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Whether you believe in a higher power or not, this forum is dedicated to the topic of religion and spirituality. We live in a diverse world with different morals and ideas when it comes to our beliefs, so come in and share your thoughts.

Postby at1with0 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:41 am

Do you believe Revelation?
"it is easy to grow crazy"
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Postby Guest » Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:55 pm

Quote by Zolton
If you are a Christian you are suppose to believe the bible.

We do believe in the bible, and revelation, but maybe your interpretations are not quite correct.

Revelations is a book that needs great spiritual discernment to be understood as well as taught properly.

The latest messages from Jesus , and the Father to maria do touch on some of those meanings. ... ean-union/

My Second Coming will take place in your lifetime children.

You, of this chosen generation, will reap the wonders of My Glorious Reign on earth.

I include among you, my chosen children, those who have turned their backs on Me and deny the existence of My Beloved Father, God of the Most High.

My love will envelop those who despise Me. In time they will convert.

Acknowledging My messages given to you, My end time prophet given the responsibility of the opening of the seven seals, will not be enough.

What really matters is the salvation of all your brothers and sisters in the world.

From the same message in the link above more interesting words.

The two allies Russia and china will join forces. This will happen as the beast with the ten horns rises to dominate their long suffering innocent people.

The beast with the ten horns is the European Union, My daughter, referred to as Babylon in the Book of Revelation.

Babylon will fall and be dominated by the big Red Dragon, China and its ally the Bear, Russia.

When this happens communism will rule and woe to anyone seen to practice their religion in their presence.

All religions will be banned but Christians will suffer the biggest persecution.

Roman Catholics will not be tolerated at all and they will have to hold masses in secret.

The time has come, children, all My followers, to start planning your future.

I will guide you at all times.

Start preparing now because you will be given the time to do this.

Again, I say to you, prayer and much of it will dilute the power of the Beast, the Bear and the Red Dragon.

They will rule for a very short time. For after that they will be destroyed.

Your Beloved Saviour
Redeemer of Mankind
Jesus Christ

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:06 pm ... iving-god/

God the Father: Rise now and accept My Seal, the Seal of the Living God
Monday, February 20th, 2012 @ 12:20 am

My beloved daughter My heart heaves in sorrow for the sins of My children.

Like any loving Father their wicked hatred for each other tears My heart in two.

It is like a sword piercing My heart which will not go away.

I am God of the Most High who, because of the free will I have given to all of My children, will have to suffer enduring pain until the New Paradise on earth evolves.

Then you will My children join in unison with My Holy Will.

Until that happens there can be no peace on earth.

Only when the evil one, and those who slavishly follow the lies he promises, are destroyed finally can the world become calm.

My daughter tell My children that I do not relish the thoughts of punishing My children for I love them.

They are mine, my cherished creation. To see how the evil one has corrupted their souls is a constant torment to Me, their beloved Father.

I desire to take all of you loving children who know and understand My love for you, into My beautiful New Paradise on earth.

I promise you that the persecution will be swift and that you will be protected.

For I now bequeath the Seal of My Love and Protection.

With this you will escape the notice of those who will cause hardship in your countries.

My Seal is My promise of Salvation. My power will surge through you with this seal and no harm will come to you.

This is a miracle children, and only those who bow before Me, their Lord and Creator of all things, as little children with love in their hearts for Me, can be blessed with this divine gift.

Rise now and accept My Seal, the Seal of the Living God.

The above is followed by a prayer which is in the link above . This prayer is a request for the seal of protection from the Father. I realize that many Christians may not take these messages seriously, but I can't see how praying this prayer with sincerity and love could possibly hurt your faith.

There are many prayers given over the course of these messages. They are in a link at the top of the page under crusade prayers. They are very inspiring prayers , and very relevant in these times.

Postby Guest » Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:52 am

The latest message in these series of prophecies and prayers given to Maria is a powerful plea from the Father . here are a few excerpts , but once again I urge you to read the whole link , as they are not very long, and I strongly recommend reading them all from the beginning, or downloading them as well as all of the crusade prayers, for future reference.

From this message ... -is-yours/

here are a few excerpts.

I am God the Father, Creator of all things. I am speaking with you tonight in the name of the Holy Trinity

My daughter the time has come for the first of the seals to be broken and how this saddens Me.

I have promised that before this happens I will offer My Seal of Protection on the foreheads of all those who believe in Me.

