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Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby katsung47 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:33 pm

251. Mortgage rate and September plot (8/29)

In message "245. Framed case and "terror attack" (8/4)" I talked about Bush passed a signal to China that US was ready for another framed case on 7/30, and Ridge raised alarm code in some financial area to orange colour on 8/1. I pointed out it was an intimidation from D.O.J. to financial group not to raise interest rate too quick because Feds have a large investment in real estates.

I think my revelation was very accurate. We can see since then there was a confusion. Feds hurried throwing out a case that they arrested an Al Qaida man in Pakistan. In his computer they found the chart of those financial buildings. Feds justified the terror warning by this information. And then the information was revealed being four years old; and then the news said information was renewed half year ago; and then we knew the arrested Al Qaida computer expert was an informant.Informant? So Feds could explain in the way whatever they wanted to.

But as I said in message on 8/4, "It was probably an intimidation: "Don't raise interest rate too quick.We have big interest in housing market." Although Federal Reserve still raised the benchmark interest rate a quarter point on 8/10, the interest of Bonds went in opposite direction: downwards. Because it is linked to home mortgage rate.

In a report on 8/21, World Journal said, "Despite the Federal Reserve Bank has raised the interest rate, the rate of home mortgage loan, instead, is sliding downwards. In July, the interest rate of 30 years' fixed mortgage loan was between 6.21% to 5.98%. But this week, it descends to 5.81%."

The conflict way of rising prime rate vs dropping home loan rate proves what I said is right. The terror bombing intimidation works. The financial group who controls market, have to give way to the interest of Feds. Which creates a strange phenomenon: The rate of home loans drops while the main interest rate is rising.

Then what happens to 9/21, the next date when Federal Reserve will have another meeting and likely to raise the benchmark rate another quarter of point? The contradictory mortgage rate can't maintain too long.

As usual, Feds frame new drug cases and arrange parties. It almost becomes routine for them recently. One is on 9/2, my father's birthday. The other one is Dr. Wang's wife's birthday. ( I had spelled Dr. Wang as Dr. Huang in message 241, 242. I only knew his legal name should be Wang when I saw his invitation note a few days ago.) Feds make it a big one. My wife has booked hotel rooms for Dr. Wang's relatives from Singapore for the party. Feds tries to net as many people as possible.

It's convenient to frame a drug case. Secret police are skilled for it. China and US has practised for years. Singapore and Philippines are the new partners.

252. Saddam and secret deal (9/4)

In April, a news in Internet said American authorities arranged a meeting of the former Iraqi dictator with his wife.

Quote, "The outcome of their meeting turned out to be quite scandalous. Sajina claims that the person she encountered was not her husband, but his double."

Then I learned the visiting was requested by Russians.

Re: "Mrs Saddam says Saddam is not Saddam
Joe Vialls | June 18 2004

After the Russians applied enormous diplomatic pressure, America was finally obliged to allow Sajida Heiralla Tuffah access to her husband in Qatar.....
Sajida entered the prison, emerging only moments later pink with rage and shouting, "This is not my husband but his double. Where is my husband? Take me to my husband".

American officials rushed forward to shield Mrs Saddam from perplexed Russian observers, trying to insist that Saddam had changed a lot while in custody and she probably didn't recognise him. .... "You think I do not know my husband?" Sajida shouted furiously, "I was married to the man for more than twenty-five years!" Then she stormed off, never to return.

This remarkable confrontation was reported by Pravda and four other newspapers in the east between 13 and 17 April, but the New York Times and others made damn sure you didn't read or hear about it in the west. After all, this was an integral part of Wall Street's psychological campaign to convince the public that America was "Winning the War", so please to send more sons and body bags to Iraq." ... saddam.htm

When I first saw this news, my first thought was that Saddam was dead already. The puzzle was why US arranged such a meeting.

Why it's not German or French but Russian had such a request? Why Russian was so interested to know the true identity of "Saddam in custody"? Why US authority gave Russian such a privilege that they particularly arranged a meeting of Saddam and his wife for the Russian observers?

Putin's announcement on 6/19/04 that Iraq had planned to attack US resolved all these puzzle.
US team for the secret deal request Russia President Putin to deliver the information to public personally. So the framed case would look credible. (Or the so said "terror attack" wronged Saddam as mastermind.) Russian President cared about his own reputation if the lie would be revealed. To assure Russian it would be safe to tell a lie, US arranged such a meeting to prove Saddam was dead already. The "Saddam" in custody was only a double. Then we see Russian observers watching Saddam's wife visited her husband in April. Condoleezza Rice went to Moscow in May (to confirm the deal) Then D.O.J. announced the "summer terror attack" in later May. Though the June "terror attack" soured, Putin still delivered the news that Iraq had planned to attack US.

As a matter of fact, Saddam had been US ally in 1980's. US had supported Iraq with bio-chemical material in "Iran-Iraq war." Saddam must have known many secret deal between Iraq and US. They won't keep him alive.

253. September plot (9/9)

In "251. Mortgage rate and September plot (8/29)" I talked about Feds arranged another framed drug case in September before 9/21 when Federal Reserve likely will raise the benchmark interest rate another quarter of point. They arranged two big party on 9/2 and 9/18.
The following is what happened around 9/2.

1. On 9/2, I was harassed by Internet attack. Slow procession; losing connection to Internet; Window being occupied by popped up frames......, in about an hour, I spent most time to struggle against various tech. problem and could only post two messages to the web-site. At last, I had to abandon the effort. I realized it was 9/2. Feds designated it for an action. They tried either blocking me to report in Internet what happened or forcing me out to join my father's birthday party. Of course, I wouldn't go to that party in San Francisco.

2. On 9/4, World Journal reported, "San Francisco prosecutors and police collaborated to arrest 12 drug offenders". " On 9/3, San Francisco City announced the arrest of drug suspects......On 8/19 Police had arrested several people whom involved in the case, the rest whom involved in were arrested on 9/2...... Mayor said, the action is just the beginning, not end." I think if I had attended my father's birthday party, the title of that news would have been much bigger. Feds made the 9/3 announcement a big one when Mayer, chief of police and general Attorney of San Francisco all presented. The original purpose of 9/2 arrest targeted at me and people who knew my story. And of course, it's not the end, Feds prepared another big party which will be held in San Francisco on 9/18."

3. Just days before 9/2, a Chinese film "Hero" went public in US theaters. It was the best sell film in early September. The value of booking office overpassed tens of million dollars. "Hero" is a production of China state running company. It went to public three years ago. US distributer held it in the hand for more than a year. So the time it went public was not a coincidence. I allege it was a part of payment to China for framing a drug case.

4. In five days' weather forecast on 9/1(S.J.M.N.), I had the high temperature: 9/1: 82
9/2: 78; 9/3: 95; 9/4: 100; 9/5: 97;. The high temperature used to be in the range of 80's in August. The sudden jump to upper 90's alarmed me. I noticed the turning point was on 9/2.
To my experience, Feds used to change weather to help their case. Why they need a hot weather this time? I got the answer on 9/6. At that day, twice the power supply to my house was broken up. Feds created a heat climate to justify the outage of power supply. In previous attempted framed drug cases, twice they cut the power supply. One was in 8/14/03, they made it a big one. There was a great blackout in New York and north-east America. The other one was in 12/20/03 in San Francisco. I alleged the purpose was to disable the alarm system, either to loot or to plant. Feds used to let out a pre-propaganda to justify unusual phenomenon by media. So this time we saw in Mercury News: " Power demand peaked at 45,597 megawatts Wednesday(9/8)...... Until this year, the state's record for power use was 43,609 megawatts, set in July 1999." (S.J.M.N. 9/9/04)

And they made it a covert one. Media rarely talked about the recent high temperature for days.Each day's high temperature was about 96 degree, almost always a degree below the history record. Could they control it so accurately to one degree below the record or they just manipulate the figure? History temperature record was made in different years, but one degree below history record was almost made by a consecutive days period. So, it's still unusual.

Feds also made it a long one. From 9/3 to today it is one week already. Mercury News said the temperature record was not broken. But "The recent heat wave is only unusual for how long it has loomed, says National Weather Service forecaster Steven Anderson. "It prolonged past the normal three to four days," Anderson says."

It seems Feds will prolong it further, or repeat the heat on another date - 9/18, the next party date. They are in a hurry. They have big pressure from D.O.J. (The unusual weather could return to normal after my revelation as Feds used to do cover up job.)

See blackout at: "191. Framing a case in December (12/26)", "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)"

254. Possible regime change of Taiwan. (9/14)

In last message I alleged Feds used film income as part of payment. But tens millions of dollars is not enough for a framing case. In 2001 case they paid an equivalence of 40 billions of dollars. In Dec. 2003, the payment is mainly political in which Bush banned the corruptive officials to enter US and firmly rebuked Taiwan for its intention of independence. What will be the payment for this case? I think it's Taiwan, again.

There was a president election in Taiwan on 3/20/04. National Party(N.P.) and Democrat Progress Party(D.P.P.) are the two rivals. D.P.P. is a strong advocate of Taiwan independence.
Thus it is the most dislike of Chinese government. Since D.P.P. performed badly in past four years ruling of Taiwan, general opinion was D.P.P. would lose the election at a 10% margin.

On 3/19/04, one day before the election, Taiwan president Chen Shui Bian and Vice president Lui Show Lian(both are D.P.P.) were shot in a campaign parade. The rival National Party, shocked at the incident, canceled the last minute campaign rush. D.P.P., on the contrary, activated all their propaganda, accusing this was a political assassination from opposition. D.P.P. won the next day election at a slight majority - a 0.2% victory.

When Taiwanese recovered from the shock and knew the truth of shooting, they protested. The bullets were hand made. Both president and vice president were shot but the wound were miraculously slight that they even went on the campaign for sometime. It was more like a conspiracy to cheat sympathetic votes than an assassination. The rival party put the case into the court.

On 4/9, the famous criminal appraiser, Dr. Li Chong Yue( I don't know his English name) went to Taiwan to investigate the evidence of that shooting. Dr. Li is an authority in criminal investigation. People believe it was his testimony in O.J.Simpson's case that quited Simpson from guilty in his wife's murder case.

Dr. Li had a news conference on 8/28 in which he announced his investigation report. Dr. Li emphasized that because the powder was not strong enough, the gun was a home made one. And the wounding part were not lethal. He absolutely excluded the shooting was a political assassination. He said, the "3/19 shooting" was a strange case he had ever heard of. It was historical because "President and vice president" were shot at the same time, and the weapon was a home-made gun. "Dr. Li has connection with chiefs of US intelligence from time to time. It was said the counterpart of US had concerned Dr. Li about the development of "3/19 investigation". Dr. Li also confirmed that US had "unofficially" taken care of this case." (referred from "Overseas Newspaper, Week-end, 9/5/04)

There was another news from Taiwan. The General Attorney of Taiwan, Mr. Lu Ren Fa was disappointed at Dr. Li's news conference. He said Dr. Li had promised to keep his investigation report confidential. He didn't know what made Dr. Li broke his promise.

It was not a coincidence that on 8/25, the Legislative Council of Taiwan passed a resolution to establish an "Independent Commission of 3/19 shooting investigation". Dr. Li's announcement would direct this "Special Mission" to go on the road of "not a political murder". Which eventually can lead to a regime change.

3/19 shooting case was same thing like 3/11 Madrid bombing. All aimed at election. They were done by intelligence. I think US intelligence were the hands behind it. The sad thing is, once it touches the interest of US intelligence, anytime the beneficiary could become a sacrifice.

Condoleezza Rice made deal with China in early July. It took some time to arrange for an "Independent Mission" in Taiwan's Legislation. But all were ready in later August for the September plot. They made it an extraordinary big one. Big shots of San Francisco gathered for that case on 9/3. (and possibly 9/18) It will be a multi-nation one. China, Singapore, possibly Philippines will be involved. This plot designed to fulfill before 9/21, the date Greenspan is going to raise the interest rate.

