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Trump drops Republican Party--"very interesting"

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Postby greeney2 » Sat Dec 24, 2011 11:17 am

This really could be very interesting. As Obama's numbers dwindle, everyone watchs the Republicans who started about 7 strong and united, finally started getting nasty. Cain dropped out, and a few others probably should, so the field narrows down. The country is in no mood for nonsence anymore. The Congress approval is even less than Obama's. As the republicans narrow down, the top runners are not slam dunks. Not since Ross Perot has an indepentant been so strong. Trump may be a much stonger indpendant than Ross was. plus the mood of the country right now, and if the republican nomine is not that appealing. Donald Trump is a strong possibilty, to do well as an independant. People could see him as a sucessful big businessman capable of pulling us out of economic problems, and producing jobs. The mood of the country is sick and tired of both parties, so an independant could have a real strong run. Could be very interesting, depending on who the nominee is, and who they pick to run as VP.

If Obama runs with Biden, and either Romney or Ron Paul is nominated, the independant team could be on equal ground, and not a mere small percentage. Imagine Trump who just told the republicans to shove it, teamed up with Joe Lieberman who told the Democrats to take a hike, last year. Independant team of strong business + strong defence and foreign policy, could really win the next election.

Trump drops Republican Party registration in NY
AP – 14 hrs agoEmailShare11PrintRelated ContentFILE - In this file photo taken April 25, 2011, Donald Trump is interviewed in New …
NEW YORK (AP) — Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has changed his voter registration in New York state from Republican to unaffiliated.

A spokesman for Trump says the businessman and television host changed his affiliation to preserve his option to seek the presidency in 2012.

Special Counsel Michael Cohen said Friday that Trump could enter the race if Republicans fail to nominate a candidate who can defeat President Barack Obama.

He said Trump probably would use his substantial wealth to even the playing field with Obama's re-election campaign.

Cohen said Trump's commitment to hosting TV's "The Apprentice" will keep him from doing anything until May, when the show's season wraps up.

He said Trump filed his voter registration paperwork Thursday.
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Postby BloodStone » Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:05 am

I think if Trump or Ron Paul run as independent we will have 4 even more miserable years of Obamao to destroy what is left of this once great Country.

He will have no campaigning left to do, he will enact all his progressive dreams without a thought of reelection. That equals our doom. Unless the Republicans pick up the Senate and keep the House.

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Postby gudskepteacal » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:28 am

I agree with BloodStone about an Independent candidate splitting much more of the Republican vote than the Democratic. The 2 party system will prevail once again in next years pres. election, imo, as the prospect of a game changing third choice will probably be lost on most of the electorate. That and the very real liklihood of the new, Independent candidate losing would undoubtedly keep most people voting their party.

If there is a third party candidate, can't we choose somebody else besides Donald Trump? No doubt he's one of the slickest financiers/developers around, but, (especially)after that stunt with Obama's birth certificate, I think Trump should stay in his world and NOT run for president. Hear him get real wound-up, full of taunts and hubris...

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Postby greeney2 » Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:26 am

Although Trump has not shown any interest further to run, its becoming more and more as the Republican narrow down, that the top dog is not going to be a slam dunk. I'm seeing that it may be an even race between Obama and the front runner, and neither is going to look that appealing to the voters. I think if Trump were to team up with another strong Independant, I still think a team where Trump and Liberman both told the Replicans and Democrats to take a hike, they may be on even ground in a run for President.

I honestly think the voters are so fed up with both parties, a strong indepenant pair could make it. At the very least make the strongest show ever from a 3rd party.
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