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Rising number of Muslims in Europe will lead to rise of Anti

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Postby BlumBrum » Fri Dec 27, 2013 6:47 am

Rising number of Muslims in Europe will lead to rise of Anti-Semitic sentiment in EU space.

Everybody Hi. When surfing the Inet I stumbled across some really alarming results of a multi-national survey conducted in the EU space by the Vienna agency on human rights abuse.
So they assert that up to 70% of the interviewed see anti-Semitic sentiment as major challenge that the EU faces at the moment! The most unhealthy countries are France and Belgium. No wonder! They are abundant in Muslims! And Muslims hate Jews just instinctively!
I bet you, sooner or later they'll drag us into their eternal squabbles with the local Jews! Frankly, I hate to face Arab-Jewish wars in our streets!
Btw some days ago they took me for a Jew when I was walking along the street with my chick after having dined in a nearby café. Those fitty Muslims were set to beat me up and they called me "a hook-nose"..... The policemen appeared at the right moment just.... Only due to them I escaped smth very bad, I guess. I have French portion of blood in my veins from my papa and Spanish one from my mom. And I live in Belgium.
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Postby greeney2 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:21 am

Very interesting, but every country has its idiots that do not know the definition of tolerance. That extends to religions, races, sexual preferences, politics, you name it. Are you going to be no better and brand every Muslim person for these idiots? Here in the USA we have these kinds of problems too, and a good example of pure ignorance as far as anti Muslim bigots are concerned, was a case of a Indian Seak that was murdered, by idiots thinking he was a Muslim because of his head wear (do not know the name of them) looked like a turbine so they killed him. We are now more and more, very mixed societies, and everyone needs to just say "Couldn't we all just Get Along" in the words of Rodney King. He didn't know how profound of a statement that was at the time, but even the most simple of people got it right it in 6 simple words.
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Postby Halfabo » Mon May 05, 2014 11:22 pm

That would be true Greeney if it were just a matter of intolerance. But the problem BlumBrum pointed out with Muslims hating Jews is more than just intolerance. The Koran specifically tells Muslims to kill Jews and Christians until there are no more remaining.
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