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Another Reason To Despise The UN !

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Postby SWRanger » Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:26 pm

U.N. Lowers Flag for Kim Jong Il
2:29 PM, Dec 28, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER

Human rights group U.N. Watch sends out this photo of the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva flying its flag at half mast for the funeral of dead North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il:


U.N. Watch says other U.N. buildings are honoring Kim Jong Il in this manner, too.

Hillel Neuer, the executive director of the group, blasted the U.N. “We understand that the UN follows diplomatic protocol, but the world body must not forget that its founding purpose is to defend basic human rights, and sadly that message is at serious risk of being blurred today,” Neuer said in a statement. "Today should be a time for the UN to show solidarity with the victims -- the millions of North Koreans brutalized by Kim's merciless policies of starvation, torture and oppression -- and not with the perpetrator." :thumbup:

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Postby gudskepteacal » Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:53 pm

Yeah, as if we needed another reason to despise the Unneaded Nuisance. Let's ditch that den of communists before they drag this country any further down the road to global socialism/serfdom where they, of course, become the Ultimate Necessity. :thumbdown:
"History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance." - James Madison
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Postby SWRanger » Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:44 pm


They said it was for Humanitarian Purposes but the monies collected went to provide Food and First Aid supplies for the Terrorists fighting against Rhodesia from 1965-80 and Viet Cong during 1965-75..... :twisted:

Also the UN was responsible for most of the bloodshed in the Congo during the 1960's....
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Postby frrostedman » Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:09 pm

I'm wondering if O'bummer had the US capitol building do the same. Wouldn't surprise me in the least. We should have pulled our funding out of the UN long ago.
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Postby bionic » Fri Dec 30, 2011 12:00 am

you have to remember they have to pander to the whole world(not just the states we like)..governments and leaders of many nations..they have to appease a-lot, me thinks

I imagine world leaders having brat fits all the time
power games..pissing contests..etc...
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