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Government and Political Conspiracies

Links to 9/11 truth articles

Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby zoltan2 » Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:06 pm

Links to 9/11 truth articles

I Gov't def of Conspiracy Theory Passenger list oddity data is not from AA 757 NIST Report on WTC7 No passenger plane hit Pentagon. Nova Scotia's connection Gray plane w/no windows hit WTC. Jess Ventura on WTC7 "Passengers" on AA 11 Barbara Olson is alive in Stockholm. "Passengers" on Flight 93 "Passengers on Flight 175 WTC7 No child should see photos 4th & 5th posts; Did You Know? Max Cleland; Huffington Post censors Road To Armageddon/Paul Craig Robt Countries challenge official story. What happened to Clare Swinney in NZ Murders of those who had inside info Aircraft speed impossible at sea level. Charlie Sheen article Gary Smith killed in Pentagon Auto pilot cannot be undone. Nano-Thermite NIST Report questioned. AA Flight 11 did not fly. Reader's comments to above story One "hijacker" died before 9/11. 119 minute video proving infiltration Pentagon struck by missile. Ditto. Also DU used. Scroll half way down; Did You Know? Knights of Malta Second janitor in WTC Steel ignores jet fuel 9/11 related. Bin Laden dead in 2001. Enron destroyed files in WTC7 More proof of bombs in WTC Who held derivatives contracts? Planes-No Planes? Vatican & Bush implicated Disinfo theories; Sibel Edmonds Superb Bollyn article exposing Palast Controlled demolition Pentagon Flight over PA Pulled to safety moments before jet hit NORAD, more; this is Did You Know? Bogus Bin Laden tape 9/11 disinformation 9/11 and the Vietnam War Explosives & Censoring WTC janitor Cover-up NYC Fireman's words were twisted. Pentagon & cordite Mossad agents in USA FBI seized evidence at Pentagon Third post; this is Did You Know? What did Gov know and when.... Moussaqui Trial confirms FBI Coverup Pentagon video crash Pakistan spills beans on 9/11 Military expert on WTC See first post; this is Did You Know? Pilot's view on plane re: Pentagon The Pentagon crash Fourth post; this is Did You Know? WTC Eng deny planes cause crash Black box coverup Email to NIST Al-Qa'eda Article needs to be put back WTC7 How 9/11 is being covered up.... Pentagon hoax Dick Eastman article First & Third posts; Did You Know? Ques General Myers wouldn't answer Scroll to end; Ted Olson Pentagon by Dick Eastman WTC Explosions before impact Fourth & Fifth posts; Did You Know? Al-Qa'eda, creation of intelligence Flight 93 Flight 93; Brian Quig article Flight 93 Summary of AP article 9/11 Put options, more Chossudovsky article 2nd, 3rd, & 4th posts; link was disabled. Cell calls impossible Occult symbolism Small Jet attack on Pentagon Pentagon Anomalities WTC is a No-Fly Zone, more Bombs at Pentagon, not planes Planes remotely controlled. Military told to stand down. Part 2 of above. My flight on 9/11 6 "dead" hijackers are alive. "Threat" to Air Force One Technology on solving hijacking Unocal v pres speech Ruppert on insider trading Bombs in WTC by Fintan Dunne Pentagon operation OsamaGate Islamic culture Planned war in Afghanistan CNN crime against information Americans for justice in Pales Taliban shut down heroin Welcome to New World Order No black boxes Lies about Taliban heroin WTC architect Ha'aretz article South African killed in WTC 11 Nigerians killed in WTC I lost my brother on 9/11 Israeli news blackout-Quig article Exposing FBI-black boxes AF Intel source-inside job Palestinian massacre CIA rejection of stinger missiles Airplanes by Rodney Stich Cover up by CNN & BBC Who Done It-Hoffman article
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