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Happy Fathers Day!

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Postby greeney2 » Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:56 am

To all the great Dad's on the board, this weekend is Father's Day, so have a very happy one. No Father can have a better feeling, than to know his kids are doing just fine, no matter what their age is. Thats a never ending ongoing process, becasue you will always be a Dad. Its a good feeling to know, something you did, was right.

My Dad was an Aeronautical Engineer for Bell Aircraft, and proud to say several of the aircraft he worked on sit in the Smithonian and Air Force Museums. I have a picture of John Jr. leaning against the Bell X-5 at the Air Force Museum, the only one in exsistance today. To think, John actually touched the same aircraft my Dad's hands touched everyday, when I was only a baby, means a lot to me. Summer time Dad would rent a cottage on Lake Erie for 2 weeks, where we fished and spent the days on the sandy beaches. I felt like Tom Sawyer in ways. I hoaded my lunch money and change for weeks, because I knew I could buy firecrackers in Canada. We would sneek down to the store everyday and buy some, becasue Mom thought we would blow our hands off. We also would sneek down the the quarry that was off limits, to jump off the rocks into the water, 20 feet below. They told us their was no bottom to the quarry, and would never find us, to scare us into never going. Dad carried me on his sholders, right at the edge of Niagara Falls, we lived very near. Dad always took us to Grand Island, and to watch they annual Hydroplane races on the Niagara River. When we moved to California, Dad loved his oranges becasue our home was built on an old orange grove. We played golf togather all the time.

His Dad, was a pipefitter on the Nickel Plate Railroad, on the old Steam Locomotives. I have such great and fond memories of my Granny and Grampy. They lived in a very old brick triplex with push button light swithes, and the old porcillin stoves and hoisers. They lived right behind the Locomotive roundhouse and workshop. The soot from the Engines would just flume and float right behind the house. Grampy would park his old Pontiac in the gravel floor garage everynight, and you would catch great nightcrawlers for fishing in the yard. We would catch fireflies, and go to a park built by FDR in the depression that was a WPA project, where I caught my first fish. Grampy got up very early and was off to work before the sun. I'm sure exposed to all kinds of industrial things like asbestos and lead. He never walked a step in his life without pain, as his feet were both run over by a horsedrawn milkcart when he was a boy. They could make an adventure out of things that were simple, and staying with them in the summer was special. We would ride on the train from Buffalo to Lima, Ohio. They were avid card players, playing pinocle with my parents. They always played several kinds of solitare everyday, as well as other card games. My grandparents were the best.

I'm sure we all have those same kinds of stories about your Dad's and Grandfather's.

Happy Father's Day!
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Postby Lashmar » Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:08 pm

Happy Fathers Day mate. :D

I just looked it up and it’s tomorrow here as well! :shock: I thought it was next week. :oops:

I’m in trouble. :oops: :lol: :lol:

I'm a good son. I normally forget their wedding anniversary as well. It’s slightly worse than it seems because it the same day as my mothers birthday.
I remembered both the wedding anniversary and her birthday last year though, my dad reminded me about them but it looks like I remembered both of them to her doesn’t it. ;) :oops: :lol:
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