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Chupacabra video? Check it out...

Sightings of bigfoot, lake monsters around the world, and the chupacabras are just some of the many cryptozoological stories on the rise! Although many of these stories are controversial - some have evidence that defies belief.

Postby shadowcass » Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:45 pm

The Chupacabra (as originally described) has wings---which none of these mange-ridden coyotes from the American Southwest do. It also hops like kangaroo and smells like a Bigfoot (it smells of Brimstone---aka Sulfur) and it is a bi-pedal animal (walks on two NOT four legs) and has glowing red eyes.

UNTIL someone shows me THAT (either alive or dead) I refuse to care about all those yahoos tryimng to score some quick cash and instant fame by relying on the gullibility of a public that mostly lives in highly developed urban areas and rarely encounters much of the fauna around them.

It's like the "Cattle Mutilation" story, really. We know that most of the so-called mutilations are nothing of the kind. The so-called cuts result from the natural bloating of the carcass (I know "Above Top Secret" on his website tries to debunk that explanation and I am not saying it is true of ALL the incidents of "mutilation" but it explains many, if not MOST, of the cases. ... akercutter

By the way, "Above Top Secret" in his critique of F or F's investigation says they used a "processed hide". This is not true as anyone who watched the show can tell you. Click the link and watch it for yourself.

But it's like I said about UFOs...people embrace their own theories as to what is going on with such fervor that it becomes a religious faith and they will reject ANY evidence that may prove them wrong.
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