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Senator Feinstein makes new push on guns

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Postby orangetom1999 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:59 am

Expendability and Disposability

Feudalism...some people are more expendable and disposable than birthright. This is Royalty ..this is feudalism.

What one finds in a Democracy is a type of hyprocital conduct in that certain leadership has security provided at public expense...including armed security ...while the public is unarmed and at the mercy of the criminal element..including criminal leadership.

America is not a Royalty/Feudal nation.

What separates America from most nations is the ability to have discretion over our private property earned at RISKS in our occupataions.

Once you have a feudal royal government regulating our private have the public or people at the mercy or whim of the feudal lords. This is not America or American..but European...and continental....this is international.

What is not told or being discussed in topics like this one ..and totally avoided is how often guns are used in this country to protect lives or even private property. This is totally avoided by people like Diane Feinstein because they have their own security details...and most of us do not.

These people cannot possibly be concerned about the lives of Ameican Children when they kill so many daily abortions.

How many children are lost in automobile accidents ..daily..or due to alcohol related accidents??

Dont try to tell me that leadership is doing this to protect children. I wont believe it.

What they are doing is making people expendable and disposable..including children..while solidifying the power of government over their people. They will not protect their people...but only corral them by more politics in their lives as they are doing in "Violent " England and other nations.

Losing the ability to protect ones private property earned at risk...only puts people back in the position of taking RISK over and over to replace their property and eventually as more and more "wildlife " takes over and steals peoples undefended private property...people will stop buying private property....because it is to labor intensive to protect it. This results in a loss of revenue for governments ...across the board.
Replacing private property due to thefts also puts children at risk..because it cuts into other expenses of raising children. One need not be a genius to understand this concept.

None of this is being told to the public as they are preyed upon by irresponsible leadership.

Government peoples like Diane Feinstein do not concern themselves with this line of thinking as they are secured at public expense..on the public purse. Diane Feinstein and her ilk are not royalty.

None of these anti gun people ever speak of how often guns are used to protect people and their private property...this line of thinking is totally avoided in lieu of all the emotional Jerry Springer drama techniques so popular with an unthinking publically educated populace.

They only tell or let the people know of half the story...the emotional half that they desire for the public to know.

Break ins, robbery/theft, and assaults are rampant in certain cities in England and Australia. This informations is being carefully hidden from us here in America. And it is spreading out into the countryside.

It is also rampant here in American in certain cities and particularly cities with the strictest gun control.

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