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Postby Paleo » Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:54 am

greeney2 wrote:The problem with boards like this, is people think X-files and movies are real and think it applies to the real world events.

The X-Files is a marionette dreamscape of the imagination. Each scenario presented in that show is BASED on a theory about some element or aspect of the paranormal. Believing a tv show or a movie is REAL, isn't really the issue here is it?? Taking into consideration the sheer amount of research and EFFORT that THE WRITERS and PRODUCERS of shows LIKE the X-Files (although if you can find me one I'd like to see it!) put INTO the creation of each episode/movie.

Basing theories and imaginative ideas on loosely based facts and little known phenomenon is what shows like that were great for! Making us look at things in a different way, even when the more plausible isn't paranormal. BUT, that's NOT to say that they couldn't be RIGHT once in awhile either! ...There's even a book out there which details the actual elements that each episode of the series was based on. ...So, believing whether fiction is real or not, shouldn't be the focus here. As we all know, Truth really IS stranger than fiction... and besides that, in an infinite universe of infinite parallel universes where everything ever imagined will, can and DOES exist, no matter WHAT show or movie you're watching, somewhere in the infinite demensions and parallel universes of outer space, it exists!! Like that movie "Last Action Hero!"

And besides that, I DO believe that the MAIN story of the X-files contains more truths than fiction. It's been theorized that FOX and it's connection with the right wing politics of the world, that the secret government, fearing mass panic when the truth about aliens finally WAS revealed that they saw an opportunity with The X-Files to reveal the truth to the public in a non-threatening way, getting them used to the idea of an alien presence, and hiding the truth in a show that's supposed to be fiction. Now, I've absolutely NO confirmation of this - it's just a theory, but that's what MOST of our work in the paranormal IS, is it not?!? Theories which stand up to science?!? Theories which, despite being ridiculous and unbelievable to some, fit perfectly with the given scenario??! What about the opening of "Hellboy"?! The fictional ideation of the Nazi's struggle with Power and the Occult and the so-called immense power commanded by the Nazi's in the fields of the paranormal, the occult and ufology?!? Is it EXACTLY the way things went down?? Probably not. But is it a good indicator, a way of showing the unshowable to those who have the potential and the guts to BELIEVE?!? Is it a way of testing a theory? Is it a means to an end?? A work, a trick of Hollywood lights and magic?!? Or is it just A GLIMPSE of what things are REALLY like in the world of Nazi Germany back then??! We just don't know! That's the beauty of imagination, ESPECIALLY when it's loosely based on documented evidence and factual testimony like The X-Files is! Call it "an alternate universe" if you will... but I'd say, what we all see on tv and in movies would PALE in comparison to the things we could see in real life... if we only knew where and what to look for.
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Postby greeney2 » Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:35 pm

Believing a tv show or a movie is REAL, isn't really the issue here is it??

When you start thinking the events of X-files and movies are real, and it affects your opionionS of your country and the way you may vote, and do things as a citizen, yes it is definatly the issue. Hence the term "YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING TOO MANY X-FILES".
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