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Whether you believe in a higher power or not, this forum is dedicated to the topic of religion and spirituality. We live in a diverse world with different morals and ideas when it comes to our beliefs, so come in and share your thoughts.

Postby greeney2 » Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:51 am

Now you are the victims of my oppressive ways. Poor you! :boohoo:
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Postby humphreys » Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:54 am

Ha ha ha, you make constant ridiculous rants about the mean old atheists trying to steal your precious faith, and then have the audacity to post that?

I think you've lost it :P
"All of our behavior can be traced to biological events about which we have no conscious knowledge: this has always suggested that free will is an illusion."

- Sam Harris
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Postby orangetom1999 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:53 am


My apologies for not getting back to you sooner but I have been working here this weekend to fabricate an antenna for my transmitter. Hoping to get around today to fabricating a second back up antenna if I have enough materials.

In reply to your questions on page 3 and 4 of this thread.

I have no use for or respect for Newt Gingrich. I am not a fan of his nor most of the others.

I also think most of the Republicans are nothing more than Democrat Lite.
I think that politics is a devout religion and not the religion or product advertised.

I think politics is a cover for another devout religion and not what they are declaring to the public. IN this case ..a counterfeit religion.

Any business ..any legitimate order to remain in business must deliver the product advertised or go out of business to their competitors.
Not so with politics..which is a very important clue as to the nature of the beast with which one is dealing here.

And politics finances public education which also makes public education suspect.
Understand now..??

I do understand what Newt Gingrich was attempting to do with his "Contract with America" so many years ago ..without directly telling Americans what was happening or letting the cat out of the bag.
What Newt and company was becoming aware of exactly what I was describing ...that the political parties were not the product advertised..yet they were operating as a business.

Newt was sidestepping the issue and carefully ..that the party system was not the product advertised by attempting a "Contract with America." That a political party could be held to a standard of behavior. That they would deliver the product contract.
Do you see/understand now the problem with the political system?? Both parties??

I caught this right away some years back when it was first tried...because I knew of a handful of Americans who were on the lecture circuit speaking to Americans about this problem. This was news and information's never allowed to be made public and assiduously avoided by the media and public education.

But this was not enough to get me to be a follower of Newt...since he was not being open about the problem with politics.

Something else of importance ..but never told to the public as well. This ...I believe...will never be taught because of the importance that government puts on religion..while at the same time ...downplaying and attempting to control religion..while promoting the devout religion of government.

There can be no separation of church and state ...nor any "Exclusionary Clause" while government is subsidizing religion by tax breaks/tax deductions.
Being able to deduct your giving to your church is a tax subsidy or price support on the part of government and the churches both. Neither are being honest with the public on this. They are both liars. Churches do not need to have a tax number...for if they do they are corporations of the state and are not separate.

This line of thought needs to be taught in public schools as well.

Government... of recent order to "save moneys/cost cutting" as they try to claim...have cut back on benefits to veterans ..particularly veterans trying to go to school. They were promised these benefits but now are not getting them.

If government wants to save monies..they can start with cuts in salaries to the lawmakers....and then stop these church subsidies..or price supports to the churches.

I do not believe they dare do the churches. They need the control over the churches...and over people.

Government is so stupid and deceptive ..they will cut back on promises to veterans ..but not cut back on themselves ..or the scam of separation of church and state and the exclusionary rule. They don't dare tell the truth about this. In paperwork costs would be a huge savings.

I don't put alot of stock in church organizations..and almost none of them will teach this line of thinking to their flocks.

I know of only a handful of churches who do not have a tax number issued by the state. And these churches will indeed teach their flocks this line of thinking.

They are not restrained from teaching the "Whole Council of God."

I put little stock on most of what passes for Churches here in America. Most of the Churches where I have been a is mostly a business and activity meeting..very little real preaching going on. They are feel good churches.

Concerning your one candidate from page 4 of this thread..

the one ethical, honest and morally responsible candidate running right now is constantly attacked by the other front runners and blacked out all together by the media.

I am aware of this by a process called looking for the absence of a thing.
And the absence is very loud here to me. To be able to see what is missing..what is not there. And asking the questions formed by this awareness of the absence of a thing.

If this is the candidate I am thinking you are referring to...I am aware that this candidate has been dead on the moneys his issues for over 20 years.

This and other absences has cleared up to me any doubts I had about the media...including the Fabled Fox News. They too are part of the phony political media...shilling for their phony candidates and political party. And they too try to avoid and downplay this candidate. I also include Rush Limbaugh in this same lot with Fox News as well as the other phony shilling media. There are important topics and ideas that they too dare not touch or teach to the American Public..they don't dare.

I would love to see him (your candidate) make it and begin to expose the political process for the counterfeit it is..but I don't believe he would last long in office. They would have to get him out of office by any means..because he is against the rigged system in so many ways and they know it.

This computer has opened the eyes of many many more peoples out here..but not enough.

At some point I believe this Internet will be shut down or severely just like our political/educational process.

I am picking up alot of cross talk..on the Internet and on the airwaves..about more controls being put into and identifying on the www.

I believe that much of this has to do with the concept and knowledge that even a small number of people are waking up...but this is a much larger group..than say....10 years ago.

It is worrisome to me that a government would be so insecure as to come out in the open with their actual to look on their own people as untrustworthy/suspect/dangerous...rather than foreigners...or outsiders.