255. Development of message 254 (9/19)

On 9/18, Mercury News reported, "Official denies data leaks to Taiwan
(New York Times)

Keyser, a senior adviser to Secretary of State Colin Powell on Chinese issues, was charged Wednesday with not reporting a secret side trip he made to Taiwan last year during an official government trip to Japan, and officials say they suspect that he passed delicate information to Taiwanese contacts in Washington."

TV broadcast the picture of agents in "FBI" jacket working on the scene (arrest?). It also broadcast the shot when Keyser contacted two Taiwanese intelligence officials. Keyser denied he had shared any classified information with the Taiwanese. He said the document he gave to Taiwanese was "Talking points". According to senior officials, it was common in diplomatic practice. The high ranking officials of Taiwan said that it's hard to imagine FBI would beat the drum on such an event. They thought there was some other thing behind it. But they didn't know what was the motive.

I know what is it. It was the result of my last message. On 9/14, I alleged that to a secret deal, Intelligence would conduct an investigation of 3/19 presidents' shooting case of Taiwan which will at last cause a regime change in Taiwan. Though the news made it vague on the date Keyser was arrested, I found Wednesday was 9/15, the day next to my revelation.

The two events they charged Keyser were past tense. Keyser's trip to Taiwan took place last year; his delivery of document took place on 7/31. He was under surveillance and the scene was pictured. It was the best chance to make an arrest then, but FBI didn't. Why did they do it on 9/15?

Intelligence tries to justify their attempt to change regime of Taiwan. The arrest of Keyser gives people an impression Taiwan is doing espionage work in US. It also could block the mouth of people who are pro-Taiwan. It was done in a hurry. Just like when I pointed out it was an intimidation to financial group when Feds raised the terror alarm code to orange color in certain financial area in August, they hurried throwing out an "Al Qaida computer expert" to justify the action. The arrested expert was an informant as finally revealed. This time, too, after I revealed the plot of D.O.J., they picked up a man who was already under surveillance to create an espionage-like case. Despite how reluctant the case is. It was a cover up case for the secret deal. It was a swift reaction to my revelation as they always do.
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Postby katsung47 » Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:46 pm

256. Old tactic repeats (9/24)

After my continual revelation of September plot, the framed international drug case seemed to be canceled or postponed.

On 9/17 Mercury News reported, "West Nile sickens S.J. man, Illness is first to be reported in Bay Area." West Nile, meningitis are the common excuses Feds used to cover up the murder case of brain death. (Mad cow disease is the one they tried to introduce in. They haven't done so is because it will cause a turbulence in society, I think.) My first thought when I read this news was that Feds turned the international murder plot into regional murder plot.

My opinion was confirmed right the same day. That night, my wife once again demanded to install another phone line. The reason she gave was she wanted to go INTERNET for ticket booking when she was off work. She said she would have to stay in office late at night to finish extra booking work. She threatened that if there was not another phone line she would quit her job. I was surprised at her irrational dispute. If there is really so much business that she has to work at night at home, it should be her boss' duty to expand the workforce. The problem should be resolved between she and her boss, not for me. If you are an employee, are you willing to work several extra hours each day at your home, at your own cost, for your boss without pay?

And I pointed out to my wife, she could go Internet any time at night because I rarely use computer at that time. I used to do kitchen work, watch TV news, and read newspaper at that time.

It was not the first time my wife behaved so strange about a phone line like this. Last time was later last year. (see "183. Imminent threat (11/23)". "184. Jobless recovery (12/1)" in which I alleged the motive was to frame a "spamming case" or Internet crime case) At that time she threatened to devoice, this time she threatened to quit the job. All in the name to voluntarily work extra time for the company.

But is there such a demand? The only time she touched a computer at home was 2 years ago (?) when she got a laptop from her brother. She checked a software to see if it works on that laptop. She never touches computer at home since.

The hysteria of my wife reflects the anxiety of Feds and the huge pressure applied on them from D.O.J.. The plots and persecution in this year were so intensify that they came one after another without gap. After the framed international drug case was revealed, old tactic was picked up again. And after all it's the pressure of rising interest rate which Feds has checked successfully so far. They are hurried to finish my case so they can release the real estates they hold in my case before the break out of a housing bubble.

follow up to 256. (9/29)

My wife suddenly said she will take a fun trip to Korea next week. It's conflict to what she said she was very busy and had to do overtime work at home just a week ago. I don't know how she can have the vacation for the trip because in April and June, she went to HongKong and China. (Her father and adopted father died then) I can only speculate it may be another trick planned by Feds. They are in a hurry. They frame case one after another. Despite how unreasonable it is.

257. Beware of another terror attack (9/29)

In recent months, Feds continually issued terror warning. The so said "terror attack", I alleged in previous messages, is planned by insiders of US government. D.O.J. use this as distraction of a framed case. Another purpose is to help Bush in November election.
10 days ago, they let out such a plan:

Quote, "FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan'

WASHINGTON, Sept. 17, 2004
(CBS) Convinced that al Qaeda is still determined to disrupt the U.S. fall elections by an attack on the homeland, FBI officials here are preparing a massive counter-offensive of interrogations, surveillance and possible detentions they hope will disrupt the terrorist plans, reports CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart.

FBI field offices and Homeland Security agencies will be advised of "extraordinary measures" that will go into place "beginning the first week of October through the elections."

Specifically, the plan calls for "aggressive - even obvious - surveillance" techniques to be used on a short list of people suspected of being terrorist sympathizers, but who have not committed a crime. Other "persons of interest," including their family members, may also be brought in for questioning, one source said. ... 4096.shtml

Is Al Qaida a voter for Demo, or GOP? The bombing attack will help whom? Kerry or Bush? Which party is the favorable of terrorist? Can you tell me? I think even FBI is not able to answer this question.
Yet from time to time they issued warning that Al Qaida will attack to influence the election. Bombing to help whom? Bush? His approve rate was low after he was selected to be president after controversial Florida election. 911 attack raised his approve rate dramatically. With which he started two Mid-east war.

So who has the eagerness to have a terror attack to influence this election? Will Al Qaida benefit from any new elected president? Or the interest group which can be benefit by getting more money and power and approve rate? One thing I'm sure is that D.O.J. is a beneficiary from terror attack. Right after 911 bombing, "Patriot Act" was passed to expand more police power for them. Civil liberty is seriously eroded. People are under vast electronic surveillance.
What is "persons of interest"? Consider Ashcroft define his critics as "unpatriotic", "aiding enemy", see if you agree with Patriot Act? Oppose Iraq war? Or a Bush basher?

I think the October plan of FBI is just a continuation of the constant "terror warnings" which designated to help Bush's re-election, and is part of persecution on me. Beware of another "terror attack".

258. Another attempt to frame a case (10/4)

Last week my wife suddenly said she would have a fun trip to S. Korea. She left last night(10/3) and will be back on 10/7. There is only 3 days staying in S. Korea. It is more a mission than a fun trip. Korean Air line suddenly give out a reward. Two free round trip tickets(so good it is business class) to the travel company my wife work for. It is a small company with only four staffs.(Include Boss herself)

It is a typical trap arranged by Feds. I think not only me, all readers may know now when Feds frame a case, they used to arrange a trip and create a situation to push the victim go into that trap. They murdered two old men for the two trips my wife took in April and June. To push for the trip, they gave out free air line ticket. Either a drawing prize or a reward. This is the second time in this year.

And it's in a hurry. All travel decision was made within a week. Feds made it a big case. Always plotted with big event to distract. Such like McVeigh's execution and recently, terror attacks. These big events, taking sometime to organize. It's until everything is settled, they instruct little accessories to act. Such like my wife.(or Muhammad, Malvo in DC sniper case) They follow the instruction but never know they are the sacrifice.

The return date is 10/7. I notice it is Thursday. It was Thursday too for 9/2, another date I alleged Feds framed a September plot. They like to perform the arrest on Thursday and Friday, so there will be two to three extra days for them to carry out murdering when victims are in custody.

259. Using S.F. police (10/4)

Fong, police chief of San Francisco, announced the arrest of three murder suspects in a news release on 10/1. (World Journal) They are:

1. A suspected killer on the Police Department's 10 Most Wanted list was arrested Friday in connection with a slaying earlier this year. (S.F. Chronicle)

2. The Daly City man wanted in connection with the stabbing death of a Giants fan near SBC Park was arrested Friday by federal customs officers in Arizona as he was crossing into the United States from Mexico. (S.F. Chronicle)

3. A suspect, who was prosecuted by Federal Attorney in another case, was arrested when detective found he was related to a 6/11/99 murder case of San Francisco. (World Journal)

You'll find case 2 and 3 were done by Federal agents. The case one, I think, with great possibility, was done by the tips from Feds. FBI has a vast informant net everywhere. They control many gang activities. The odd thing here is they let San Francisco police chief announcing the arrest on 10/1. (Though the case were old, one is 6 month old, the other one happened 5 years ago, they made the arrest on Friday 10/1) That's a big gift to San Francisco Police Department. Consider just two years ago, Feds accused S.F.P.D. incompetent to solve murder case. Why they suddenly changed their attitude to help them to solve the murder case? (see "67. Turn on into local police (5/29/2002)")

In message "253. September plot (9/9)", I talked about for 9/2 framed case, S.F. police arrested 12 drug offenders on that day. It was a job of D.E.A. I think they tipped local police and let them do the arrest. If I went to the birthday party of 9/2, then there would have been a big arrest. Feds input the information of some genuine case to S.F.P.D. mixed with a framed case, let local police fulfill the dirty work for them.

The arrest of 3 murder suspect, is a copy of 9/2 drug arrest. To strengthen the confidence of S.F.P.D. on Feds. Let police trust the information Feds feeding them. Mix the forgery with genuine. To reach the goal to kill by a borrowed knife.

The designated plot date will be 10/7, my wife's return date. I believe if that happens, there probably be a big terror attack followed to distract. Either internationally or in domestic. They always help their puppets by terror attack. The plan soured again and again. They revive it again and again. Particularly at the time when Bush lost the debate.

260. Appropriation to S.F.P.D. (10/9)

On 9/11/04, there was a news in World Journal. Topic: "San Francisco gets appropriation from D.O.J. once again"

It said that on 9/10, Department of Justice announced to appropriate funds to law enforcement units of 30 states so they can employ more police officers. The fund is in the name to improve security of school camps. 73 law enforcement units were the beneficiaries. Among them, San Francisco P.D. got the second highest allocation. They got 4.12 million. More than 10% from the total 35.2 million.

Ryan, Federal Attorney of North California, congratulated S.F.P.D. once again got the support from D.O.J., that it became one of the local police forces which got the highest fund allocation. (see Ryan at: "244. Push for an aggressive case (7/29)")

Ryan pointed out that just three weeks ago, on 8/19, S.F.P.D. had got 3.75 million appropriation from D.O.J. (in the name of improving community service) Which was the highest beneficiary among the US'.

In less than a month, S.F.P.D. got two big fund gifts from D.O.J.. How can it become a favorite of D.O.J.? Just a year ago, S.F.P.D. was the target of D.O.J.. Five top ranking police officials were charged, include Police Chief. (see "123. Unusual case against top S.F. police officers (4/10)", "124. The development of the S.F. top police officers' case")

The events all targeted at S.F.P.D. to push it to take part in the framed case against me. In 2003, the prosecutor set the court date of indicted police officials on 4/18, the same day my wife planned to travel to China. Since then, S.F.Police Chief Sanders retired. A female officer, Fong, was promoted to that position this April.

When there was something they could use, D.O.J. create a case to extort. When there is none, they bribe. Two fund appropriation were announced on 8/19 and 9/10. The date of two frame cases I alleged were, 9/2 and 10/7. Though it looked like a normal fund allocation, if it was distributed on evil purpose, it became a conspiracy and the fund became a bribe.

The tactic is familiar. I have seen it many times in secret deals between D.O.J. and China. (and Russia) They bribed Russia to be witness for an attempted terror attack in US. They bribed China for framing drug cases. And they now bribe S.F.P.D. by fund appropriation and work achievement (solving drug case and murder case) to carry out the arrest (and most likely murder) in that framed drug case.

