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Think I have reinvented ET Tecnology!

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Postby scott712 » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:58 am

I believe I have reinvented UFO Technology.

Z-PEC stands for zero-point energy converter and uses the Casimir effect!

Z-PEC Made Easy Why I Need You
We are surrounded at all times by a ready-made power grid. It is called the Zero-point Energy Field, it is made of countless invisible photons. My invention is a simple way to plug into that power grid, any time, any place! This is the problem that I have solved: Normally, this power grid pushes just as hard on both sides of an object. For example consider the flat, strong plate of metal that is pictured below; it is pushing just as hard on each side; therefore; the photons cannot move it. This is why we cannot normally use this energy.

For illustrated version paste the following link to one of my website documents--Make sure there are no spaces in the link from line breaks! (This is also why i tried to make the link small-print!)


But now, we will electrically-ground the plate and cover just one side of the plate of metal with very tiny holes or grooves, that are mere millionths of a millimeter across; this prevents a portion of the zero-point energy grid from pushing as hard on the bottoms of the grooves or holes; therefore, our power grid is now pushing harder on the non-grooved side than on the grooved side as illustrated below; more arrows of force are pushing on one side than on the other side because larger photons cannot fit inside the holes or grooves.

For illustrated version paste the following link to one of my website documents--Make sure there are no spaces in the link from line breaks! (This is also why i tried to make the link small-print!)


My invention is a new variation of a thoroughly documented set of experiments where the zero-point energy field is selectively suppressed inside some sort of cavity, but not outside that cavity! So far, the theoretical calculations have matched the experimental results very closely! The following chart is a very reasonable extrapolation of this body of experimental data. The smaller we make the individual holes or grooves, the more powerful the resulting pressure is! This “Pressure” is pounds of force per inch of floor area of however many holes or grooves fit into a square inch, at the various wall separation amounts.
This net force can propel, power or lift most machines. We will make motors for home-generators and other devices , motors that consist of little more than one or more metal plates mounted to rotate a shaft; they will require no electricity or fuel except for the Zero-Point Energy Grid. Ground and marine vehicles will not require fuel or engines or propellers, just a pair of Casimir Plates to push them, and additional plates to hold them up. Aerial Vehicles will not require, wings, propellers, jets or airports, but will silently take-off vertically, into the air. Free energy means cheap desalination; deserts will bloom; now-marginal land will flourish!
Space Travel throughout the Solar System will not require rockets or long journeys; for example, plates will constantly accelerate a vehicle with a one-g force to provide a continuous Earth-gravity-like acceleration; humans will safely and inexpensively reach Mars in transit times of less than a month; it will also be inexpensive to equip vehicles with appropriate shielding materials to protect against Space radiation; most importantly, we will finally be able to redirect asteroids and comets before they hit the Earth, even with a short notice of mere hours or days!
This will involve ordinary manufacturing techniques that are already commonly available. Basically the new devices will be free, in the sense that people will be buying long-lasting machines with the same money they used to spend on fossil, nuclear and hydro-electric power! We will build an ecologically sound World Economy that is based on abundance rather than on planned-obsolescence and contrived shortages ! ! !

Here's where I need your help! I need everybody to tell everyone about this! This is very important, because somebody down the line will be able to hook me up with a semiconductor lab or production facility that is low on business or between major orders. When this finally occurs, I can get a Proof-of-Concept Chip built to justify sinking serious money into developing this thing and getting those wall separations small enough and the total Area of a Chip big enough.

This is very doable, but only if enough people tell enough other so that I make those few vital connections before I get shut down!---It could still happen! MANY thousands of patents are currently classified, many are the fruits of private inventors, yet the government stole their patent and did not even give an accounting as to whether or not they are using it!!! In my case, this would be ludicrous, since I have already told thousands of people about this, but they very well might try! If you doubt this, consider just this brief excerpt, this is what they can send you!

NOTICE: To the applicant above named, his heirs, and any and all of his assignees, attorneys and agents, hereinafter designated principals:
You are hereby notified that your application as above identified has been found to contain subject matter, the unauthorized disclosure of which might be detrimental to the national security, and you are ordered in nowise to publish or disclose the invention or any material information with respect thereto, including hitherto unpublished details of the subject matter of said application, in any way to any person not cognizant of the invention prior to the date of the order, including any employee of the principals, but to keep the same secret except by written consent first obtained of the Commissioner of Patents, under the penalties of 35 U.S.C. (1952) 182, 186.
. . . This order should not be construed in any way to mean that the Government has adopted or contemplates adoption of the alleged invention disclosed in this application; nor is it any indication of the value of such invention.
The moral of the story is clear: This thing is not safe until thousands of people are telling tens of thousands of people. (These people have even been known to pull published journals out of libraries, even years later!)

So Spread the word, far and wide!!!

And help me find a semi-conductor lab or company that would like to participate!!!

a DIFFERENT DOCUMENT on my website that is a little more detailed!


I welcome all your comments, suggestions and questions!

Wm. Scott Smith
scott712("at" hotmail("dot")com
509 315-9602
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Postby NGCRULER » Fri Feb 05, 2010 11:12 am

Seems probable from how you explained it. I just don't understand one thing... how do you turn it off? so say you put the groves in it, boom it "floats". Does it keep floating to no end or is there a way to stop it? And what if you have to come back down? Ive had similar ideas in the past (just brainstorming nothing to the extent of what you have here) so i am intrigued.
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