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Although some attribute UFOs to being an ALIEN technology, it really isn't. Inside this forum, you are welcome to talk about UFOs, sightings, case files, and new events. Feel free to post videos, photographs, and whatever other evidence you want to share!

Postby WarAngel » Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:08 am

Glad to see there's already a thread devoted to this topic. :thumbup: I think USOs are under researched and more attention should be payed to them. Especially since many witnesses describe them coming out of the water and flying in the air. It begs the question of how many UFOs seen in the sky actually capable of underwater travel.

I'd like to add that it's my belief that something is going on in the Santa Catalina Chanel. The name comes up alot when talking about USOs.

SneakyPete wrote:I watched some stuff about it on the History channel, and I was wondering if the government has any records of reports for this.

If the military personel/witnesses are to be believed (and I think they are) then it's more than likely there are records hidden away in some top secret vault. The military and government know more than it's letting on. The question just what do they have that the people don't. :think:

SneakyPete wrote:doubt it. someone def. should. i would if i had the money to travel there

The thing is that when I was a kid I took a family trip to Prince Edward Island. Shag Harbor is on the way. I just saw this on a UFO Files episode. I think it was "Underwater UFOs: Red Alert." If I knew about that before and was old enough at the time I would have tried to stop by for a day and talk to locals, buy a book, take pics etc. Maybe one day I'll get to go back. :pray:
What if it were true?
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Postby WarAngel » Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:39 am

Source: UFO Files episode Underwater UFOs

* "In fact UFOs and USOs are probably the same things. A UFO becomes a USO when it's no longer flying and submerges."
- Bill Birnes

* The Santa Catalina Chanel is 26 mile wide stretch in the Pacific Ocean separating Los Angels from Catalina Island. Experts say portions are as deep as Mount Everest is high. It may contain some of the world's "darkest mysteries." USOs are reported to fly into and out of the chanel.

* Preston Dennett has uncovered 200-300 cases. He is a UFO researcher and author of
UFOs Over California and has investgated the Santa Catalina area for almost 20 years. He says it's a "huge hotspot." "Actually there was a huge wave" of sightings over the Santa Monica Mountain Range on June 14th 1992. The witnesses counted a total of about 200 objects. What's interesting about this case is that the objects came from below. Normally when someone sees a UFO it comes out of the sky like a star. They see a star-like object and it comes swooping down. These came from below to above."

* Ivan T. Sanderson wrote Invisible Residents in 1970. It was the first to analyze the USO phenominon.
- He reported an event March 1963 a US Navy submarine excerise is going as planned 100 miles off of Puerto Rico. Then a sub breaks from it's assigned route when it picks up an object traveling at speeds in excess of 150 knots at a depth the sonar reports as 20,000 ft underwater. The typical crush depth of a submarine is 7,000 ft. The unknown gave an acustic signature of a single propeller type of motion. It exceded the capabilities of known
submarines at the time and even today. The unknown submarine craft was tracked by the entire carrier group for almost four days. It would propel away at impossible speeds and then stop. Allowing for continued tracking by the Navy. They lost track of the craft after midnight on the fourth day and it was never seen again. Reports were sent back to Norfok, Virginia. However an official determination was never made.

* On June 14th 1992 10:24 pm for about for about 2 minutes the waters in the Pacific Ocean "explode with light as hundreds of bright disk like craft are witnessed flyng out of the water together. Similar to other reports of USOs exiting the water these craft emerge from the Pacific in almost complete silence. They reportedly hover for a moment before bursting into
space. Reports of this incident were phoned into local police departments as far away as Malibu. The incident was reported to the Coast Guard sector in Long Beach. Which declined the search request. This was the second event in Los Angeles in three years.

A call from that day:
Deputy: Lost Hills Sheriff's Department

Caller: Did anyone report anything strange tonight?

Deputy: Ahhh...Can you be a little more specific? Ahh...strange, you know...ahhh...

