma.

Extreme misogynist prejudice,

Helots in Sodom and Gomorrah's aqueducts.

Must be "disgorged", more "Disgorged Solutions", in broken LP's closeted "retarded" graffiti Canon.

Prince Uranus has the "retarded" graffiti vandal intelligentsia

scribbling "literary malformations" "psychic vampires" threaten dull Flint's torture chambers

U of incontinent pee pee a global birth bond treasury, on a terrorist watch list.

Genocide is abuse addiction

Death, madness, institutions

Epidemics of fake "retardation" in Kwanada and Israel

coathanger orphans under the bastardized swill of Ceausescu's palace

of abuse addiction epithet prisons

residential school mass graves, MK Ultra secret ones


SOA comfort girls and mutilated slaves.

Tax paying slave owners with kamps in every barrio

Garnished wage


Holocaust is not a debate

it is hate


png snort is malignant.
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Postby khanster » Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:22 am

tigger wrote:Amazonians, those were the truly, civilized X'ed out for Kronos.

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Postby bionic » Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:53 pm

You know what's kind of funny and f'd up?

When she emntioned "Amazonians", I thought she was refering to those pigmy like tribes that are slowly dying out, and/or being forced out by jungle clearing in the Amazon jungles of South America. (the one's with the hair that looks like a bowl cut) ... _tribe.jpg
Completely forgot about the historical, mythic ones.
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Postby khanster » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:18 pm

Luckily tightwadism is still alive...
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Postby tigger » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:30 pm

Ceausescu embraced in Kanada's Kapital is the end of the democratic dream
and the rise

of the birth bond Epsilon global anti Christ.

The thin blue line between lord of the png in Kanaanemi and civilization

is a candid canon strummed puppetry irony, of extermination.


Slave owner at St Ch'atty's Mutaween paradise of bullying, not in danger of mutilation.

Halliburton must be allied with Sgro. Who cares what the quackery thinks. *...Chavez is pope of the Amazonians...*

ImageImage ... ton/gGxZd5

The kleptocrazy's organized administration of slave traded pro pedophilia birth bond treasury

is one of fraud, abuse, manipulation, torture and terror.

Kanadian soldiers returning from Afghanistan have unusually high suicide rates,

Hannahbelle Lector is practiced at projecting

their internalized shame.

Failing that

a drug test will exacerbate.

Prime Minister Graffiti Mutaween ... rants.html ... /20061031/

Climactic epiphanies of Ceausescu's *retarded graffiti vandalism*

Misogynist Hate Crimes.

Ceausescu's sewer migrating Gourm8ate Crimes in Kanada's Kapital

Degrading the standard of living around the world to Ceausescu's Romanian birth bond Epsilon.

NAU, where Ceausescu's "retarded" Intelligentsia, *started new.*


Garnished wage epitaph
Ceausescu's securitate has exploited a paranoid schizophrenic and profited by reassuring his bankroll, that she is more edifying

than his fiscal fear. Borat's garnished wage scholarship, that would have otherwise been denied, offered him some tax relief, which whet his appetite.

And he is still attempting to make his only child, pay some of his taxes.

Settling the clash of cultures on shared misogynist frontiers of witch burning.

St Ch'atty's parliamentary wing of pious child bride slavery, cathartic target teen Brittney bullying.

Three generations of psychotic women, since Png's doctards blacklisted Jeffrey Moussaief Mossad's ground breaking work on male reign of terror

weeping elephants fare better than bleeding refrigerators.

personanongrata wrote: "Women are psychotic, men are ***holes" Groucho Marx

Project Paperclip, found making multiples was not easy, but psychosis was a piece of cake.

Ceausescu's pro pedophilia, slave traded, median age, birth bond treasury.

Double bound thefts in Security. Dieback Executioners, in Cranford's shire. ... ata/000344 ... 8_kbr.html

Well - we know Bush is only batty approves of Cowudder's peculiar attentions, even if the Taliban are paid to upstage it, with kinder methods.

Anonymous Coward 473807 wrote:re:{ A strong warning to women all over the world, Canada conducting Ceausescu's pro pedophilia, slave traded, birth bond treasury genocide. Formed a new Securitate.}

I love you ... 576727/pg9
Neo Fascism in Kanada's Kapital

U of incontinent Pee Pee a global birth bond treasury on a terrorist watch list.

Naomi Klein on a terrorist watch list, not so King Kapo Ralph


"Securitate files today cannot be done without contextualizing the information and remembering the wooden language the {Kanadian} regimes used to give a veneer of legitimacy to their most atrocious human rights violations." ... _id=109979

Png's Burning Times

Genocidal markers

The neighbor with child bride slavery in his household, not at risk of bullying from St Patty's mutaween.

Not at risk of being skinned and mutilated by flurry of cowudder quackery,

the slave owner in Ceausescu's co opted Angela's Ashes Kanemi.

"Whitlerian Jihad" la fee vert. ... ata/000344

'1 rule to Kanaan's Quackery not mutilating:


"The Destruction of American Women"

To be 'given to aliens', for lack of indentured imagination.


The population will embrace victimizing Ceausescu's choice of easy victim.

Psychopathy masquerades as functional, when justified by pathological power structure. Petty megalomania is the most common untreated symptom of mental illness. .
That is why half the people in mental health are "torturers" ... e_mayer_on

Slave traders masquerade as crusaders, when slaves are sold as pious neighbors.

Split down the middle, until recent landmark decency, ... chologists

the assc of psychiatards - the patria potestas dementia that Elektra projects ... tion_grows

is shared by those doctards who misdiagnosed Jeffrey Moussaief Mossad's aunt ... nd_torture

when she went psychotic, due to male reign of terror ... rewall.htm

a bottom line draconian fiscal firewall, parading as moralistic

"strummed puppetry" echoes the "Power and Control" of global weaponry

Project Paperclip's tunnel vision is filling the hospitals with Moneygele. ... ut_torture

Ceausescu has formed a new Securitate in Kanada's Kapital.

They have use for Hitler's quickest death logos. Ceausescu's birth bond treasury.

Png's Dead Peasant Clause

Is the kleptocrat's nuclear warhead, detonated over America. Peasants are best slavering like shocked six year olds for their daddies.

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"He's queer, he's crazy, he put a hit on me, he took his clothes off." Ron Paul, leaving Bruno's hotel room. Reciting a spin doctard's mantra.

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Postby khanster » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:38 pm

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Postby khanster » Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:44 am

Island_Girl wrote:
Hi Khan...tell At1 and DD hello. :)

Hello IG, At1with0's forum appears to be populated by an increasing number of visitors, that could be bots of some kind :mrgreen:
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Postby Island_Girl » Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:38 pm

khanster wrote:
Island_Girl wrote:
Hi Khan...tell At1 and DD hello. :)

Hello IG, At1with0's forum appears to be populated by an increasing number of visitors, that could be bots of some kind :mrgreen:

Nammy scared me.... :oops: :lol:
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