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Happy Labor Day!

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Postby greeney2 » Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:42 am

Labor Day weekend already, where did the summer go so quickly this year? Millions of people off for a weekend away, but not me, these are stay home times for us. Rather spend the weekend around town, in the yard, having a backyard BBQ, and plan a getaway during the week. But thats just the advantage of being retired. We get to go when we want to, but when you are working families, have kids in school, this is one of the big ones. Los Angeles had one of the main routes out if you headed for Vegas, due to a fire. Closed down the I-15 over what we call Cajon Pass. What a mess that would have been.

Whatever you do this weekend enjoy it, have a great time, and drive safe.
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Postby bluesman » Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:25 pm

U2 G2..have a good one...

turned on MDA the telethon tonight..just aint the same with jerry not there..

bet they dont do what they have done in the past as far as money goes..

hope they do cause i think they have done wonders so far
but jerry was the driving force in my opinion.

take it easy

Breaking news at above site!
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Postby greeney2 » Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:09 pm

Jerry plans a press conference for the 6th, it will be interresting to hear what he says, and to know the total collected without him. Jerry really did slip in the past few years, and made a few really over the top statements, and a few off color things that made them cringe. Last years finish I rewatched the clip of, and he really gets terribly emotional, where He said things that made the MDA wheelchair bound people very uncomfortable. And his completly loosing it during his song, was just too much. I know MDA can not publically say that, and getting to gracefully retire appears to have flopped. They should have agreed to showing a clip of him singing his song from better years, where he held it togather. All this and recient things like Jerry forgetting a gun in his luggage at the airport. That and his interview in which he tells of having the gun to his head, ready to kill himself, have all been part of his decline.
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Postby bluesman » Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:54 am

yeah i know still just not the same..he has been the driving force...its to bad he couldnt just ease out of the picture

have agreat day. im working on my truck..have to replaced the pressure hose on the power steering,..thats going to be heel lar i sure.. :wall: :wall: :wall:

Breaking news at above site!
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Postby greeney2 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:26 am

Is it true they topped last year? What else would they say?

Even without Jerry Lewis, the Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon posted its best gain since the recession started, though the program's longtime host was on the minds of many during the 46th annual fundraiser.

"American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said after co-hosting Sunday's program that he's sorry the famed comedian didn't participate, but the organization needs to move on to ensure the fundraiser continues.

The telethon raised nearly $61.5 million Sunday, an increase of about $2.6 million over last year, MDA officials said.

Lythgoe told The Associated Press minutes after the six-hour live broadcast ended on the east coast that he thought the 85-year-old actor would show up either during the telecast or earlier to film a taped segment of his signature song "You'll Never Walk Alone."

"I was fully expecting him to turn up at any point and join that six hours - and I'm sorry he didn't," Lythgoe told the AP. "And hopefully another year he might. I mean, he knows that he is always welcome on the telethon. It's his baby."

An orchestra was ready to film Lewis, but he didn't come to the Las Vegas casino where the telethon was filmed, Lythgoe said.

Lewis publicist Candi Cazau declined comment when reached by the AP. Earlier, she said Lewis never agreed to any appearance - recorded or live - after the MDA announced in August he wouldn't take part in the show or be its chairman.

Lythgoe and co-host Jann Carl said during the show that Lewis



Lewis has not publicly said why he is no longer chairman of the MDA, or why he didn't personally appear in this year's telethon. The co-hosts' remarks during the show were the first time the MDA has addressed Lewis' departure since it was announced, and telethon spokesman Jim Brown declined further comment about the split.

Lewis' absence ended a 45-year run in which he raised $1.66 billion.

The fundraiser raised $58.9 million last year, but was shortened this year from 21½ hours.

Brown said early Monday that this year's donations increased to nearly $61.5 million, the MDA's best showing since 2008 when the recession started.

"The tremendous success of the telethon, even in a tough economy where some communities are also being challenged by natural disasters, shows that America understands and appreciates the truly rapid progress being made by MDA-funded researchers worldwide," R. Rodney Howell, M.D., chairman of the MDA Board of Directors, said in a statement.