If the framed case was done, D.O.J. would quit any responsibility in wrong doing. Because the case is done by foreign country and local police.
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Postby katsung47 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:59 pm

261. Prophecy (10/14/04)

Early this year, an article in World Journal caught my eye. The topic was: "Big prophecy for 2004". I am not a superstitious man. But five pictures with the article attracted me. They were: Eiffel Tower of Paris; Senator Edward Kennedy; Pope John Paul; Prince of Monaco Albert; ruin of ancient Rome.

It said, Canadian Anthony Carr, viewed as a modern Nostradamus, predicted that Eiffel Tower would collapse after an attack, Rome of Italy and California of US would have strong earthquake in 2004.

The following are the successful prediction he had made:
1. On 1/1/2001 and 8/14/01, Anthony twice said "There will be airplane crashed in New York. Hundreds of people will die." That was 9/11 attack.

2. Same day on 1/1/2001, he said George W. Bush would bring war to the world soon after he became president. We all saw it.

3. In February 2002, he said Princess of Margaret would die in 2002.

4. In August 2002, he said Mad Cow disease would attack Canada and rapidly swept across US. All these prophecy came true. And also he had predicted the death of Princess Diana.

If someone had made the above prophecy one hundred years ago, or 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago, I would admit it was a prophecy. Because there were too much variables in a long period. But check these achievements. It came true within a year, some even within a month. It's much more a proclamation of a project of intelligence then an astrology. Assassination of celebrities; terror attack; war. All the work capable done by government inside group.

I talked about mad cow, alleged it was a bio-attack from intelligence in December 2003. (see "191. Framing a case in December (12/26/03)") I talked about for many times that government knew 911 attack in advance. (see "68. Ashcroft's revenge (5/31/02)") All these were written before January 2004 when I knew there was such an Anthony Carr and his prophecy from newspaper.

In the books of of former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, former counter terrorism adviser Richard Clark, Bob Woodward, Joseph Wilson we know from beginning when Bush entered White House, he determined to activate war. Outsiders observed phenomenon, insiders knew the detail. That's how Anthony Carr could make a prophecy. Or rather, to announce the plan of inside group in advance.

Now we go back to the great prophecy of 2004 by Anthony. It's still the assassination of celebrities, (Pope Paul, Edward Kennedy, Monaco Prince Albert) terror attack (Eiffel Tower), natural disaster (earthquake which could be induced, or created by modern technique).

Then why did they let out their plan by Anthony Carr? It's a psychological manipulation. Quite a lot of people believe in God. Prophecy will attribute all these events fatal. The prophecy will make that part of people believe what happens is natural.

You can also see Bush did the same thing. He always said what he did was God's will. As a matter of fact, media play the same role too. When brand name ABC, CNN, USA Today, Gallup..... constantly issued poll that Bush has an approve rate around 50% and leads over his rivalry despite Bush is a proved big lier, they are giving a prophecy too. This time it is for the rigged election. To make you believe the output of election is reasonable.

Anthony Carr doesn't need any reason to support his prediction. That's the advantage of a prophet. I predict sometime too on the purpose it won't happen. (such like the framed drug case even with specific date 6/19 , 9/2......) I always gave the reason why I thought in this way and with my analysis. I remind people from time to time "beware of pick pocket" so the thief won't steal for the time being.

I hope my revelation can prevent Anthony Carr's prophecy from happening.

262. Kennedy (10/19)

I haven't got my newspaper delivered on Sunday (10/17). This was the second time occurrence in recent four years. Last time I got a credit in my account for missing paper. This time I requested a refill even though the missing paper had to be delivered next day. I don't think it was a missing case. I thought there might be something Feds didn't want me to read.
(The missed paper appeared at my door today. I know it was the original because it was in a plastic bag with ads of a newly open store.)

I think the article they didn't want me to read is one about Kennedy. It said, "Kennedy's press chief dies in France at 79. He clouded his own legacy with conspiracy theories."

Pierre Salinger, press secretary to President John F. Kennedy and chief European correspondent for ABC News, died of a heart attack Saturday at a hospital near his home in France.

" His journalistic reputation was besmirched in the 1990's after his insistence that two major airline crashes were not what they seemed."

He said the 1988 crash of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie was a D.E.A. operation that went wrong. He also believed TWA Flight 800 was shot down near Long Island by a stray Navy missile in 1996.

I don't think it was a coincidence he died just two days(10/16) after I posted last message.(10/14) In which I talked about one of major projects of inside group in 2004 is to assassinate senator Edward Kennedy. Salinger was one who suspected the criminal activity of US government committed. He thus was a target of Inside group.

In early 90's I was intimidated by "So what, they even killed President Kennedy". (see #17. They killed President Kennedy) This was the beginning I realized the dark side of US intelligence. Instead of keeping silence I told people the assassin of JFK was FBI.

Twice I had left US trying to get rid of the persecution. Each time they killed a key member of Kennedy's family.

The first time was in July 1994. I went to China. I ordered the air flight ticket in April. Then in June, Jacklin Kennedy (widow of JF Kennedy) died of cancer. I didn't connect it to my leaving because at that time I didn't know much of Feds.

It was until in July 1999 at Hongkong, when I decided to go to South East Asia and started visiting appropriate consulates, I learned Jr. Kennedy died of air plane accident. The news reminded me of his mother's death. They both died several weeks early before I left for some countries Feds not so controlled. Feds were afraid of the reaction if my story had been revealed. They were afraid the potential political influence of Kennedy family.

Edward Kennedy is the last one of famous Kennedy's. That's why he becomes a prophecy of Anthony Carr. There was sign two months ago when news reported Edward Kennedy was banned to board US Airway's shuttle out of Washington to Boston. His name was put in the "no fly" list. It took several weeks to take his name from that list. Was it a mistake? But one thing for sure is that mistake won't take place on Bush, Ashcroft and Rumsfelt.

Feds is not the same one which assassinated President Kennedy 40 years ago. They are much stronger now armed with Patriot Act. They can open humiliate a president (Lewinsky scandal). So what to a Senator. They even predicted his death by prophecy. And to assassinate, no bullet needed anymore. Modern technique enable them to kill in covert way. They prepare heart attack for Edward Kennedy. Salinger died of it. Clinton, too, had a heart attack when he gave campaign advice to Kerry. Clinton told Kerry to abandon his Vietnam history but to focus on Iraq war. He offended the taboo of insider group and was punished by a heart attack. (see heart attack at # "5. Microwave killing" )

263. Pat Robertson (10/24)

There was another news early this January reported by World Journal. It said, "Robertson, a celebrity of Christian broadcaster, reveals two big 'God's design': GOD BLESSES CHINA, BUSH WILL CONVENIENTLY BE RE-ELECTED ".

I knew inside group controlled US politics, they would have Bush had the second term of presidency. But how could they bless China? Strategically, China is a rival to US.

It was this news, plus other events happened in Dec/2003 and Jan/2004 enabled me to realize there had been another secret deal reached between Feds and China. China would frame a big drug case, and as exchange, the huge payment (God's bless) was Taiwan's regime change. So I wrote "206. Another interest exchange. (2/16)" The later development showed it was a multi-national one which would have include Singapore, Philippines, Hongkong. And Feds also planned terrorist attack to distract.

264. Reaction to cover up Robertson (10/24)

Robertson made his prediction in 1/2/04. He said, ""I think George Bush is going to win in a walk, I really believe I'm hearing from the Lord it's going to be like a blowout election in 2004. It's shaping up that way." ... m?pid=usat

These two news about Pat Robertson and Anthony Carr that month revealed how Feds to manipulate American's mind in the name of God. Robertson and Anthony are no others then accessories of Feds.

Then a strange thing took place three days ago. A news in Internet said that "A White House spokesman denied Wednesday that President Bush told Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson that he did not expect casualties from the invasion of Iraq." ... index.html

Why Pat Robertson said something very good about Bush 9 month ago (1/2) but now (10/19) let out something negative about him?

I know why.

My articles are under strict scrutiny of Feds. They check up every source I used as reference. They even pointed out a "one day's mistake" of my message. (see "83. Spy country (8/21/02)") I didn't give the exact date of the news about "prophecy", (it was on W.J. 1/17) I only wrote: "Early this year". The surveillance team must have gone through all the World Journal published "early this year" to find that article. Robertson's news belongs to same category of Anthony's. They were all "prediction". Thus it fell into their sight. If I wrote about "God's will" of Anthony Carr, they could expect I would do same thing on Pat Robertson. That's why they hurried created a dispute between Bush and Robertson. The purpose is to cover up Robertson's real ID.

This is why Pat Robertson behaved a conflict way in two events. According to Robertson, Bush told him "we're not going to have any casualties" (in Iraq) in March 2003. Why he didn't talk about it for more than 18 months? If you noticed the accusation was brought into news on 10/19, 5 days after my message "261. Prophecy (10/14)". You probably will understand it was an event created to cover up an accessory of Feds. They used to have swift reaction to my comments. Either to perfect, or justify, or repair the flaw they have made. I think the Salinger's death, Robertson's accusation on Bush were all the reaction to my message "Prophecy". And there is more.

265. God, prophet or Tyrant, rogue? (10/29)

From mid October, there is a new wave of Internet attack on me. I failed to post in many sites because of technique harassment. I was even banned from some forums.

Here was a ban in "". The page said, ""Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? "

I have the experience Feds using my INTERNET address to post offensive messages which caused ban on me, I e-mailed administration. "I didn't do anything above. If there is such problem, then it might be someone hijacked my user's name did it. Please check the problem."

The reply of administration: "I'm not sure why you were banned, it's now been lifted. Your ban wasn't logged so I'll look into it further, sorry about that."

So I had chance re-enter the forum and see the "reason" they banned me. It was done by a staff who also had a title of director of marketing. Here is his post.

Re: Icarus <member.php?u=10834> Staff
Director of Marketing Join Date: Oct 2003 Location: Northern California Posts: 1,219 Kathaksung,

There's a passage I got memorized, seems appropriate for this situation:

Ezekiel 25:17 "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!"

Closed, Deleted, And Banned: Icarus' Blog
Sure, I'd read your blog. I can picture it now...Banned 48 people today, deleted 36034 threads, and still had time for tea - %%WORD249%9


Here once again we see the familiar "Lord" abuse their power to censor the speech which they can't tolerate.

There was another warning from the messenger from the "Lord" in another site. After failing to call for a moderate on my thread, he gave such a prophecy:

Re: Donsun <member.php?u=47>
Join Date: Nov 2003

I don't care if the mods do anything or not as you can tell by the overwhelming response to your droning on and on and on. I will not say anymore about the long posts nor will i ever donate a dime to a forum that lets people advertise and post endless threads. Unfortunately its always a small few that ruin it for everyone. If the mods don't enforce the rules then this forum will dissolve on its own. Good Day! ... ge=1&pp=25

He titled himself "prophet". He threatened to stop finance aid to the forum. He predicted the dissolve of the site if it doesn't do to his favor.

The "God" which Bush worshiped planned terror attack, assassination, disaster in the name of nature. Predict their project by big prophet. Small "lord" scattered everywhere to watch people. And small prophet made their small prediction to intimidate too. When they could proudly pronounce that "Banned 48 people today, deleted 36034 threads, and still had time for tea", I only saw rogue over there.

There is no check and balance to our intelligence. They developed into a Mafia-like organization. Politicians are not elected by people but inside group because they also control the election process and made a rigged election reasonable by poll.

After a year of repeated attempts to frame drug case on me and my family, they now turn to INTERNET censorship. The purpose are the same. To block people know the truth.
I repeat my call for help:

Due to heavy harassment, I'm afraid I can't post my message on time in each site. I decide to post every five days on my homepage with new message. If I fail to do that, then either I have been blocked to post, or more likely, "disappeared" from some "operation". If that happens, there will be a blackout on my thread too. So, download it to follow the development.

I ask your help to spread my thread. Tell your friend. Let other people know it. The more people know the truth, less harm Feds can make. It's not only for me, my family, it also for you and every decent American citizen.
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266. A perfect prediction (11/4/04)

About 3 months ago, I wrote an article "Al Qaida", said that Bin Laden would issue tape when Bush needed. The prediction is awfully accurate. News of 10/29 said in a tape Bin Laden admitted he ordered 911 attack.

