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Unidentified Flying Objects

June 3rd UFO 'SQUADRON' over Hayden Idaho

Although some attribute UFOs to being an ALIEN technology, it really isn't. Inside this forum, you are welcome to talk about UFOs, sightings, case files, and new events. Feel free to post videos, photographs, and whatever other evidence you want to share!

Postby GrnEydGuy » Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:13 pm

On June 3rd my girlfriend and I were outback smoking and watching the stars when a life transforming experience happened...

Here is my account:

11:25 PM PST (2 Objects)
Hayden Idaho

Two shooting star like objects appeared approximately 60 degrees above the West by NorthWest horizon. The two objects were exactly parallel to one another flying at a declining angle toward the east and about a pencil length apart. They began to bank North and as they descended and changed their course the objects morphed into these glowing iridescent reddish, orange, pinkish boomerang like craft. They disappeared to the NorthEast.

My girlfriend missed these as she was viewing another part of the sky and could not orient on these objects because they were moving very fast.

11:43 (2 Objects)

Two more boomerang like objects appeared over the Western horizon flying East by North East at a constant altitude. These 2 craft flew right over us and were much closer together than the previous 2. As they flew over us they split apart and came back together as if they were going around something so as to trace a sort of vase in the sky. When they came back together they were in the East and immediately banked to the North and disappeared out of sight.

We both witnessed this event and were blown away trying to figure out what it could have been.

11:50 (6 Objects)

As we were glued to the skies SIX more of these craft appeared directly above us. We did not see them fly in from any direction, they just sort of appeared. They were in a very tight single file formation and flying a snake like pattern through the sky. They moved from directly above us to the eastern sky before what appeared to be collapsing onto one another and disappearing to the North.

Again, we both witnessed this and were in total shock. We ran through the house tearing it apart looking for cameras blankets phones etc.

No other event took place and by 1 am my girlfriend went to bed.

I stayed up.

2:15 AM PST June 4th (9 Objects)

NINE more of these craft popped into my view in a triangle shape formation. They were flying from due South to due North about 30 degrees from my horizon. This was an amazing sight. The formation was very tight and the craft on the inside appeared to have this sort of electric glow to them and they appeared to be fluttering or wavering inside of this formation. They disappeared to the North.

I was complacent by now and left my camera by the coffee pot.

Approx 3AM (1 Object)

After the last sighting I vowed never to be without a camera again and began to make a record of what I saw. While I was describing the previous events I pointed the camera to the sky and I saw ONE more object.

This object appeared to be flying much higher than the previous ones. It was darker and broader shaped and flying slower. It was about 70 degrees above the horizon and flew from due South to due North. I was in shock and praying that the camera would pick up the image, unfortunately nothing showed up.


The first time I saw these and my girlfriend didn't I explained it to here as watching headlights in the sky point directly at you and then change course. I described the crafts as pinkish rose and glowing with a misty aura, angelic like. They appeared to have bird like qualities.

After the next sighting I had a very clear impression of these crafts.

They were a near perfect half moon shape with a protruding nose... there is a crop circle image that is amazingly identical to the shape of what we saw (just the half moon, bird like shape, not the whole crop circle).


They appeared to be glowing like the moon, sort of translucent and undefinable, but the colors red, orange and tan kept coming to our minds but there was definitely a mist or aura to them.

As far as altitude goes, it is very difficult to say as there was nothing to reference. My best guess is that they were flying much higher than a commercial airliner and traveling 10x as fast.

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