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The Billionaire and the Common Man

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Postby CodeBlack » Thu May 21, 2009 7:43 pm

Individualism today is only practiced by billionaires. The common man is today forced to be a socialist. He can not afford to be an individual. The common man is forced to struggle to pay his bills, being charged extravagant interest rates on credit which he was forced to use by repeated periods of unemployment.

The billionaires run large corporations and are given wide latitude to treat their employees as they see fit. So the billionaires launch one enterprise after another with the only goal of increasing the wealth of the billionaire at the expense of the employees' labor and employment security. These enterprises amount to little more than fraud and solve no problem and often cause new problems.

The common man today is no longer "fired". He is simply "laid off" when the latest enterprise ceases to make enough profit for the billionaire. This re-labeling makes being fired more tolerable. Of course the government has, over time, created an ever growing smoke screen of employee protection laws which serve no real purpose and have little effect on the common man or the billionaire.

But it has always been the common man who solved most of the world's problems by inventing new technologies. But in order to do that the common man must have the resources to work on solving the world's problem's, time, money and access to existing technologies. But those things are hoarded by the billionaires and locked away like the wealth of the pharoahs, stored in tombs for the afterlife.

Look at the billionaires of today. They invent nothing. They solve no problem. They scheme. They take. They hide. Of course they give to or create "charities" as a smoke screen to make it look like they care about the world's problems but its all a scam, usually to evade taxes, or public complaints.

The billionaire and the common man are bitter enemies. The billionaire runs a business selling a product. The common man invents new products which could put the billionaire out of business. They are at eternal odds with each other. Occasionally the billionaire and the common inventor will make peace and create a contract to develop the new invention of the common man but the common man having never had access to the world of the billionaire has modest demands while the billionaire has become bored with all he has and simply wants more. So before too long the contract is broken and the common man is cheated out of his invention and the battle begins anew.

It is not the billionaire who holds up the world. It is the common man. It is the common man who works and produces. It is the common man who pays the bills. It is the common man who fights the wars. It is the common man who struggles for freedom and liberty. The billionaire does not need freedom or liberty as he can simply purchase these things when desired.

For the billionaire to maintain control over the common man he needs government. The billionaire needs government to make the common man a socialist. This allows the billionaire to treat all common men the same, common. The billionaire needs the government to make the common man live the life which best benefits the billionaire. The billionaire needs the government to make the common man quit drinking and quit smoking and stop eating fat and sugar. The billionaire needs the government to make the common man drive a smaller car and use less energy so the billionaire can consume more of it. The billionaire needs the government to keep the common man busy struggling for scraps of freedom and liberty in an endless battle of give and take. This keeps the common man off the billionaire's doorstep.

One can be forgiven for comparing this system to the feudal system. The only difference is the apparent lack of hereditary requirements for entry into the club.

The richest man in the world never invented anything. Tell me who invented the television?

We're all living in Amerika. Its wunderbar.
1001 Uses For the Segway

So now its on to Newmerika.
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Postby Nesaie » Sat May 23, 2009 6:26 pm

Good read, thanks. :D
Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen... - Zbigniew Brezhinsky
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