Caller: Lights.

Deputy: Lights?

Caller: Yes.

Deputy: What exactly happened to you on your way home?

Caller: I'm ashamed to tell you because I think you're gonna think I'm crazy. We saw what we thought was a bright light up in the sky.

Deputy: Okay.

Caller: We could hear it wasn't a helicopter. I'm telling you. I have never been more frightened in my life.

* February 7th 1989, a dark and foggy morning "Scuba divers, boat sonar systems and people on the shore witness a long dark unidentified craft dive out of the Pacific. For about 90 seconds the USO rests just above the surface before emitting about a dozen smaller fast moving objects. 60 seconds later the craft dives back underwater. It's last reported sonar heading was south towards the Catalina Chanel before it disapeared."

* The Gulf of Nuevo Event: February 8th 1960 the Agentinian Navy is on alert while it tracks two unidentified submarine-like objects within it's waters. At the time they are belived to be American subs. However the objects are seen on sonar to break apart and fly out of the water. The two objects multiplied into six. The Agentinians were not able to catch or destroy them because the objects disapeared. Nikita Khrushchev was so intriqued by event that he sent the diplomatic atache to find out what's going on.

* November 11th 1972: A "fast moving submarine-like object" is detected on sonar in the Sonja Fjord of the west coast of Norway by the Norweagen Navy. They track it for two weeks. A fleet of surface ships and specially equiped sub hunter helicopters are assembled to find the object. The succede on November 20th 1972 when the object is seen visually for the first time. It is described as being "a massive silent cigar shapped object." A navy ship fires it's guns and torpedoes at the craft. It dove under the water and seemed to evade depth charges. After two weeks the Navy tries to use a blockade to trap it in the Fjord. After about 14 or 15 days the craft disapeared.

* October 11 1492 10pm: A calm clear night. Christopher Columbus's first voyage sail through the Bermuda Triangle and over one of the Atlantic Ocean's deepest raveens. The depth is almost four miles. Suddenly one of the Santa Maria's crew, a man named Gueterez sees "unearthly lights" flashing under the water. A flash of briliance unlike anything known at the time and a "disc shaped object" rises sudenly from the ocean. This startles the crews of the three ships. Less than five hours later they discovered the New World. It was described in the log book as "the flickering of a wax candle going up and down in the night." At the time the nearest land was not visible on the horizon.

- Log Book Entries
September 10th 1492 (halfway point): "The crew of the Nino stated they have seen a Garaho and a Water Wagtail. But these birds never go farther than 25 leagues from the land."

September 11th 1492: "Saw the large fragment of a mast of a vessel apparently of 120 tons. But could not pick it up."

September 17th and 20th 1492: "The cause was that the star moved from it's place but the needles remained stationary."

October 11th 1492: "The Admiral at ten 'o clock that evening standing on the quarter deck saw a light. Calling to Pero Gueterez he told him he saw a light and bid him look that way, which he did and saw it. The Admiral again percieved it once or twice apearing like the light of a wax candle moving up and down.

* In 329 B.C. Alexander The Great witnessed "shinning shield-like objects" flying into and out of the Jaxartes River in India. He became so convinced that he saw otherworldly vessels that he spent the remaining six years of his life searching for evidence of the objects by using a diving bell. The device is considered to be the first submarine.

* Some conclude that Alexander The Great's explorations underwater were intended to find Atlantis.
- Some consider Atlantis to actually be a "hub of USO activity." It's supposed location in the Mediteranian would provide an excelent location to monitor human civilizations and their shipping routes to and from Asia Minor, Rome and Athens.
_ "The legend of Atlantis definately is based on knowledge probably lost by today of some secret underwater civilization."
- Paul Stonehill (Co-Author "UFO USSR")

* Some experts believe that the ancient Egyptians recorded UFO/USO events. Such as heiroglyphs in a temple located at Abydos. It's believed by some to show a submarine, aircraft and what looks like a modern helicopter.