Now I give you, children, a last chance to stand up and decide.

You are either for Me or against Me. The choice is yours.

To those who reject My Holy Word given to this, the end time prophet, you must hear Me now as I speak.

I give you the prophets to guide you.

Why do you reject My love?

Why do you allow doubts to blind you to the truth?

Much as I love you there is little time and you will be given seconds to decide on your own fate. For in time, My patience will run out.

Ignore My calling and you will find it difficult to find Me in the wilderness ahead.

If you accept My Seal of Love you will be within My protection at all times.

This protection will cover your families.

This is My final call to offer you My Seal of Love.

After that you will have to face the bleakness of the Great Tribulation exposed, alone and without a crutch to lean on.

I will never force you, children, to love Me. That is your own choice and, of course, love can only come from the heart.

I extend My hand of love now. If you know Me you will recognise Me.

If you say you know Me but reject My gesture of love and protection, then you do not really know Me at all.

My children keep close to Me now for the first seal has been finally opened.

The Prayer for the Seal of Protection is number 33 of the crusade prayers located at this website , and is given in the link in the previous post .

May God Our Father bless and protect you all and may the love and mercy of His Son be with us all .

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:42 am

From the messages of Tuesday February 21st 2012
Why do you reject My warnings to prepare for My Second Coming?
Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 @ 07:45 pm

My dearly beloved daughter how you suffer in My name and that of My beloved Father.

You must be strong as these messages will provoke outrage in some quarters although they will inspire and give strength to other souls.

My Holy Word was rejected by learned men during My time on earth.

I was dismissed as a fraud by the priests and those who claimed to be holy men.

Those of you who say that the treatment meted out to Me was barbaric would be right.

That people who lived in those days were uneducated, coarse and wicked.

That they were cruel in their treatment of Me their beloved Saviour.

Some may say that they were ignorant and knew nothing of Holy Scriptures. But this is not true. Because those living in the world today, although they are more educated and knowledgeable, are no different.

Those whom you would expect, fully versed in the Holy Bible to be alert to the teachings therein, are blind to the truth.

For all their understanding of My Father’s Holy Book they have failed to prepare for the time when I will come again.

When did they think they would be accorded this time?

The time is drawing very close to My Second Coming on earth.

Yet, mankind has not prepared themselves for My arrival.

Even My sacred servants do not preach of the importance of this most glorious event. Why is this?

Have you learned nothing? What is it that I have to do?

When did you think I might come and why do you think that the time is not near?

What is it that blinds you and blocks your ears to the sound of My voice?

Drop your cloak of gold, silver and riches and accept that you are nothing without Me.

Without My graces you cannot prepare your souls for My glorious return.

My beloved Father always sends prophets to prepare His children. He has been doing this since time began.

Why then do you reject My warnings to prepare for My Second Coming?

I beg you to listen to Me.

I cannot command you to listen for you have been given the gift of free will.

I can never force you or give you the command to take action. For this is impossible.

My Father will never interfere with your free will.

But he will never hesitate to warn you, guide you and flood your souls with graces to make you strong.

For those with open hearts He will give them the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Those guilty of pride, religious snobbery and arrogance will find it impossible to open their hearts because they lack the most important quality of all. Humility.

Without humility and generousity of heart you cannot come close to My Sacred Heart.

Come to Me children. Let Me take you into My flock so like a good shepherd I can lead you to safety.

Your Jesus
Redeemer of Mankind

May God our Father bless you all ,and the loving mercy of Jesus be with each of us.

Postby at1with0 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:59 am

Force? No.
Coerce? Yes.
"it is easy to grow crazy"
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Postby Guest » Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:01 pm

From the message of Ash Wednesday Feb 22 , 2012

Excerpts from this link ... our-souls/

My dearly beloved daughter tell My children that this time of Lent is a time of quiet reflection, of personal

sacrifice and an opportunity to pray for the mitigation of war in the world.

Emulate My fasting in the desert by making small sacrifices.

Fasting is important for your souls. It cleanses the spirit and gives Me great comfort.

You can save many souls by fasting just once a week.

This can be according to your desire. All that matters is that you offer up this day for souls.

Use this time to help Me in My battle for souls.

