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Unidentified Flying Objects

The Cherry Creek UFO Landing

Although some attribute UFOs to being an ALIEN technology, it really isn't. Inside this forum, you are welcome to talk about UFOs, sightings, case files, and new events. Feel free to post videos, photographs, and whatever other evidence you want to share!

Postby shane » Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:54 am

Hi, Everyone-thought i'd pass this on..a MUFON investigator/researcher/writer-who's been on Discovery Channel and Sci-Fi- , Colleges all over nation and spoken at Roswell Festival, NM,and known as "Mr. Roswell"-becasue of his extraordinary research and investigation into the Roswell speaking-if you're anywhere near-on another well-known UFO landing in NY. See below:

The Cherry Creek UFO Landing
Tuesday, July 28, 2009
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Assembly Hall

Fee: $40 per person
(Gate fee not included in workshop fee)

UFOs allegedly buzzed a farm near Cherry Creek, New York on the evening of August 19, 1965. A large, silver-colored football-shaped object reportedly interfered with radio reception and made a beeping sound as it slowly descended close to the ground. It subsequently ascended slightly, emitted a red vapor, and quickly disappeared into low-lying clouds. Oily purple-colored liquid and other odd physical traces were later found on the pasture at the site. A faint lightform also was seen maneuvering at low altitude later that night.

This close-encounter was investigated by the U.S. Air Force under Project Blue Book, its now-defunct public study of the UFO phenomenon. At that time and throughout most of the project, the Air Force tried to explain in prosaic terms all UFO reports it received. Despite their “best” efforts, however, 701 of the 12,618 sightings (nearly 6%) they investigated were still classified as “unidentified.” The Cherry Creek Incident fell into this “elite” category, presumably because even Blue Book’s staff could not force-fit one of their highly creative “explanations” to the facts.

Hoping to uncover additional information the Air Force may have overlooked, I decided in early 1995 to take an in-depth look at the Cherry Creek case. My presentation reveals the surprising results of this endeavor and posits that the events observed at the farm were part of a much wider indigenous mystery.

Robert Galganski is a researcher with the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) and a certified field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network. He received the prestigious “Ufologist of the Year” award in 1997 for his groundbreaking quantitative analysis of the Roswell Incident debris field and has had numerous articles published in the CUFOS International UFO Reporter. Bob has lectured on the UFO phenomenon at several national conferences and at various WNY venues, including the Mason Winfield.Com Lecture Series, Niagara County Community College, Buffalo Astronomical Association, and Lily Dale. His UFO research was spotlighted on the Discovery Channel, SCI-FI Channel, and Buffalo Channel 7 (WKBW).
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