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Postby Lashmar » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:33 pm

First watch this video, this is the sort of people we are dealing with, sorry about the sound at the start but it fixes itself at the 2:00 mark for some reason. :lol:

From 6:00 on is pretty worrying. Well said Nigel.

Brown: Only those on the `extremes` would vote for UKIP.

That’s interesting considering Labour was 3rd in the Euro Elections. The Conservatives (Tories) were first and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) was second. The Tories are `Euro sceptic`, meaning they’re not sure about the EU, and UKIP are `anti-EU`.

Over half of the UK (50.4%) voted for three parties that were either `sceptic` of the EU or against them completely.

So if labour is to be believed…half of the UK are extremists. Interesting.


This is another link:

It’s kind of funny because Labour are either blind to the people annoyance or they don’t care. Either which way you look at it it’s not good, and it doesn’t represent the country very well.

Now if you look at this map: you’ll see that the map is almost entirely Blue, Tories.

Actually it’s an even worse picture for Labour because apart from ONE (1) council the Tories won all of them and the rest were `no overall control`, meaning no one won them.

Now if you’re to look at this as well you’ll see that Labour lost all of their County councils.

It’s not the difficult Mr. Brown. The three major parties that want OUT of the EU got 50.4% of the vote, whereas 41% of the population voted for the four major parties that want in the EU.

If you take out the Scottish National Party that would leave only 39%, I’m being generous counting the SNP as a `major` party as well. :D

Now that should tell him something shouldn’t it? People in the UK don’t want to be part of the EU like we are at the moment, we want to be trading partners like Switzerland and Sweden and that’s all we want.
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Postby Lashmar » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:35 pm

UK’s EU referendum. Where is it?

This was in 2007: and we’re still waiting. Actually not only have we not had a referendum, that I think was promised, but you have to be 54 or over to have voted on the UK’s entry into the UK.

We joined the EU in 1973 and we haven’t been asked if we want to stay in the EU since then. Is this some kind of joke?

I can’t even find how many of our laws they make! It ranges from 9.1% (government figures so they’ve been fixed) to 81%!

This is labour spin on it:

3) EU Regulations (as opposed to Directives) usually don’t give rise to a new UK law but are directly applicable. Therefore, most EU Regulations are not included in the 9% figure.

Basically they count it in such a way they ignore most of the figures.

It’s ridiculous that:

1. You can’t find out how many of the UK’s laws they make :?
2. They’re making our laws and you can’t even vote on them! :x
3. You have to be 54 years of age to have voted on staying in the EU! :o

We went to war against Iraq and Afghanistan for WMD and then they changed there tune, we’re now fighting for people `right to vote` and crap like that. Well here’s an idea, give us (British) a vote in the first fucking place! :twisted:
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Postby Lashmar » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:37 pm

The cost of staying in the EU:

£106,000 per minute cost of EU

It costs the UK £106,000 per minute to stay in the EU

if you scroll down to page 11 you’ll see the cost of the EU between 2000/06. Read the rest of it as well, it’s interesting.

The column on the left is how much a country puts in, the centre column is how much they take out and the column in the right is how much they put in after they’ve taken money out.

You’ll see France there gave the EU 107.79 billion Euros. Well you can ignore that because they claim 83.15% of that back.

Do the maths with me, mainly to make sure I haven’t made a cock up lol:

89.63 divide by 107.79 X 100 = 83.15

In effect they only put in 18.16 Billion Euros in 6 years, that’s 3 Billion a year.

In effect Spain puts nothing in but take out 44.84 billion Euros.

As you can see only 9 countries put in more money than they take out, considering the EU is meant to be a partnership that’s quite amazing.
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Postby Lashmar » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:38 pm

This is just how much the EU control our lives:

I must be on of the oddballs becuase I can't tell you how much a Kilo is. I still use Stone, Pounds and Ounces as well as Feet and inches, not too keen on 1/4 of iches though. lol.

Another brilliant video: ... re=related

Look at 2:18:

I profoundly believe that institutional issues - the rules on the functioning of Europe - are something for members of parliament rather than for the referendumes.


I think it shouldn't go to the people becuase they don't need to worry about it. Is it me or does that sound a little 1984 ish? :?

Edit: more to come soon. :)

Edit no.2: wrong link, sorry. :oops:
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