Al-Jazeera Airs Videotape by Bin Laden

Oct 29, 4:45 PM (ET)
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Osama bin Laden, reading a statement to the American people in a new videotape aired Friday, directly admitted for the first time that he ordered the Sept. 11 attacks and said "the best way to avoid another Manhattan" was to stop threatening Muslims' security.

Following is the message I posted 3 months ago, notice the bold text:

Al Qaida: Bush's aid

Is that too conveinent to attribute everything to Al Qaida? Bali bombing in Indonesia, it's Al Qaida; Madrid bombing, it's Al Qaida; Nick Berg beheading, it's Al Qaida; Paul Johnson beheading, it's Al Qaida; Korean beheading; it's.....

Saddam and his high ranking officials were arrested or eliminated in their own land, show me Bin Laden or Al Zarqawi which does so much damage everywhere. But how can they survived in a land not theirs? (Bin Laden is not Afghan, Zarqawi is not Iraqi) It only exists in media, in government propaganda, they use beheading case to wave people's indignation against Islamic people.

Who is Bin Laden? He was trained by CIA as "Freedom fighter", (now there is another name "terrorist") What he did always helped Bush to grasp more power and money and start war. When Bush needs something to raise his rate, Bin Laden would issue a tape on time to remind you he is still there that you need a leader in "war on terror". That's why he exists in media and government propaganda and never be captured.

Now they created another "Al Zarqawi" of Iraq. He played the same role of Bin Laden. He will arouse your hostility against Mid-east people and give Bush an excuse to stay in Iraq, prepare for more Mid- east war. That's the role of Al Qaida.

So next time when you ask "How can a rogue like Bush can stay in his second term?". The answer is "It's Al Qaida". This time the reply is correct and true. Only this Al Qaida is created by Bush himself and acted on Bush's behalf. ... yTo=377581

The above URL are samples where I posted this article, several days before Bin Laden's tape issued.

267. Poison and milk (11/9)

"Got milk?". Not long time ago I still saw there were plenty of milk advertisement in TV. Probably from last year(?) the milk ads disappeared from TV. The price of milk doubled from under two dollars a gallon to now over four dollars a gallon.

My family didn't drink much of milk. I rarely touch it because I thought it might cause obesity. A bottle of milk at my home used to stay in refrigerator for a week or two. About later last year, milk disappeared from our refrigerator. At that time, I thought maybe the fast going up price was the reason my wife didn't buy milk. (Later I think there was another possibility that she was instructed not to buy it.)

Last year also was the year Feds dramatically increase the dose of poison which caused the sickness and the death of my father in law. Early this year, when I found they even poisoned the tap water. I had to buy bottle water. But when I found some bottle water was poisoned too. I turn on to other drink. Milk was one of them.

I still remembered the first time I bought a bottle of milk this year. I put it in the refrigerator in the morning after shopping. In the afternoon, I found it was opened. It was unusual. My wife and my daughter only drank milk in breakfast. With suspicion, I did a test drink. It was poisoned. The color of my urine then became red.

It was a swift reaction of Feds. I bought bottle water too. But they seemed care for that milk. Why? I suddenly remembered a book I had read. It said the poison worked on human organ or nerve, had chemical reaction with their protein, caused damage on these organs. That's how some poison works. It said milk contains rich protein in liquid, easy to replace human organ to neutralize the poison. So milk is viewed as a reliever of toxin in emergent poison case.

The poison team of Feds are experts. That's why since last year they raised the price of milk when they intensify the poison plot. And had a swift response when I started to buy milk. But their reaction also alerted me. I at first bought milk as a way of water supply, now I view it also as a poison neutralizer.

On 7/16/04, my daughter had a later birthday party. (see 243. The late birthday party (7/24)) Though that party was projected for another framed case, the poison team still worked their way. They never miss a chance.

There were more than a dozen classmates of my daughter attending the party. They prepared a big birthday cake. They only ate about one third of that cake and left the big part behind. Next day I found the newly bought milk bottle was opened and almost emptied. My daughter said her friends felt thirsty when they ate the cake and demanded milk. Maybe I was ignorant, but in my experience, I didn't see anyone drink milk for the birthday cake. There were plenty of soda, they even came with a case of mineral water. But they turned on to milk when they enjoyed the cake.

With my knowledge about milk and their strange behavior, my conclusion was the cake was poisoned. As usual I did a test. The result proved I was correct. Recently Feds using a poison which would cause the corner of mouth broken. Doctor would diagnose it as a lack of Vitamin B. The symptom appears two to four hours after you eating the poisoned food and will be recovered in a day or two if you abandoned the contaminated food. It was used in food and in water as well.

Those teenagers might not aware of poison food. But I'm sure they were instructed to drink milk when they had cake. Of course, though I like cake, I wouldn't touch it when I found it was poisoned. The rest was thrown away several days later.

268. Birds, fruit and Poisoned tap water (11/14)

There are fruit trees in my yard. Every summer, my father in law (when he was alive) and I enjoy the apples and pears from our own trees. My wife and my daughter rarely touch them. They don't like fruit much.

Early this year, I found tap water was poisoned. I turned into bottle water. But for trees, I still had to use tap water. I wondered, would toxic chemical in water accumulate in fruit?

In later July the pear start to ripen , I carefully ate some. I felt nothing wrong at first when I had one pear. Then I increased the quantity. I took four or five a day. Two days later, I felt indisposition in liver area. Obviously, there was a low quantity of toxic material inside the fruit. If people ate many, the effect couldn't be neglected.

When the summer arrived, there always came a lot of birds to enjoy the fruit with me. Among them there was a bird with beautiful blue feather. I think it was a blue jay. The blue jay might have its nest nearby. It came every year. As usual, early this summer I saw it again. But only for a short period. I never saw the blue bird coming any more since July. The other birds were in grey colour. I think they were wild doves. I couldn't tell them individually because there were so many. But I did know some disappeared forever. Each time I went into yard, I saw some flied away birds having the body as big as the blue bird. Then I saw no more big doves.

On 7/22/04, Mercury News reported, "VIRUS, dead bird had West Nile". Next day on 7/23, another half page article said, "LABS, State researchers seek West Nile clues from dead birds". "If you're interested: To report dead birds which may be collected for testing, call the state hotline, (877) 968-2473"

The birds which died from poisoned fruit could have been many. Feds conveniently attribute the death to West Nile. They also did a research on the result of their job so they could improve their poison technique.

It took some time each day for me to take care of the trees. When I found the fruit was poisoned, I stopped to work on them. On 8/10, my wife picked up a big pear and put it on the table, said "It looks good. It's a pity to leave it alone." For a week or so She said nothing about pears and ate none of them which I picked up. Why she suddenly interested about it when I stopped to work on trees? I thought it was a swift reaction from Feds. The surveillance team wanted to know why I stopped the routine yard work and asked the question through my wife. I left her alone.

Next day, seeing the pear remained there untouched, she ate it. Though one fruit wouldn't hurt health much, I felt I have responsibility to warn her. I told her the tap water was poisoned, so the fruit grown up by these water was poisoned too. She said, "Nonsense." But then asked me what kind of sickness I felt.

On 8/15, 4 days after I warned about the toxic fruit, my brother and sisters came for them. They have been to my house for fruit before. What they picked up always were the big, ripe one. This time it's different. They picked up every piece they could reach, either it was raw or small. I think they were instructed to do so. But whatever they knew, I did my part. I warned them the fruit was poisoned.

Why cleaned the fruit from the tree? Maybe to eliminate the evidence that caused mass unusual death of birds. And the fruits might have ended up at Poison Lab of Feds.

269. Framed case revived (11/19)

In message 258, 259, 260 I talked about an attempt drug case set up on 10/7. In later October when I met with my parents and learned they had a cruise trip between 10/2 and 10/12, my allegation was confirmed. The trip was arranged in late September. My brother and one of my sister and their spouse joined the trip. Then my wife got a sudden free fun trip to S. Korean between 10/3 and 10/7. So if a framed drug case took place, none of my family members were at home to help. Thus Feds had plenty time to eliminate their targets in jail.

Either to have a big party to trap all people in a case, or arrange travels for them, the purpose are the same: to create a helpless condition for the target. And those in trips were easy to be eliminated by accident.

After that, there was a postpone in drug case set up. The task force, I think, turned onto the work to rig the President election. Only the routine poison work went on.

Then, Bush was said won the election. It seems the first emergent mission for him was to revive the secret deal between D.O.J. and China. At the night of 11/8, Bush called Chinese President Hu Jingtao, re-confirmed "one China" policy. Next day, Attorney General Ashcroft announced his resignation. He was the first one in Bush's Cabinet to do so.

People may say, it's no surprise for Ashcroft's leaving. He is too notorious to stay. But don't forget, Bush is more notorious than Ashcroft. Bush activated an unjust war in Iraq, Ashcroft got "Patriot Act" passed. They hurt the interest of American people but are favored by Inside Group. If Inside Group could easily rigged the election to have Bush stay to his second term, it's easier for them to have Ashcroft stay. Why A.G. was the first one to resign?

Because he took the responsibility for a new framed drug case in which murder will take place, and the big events (terror attack, or epidemic disease) that will be followed to distract.
It's similar to what happened in April, 2001 when both directors of D.E.A. and F.B.I. resigned. Rarely people knew what offense had they made. But they signed a secret deal with China to frame a drug case in which US citizens would have been murdered. The secret deal was signed in April 2001, same month F.B.I. director Freeh proposed resignation. The set up case was planed to break up on 6/11/ 01 when McVeigh's execution was used to distract. It was soured. Then both directors of D.E.A. and F.B.I. left in August. They planed a wrong case, and "see? I left. I took the responsibility."

Ashcroft acts in same way. So when I read the news of Bush's phone call and Ashcroft's resignation, I knew the first thing Bush revived was the frame case of D.O.J.. I have said Condoleeza Rice was the one who confirmed the new secret deal with China this July. She is named to be the next Secretary of State Department. A confirmation to China that the secret deal - the oppression on Taiwan's independence, will be carried out.

When will the new case break up? I have speculated it would be either on Thanks giving day or Christmas and New years day when it will be easy for Feds to arrange a party. Then to prove my allegation, a report in today's Mercury News said, "Mad Cow case suspected in U.S." , "The federal government has ordered a definitive laboratory test after two preliminary screening tests raised the possibility of "mad cow" disease in the tissue of a recently slaughtered animal. ... A conclusive answer could take as long as a week. "

You can calculate what time is it a week from the news released. (TV broadcast the mad cow news on 11/18) If the framed drug case by D.O.J. breaks up on Thanks giving day, it will be followed by a confirmation of mad cow disease. You can bet on it.

270. Mad Cow disease(11/24/04)

In August 2002 Anthony Carr prophesied Mad Cow disease would attack Canada and rapidly swept across US . Canada announced Mad cow disease in May 2003, and
US announced its first case in December 2003.

Someone argued that Anthony Carr was not a good Prophet because the disease didn't rapid sweep over US as he had said. But it was still a miraculous success. He didn't say it was Small Pox, Ebola or any other disease, he didn't say it was Mexico, Japan, Spain or any other country. He accurately predicted the Mad Cow case would took place in Canada then in US. If that was a blind guess, the chance is rare.

But if it was a plan, then it was easy. Wrapping it in a prophecy. Canada was used as a cover up to justify the origin of the disease when the Mad Cow mysteriously broke up. Then why there was no "rapid sweep over US"?

I have said, even it was a plan, there were many variables to influence its development. I think my revelation postponed their plan.

Brain death is a murder method used by Feds. They shoot victims with E-M wave. Microwave ray is one of them. Attribute the death to Meningitis, stroke, West Nile. So I was alerted when I learned the news of Mad Cow.

In two days, Mercury News reported on first page story that Mad Cow disease was found in Washington State. On 12/24/03, it was a half page long article. On 12/25, three articles in more than a page described what was Mad Cow with pictures. TV repeatedly broadcast the shot of a cow trying to stand but collapsed. All these and other events drove me wrote an article and posted it on next day (12/26/03). See "191. Framing a case in December (12/26)"

Then the Mad Cow news disappeared from news. It was used as a murder excuse and a distraction to a framed drug case. The plot was revealed and postponed. So there was no necessity to go on with Mad Cow practicing. It was really an experience to see how a panic momentum was built up in less than three days and then suddenly dropped off. I believe if there was no my revelation and the framed drug case could be carried out, then Anthony Carr's prophecy would have gone to a perfect end - Mad Cow disease swiftly rolled all over the America. With it Feds murder their targets.