* In the year 1067 people in European countryside saw and object in the sky which apeared to be flaming. It came down to Earth, lit up the countryside, went up and then down into the sea.

* One of the 20th Century's first USO encounters was written in a detailed report in the Philadelphia Inquieror newspaper on
August 1st 1904. It details the voyage of a British cargo ship named the Mohican while enroute to Philadelphia was
"enshrouded in a strange metalic vapor which glowed like phosphorous." Captain Urohart and every member of the crew confirm that
an object came across the ocean and that a cloud aproached the ship. The crew couldn't move anything while the cloud was
enveloping the ship. The news story goes on to say that during the event the compass revolved with the speed of an electric
motor. The crew could not raise pieces of steel from the magnetized decks.

* The region around Pueto Rico may have the longest legacy for USOs. As the southern most point of The Bermuda Triangle the island has been at the center of the USO debate for decades. It seems to match other such cases. Puertorican Ufology group Project Argus
researches the phenominon.
- Lagoona Cartihana is an isolated lake near the southwestern end of the island. It's linked to much of the USO activity. There is a degree of secrecy in the area. On October 8th 2002 at aproximately 9pm Police Officer and member of Project Argus Carlos Tores witness a red glowing USO fly out of Lagoona Cartihana with incredible speed. The craft then stops and hovers above the water. It then flew away and then came back. It stoped and hovered over the lake. After serveral minutes it seemed to "crash" back into the water. The military also witnessed it and was involved.
- Route 303 is another location of USO and UFO reports. Specifically the LaJas region. A possible crash in 1997 on Monte Indio left a scorched impact zone. Many unanswered questions followed. The night of the crash Federals opened something. Possibly a UFO. Ater this government officials took USO/UFO reports seriously. Then mayor of LaJas designated the roadway through the heart of Puerto Rico's UFO country as UFO Route 303.
- In the hills around LaJas is a mysterious government Aerostat. This is a tethered balloon borne radar which is often launched three miles in the air. Officially it is for air traffic and weather. USO researchers believe it's actual purpose is covert observation and recording of UFO and USO activity. Acording to them there was a government document in the legislature that delt with the conducting of a secret investigation into USO events. It claims they are no danger to people.

* The large amount of reports from around Puerto Rico have caused researchers and experts from around the world to believe that the deep waters just offshore. They claim that the area hides a major USO base. This is in part fueled by the fact that it is the southern tip of the Bermuda Triangle. They go on to say this is so the craft can enter one area and exit at another within the base.

* It is believed that USOs are advanced in ways that seem to defy the laws of physics. Abilities are said to include travel at extreme depths, easily pass through ice, travel underwater at supersonic speeds and be able to wistand gamma and cosmic rays in space.
- In late 1969 the U.S. Navy's was conducting it's regular ice breaking mission near Antartica named Operation Deep Freeze. During this a USO was reportedly seen by sailors aboard the USS Calcaterra (DER-390.) The "submarine-like"craft was said to burrow through the ice at a rapid speed. It was said to be at least 100 ft. long.
- In the winter of 1976 near Lenningrad, Russia a USO broke down through the ice, traveled underwater and then came back up through the ice.
- Water spouts are seen underneath the craft as they exit the water. It is believed by some that the craft use water to power a fusion engine. The craft are seen over resivours as well as large bodies of water.
- The propulsion systems are theorized to be types ranging from massive jet style propulsion systems to "frictionless bubbles" that surround the craft like a cocoon. The engines would act more like generators that create a magnetic envelope to repel the Earth's natural magnetism. This would enable the craft to acelerate, decelerate rise and descend in the water. These devices would enable the craft to overcome any difficulty of high speed underwater travel. This might be achieved by using a magneto aerodynamic system. This would be similar to the electromagnetic minisubmarine made by the University of California Santa Barbra in 1966. It used salt water's natural ability to conduct electricity. The sub had no moving parts.
- The USOs could be using diomagnetism, a weak repelant force. Water is a good magnetic conduit and would enhance this.
- USOs are said to use a method similar to how a lightbulb works. The craft is the filament and the bulb is the field. The craft itself would never actually touch the water. This process uses what's called a supergravitating bubble.
- Propelling underwater vehicles at supersonic speeds would require an amount of power greater than any known invention. For a vehicle five feet in diameter to travel through the air at the speed of sound requires 15,000 horsepower. For the same vehicle to travel at the same speed undewater it would need 1 million horsepower.
What if it were true?
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Postby bionic » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:31 am

