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Postby sheye » Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:41 pm

oh..and to keep in the spirit of the battle forum..

you're all nuts!!!! ( too)


(starts singing in best alvin and the chipmunks voice...)

c/mon ready>>??? ahhhh nuts......

christmas ..christams time is here..time for laughter time for cheer...

(in best alvin voice )...feeling good and feeling bad ...

(looks around nervously)...sorry had to stick it on there was too appropriate...

thanks for undertsanding my shadow side...and I 'm not sure why this is Bionic....but your posts..always bring some kind of healing comfort to you understand at some level..what is really going in on at some levels in me...that I stuff inside...till it hads to come thunder and rain..out of a cloud....theres no holdin it back.....(maybe what they call a bad day)..

I think you're one of the few souls that truly undrstands me on this board Bionic....and in some wayz your like an angel to me...that just lets me feel..and understand..why I am feeling the way I do...

I don't think I'll be here much longer...and you are a soul..I will miss very much..hopefully we find a way to stay in contact...when my dayz of writing on the black vault cyber walls are over...( I will be spending far less time here in the near nil....but I will still hold you all in my prayers...and some of you closer to my heart than others...)

you truly feel like a soul sister....and I am grateful to have made your aquaintance...

( know who you are...some dear to my heart for their own particular reasons...and many I truly don't know much about, except for what they have allowed themselves to share..via the song choices...cryptic messages....or just a plain ol' laugh...)

May the best of life ..and there for all of you.
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