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sopa amendments/ changes require clarity.

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Postby ricardo » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:36 pm

sopa HR3261
intended to protect copyright , and trade secrets. does the wording secure
territory, and implement an environment of technological hegemony ? at the expense of intellectual collaboration that advances knowledge/ science.?
does the wording limit competition ?

sec2320 title 18 USC offense under title 2320 of title 18 section 1831
trade secrets outside the USA. and "ECONOMIC ESPIONGE "/ outside USA.
this is an nebulous term !

does this interpret to mean , If one participates in / supports- (B. D. S.) boycott, divest, and sanction. Israel. because of illegal israelian actions in the middle east. we can be prosecuted ???
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:43 pm

further - title 2 sec 204 amended 2 e.
HR 3261 training and technical assistance may be extended to countries in order to implement and (police )policy objectives of enforcement. this last part is paraphrased.

is this an back door method of military intervention ? again nebulous.
I need clarification. to exclude military aid tied or conected to this bill.

205 read defense intelligence. anything that adversely effects combat
readiness or impinges the mission. clarification and that was sneaky.
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