I got a message once that super intelligent, tiny sea snails actually live down yonder..they are extremely psychic...
not sure whether to believe it or not, though
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Postby WarAngel » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:21 pm

bionic wrote:I got a message once that super intelligent, tiny sea snails actually live down yonder..they are extremely psychic...
not sure whether to believe it or not, though

My first thought it it's false. That it sounds too out there to be true. Upon further consideration their brains or whatever would be too small to even have Human level conscieness. Psychic ability would require even more brain power than most people have.
What if it were true?
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Postby thunder » Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:58 pm

im with you there warangel,sounds a bit silly to me to.
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Postby WarAngel » Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:16 pm

thunder wrote:im with you there warangel,sounds a bit silly to me to.

No offense is meant to you bionic but it sounds more like an episode of SyFy Channel's Sanctuary.
What if it were true?
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Postby shadowcass » Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:46 pm

More nonsense gets talked about this subject by half-informed people who "saw a documentary on youtube once" than anything else.

One couldn't actually call the Shag Harbor Crash a true "USO" incident since the object, whatever it was, wasn't in or under the water intentionally. There is a fairly good summary of the incident at ... harbor.htm

Also NICA)P has some documentation on it:

And there is a dandy book on the subject: ... 281&sr=1-1
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Postby CodeBlackv2 » Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:40 pm

Would be really interesting if someone found the hypothetical documents about the hypothetical incident I hypothetically experienced. Unfortunately I doubt that will ever happen. The only thing I could advise would be to look for the communication from the hypothetical submarine to the hypothetical command (Submarine Group 5, San Diego). Eh, you'll never find that, not even John's FOIA requests can touch that, since it would likely still be above top secret, hypothetically speaking.

Just one bit of general comment, submarines never surface out at sea. Their job is to be invisible. There is a very small number of things that would cause a sub to surface at sea, in the middle of the Pacific, 1,000 miles from anything, and not part of any exercise.
1. Running into something.
2. Friendly craft in need of immediate assistance.
3. Some serious damage to the sub which required surfacing.
4. A Flying Dutchman
5. Phenomena requiring direct investigation.

And in the hypothetical incident mentioned:
1. There was no collision.
2. Subs are not in a position to render much assistance. They cannot pick up survivors. Many of the crew would know about this and it would not likely be classified.
3. There was no damage. Again, the crew would know and would not likely be classified.
4. There is no such thing as far as I know.

That just leaves number 5. And in the hypothetical incident those crew members who were allowed to see the phenomena were told never to speak of it and that it was classified above top secret, hypothetically speaking of course. And not being a direct witness to the hypothetical phenomena I don't know what the heck it was. Weird is what I would call it.

And btw, West Coast boats don't report to Norfolk. They report to Submarine Group 5, which is in San Diego. That doesn't mean that someone in Norfolk might not eventually be informed. And Catalina is a hot spot for submarines. ;) Investigating USOs would be a real challenge. It would take a lot of money; an ocean is a big place. Not to mention that you would be running into people who are not used to investigators in their playground. Just something to keep in mind.
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Postby shadowcass » Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:59 pm

You do realize that Shag Harbour is in Canada, right?
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Postby CodeBlackv2 » Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:02 pm

If you mean me, I was referring to the incidents mentioned earlier at Catalina. That's off the coast of California.
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