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should there be a new world order.

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Postby Lucifer » Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:28 pm

World Unity is a definite must in order to fully realize the purpose and meaning of our existence! The current plan is being perpetuated with darker agenda's set in place where Caucasians have been considering and secretly plotting the rule of the World! With the First Nation protests in Canada there have it is clearly evident that there are secret governments within the government as the mechasims are set into play to suppress any real news and government action (stephen harper is a mason) and there are darker beliefs and values which mitigate a fascist new world order instead of that of that based on wisdom and in the orders of peace and goodness. Making use of Canada and the First Nations are the first steps in setting forth the agenda for world domination, not by the natural laws but by secret agenda! The masons are the current holders of the destiny of America since the War of Independence of 1776 and have since gained control of the "new world" which fell into devil worship and occult worship to facilitate this world order! In essence what this has done is create a seeded plot of "Lucifer" (the irony) within God's Divine Plan to create order within this earth and has corrupted the plan to varying degrees and making use of 'legitimate" government to create a vacuum of dissonance of God's plan. Aleister Crowley and Albert Pike have been held in high regard as the highest ranking members of the Masons, Crowley admittedly confessed to sacrificing 150 children in a week and Albert Pike set forth the agenda for 3 world wars to create or force a new world order, he wrote a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini outlining the plan for 3 world wars! These types of agenda`s have been foreshadows of plots against God and God`s plan as a plan of the Devil in place of God! Which perverted and corrupted any real purity in creating world unity. The wars proliferated agendas that created suffering and create catastrophes in the world, creating strife, turmoil and fear. The Secret Government created control and seek control of humankind`s mind and freewill another marker of being created as a slave of Satan this was created by Aleister Crowley in the Book of The Law which the Masons use as a guide stone and a sacred book! Unfortunately those who are christened into the masons and higher ranks are unaware of these facts that the lines have been tainted so the purpose of the Masons, which was to be the `light of the world or the Light of God` ... falling into darker shadows and have create veils of deception and deceit. This also corrupted the initial Mason drive to create free men with a democratic government, which led to War of Independence, which has now operating in the opposite direction of the original creed of the Masons and now a the secret order of government within America and now Canada! Control of the world finances, military, governments have created suffering on unparalleled scales and creating a great disruption in the peace of humankind.

The sad thing is that none of these beings (Lucifer/Satan/Devil) do not and cannot exist within this plane or the spiritual or heavenly plane based on the laws of this existence. The are a fabrication of believe and a concoction of belief!

We human beings are the most diverse beings in this Universe and we have been created this way to sustain an eternal human being, other beings in this universe are singular in nature where it is one race of beings! We are a reflection of this universe and have played a role in the proliferation of universal life and the bountiful existence of God and Humankind.

The secrets of Heaven are contained with the Races of People of the Earth and there are keys scattered across the earth and cannot be attained without making the ceremonies and the making of the Heaven through ritual and prayer. This is the second eternity God is blessing humankind. The first eternity is the eternal existence of humankind and the earth on this plane of existence the ethereal plane. The secret is with the genetic diversity.

Without any purity in the plan to create a "New World Order" then the plan to make world unity will be confounded and corrupted. This is where we have fear of the fascist state to enslave the will of humankind to dire end consequences. The embedding of chips, mind control, laws that imprison humankind and an absolute government to enslave humankind.

The Mason's according to the Georgia Guide Stones are just an indication of how corrupt the plan to create a "New World Order" to kill the races of human kind is in essence an unwarranted plan to kill humankind which is the plan to conquer the world in the name of one race over the other. This is the sin ... even the belief of the sin is wrong in itself because "sin" is a misaligned belief based on the faith of man being destroyed by the faith of man.

Perfection cannot be attained but by the plan of God and his plan is divine!

Albert Pike

Aleister Crowley

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Postby En-Lugal » Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:55 am

Interesting links there, Lucifer.
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Postby bionic » Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:30 pm

I think we should all sit back and see how things play out, personally. It certainly is a wild ride.
That proverb about wating to let the water settle a bit, comes to mind.
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Postby rath » Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:04 am

bionic wrote:I think we should all sit back and see how things play out, personally. It certainly is a wild ride.
That proverb about waiting to let the water settle a bit, comes to mind.

indeed, but either-way the USA will never regain the heights of it's glory days.

It's already lost the reserve dollar status, ( To Australia & Canada ) The USA & it's G8 members have lost all their power in the G8
( with the G20 now Running the world ) The USA has lost control &/or it's seats in many old power world body's, & has/is excluded from the many new world groups/body's due to it's past deeds ( as is the case with Europe as-well )

The USA will always be a balance to the new rising powers ..... But it will never regain it's place in the world.
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