When five days ago, Mad Cow news once again appeared in TV and paper, I realized a new plot was planed and wrote last message. Today in Mercury News, there is such a brief, "In other news", "Initial tests last week indicating a possible new case of "mad cow" disease in the US have proved negative after subsequent testing, the USDA announced Tuesday."

Now you can see how easily Feds create a panic impetus despite how absurd the story is. The mad cow disease disappeared as sudden as it appeared. No origin, no trace. Just like God took out a toy from his treasure box, landed it on a cow. When the cow died, he took the toy back and locked the box, prepare for the next time usage. Perhaps that's why Feds view themselves as God. Same thing was the 911 attack. The hi-jackers were said terrorist trained in flight school. They must be genius student to drive such a modern Boeing without lost. They were so skilled to hit the target at point, even in low attitude at Pentagon. A Boeing pilot must have rich flight experience, even so he has to take a long time train practice, with the help and guidance of formal pilot. How could these student hi-jackers just jumped on a Boeing and did what they want to do? Also if they were foreign students, they must be strange to US air routes. How could they change the original route to find New York without lost?

Next time when you see TV repeatedly broadcast the picture of the collapse of WTC and a cow struggling to stand but fell off again and again, beware that could be a psychological gimmick and government has a purpose.
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271. Crazy persecution to escape from an economy crisis (11/29)

In mid November, various computer problems significantly slowed my Internet surfing. With these problems, it also came with the pop up offer such like:

"Errors in your computer's registry database, if present, could cause slow performance, slow startup, or erratic operation including system freezes and crashes......
Click OK to download Registry Cleaner which will scan for and correct possible registry errors now."

Or. "Your Web surfing behavior is being tracked......Would you like Virual Bouncer to remove these files from your computer?"

Or: "You are seeing this pop-up because your computer is most likely infected with Adware and/or Spyware. STOPzilla prevents pop-ups like this from appearing on your computer by destroying Adware and/or Spyware.
Click here to download STOPzilla now"

It happened in last two weeks. Since my computer was under surveillance, all information were filtered by a surveillance server, so all these problem were caused by Feds. Obviously they want me download something. What is it? An article in Mercury News of 11/19 may say it all: "Exterminate spam or Internet dies, Law enforcement needs a tough law"

The program Feds want me to download likely will be the one which will spam out e-mail so they can have an excuse to arrest me.

At same time, when I posted a message in forum site, the page used to turn into "lost contact" and suggest "reload". After several reloads, I found it created "multiple posts". Possibly a tactic to prove I have the habit to repeat, to spam.

I hereby announce again that I only post in forum with my political opinion. I don't send out e-mail to any private e-mail address except to the host of web-site which I had post problem. I never touch the business of commercial ads. Someone had posted porn pictures assuming my name, (possible with my Internet address too. see "246. Aggressive work (8/9)") I think it was done by Feds.

At the same time Feds intensify the poisoning and microwave radiation on me. Which I am afraid will cause illness or cancer and leukemia. It may reflect the grim situation of financial market. Four years long historical low interest rate causes over spending and huge deficit. Now US dollar faces a rapid depreciation. Federal Reserve has to raise the interest rate to save economy. It is a process resisted by D.O.J. for a long time. It seems they can't block it any more. That's why there is a crazy persecution on me.

272. Federal fund rate (12/4/04)

I started to post in Internet in September 2000. Frightened by my revelation, D.O.J. determined to eliminate me and the people who knew the story. On 11/12/ 2000, article "Killing Pablo" in Mercury News was an announcement that Feds had planned a mass killing in the name of a "drug case". (see "62. Plot") Chinese secret police was bribed to frame the "drug case". We saw all these in the incident of collision of EP-3 spy plane in HaiNan, China in April 2001, and ended at 6/11/01 when McVeigh was executed. For that framed case, both directors of FBI and DEA resigned. (see messages 61, 62, 63, 64) Since then, the attempt to frame a case on me had never stopped. But the first decision was made in November, 2000.

In my case Feds emptied my community. They also started to buy in a lot of real estate property since 1997. The buy in movement continued until 2000. When they built up a case, they built up a business opportunity for themselves as well. In the end of 2000, D.O.J. determined to finish the case by a big plot. Of course, they needed to sell out the houses held in their hand.

Then we saw there was a steep decline of Federal fund rate in 2001. Started from January that year, there were 11 rate cut, almost once each month. At the end of 2001, Federal fund rate dropped to well under 2% from 6% when the year began. It later touched the bottom of 1% and stayed there until mid 2004. The 30 year fixed mortgage rate followed the Federal rate dropping to the low point of 5.3%. Which created a booming housing market. Federal Reserve did good to co-operate with D.O.J..

Generally, it was easy for Feds to murder a target. "So what, they even killed President Kennedy." But things went beyond all expectations. The plots failed one after another with my revelation. And Federal Reserve had to maintain that historical low rate for nearly three years to the demand of D.O.J. that at any time when Feds finished the case, they could sold all their property quickly at a high profit margin.

How absurd that rate was? In article "Rate hikes likely to continue" (S.J.M.N. 11/11/04), it said, 'By historical standards, interest rates are still far below normal levels. After adjusting for inflation, the "real" federal funds rate is barely equal to zero after being solidly negative for the past two years. On average, the federal funds rate has been about three percentage points above the rate of inflation.

Many analysts have said they think a "normal" or "neutral" rate under today's circumstances would be about 4 percent." It is 2% right now.

The negative Federal fund rate created two bubbles in stock market and housing market. Which is under a big consumer credit bubble. I can foresee there is a dark future of US economy.

The low interest rate also makes US bond lose attraction to foreign investors. Dollar devalue rapidly recently. An inflation is coming. To raise interest rate to the normal is unavoidable. D.O.J. has successfully blocked this tendency for years. In August it even intimidated the financial group by terror bombing alert. (see "251. Mortgage rate and September plot (8/29)")
The terror blackmail works. The 30 years fixed mortgage rate in July was 6.2% while the Federal fund rate was 1.25%. After August terror intimidation, though Federal reserve still raised the bench mark rate three times to 2%, the 30 year fixed mortgage rate dropped back to its low point at 5.32% on 11/20.

But when people of the world started to abandon US dollars, D.O.J. may not resist it any more. That's why I saw Bush called Chinese President on 11/8, six days after his re-election. A new plot has been planned. They are in a hurry.

273. Another trip (12/9)

This week my wife said she would have a trip to Hawaii because there was a cheap offer of air flight. 50 dollars for a two way flight to Honolulu. I now get used to this kind of trick. The model is classic. Create a motive for the travel. For this purpose, Feds murdered two relatives of my wife early this year. Or giving a free air ticket (or cheap one). My wife had three international trips this year. Plus this one to Hawaii.

It is another emergent trap set up under the pressure from high ranking officials. Like former one, the decision was made within a week. A trip will justify a search, or easy to produce an accidental death. This is also why I think Feds is the one behind terror attack. (Oklahoma bombing and 911 attack) They wanted to have the privilege to search people. They got it after 911.

The four days travel to Hawaii will start on 12/11. It's not a coincidence that the trip finishes on 12/14. Same day Federal Reserve will have a meeting and another increase of federal fund rate is likely. As a matter of fact, the intensify persecution has a tight relationship to the up rising of federal bench mark interest rate.

274. Radiation (12/9)

I had the bitter experience to be shoot by EM wave ray and microwave radiation in early 90s.(see messages 12, 13, 81 and 5) Since then I slept behind metal furniture (iron cabinet, iron desk) I also built up shield by metal plate. Of course, the shield directed outward against the possible attack source. This probably is one of the reasons I can still survive until today.

About two weeks ago, I had a warm feeling when I was at my room. I felt it particularly when I was sleep. It's abnormal because now is winter. I worried it might be a microwave radiation. So I wrote "At the same time Feds intensify the poisoning and microwave radiation on me(11/29)" in message 271. I moved metal plates to shelter possible radio source. It failed to work. I still felt abnormal warm. I didn't know where it was from.

At same time, I noticed abnormal behave of my wife. She never read English newspaper. For years I picked up the paper in the lane by myself. About two weeks ago, the paper was on the table every morning, my wife put it there.

About same time, my wife brought home a box of CD disc. It was a TV drama series. I used to watch TV at night until 11:30. My wife said she wanted to watch the series and asked me to watch TV at my own room. The TV in my room is an old one, manual operated, small with vague picture. I seldom use it.

Since my wife is manipulated by Feds, I thought that's their intention. Connect it to the abnormal warm feeling, I conclude they have locked my room as radiation field and want me to stay there as long as possible. But why they don't want me go outside?

On 12/1, I went out off the lane to the street to see what was there. (The lane is short, about 60 feet long) I saw two car parked on street. One was a big pick up, the other one was a box van. Both painted blue with word "Fire and water damage service" on it. A lady in blue "Fire and water" jacket was nearby. I asked her if there was a fire. She said, " It was two days ago. It was all over." The house which said having a fire is next to my neighbor. One of the houses nearest to my house but can't be seen in the lane.

I couldn't see any trace of fire there except a window was sealed by board. No black smoke trace. I was not aware of a fire because there was no sirens, no noise of policemen and firemen. So if there was a fire, it must be a very small one. Next day, the blue box van was still there. On 12/4, blue box van was replaced by a white box van with no sign.(it's week end) What was inside the box van? I think there must be some instrument which can produce the warm feeling. Only I didn't know how they did it.

This morning, I found there was a yellow "Fire and water damage service" van there. This time the cargo box was open. There were machines and tubes and bottles of solvent inside. The service man connect the machine tube to water pipe and some other tubes into the house. He seemed doing some clean work. He was very uneasy with my curiosity and tried to turn me away.

It reminded me there were always a flood when my wife using wash machine these days. The drainage obviously was blocked. I suddenly knew what has happened. I solved the problem I encountered with these days. (to be continued)

275. Radiation 2 (12/14)

In early 90's when I felt dizziness and warm in driving I had suspected it was caused by radioactive material.(see "5. Microwave killing") From an industrial mail ordering company, I bought a lead apron and a bottle of radioactive contamination cleaner. Although later I found the symptom was caused not by radiation but microwave, I learned then that radioactive agent would cause pollution and a clean job was needed.

When I saw the solvent bottle in the "Fire and water service" box van, I recalled the radioactive contamination cleaner I had bought. The long tubes and the memory of recent flooding also reminded me they were cleaning the drainage. I was suddenly aware that Feds put an radioactive source inside my house through drainage. It explained why I couldn't find the source of problem. I always thought it was from outward but never expected it was from inside.

They locked the radioactive area at my bedroom and created a situation to keep me stay there as long as possible.

Yesterday, (12/13) there was an article in Mercury News. "Lingering Risk". "Kourtney Matthews, 16, likely died of toxic shock syndrome on Nov.1. ....Cases of toxic shock syndrome in menstruating women dramatically decreased in the early 1980s and have remained at relatively low levels since. But some researchers believe the condition may be making a comeback, for reasons they don't yet agree upon.

Symptoms of danger:
* Sudden fever, usually 102 degrees or higher
* Vomiting
* Diarrhea
* Dizziness
* Fainting or near fainting when standing up
* A rash that looks like a sunburn "

The newspaper didn't say that ALL these symptoms of Toxic shock syndrome perfect fits for the symptoms of radiation sickness. Especially the last one about rash. I don't know if T.S.S. will cause a rash, but a strong radiation will cause skin rash.

I think K. Matthews is one of victims when Feds test their radioactive killing method.
1. T.S.S. is said caused by bacterium. It should be easy to be identified in microscope. Why 43 days after K.Matthews' death, they published an uncertain article said she likely died of T.S.S..? It's more like a cover up story to attribute radiation death to some rare disease. Consider I wrote "274. Radiation" on 12/9, the T.S.S. article was on paper on 12/13. It was more a reaction to my Revelation.