Please prepare for Holy Week and Easter by reciting this Crusade Prayer (34) My Gift of Fasting to Jesus

O My Jesus

Help me in my own small way

To imitate your life of sacrifice in order to save mankind

Allow me to offer you the gift of fasting one day a week

Throughout Lent to save all of humanity so that they can

Enter the gates of the New Paradise on Earth

I offer you dear Jesus My sacrifice

With love and joy in my heart to show you the extent of my love

Through this sacrifice I beg you for the salvation of every soul who may

Have fallen from grace.


May God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit awaken in all of us the very deep love they have for each of us, and all souls, and may we be made certain of the mercy of Christ for repentant sinners.

Postby Guest » Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:22 am

Message given to Prophet Maria on Feb 23, 2012 ... -on-earth/

I am God the Almighty Father, Creator of all things, God the Most High

My daughter it is important that those who follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church accept the millennium as promised to all of My children.

Why do those who profess to understand My Holy Word refuse to accept part of it but not the other?

To those sacred servants of mine I say to you now to open the Book of Truth.

You have a duty to proclaim the truth.

You must not listen to those within your ranks who twist the truth in relation to the New Era of Peace on earth.

What motivates your brothers within My Roman Catholic Church who deny the truth?

You have confused My children.

Because of their loyalty to the one true Church, The Roman Catholic Church, you are denying them the chance to prepare their souls for My Son’s reign in the New Paradise on Earth.

Your duty is to inform My children of the truth.

To My children, you must never deny the truth contained in the Holy Bible which contains the true word.

You, My children must accept the promise made by My Son after His Glorious Resurrection from the dead.

He said that he would come again.

This time, for the Second Coming of My Beloved Son on earth, is drawing close.When He comes again, he comes to rule and take up His rightful throne in the New Paradise I have created for you all on earth.

Never doubts the words from the Divine lips of My Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Know that I, your Beloved Father, want you all to join as one family with My Son in Paradise.

Accept the truth. Do not twist it, or adjust it to suit your flawed interpretation of the truth

I am the truth.

You cannot change Me or who I am.

The truth will set you free.

Your beloved Father

God the Most High

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:53 pm

From messages on Friday Feb 24th, 2012 ... -paradise/

This messages concerns the 1000 years of peace as foretold in prophecies, and speaks again of His great love for each and every one of us. (Even those who may think they are beyond redemption)

There will be no death. No illness. No sin in the New Paradise
Friday, February 24th, 2012 @ 03:30 pm

My dearly beloved daughter you must never forget that, despite My stern warnings to humanity, I hold a very special love in my heart for all of My children.

It is necessary to purify the earth now for were I to return now it would not be fit for Me to walk upon it.

When mankind has been purified only those with love for Me and My Eternal Father will remain.

My chosen generation will be with Me for eternity. This Paradise will offer 1,000 years of peace, love and harmony.

After this period the second resurrection of the dead will take place.

Only then can eternal life be offered to all souls with the light of God shining through them.

Why do you hesitate My daughter don’t you know that these prophesies have been foretold?

Let no man misunderstand. You, children of this generation, will be given the gift of living in the Paradise, even more beautiful than that prepared for Adam and Eve.

Age will be non-existent as man will live in peace with families of generations.

So much love and enjoyment will be an everyday occurrence. Finally you will be accorded true lasting peace in your souls.

Why would this not be possible? This is the earth that was planned by My Father whose Divine Will, will at last finally be realised on earth as it is in Heaven.

Rejoice all of you. The New Paradise is to be welcomed with excitement and anticipation.

There will be no death. No illness. No sin. You will be given the gift of eternal happiness.

Pray for those who, through sin and disobedience, will forfeit any claim to their rightful inheritance which was planned by My Eternal Father since the beginning of time.

Your Beloved Jesus

May the love of the Holy Trinity open our hearts to His love and mercy.

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:57 pm

From the messages to maria Feb 24th, 2012

Urgent Wednesday 29 Feb worldwide day of prayer to avert nuclear war ... clear-war/

Urgent Wednesday 29 Feb worldwide day of prayer to avert nuclear war
Friday, February 24th, 2012 @ 06:40 pm
URGENT !29th February 2012: worldwide day of prayer to avert a nuclear war in Iran

Because of the urgent message of the Holy Virgin Mary to the Seer Divine Mercy, we call all brothers and sisters
to a global day of prayer,to prevent a nuclear war.

The 29th February was recommended by the visionary Mary Divine Mercy. On this day
all should pray ALL of the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary,

to avert a nuclear war in Iran.

For more informations, see the message: ... d-in-iran/


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