Lythgoe said he and other telethon hosts knew Lewis - a man inextricably bonded to the telethon - would be a presence even in a show that never included his voice.

"There appeared to be an elephant in the room, and it's one that you go talk about," Lythgoe said. "This guy is someone who's put this whole thing together."

Buy Lythgoe said the telethon and cause can't center around one man - even Lewis.

"It has to continue without him and we are going to need a lot of help from everybody to ensure that it does continue," Lythgoe said. "Because Jerry, bless him, is 85 and isn't going to be around forever anyway. And the MDA and this telethon has to continue."

The Lewis-less telethon began airing live on the east coast Sunday night with an opening number featuring young dancers performing to David Guetta's "Titanium," with an introduction from Abbey Umali, the organization's tween goodwill ambassador.

Lythgoe, Carl and co-hosts Nancy O'Dell and Alison Sweeney then spent five minutes after being introduced talking about Lewis and his lifelong legacy felt by the telethon, the MDA and everyone who participates in the charity's pushes for neuromuscular research, clinics and summer camps for youngsters known as "Jerry's Kids."

Lythgoe said during his opening comments that Lewis, 85, seemed to be passing the torch last year when the comedian offered Lythgoe his seat as Lewis took a break and Lythgoe was coming on the air

"And Jerry, and I know you're watching, when you gave me that chair I know it's possible to sit on it, but it's isn't possible, Jerry, to replace you, sir," he said.

Later in the show's first hour, superstar singer Celine Dion mentioned Lewis again during a taped segment, referring to

In this Sept. 6, 1999 file photo, Jerry Lewis sings "You'll Never Walk Alone" as his final song of the 1999 Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon in Los Angeles. The hosts of the 46th annual Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon say Jerry Lewis retired from the yearly fundraiser, the organization's first comments since announcing the beloved icon's departure last month. Co-host Nigel Lythgoe said during his opening comments on the telethon that he didn't realize Lewis was thinking about retirement during the show last year, when the comedian offered Lythgoe his seat during a break in the fundraiser. (AP Photo/Muscular Dystrophy Association, Jay LaPrete, file)him as a friend as she introduced a cover performance of Journey's "Open Arms."
Other celebrities briefly mentioned Lewis throughout the show during cameos sprinkled between a variety of performances, interviews with people touched by muscular diseases and suit-clad corporate representatives touting company philanthropy and partnerships with the MDA.

Just before the show's closing, a two-minute montage over piano music showed Lewis dancing, singing, mingling with famous faces and interviewing children - though he was never heard.

It was a stark contrast from previous years, when the show was as much about Lewis at center stage as the donations themselves.

As the program aired, many viewers openly wondered on Twitter and other social networks about how the show would be affected by the split.

Randy Duncan, a 45-year-old pastor from Westland, Mich., said he tuned in for about two minutes, but stopped watching and instead switched between Detroit Tigers baseball and an airing of "Star Wars." He said the show had lost the nostalgic touches that reminded him of raising money for the MDA with neighbors through backyard carnivals when he was a kid.

"The way they handled it just gave me no interest," Duncan said. "At least give him one more shot, let him go out with style."

Instead, the telethon was an unceremonious end to a six-decade association that forged one of the world's most famous annual TV moments.

Lewis, who's appeared in scores of films and TV shows as well as produced, directed and taught film, had been chairman of the MDA since the early 1950s, before the famed telethon began. In 1977, Lewis was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the telethon and the MDA.

In May, when the MDA first announced Lewis was retiring as host, the organization said he would stay on as chairman and still appear on the show. It released a statement from Lewis in which the comedian said he would sing the song that has become an annual tradition.

But the statement said Lewis wouldn't step down as chairman.

"I'll never desert MDA and my kids," he said.

The finale was a medley of patriotic songs featuring Jordin Sparks, Jon Secada and Maureen McGovern, among others, singing along with 70 children from a Las Vegas choir.

In the show's final moments, Lythgoe said; "We missed you, Jerry."

Lythgoe said he didn't know the details of Lewis' split with the MDA. But he said he knew Lewis was watching.

"As far as I'm aware, this was all with Jerry's blessing," he said.
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