2. Similar to Mad Cow disease, T.S.S. is a very very rare syndrome. People have little knowledge about it. When Feds attribute the symptoms of radiation sickness to it, nobody can verify it and have to take it.

3. Timing shows it is a test. K. Matthews died on 11/1. A test was done. (probably there were more somewhere else) I started to feel unusual warm in late November which meant Feds started to apply new method on me. I was so alarmed that I wrote "Feds intensify microwave radiation" in message of 11/29. At that time I still thought it was microwave.

4. K. Matthews was a black girl. It's a typical way Feds choose black people as their victim. She lived in Milpitas. An area nearby my community. Black people are rarely seen in Bay area because the high living cost. Median price of house now is 600,000. Black people are still a low income crowd. But Feds still applied a rare rare seen disease on to a black girl.
The news said T.S.S. outbroke two decades ago then decreased. I think Feds might have used radiation killing two decades ago. They abandoned it because they found a clean, easy control weapon - microwave. But when Feds failed other way to eliminate me, they revived radiation killing in the name of T.S.S. The news said men are also stricken by T.S.S..
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Postby katsung47 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:06 pm

276. Psychological manipulation (12/19)

Started from later November, I had unusual warm feeling when I was in my bedroom especially when I was sleeping. My wife also drove me back to my bedroom with excuse that she was watching DVD in sitting-room. Later I was aware of that Feds was using radiation as killing weapon and locked it on the spot where I slept.

To accelerate the killing they tried everything to make me stay in dangerous location as long as possible. The method include psychological manipulation by media.

There were two articles in early December to encourage more sleep.

"Enough sleep, less work stress are key to happiness, study finds" (S.J.M.N. 12/3/04)
"Overweight? Try going to bed . (Sleep deprivation linked to increased hunger, weight gain)" (S.J.M.N. 12/7/04)

The topic of the articles tell the purpose of Feds. For it they even found scientific theory to persuade. But the idea is apparently odd and conflict to common sense, even the articles themselves had an uncertain tone.

In first article, it wrote, "Those findings, published in journal Science, run contrary to previous research about what makes people happy and why." (12/3)
"Scientists are not yet certain if adopting an earlier bedtime helps dieters achieve a thinner waistline." (12/7)

But most people may neglect the sentence of doubt and be fooled by the main theory. Those who believe they can lose weight from sleeping more may actually get fatter. They never know the articles were part of psychological manipulation in Feds plot.

When on 12/7, I saw the top line in first page of Mercury News was "Overweight? Trying go to bed". My instant impression was "What a fallacy." Then immediately I was aware of it was a psychological manipulation. They want to keep me on bed as long as possible. One month ago I had written "I rarely touch it(milk) because I thought it might cause obesity." (267. Poison and milk (11/9)). Feds really have a study of their target. They even developed a scientific theory which fit victim's mentality (not gain weight) to reach their goal.

277. A little bit about myself (12/24)

My grandfather, Han Zhang Sung, was a celebrity in financial circles of old China. (before 1949) He was the general manager of Bank of China. (Bank of China is still one of the biggest banks in China so far) So he could afford to have his son, my father, to take the dental course in US in late 1930s'. When my father graduated from school, Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He joined US Army and became an army doctor. He was assigned to China war area where he knew my mother whom was a nurse then.

I was born in US army hospital in Shanghai, a baby boomer. My mother told me that US consulate had sent a birth certificate for my father to sign but he refused. He thought there was nothing wrong to be a Chinese at that time.

Then Chinese communist party took over China in 1949. My father stayed. He thought he was a dentist and had nothing related to politics. But a family such like my father's was thought belonging to capitalist and was discriminated by government. My father changed his mind.

In late 1970s, my father got the US citizenship(he is a veteran) and applied his family to US.

278. The start of nightmare (12/24)

In first years when I was in America, I rented a bedroom. I think I was a good tenant. I took some course in local community college in the morning. In the afternoon I had a swing shift job until midnight. On week-ends I did some business in Flea-market. Seven days a week, I seldom stayed at the house.

Probably seeing that I only took a sleep at night, the landlord suggested me to move to the garage so he could rent my bedroom off to someone else.

Though I was not an overcritical man, I was unhappy. The condition of a garage was too far away from a bedroom. The landlord's suggestion motivated me to have a house of my own. I started to look for a house.

My supervisor had just bought a house. When he knew about my bedroom story, he introduced his real-estate agent to me. After several round of trips to watch the house, I finally settled on the house which I live now.

That was the start of my America nightmare.

279. Buy house (12/29)

It was a four bedroom house emptied already. It looks like a duplex because two identical houses share one wall. But actually it was a townhouse because the garage attached to another neighbor. The price was 93,000. It was a bargain so I decided to buy it right away. The R.E. agent (real estate agent) told me the house was on process of pending sale. A buyer before me was waiting for the approving of a loan. If he failed to get a loan, then it was my turn. I was surprise how could she introduce me a house which was on a pending sale. She told me, "Don't worry. That buyer won't get the loan. The buyers before him failed too." I wondered how she was so sure about it.

On 11/16/1984, instructed by R.E. agent, I wrote the agreement of purchase and sell. The main point were:
1. Buyer put 20k down payment.
2. Buyer to assume the existing 30k VA loan.
3. 40k new conventional second loan. Seller to credit 2,000 for buyer's closing cost.
Thus I learned there was an "assumable loan" which could be transfered from sellers to buyers without any checks and examination from bank. The 2,000 credit offer was due to the seller was motivated to settle the deal. It was used to cover up the loan cost of buyer. It was probably demanded by former buyers. I took over the advantage.

In early December 1984, R.E. agent informed me the former buyer failed to get loan on time. It was my turn. On 12/11, I got the offer from seller. Next day I wrote a counter offer in which I proposed to put 60k down payment. The seller, instead to pay 2,000 in closing cost, to cut the price of house to 91,000.

Since that 2,000 amount was planned to pay in advance and the seller would lose nothing, she quickly accepted my counter offer.

What made me write the counter offer? Unemployment. The company I worked for was suddenly shut down. I would lose job. It was impossible for an unemployed to apply for a second loan from the bank. How I solved the problem? I turned on to my relatives.

It was Chinese tradition to help each other among family members. I called relatives, no one refused to help. From several thousand to tens of thousand, I quickly got enough money to cover up the second loan amount. One month later, I became a home-owner.

280. Company shut down (1/4/05)

The company I worked for was Shugart Corp. It was named by its Creator's name - Shugart. The product of the company was hard disc drive. Shugart then sold his company and created another one - Seagate. (which is a popular technical company right now) However, the company still used its original name. Manager said Shugart Corp. had about two thousand employers. Its customers were big firms such like IBM, Wang Lab..... I worked in Shugart for more then two years until I bought the house.

In late 84, in a meeting manager said the business was not good so there might be some lay-off. He joked with us that, "Don't buy a new car. Don't buy a house." I felt that was pointing at me because I was buying a house then. In November and December when I was busy preparing to write the offer to purchase the house, the news of possible lay-off became the shut down of company. Every one had to go. Smile lost from manager's face. I still remembered my supervisor banged the desk with his fist, "Damn it, I just bought the house." People started to look for new job. They left one after another.

In newspaper I learned that many people got their pink slip in one day's notice. I had plenty of time for the psychological impact of unemployment. The day I left Shugart was 2/15/1985. One month after I bought the house. (1/15/85) I knew I would lose my job when I wrote the offer. What made me to buy house even if I knew I would be unemployed?

It was the incredible low price of the house. I have had a calculation. The mortgage payment of the 30k assumable loan was 360 dollars each month.(impounds included) Compare with the rent (250) I paid at that time it was only 110 extra. When I bought the house, I reserved one for myself. I could rent off the other bedrooms. In worst condition, the rent income would cover up the house expense. So even I had no job, I didn't worry about losing the house. My economic condition would be better if I bought. it. So what left was that private debt. I could concentrate to work to pay it off.

How low was the price? At that time, a 3 bedroom single house was about 130k. A house identical to mine was about 110k. That was the house next to me.

When R.E.agent showed me the house for the first time, she said, "Your neighbor is your supervisor." It seemed the two attached houses were on market about the same time. My supervisor bought the house just several months ago. The house next to him was on pending sale for several months. When we became neighbor, he told me he paid 110k and something for his house. He was surprised that the same house I paid was only 91k. "Why you had such a low price?"

I didn't seriously consider that question. I thought it was a coincidence that two neighbor houses were on market at same time. I thought it was a coincidence that lay off synchronized with the purchase of a house. I didn't ask why my house was almost 20% below an identical one at the same time. I only felt I was lucky to get such a bargain then.
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281. Former home owner (1/9)

When R.E.agent introduced the house to me, she said I got extra value for the security. The window of the house were installed with iron rail. There were extra iron rail door outside the wooden door. Later I had a look at my community, among one hundred houses, mine is the only one protected with iron rail. Obviously, the former home owner was very care about their security. But the iron rail couldn't protect former landlord's safety.

After I bought the house, I got the Grand Deed. On front page it printed, "***** ****, (seller's name) a widow, sold her house to Kat Hak Sung." So I knew the seller was a widow.

While I was busy to re-model the house, there was a knock at the door. It was a uniformed police lady. She came to visit Mrs. former home owner. When she knew the house had changed owner, she asked me to deliver a message to Mrs. former home owner about her visit. It was about Mrs.former home owner's pension.

Mrs. former home owner did leave her phone number on note board in kitchen. So I called her. She visited me later with a "thank you" fruit plate. She complained a lot about the trouble caused by buyers previous of me.

Eight years later, about in 1993 (?). Some one put a note on my car, asked me if I would sell it. At that time, I had two cars. One was a cargo van used in business. The other one was an automobile for general communication. Both car caused a bad feeling after driving. The van got normal after I installed metal plate around drive seat. The space of the driving seat of automobile was too narrow to install metal plate so I abandoned to drive that car. It was left on street for months, covered with dust.

The offer was from Feds, I thought. Most of the neighbor were occupied by agent and their people. Who would interest on a dirty car? They might want to take back the instruments they installed in my car when it was abandoned. Anyhow, I dare not to use that car again. So I called the number on that note and sold the automobile to the man.

A few days later, another note was found in mail box. It was same yellow stick note identical to the note offering to buy my car. This time it suggested to exchange his house with mine. I left that offer alone.

At that time, I was tortured by mysterious EM wave. Feds set up traps one after another. So the first thought came to my mind was: "Was it another trap? A house full of killing instrument prepared for me? There could be many traps in procedure to exchange houses." Then I recalled unusual events when I bought the house and since. With more experience with Feds, I gradually found the explanation for each coincidence. I started to realize it was the house I bought caused a nightmare.

282. Not a coincidence (1/14)

After years of investigation, Feds should know I don't touch drugs and had no relationship to Mrs. Chen's case. Why did they keep on persecute on me? I wondered. The suggestion to exchange house tipped me there was some other cause. The following is my conclusion then:

1. Former home owners were target of the Feds. They worried about their safety. So they installed iron rail for protection. Former landlord still died.

2. Feds used to watch their target as close as they can. The best place to watch them was of course the neighborhood which shared wall with them. When the target was dead, his widow moved out, it was unnecessary to watch an empty house. So the surveillance team left the neighboring house. That was why two connected houses were almost on market at same time. My supervisor bought the house the Feds used to monitor.

3. Though I don't know what happened exactly, I speculate that the Feds lured former landlady to another house by a good bargain. But the payment depended on the sale of her original house. Feds developed a situation that potential buyers failed one after another. The grilled former landlady was eager for the money to pay the new house that she had to cut the price of house lower and even offered to pay 2000 dollars for buyer's loan cost.

4. Though the buyers previous of me likely worked for Feds, Feds didn't care at first when I was in waiting list. They thought they control everything. I was intimidated by lay off at first and then the shut down of the company. It didn't stop me because the price of house was too good. that my financial situation could be better after buying the house whatever I was employed or not. The shut down of company also motivated me for a private loan. So the usual way to control deal by loan was failed too. I got the house accidentally.