And all the time they are doing this ..they are planning the next war...without veterans benefits of course. But not cutting back on salaries and benefits to the leadership.

One has to go to public school to get this naturally stupid.

I believe the candidate of which you are speaking would make this clear to the people of this country...and put light on this corrupt process.

This corrupt and a devout religion complete with religious zeal...and it is also how the very soul of a nation is bartered, traded, and sold to the highest bidder.
This is not a new process/thing....but a continuation of an olde and ancient process. It is a counterfeit system carefully overlaid on the authorized system..and conducting itself as if it was the authorized system.By this overlaying method it can pass as if it was the real system..but it is a counterfeit system. A parasite.

This is exactly the system which the Ancient Hebrews tried to do and secretly/privily overlay onto the Law of Moses if it were the Law of Moses when it was no such thing. In like manner, to what is happening today, the Ancient Hebrews were counterfeiting.
As the Hebrews in Ancient Israel carried on in this whorish manner ..century after the end ..they lost their blessings from God and eventually the whole 70 AD.

I believe the candidate of which you are speaking ..if they were to get into office ...would implement changes necessary to awaken the a real education..real information's..real thought patterns and ideas.

But I also think the media and political whoredom would fight this all the way. 100% against it....including Fox News with their brand of whoredom.

Politics is a devout and zealous religion Rykuss. Politics just happens to be ..not the product advertised. Which is why it is a counterfeit religion and is of the counterfeiter.

Which is also the reason I have not gotten an answer from Humphreys about this...

Give me the name of the god of this world??


The solution is for people to get a real education..something more than drama and television and movie thoughts. Enough to be able to think outside of the political box which our leadership has consciously and deliberately put them in by omission. By not giving them enough to think for themselves.

But it is difficult to get people to think and conduct themselves outside of their self imposed comfort zone.
Hence while I give my views on things ..I do not force people to think the way I do. Mostly I leave them right where they are and go my own way.
But when I see such thought patterns attempting to pass for the moral high ground when they are not...I will sometimes say my say as I do here at times.
This causes problems with the drama/labeling crowd.

I am speaking here of a counterfeit system Rykuss..a system overlaid on to our system which is not the system advertised..yet controls default

A counterfeit..and this is appropriate to the title of this thread for it is part and parcel of the World system of which Humphrys and others refer yet do not answer the question when it is posed.

Gotta get started now...another antenna to build today.

Thanks Rykuss for your time and posts,
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Postby greeney2 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:58 am

So are you going to Vote in the election or not? :lol:
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Postby orangetom1999 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:39 pm

greeney2 wrote:So are you going to Vote in the election or not? :lol:

Only after I finish building this antenna!!

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Postby Guest » Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:42 pm

Thanks for that, orangetom. I found that to be a very inciteful post and it clarified my questions. You've cleared up the misconceptions I had about you previous post and I find myself in agreement with everything you stated in your latest reply.

Postby at1with0 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:44 pm

Except that OT is a clever disinformation agent. :D

Just kidding, OT. :whistle:
"it is easy to grow crazy"
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Postby Island_Girl » Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:53 pm

frrostedman wrote:
Island_Girl wrote:IG... :wtf: :?

Until I looked at Events tag line
I thought ya'll were talking about me. :oops:

I need to get a life and realize that life
is not totally defined by music. Or should I? :think:

It's not ALL about you ALL the time, Island Girl!!! :evil:

Geez o' Pete are you self-centered!!! :evil:



:think: Frosti...

I play different roles in my little
drama of life. :twisted: or :angel:

Hopefully we can all maintian center
and think for ourselves. The Golden Rule
is helpful. :)

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Postby greeney2 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:10 pm

Very cute, I remember when the song was a hit in its day too. The good ol days. :D
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Postby event_horizon » Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:48 am

greeney2 wrote:The KKK is about intolerance, bigotry, and hate, and what is more bigoted than discrimination against race or religion, if its against Jews or Christians, hating them, and spreading open hostility, and provoking? What you call debating, comes off alot more like provoking, with the atheism attitudes. You are not exactly embracing the rights of others in a free country, you are intolerant of it, and you do not need to hang someone, or commit a violant act, to be a bigot in life. They do all of it(KKK), but not even every KKK member commits crimes. If your bigotry is limited to verbal expression and attitude, it is none the less still intolerant, prejudice, and bigoted twards religion, KKK or otherwise. There are plenty of white sepremisists who do not go the distance of crimes, but are just as much sympathizers and support the concept. They go though life hating jews, African Americans, other minorieties, Gays, even if they never commit a crime, they are bigots.

I'm not going to sit here and try explaining to you again why I'm here and what the purpose of the IG site is. I've told you way too many times. Every day you're oblivious to what happened the day before -- that's why every day you make the same ridiculous rants. If you don't want to believe me and/or can't remember anything I'm telling you then I really don't care any longer. Anyone here is more than welcome to browse the IG site and see for themselves that it's not geared toward bigotry and hate. Its sole purpose is to open peoples' eyes to the irrationality in the Bible:

Anybody can see that it's nothing at all like what you're babbling on and on about. You need to seek professional help and get on meds or something man. Seriously. You're completely delusional.
I don't believe what I believe because it's what I desire to believe. I believe what I believe because it's what logic causes me to believe.
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