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Unidentified Flying Objects

The Burden of Proof

Although some attribute UFOs to being an ALIEN technology, it really isn't. Inside this forum, you are welcome to talk about UFOs, sightings, case files, and new events. Feel free to post videos, photographs, and whatever other evidence you want to share!

Postby magonia17 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:39 am

I am going to quote from a NSA document entitled: “UFOs and the Intelligence Community Blind Spot to Surprise of Deceptive Data”.

It refers to our psychological ability to deal with the UFO phenomena and other unusual events or data. This also may indicate why much of what is known about these events is withheld by those in the know in the military community.

To quote: “The mind likes to live in a comfortable world where it feels it knows what to expect, and what, is not too threatening either physically or psychologically. The unusual dispels the comfortable illusion the mind has created.” To continue: “To protect itself against such an intrusive and threatening reality the mind will begin to add imagination and interpretation to the incoming data to make it more expectable.”

When a structure is found or a sighting is witnessed and a photograph or video is taken, some say it could be a deliberate fake, or mis interpreted due to the unusual nature of what the individual is witnessing or being shown. Even if it is a contradiction, i.e. saw it themselves with their own eyes, a reality check.

Who is to say that our so called “normal reality” is in fact not a controlled view of what is real. After all we are subject to media, newspapers, bombarded with social beliefs (some clearly made up), culture habits and conditioned by others when we are born as to what is normal and expectable by force of habit or dogma.

Even those in control of countries can be subject to these conditioning processes, trying to maintain the status quo to keep the system functioning rather than anarchy. How does the minority control the majority? The use of force has its limits, it is a psychological game, such as the heads of state live in a big building with guards and high walls, which is similar to a chief of a so called primitive tribe having a big head dress, which is bigger than any of his fellow subjects head dresses, and a bigger house or hut, to make himself look superior which has psychological effect on his subjects.

There maybe those that can see through this, but all that is required is the masses, who like to gather in social groups, to be subject to these controlling factors, then it is a success.

The use of psychological tricks goes beyond the physical use of “props”, social exclusion such as ridicule are also tactics that can be used, especially if the incident or event is of a high strangeness, and there isn’t another frame of reference that can be used to back up the event, or it is not a part of the normal reality many seem to live in.

What is proof to one is not to another, due to the various experiences, social conditioning, behaviour, mental capabilities, and personalities that exist amongst the human species. There is an over load of various beliefs, stories, scientific studies (which contradict each other sometimes), that the mind sometimes just shuts down, and ignores it.

As time goes by, maybe our psyche will be able to adjust to unusual and surprise events that occur, it is just a matter of time, yet alas human history has shown us we have had many set backs, from the advancement in some ways of the Roman Empire to the decline in the Dark Ages.
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