5. The visit of police lady about pension was a tactic to develop a meeting for me and former landlady. Feds used to arrange such meeting for their suspect to verify their relationship. If the police lady really wanted to talk to former landlady, she could get the phone number from me right away and direct called former home owner. Why asked some one else to deliver the message?

I realize this after the observation. The surveillance team used to change shift in a year or so. When that happens, our car would break down and had to be sent for repair. The leaving team must pick up their belongings in the car and arriving team to install theirs. With that it also come a dense visit of acquaintance. People rarely came suddenly show up. New arriving team wants to see the relationship of people they interested. When I realized it was a procedure of Feds, I recalled the visit of that police lady.

283. Open house (1/19)

Another meeting arrangement happened just three days ago. On Sunday (1/16), there were two "open house" cross the street. I think it was an action of Feds to collect money to pay house expense. February 1st is the dead line for 2nd install payment of County Real estate Tax.

The house is not for real sale, I think. Because my case is not finished. It will be a game of owner's name change from one agent to another.

The house opposite my lane is a two bedroom townhouse priced at 458 k. If Feds bought it at 200k several years ago, they now can have a profit of 150 k after deducting the expense. But at same time when they got the money from bank, among the houses they hold, there is one now cost at 450k. That's why Feds desperately check up the interest rate from rising and push up the real estate price to make sure all property they have are profitable.

The real estate agent of another open house was a very aggressive sales lady. She tried to persuade me to sell my house, said that I could sell the house at high price and then bought it back sometime when the price dropped to the bottom. I said I have no intention to sell the house but I'd like to know the current value of my house. She insisted to make a appointment to visit my house so she could make an estimation.

Fear to drop in traps Feds set up, I don't answer telephone, I don't answer door when I am home alone. I don't make any appointment because it may then be planned as a trap. I said the only option to have a look at my house was to do it right away. (An instant visit excludes evil plan) It was cross street, took only five minutes in walk.

The sales lady refused with two reason. 1. She must first have a look at computer to get the information of my house before a visit. 2. She had no time. She had an appointment with another customer right away. Then I told her, "E-mail me the value of my house, that's all I need." I went home.

A few minutes later there was a knock at door. It was that R.E. sales lady. I wondered how she forgot the reason she just told me a moment ago. I thought it was an arranged meeting. She was ordered by Feds to see why I invited her for a visit right away but refusing appointment. She was nervous too. Though she was coming to estimate the value of house, she left even without looking at bedrooms until I reminding her. What did she come for?

She said she would bring a report about house later. I repeated that I wouldn't answer the door and telephone, what I needed was only an E-mail. She just kept saying, "It's free service. It's free service.".

I wish R.E. sales lady's aggression is for business not for a trap. Federal Reserve will have another meeting in early February when a raise of interest is likely. Feds has reason to be aggressive.

284. Aggressive FBI (1/24/05)

On 1/20, News said FBI launched a massive hunt for six people, four Chinese and two Iraqis whom related to a "dirty bomb" plot in Boston. It's strange to bind Chinese with Iraqis in terror bombing. But I knew what was it. It was another effort to frame a drug case, for an unreasonable search and arrest, then a terror bombing to distract public attention.

We are familiar with Jose Padilla's dirty bomb case. I have alleged it was created by D.O.J. on the purpose to justify Iraq war in 2002. So there are two Iraqis in this case and another Latino named Jose ****. The purpose is same. To justify Bush's Iraq war is moral right. That Iraq has intention to attack US. Bush needs it to build up his reputation when he is so unpopular after he stole the second election. The dirty bomb has been made for more than two years. D.O.J. doesn't want to waste it. So they repeat that hoax. A more important reason they have this case is to use it as a distraction for the framed case. That's why they put 13 more Chinese in it. (four in first report and nine more in later report.)

The case will justify search and arrest of people who looked like a Chinese. An unreasonable search and arrest, or police violence, is what I worry for. I had experience. (see "238. Manipulate Supreme Court (7/4)") And I felt it weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, my wife, again, refused to drive me to supermarket for food shopping. She was in such a bad manner that I stopped to talk with her for days. At same time I realized it was another attempt to force me out shopping by foot or bike. Really, there comes the "Boston dirty terror bombing" alert.

It was no coincidence when Mercury News had an article admiring "Strong initial year for top cop". Rob Davis is new Police Chief of San Jose. (see "148. Regime change in San Jose Police 169. Development of Regime change in San Jose Police") The first page article, with two David's pictures, praised him of getting top marks.

This is a reward, or a bribe, or a payment for a deal. The job is to let policeman carry out a road search and arrest of a man with Chinese looking, in the name of arrest suspects of "FBI case" even if it is only a hoax. The article to honour San Jose Police Chief was on paper on 1/22, two days of FBI issued "Boston dirty bomb alert".

Federal Reserve likely will raise the interest in early February. Each time in such occurrence, I always saw aggressive action of D.O.J. coming with it.

285. January frame case was foreseen (1/29)

There were symptoms that there would be a frame case in early 2005,

1, In later 2004, my wife suddenly started to withdrew 500 dollars each month from our bank account. (She used to withdrew 100 dollars or so before) There was no particular usage for it. Since her salary just make our ends meet, the savings would erode to the bottom in early 2005. I think Feds was behind it. I thought in January or February 2005 something would happen because at that month there would be big bills to pay: real estate tax, fire insurance, earthquake insurance, automobile insurance. The purpose is to empty our bank account so if there is arrest, we have little ability to buy a bail. It plays the same role of making arrest on Thursday or Friday. All intend to keep the victim in jail as long as possible so Feds have plenty time to arrange a "suicide".

On Saturday, 1/22, my wife suddenly enrolled my daughter to three after school tuition courses for one month which cost 1100 dollars, despite my daughter's protest. An aggressive step to clean the savings account.

2. B(my brother in law) is the main target of Feds. Because he has a business. It's easy to plant in shipment. B had a partner who was responsible for San Francisco area sales. He quit last month.(December) That also reminded me there probably would be a case out break as early as January.

3. Feds used to manipulate climate to coordinate their project. I have alleged they framed drug case by umbrella shipment. (see "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)")
Artificial rain is a skilled technique. Feds control the process of a framed case by rain. Started from 12/26, the storm came one after another, lasted for two weeks. I believe it would motivate B to order umbrella from China. The earliest shipment could arrive within 20 days. That would be late half of January.

All these ensured me there could be a framed drug case in late January or February. As everybody knew, on 1/20 FBI issued a "dirty bomb alert" with a strange combination of Chinese and Iraqis.

At same time, local Chinese TV broadcast some pictures of most wanted by law enforcement agent. It said these were big drug lords in Burma. I thought it was part of a psychological propaganda for a big framed case. The drug was from Burma to San Francisco through Fujiang.
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dude your articles are going to explode my head. ( long) but interesting.

jus to give you a ' heads up.' one of the 'old sites' is merging and will be up and

running soon. we both blogged there. correction you did. I ranted. (multi-
task )

the beirut site I dunno . went down when leadership swapped out.?
they went /had the beta edition. then dropped the forum. does that say something about our writing ability ? or ' liberalism.' I think the latter.
and with that (loss )went the press ? is debate or dissent in speech allowed ?

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Postby katsung47 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:38 pm

286. Intensified EM wave shooting. (1/29/05)

Last night, there was a severe pain in my left arm joint. I can't move my left arm today. Though it resembles joint disease aged people have, I think it's the result of EM wave ray shooting.( I'll talk about it later) I revealed the truth of Boston dirty bomb. It was a revenge or a punishment.

I believe Feds uses EM wave on me routinely, though I couldn't feel it. But today is different, I can feel it. They significantly increased the sensitivity. It may reflect such a condition that the bubble of house market will break up soon.

287. Cyberspace censorship (2/4/05)

Of course, cyberspace team did their job too. Started from mid January, I was banned, or blocked to post in many sites by varies justification. Mostly in the name of tech. trouble and password problem. Here are part of sites I wasn't able to post at that period.

In one forum, a member(I think she is an undercover) even predicted I wouldn't show up again. Obviously she knew of the framed case and believed I wouldn't survive through that case.

288. Vanished old case and new plan (2/4/05)

News reported that on Tuesday(1/25) FBI said the wanted circular for Boston dirty bomb suspect was rescinded. That it was a false alarm. I think it was a swift reaction to my revelation posted on 1/24.

1/28 evening, the joint of my left arm was hurt. It couldn't move the following days. I think it was a revenge from Feds for that soared case.

1/29, after three weeks banning, my wife allowed me to shopping food with her drive.

1/29 afternoon, my sisters and brother visited me. They have a plan to travel China in coming April. They invited me to come with them.

2/2. Federal Reserve raised interest rate a quarter of point to 2.5%. It was a very mild step. The point thought to be normal (or neutral) is 4%.

2/3. Senate confirms Attorney General. Alberto Gonzales is to be the next chief of D.O.J.

The Boston dirty bomb case gone with Ashcroft. New plot is in plan with new arriving A.G. But keep in mind that though people in Boston may have escaped a terror dirty bombing this time, American people still face the terror attack sometime later, from its own government.

289. Prediction (2/9/05)

The following is a dialogue posted in my thread at the same time of Boston dirty bomb alarm. Agent likes to show off they knew everything. They like to predict. Is there really prophet in this world or rather, they knew the framed case in advance?

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how many times do i have to hear this same sh*t

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290. Super market (2/9/05)

2/9 is Chinese New year's day. The meal of Chinese New Years eve. for Chinese is as important as Thanks Giving meal to Westerns. Early this month, when I asked my wife to drive me for some Festival food, she refused again and told me to shopping on foot. I view this as the intention of Feds. It seems they determined to eliminate me in road violence.

Then why my wife broke the rule to drive me for a food shopping on 1/29? (see "288. Vanished old case and new plan (2/4/05)) Because on that day, Feds arranged a family re-union. On the purpose to invite me to join a trip to China. They knew my relatives would drive me for a food shopping at my will. So they let my wife did it in advance because I had to go the store my wife drove me to. I was surprised for the easiness of my wife. That was the only one drive she gave in five weeks.

About half hour after we finished shopping, my relatives came. I then knew why my wife eased to give a drive. I still asked my brother in law to give me a drive despite my wife's protest that I just finished a shopping.

I led my brother in law to another shopping center about 20 minutes driving away. Where there is a water store supplying bottled water which was sealed right away after official examination of water quality. But on that day the owner of water store said the sealed bottle water was sold out which used to be plenty of.

I then went to the super market nearby and found big price gap between the stores I just attended to. For example, the vegetable was 0.59 a pound and apple was 0.39 a pound while in the store my wife brought me to was 0.99 and 0.59 appropriately. Such a price difference would drive customers from one store away to the other.

One year ago, the food Feds poisoned in super market was in small quantity and was concentrated on cheap items I used to buy. Then as I started to buy in random, Feds changed tactic too. The food they poisoned now are in large quantities, piles up in rack. (see "189. Poison food in super market (12/16/03) ) Bread, rice, milk, ham, bottled water, vegetables, potato chips, can food...... . To avoid too much people been poisoned, they set up several super-market in which food was poisoned most and price also tagged high. To drive customers away to the stores which priced lower where poisoned food is also less. That's why the store I was sent to by my wife were the expensive one.

But that will hurt the business of super market which priced high. How did Feds persuade the owner of these store to do so? For western style super market, it used to be chain stores such like Safeway, Albertson. Feds controls high ranking management, so there should be no problem for them. But Chinese store mostly are run by independent owners, how did Feds do on them?

In late 2003, when Feds aggressively increased poison dose, there was an arrest in my area which shocked Chinese society. An owner of super market and his accountant were arrested. Tax fraud was the charge. The bail was set up at 5 million dollars. The defendant couldn't afford such high bail, had to stay in jail. The case was in court again in mid-2004. Judge still maintained the same amount of bail. So the defendant still had to stay in prison. It was obviously an intimidation to Chinese super market business. If you don't obey, we can keep you in jail. Business loss or jail, which will you choose?
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291. CEO and company (2/14/05)

HP ousted its CEO - Carly Fiorina on 2/9. It proved my previous thought.

