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Pentagon says chaplains may perform gay weddings

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, this forum is dedicated to the topic of religion and spirituality. We live in a diverse world with different morals and ideas when it comes to our beliefs, so come in and share your thoughts.

Postby Guest » Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:42 am

mrshumphreys wrote:But surely they realise they've been showering with gay people all along, even during don't ask, don't tell, right? Why is this suddenly going to be a problem? :?

They're scared they might catch "the gay". :lol:

Postby greeney2 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:15 pm

Another interresting concept, is that all chaplins have a rank, and are in the military service. They are also ordained to certain religions. The Penatgon gave its blessing to preform gay weddings, but can they order a chaplin to do it if it conflicts with the religion he is Chaplin of? I always thought they were of some religion, and not like a justice of the peace, which a wedding would be totally non-religious in nature.
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Postby CodeBlackv2 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:03 pm

The military is looking more and more like prison everyday. Don't drop the soap in the shower. You never know who is going to be checking out your gear. We had a homo on our ship. Only a few knew about it, but couldn't prove it or didn't want to say anything. He went AWOL for 2 months. They caught him driving a Coke delivery truck on the base, doh! I think he missed the whole point of going AWOL. He got out of the Navy and married his whatever you call it, mate, when Cali made it legal. If they can cure AIDS, why can't they cure homosexuality?

What if 7% of the human race had a leg growing out of their forehead and they formed a political organization to prevent doctors from finding a cure? That's where we are. That AIDS cure came awfully fast, snap your finger and it's done, while people continue to die of other diseases every day. Same old oppression. Goes back thousands of years. People should be asking questions, don't you think?
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Postby greeney2 » Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:36 am

Maybe he went AWOL because of the way he was treated by everyone else? Gay or not, he enlisted and volunteered to serve his country in the Navy. I have about 1000 times more respect for him, than the jerks who burn the Flag, while they bitch they are oppressed by the Homeland security laws.
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