In early 1990s, I started to suspect it was the house I bought which caused persecution on me. One thing puzzled me was how could they even shut down a company to prevent me from buying the house. How could owner of the company bear the loss to benefit Feds?

Something occurred in 1993 solved this puzzle for me. In May that year, newspaper reported that former owner of Disneyland - Walter Disney was an informant of FBI. I thus knew that Feds ruled country through their informants, especially by the management of company.

About same time there was a campaign between two high ranking executives. They competed for the post of CEO of Disneyland. The struggle ended with one candidate died in a helicopter accident. So another puzzle came into my mind. Either candidate would have
been cooperative with Feds to be its informant, why Feds still choose the CEO by violence?

I finally had a conclusion. Feds now is not satisfied with informants. They need a CEO of their own. That someone represents for the interest of Feds rather than for the interest of company he works for. For example, Walther Disney might refuse to shut down Disneyland for the interest of FBI because that was his blood and sweat. But a CEO of Feds will do. (see "29. "I am you, American."")

In late 2001, HP CEO Fiorina announced acquisition of Compaq. Which was opposed by HP heir Hewllet. I thought it was a typical sample of how a CEO not work for the interest of the company she was employed. I wrote an article, pointed out Hewllet's opinion was for the interest of HP. Fiorina's was not. The recent development proved my theory about CEO. (see "57. FBI's interest" I wrote in 2002.)

Three years later Fiorina is ousted from HP. Her decision to merge with Compaq played key role in her bad performance. I am an outsider of high tech. business. But even I knew it was a bad deal. How Fiorina in a position with much more information couldn't see the danger and took over a hot potato? What she did might have saved the Compaq from bankruptcy. She might have saved profit of some firms which held a large quantity of Compaq stock. She probably saved the stock market from another shocking downturn. Stock market was gasping in 2001 from the outbreak of bubble. It couldn't bear another news of bankruptcy of a big firm. What she did, was at the cost of HP's interest.

As what I have said if CEO made a damage, he has little to lose. Fiorina left with a fat pocket. She got 21.4 million of severance pay and a compensation of 8.15 million for 2004. It looks like she did something good and left with a reward. She might get another high ranking job.

292. From Disneyland, HP, to US. (2/19/05)

Disneyland had invested in Michael Moor's documentary film Farhenheit 911. But it refused to distribute the film after it was done. The decision of high ranking was political motivated. As Farhenheit 911 is a business successful film. It got the top prize in Cannes film Festival.

If you view US as a company and president as a CEO, you can find it is operated by inside group in same way they did to a business company.

What has Bush achieved in his first term? Patriot Act was passed and mid-east war activated. The suffering of Americans is apparent. Civil rights are seriously eroded. Lives and money are losing in war. US reputation in the world goes down. Bush hurt the interest of American people to benefit a little group and Israel. Former Prime Minister of Malaysia said that Israel rules world through its proxy, it let others fight and die for them. (The original word Marhatir used was Jews, I don't think it is proper here so replaced it with Israel) Bush is a proxy not work for the interest of US. He let Americans fight and die for the interest of Israel. He was rewarded for a second term.

What will Bush do in another four years? Likely more wars in mid-east to secure Israel. (Syria and Iran) And another important mission for him is to steal from the retirement savings from America people - their social security fund.

Bush's plan to privatize s.s. fund mainly will benefit financial group. And another purpose is to support the stock market from collapsing.

Because Feds held a large quantity of real estate properties, they keep interest rate at unreasonable low level since 2001 to maintain a prosperous housing market. The low interest rate produced two big bubbles in housing market and stock market. these two markets are also the cash boxes for Feds where they withdraw money for their spending.

When the economic situation won't allow interest rate staying in low level any more and turn up to go upward, the two bubbles are going to break up. It's hard to keep the house price to be higher when interest rate rises. So the only choice for them is to save the stock market which is controlled by big financial group.

What Bush going to do is to drive small fish into a slaughter market to lure the big fish from leaving. To keep a cash box of Feds to be active while the other one (housing market) will go low in recent future. As I have said, a CEO in US doesn't work for the interest of company he was employed. Bush works for the interest of inside group which selected him to be a president of US.

293. The payment of the framed case (2/24)

When I wrote the last message 292, I knew I touched the nerve of D.O.J. that I revealed the truth - US is controled by Israel. The reaction was swift.

Started from 2001, Feds continued to set up drug cases to frame me and my family member
in. The secret police of China played important role in these framed cases. They provided the source of drug. There was a bribe for each framed case. At first it was the permission of membership of WTO and the hosting of Olympic. Which caused China having a big leap in their economy. The most wanted fugitive were deported to China. The recent bribe is the independence of Taiwan. See "206. Another interest exchange. (2/16/04)". This trend continues.

The ruling party in Taiwan is D.P.P. There are two opposing party which are not in office: National Party and QingMing Party. The leader of the third party, QingMing Party, is Sung Chu Yu. Sung Chu Yu is an advocate of "one China" policy which is against the opinion of Taiwan independence of D.P.P..

In early January this year, Sung Chu Yu came to Washington D.C. and stayed there for weeks. Rumor said he would have a secret deal with ruling party to join the government and play an active role to promote the relationship of Mainland China and Taiwan.

On 1/20, FBI released the news of Boston dirty bomb case and the pictures of Chinese suspects.
On 1/24, I wrote "284. Aggressive FBI" and alleged it was a part of a framed case Feds plotted on me.
On 1/25 and thereafter, news said FBI canceled the circular of wanted suspects in Boston dirty bomber case and said it was a hoax.
On 1/28, I suffered strong EM wave attack. My left arm was so hurt that it couldn't move in following days. It also signaled that this framed case ended. Feds revenged with private punishment.
About on 1/29(?), Sung Chu Yu left US to Taiwan. Left behind with a puzzle cloud among Chinese media the purpose of his stay in Washington.

His departure coincided with the private punishment on me. I thus realized it was a planned payment of a framed case. Everything is in old style. D.O.J. and Chinese police framed a drug case. There would be killing and "suicide" when the case broke out. A big event, this time was dirty bomb attack, would distract public's attention. The payment to China would be the softening of Independent hard line of Taiwan government. The plan soured. So Sung Chu Yu left US with empty hand.

On 2/18, prosecutors searched LianHua Electronics company in Taiwan. LianHua is one of
the biggest firms in Taiwan and has its stock traded in board of New York stock market. LianHua was charged for illegal investment in mainland China.

Sung Chu Yu immediately protested the persecution of government on Business. He announced it became impossible for any meeting between President of Taiwan and him in near future. How long was this "near future"? Less than a week.

Two days later, Sung Chu Yu announced a meeting was scheduled between President of Taiwan and him. They met on 2/24. (US time 2/23) TV reported that President Chen Shuibian promised in meeting to cooperate with Sung ChuYu to improve the relationship with China.

What made Sung ChuYu to behave so contradictorily withing six days? It was the article I wrote on 2/19 in which I revealed the US was controlled by Israel. D.O.J. must be in panic. They hurriedly started another case. They even cashed their promise to China in advance. (The chip of Taiwan which is carried out by Sung ChuYu.)

Something unusual does happen today(2/24).

294. A music instrument box and garage door contractor. (3/2/05)

When Sung Chu Yu violated his own words and had a rapid meeting with President Chen Shui Bian on 2/24, I knew D.O.J. set up a new case.

On 2/22, the five days' weather forecast in Mercury News suddenly changed the logo of the last three days (2/24 to 2/26) into umbrella. Day ago the logo for these days were still a cloud. Since Feds used to control a frame case by manipulating weather, I thought they set up the action day on 2/24. I looked at calendar. It was Thursday. A day Feds preferred. They could have a week end to carry out murder and "suicide" in jail.

Feb.21 was President's day. My daughter said the High school gave them the whole week off. So she stayed at home. On 2/24, she left home early in the morning. She had a "sleep over night" at her friend's home. She came back on 2/25. What unusual was she left a case at the door. In film, bad guys always traded with case of money and drug. It was that style of case.

In August last year, my daughter damaged the garage door when she parked the car. My wife wanted me to fix it. I checked the rolling door. It was installed with two steel wire spring. I had neither the special tool to loose the spring nor experience. I told my wife I couldn't to it. It was dangerous. It has been six months already, the damaged garage door still remains unchanged. Several days ago, my wife told me to call for a specialist if I couldn't fix it.

I didn't call any garage door workshop. I think it's expensive. But a specialist came on 2/24. About 10 o'clock that morning there was a noise in the lane. A contractor was changing my neighbor's garage door.(My former supervisor's house) There was no problem with the one piece board door. The contractor just replaced it with a multi-pieces rolling door. At first I thought it was a good chance to borrow the special tool to loose the spring of my garage door. Or even that man would help me to do it? Then the case at the door reminded me it was not a coincidence.

My daughter left home the whole day. The case leaving at the door was obviously at the hope that I could deliver it to somebody who came to pick up even though she knew I wouldn't answer the door when I was home alone. Feds knew it too. If I worked at the garage door, then anybody who visited my house would see me. The garage is by the side of the front door.
I would have to deliver the case to him. The contractor man would be a witness. What was inside the box? It would be all their words if a framed drug case broke out. So I did nothing, just stayed at home.

The case was left at the door for two days. When I asked my daughter what was it , she said it was a trumpet box. A friend abandoned the school band and asked her to keep the music instrument for him. She had kept it for months in her room. Now her friend called her he would pick it up. "What's wrong?" She asked. Nothing wrong for her. She even doesn't know who Sung Chu Yu is. She didn't know that neighbor's garage door was changed on 2/24. And the story of rain, umbrella, dirty bomb..... It will be too long a story to explain.

All these took place between 2/20 to 2/24. Sung Chu Yu abruptly went counter to his promise of 2/18 that he wouldn't meet with President of Taiwan and the sudden change of weather forecast proved it was a frame case set up in a hurry. It was a swift response to my message of 2/19 that Israel rules the world through US. How do they control US? By intelligence. Who control FBI and DEA? Department of Justice. Symptoms show that Feds now is framing a big case against me and my family. Something big will happen.

(Due to there are only 28 days in February, my posting date will be on 2nd and 7th.)

295. Who controls D.O.J.? (3/7/05)

Former President Kennedy was assassinated. Former President Clinton was impeached. All these revealed that even in top position, US politicians are under the control of intelligence. They were under the surveillance. They were extorted, blackmailed by intelligence. If they disobeyed, then they were punished by scandal, or even been assassinated.

Former President Nixon was almost impeached. He lost his post in oval office in early 70's. The formal reason was he lied to cover up a tape which might reveal his awareness of illegal campaign activity. But lie and dirty campaign activity were common among high ranking politicians. It was only an excuse. Then what was the real purpose?

In March 2002, a news helped me resolved several puzzles. It was a tape of Nixon's conversation with former treasury secretary Connally. Re:

Quote, "Nixon Defended Envoy's Groping
1972 Tapes Also Reveal Talk of a Justice Dept. 'Full of Jews'

By George Lardner Jr.
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 1, 2002; Page A02

"Oh! Oh, God!" Nixon said with a sigh. "It erodes our confidence, our strength. They're untrustworthy. . . . Look at the Justice Department, it's full of Jews."
"Any place of power," Connally agreed. "SEC used to be -- all of them, those lawyers."
"Listen, the lawyers in government are damn Jews," Nixon said.
Both men agreed that Nixon should try to reduce the Jewish influence in a second term. Nixon told Connally on May 15 that he wanted no more than 2 percent of the government's political appointees to be Jewish, in proportion to the population. He later said 10 percent would be acceptable, "but certainly not 30 or 40 percent." ... Feb28.html

I then knew who control Justice department and why Nixon lost his job.

Nixon realized that there was a disproportion of government political appointees to the population. He thought it was not for the interest of US and tried to change that situation. He faced an impeach and had to resign before he could do it.

Now I know why Sharon said, "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, to Shimon Peres, October 8th, 2001

Israel controls D.O.J.. D.O.J. controls FBI. And FBI keep Americans under surveillance, include Presidents.

(There is a strong EM wave attack on me and I alleged there will be a big action coming. See next message.)
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