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How Feds persecute people

Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby katsung47 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:42 pm

201. Excitant (2/1)

In early 90's, there was a short period my sisters and my mother came to San Jose to have dinner with my family. It was unusual because in Chinese tradition young generation should visit old people. I used to go San Francisco to visit my mother, not they visiting me.

One day after dinner in restaurant, I went to pick up my car. No body was in parking lot. In a quiet situation, I found I was in an excite mood which I had never felt before. Recalling my relatives repeatly asked me about the information of my friends, even tracing whereabouts of classmate of my primary school when we chatted in dinner, I suddenly realized I was poisoned by excitant which made me talkative. Obviously Feds manipulated my relatives to ask question they interested to squeeze more information from me with the help of excitant.

I had no secret to talk about but I did talk a lot of story of how Feds detect people which I think they don't want others to know. So such kind of re-union was soon stopped.

202. Malvo's confession

In DC sniper shooting case. When Lee Boyd Malvo was arrested, he kept his mouth shut up. But in an interrogation a week later, "Malvo was talkative, smiling, even bragging in response to indirect questions from investigators, sources said."(S.J.M.N.)

In another report from "Virginian-Pilot":


By TONY GERMANOTTA, The Virginian-Pilot
L July 25, 2003

Quote, "Malvo had refused to talk to investigators, invoking his fifth amendment rights, his attorneys argued.

On his first day at Supermax, Malvo would only gesture and point, Stracke said. The next day, when Stracke came by to check on him, Malvo pounded on the plexiglass window of his cell and pointed to a fish dinner that Davis had on his desk.

Malvo, a vegetarian, was not eating the regular prison meals. They had been giving him salads, Stracke said.

After being given fish to eat, , Malvo opened up."

"The guards testified that Malvo said he was particularly proud of shooting Franklin because he had to hit her as she stood between a pair of posts. He told the men that he ``took her head off.'' "

You can see Malvo opened his lip after he was lured to a dish specially prepared for him. (Though article said it was a dish of guard.) And Malvo's talk didn't make sense even guard thought Malvo was exaggerating.

Malvo's behave showed he was medicated (or in another word, poisoned) by something to talk. Under the influence he was forced to talk as much as he could, even exaggerating. It was possible an excitant or something unknown for outsiders which force the victim losing control of mind, behaved unusual and doing something exaggerating with imagination. It's a tactic intelligence used to do to squeeze information from their target.

203. Iowa surprise

Howard Dean is a target of insider group because he is the one who fiercely anti-war. Dean lost Iowa primary. His rate from the leading one dropped to the third place, (16% vs Kerry's 38%) It was unusual, consider 75% Iowa voters are against war. It can be viewed as poll result was manipulated by intelligence.

And to suppress Dean more, they seemed using same tactic to vilify Dean. Dean likely was poisoned by some excitant or something influential on his sentiment in the meeting before Iowa Primary. Dean behaved extreme excite that night. Media (which are under stronghold of inside group) took the chance to propaganda Dean was "lunatic", "crazy"....

Intelligence covert work was largely used in campaign if you still remember Water Gate scandal. Especially by inside group who controls Feds. Here is another recent report:

Republican caught spying on Demo
Thursday 22 January 2004
Senate Panel's GOP Staff Pried on Democrats

WASHINGTON -- Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Commitee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media, Senate officials told The Globe.

Iowa surprise is not a surprise for me. It was only another example of how Feds abused the power to rig an election.

204. Collusion of secret police forces (2/6)

1. In above messages (#193 to 199) I talked about how "Philippine FBI" allegedly manipulated Islamic rebel to favour Feds demand.

2. For more than two years I posted messages talked about how I feared to be murdered in frame case planned by Feds and Chinese secret police. Some people said I was paranoid. The outbreak of Fujiang drug case in May 2003 proves my allegation was very correct. FBI and DEA worked with Chinese secret agency to cultivate a drug gang in Fujiang which exported drugs to US. As an interest exchange, Feds bribed China in a secret deal in the name of releasing crews of EP-3 Spy plane. China were granted the entrance of WTO and to host 2008 Olympic which would benefit China billions in economy.

3. In June and July 2002, I posted message "#68. Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15/02)"," Re. 9. Ashcroft in Moscow", "#77. The payment of deal". The fact that Ashcroft announced Pardilla's arrest in Moscow on 6/10, and Bush signed a directive to announce Padilla as an "enemy combatant" gave me a feeling that something unusual would happen. It was similar to the secret deal of spy plane. As an interest exchange, Russia was benefited politically and economically in later meeting of G-8 in Canada in 6/28. Russia was granted host of 2006 G-8 and promised 20 billions aid in weapon elimination program.

At that time nobody outside knew Bush determined to invade Iraq. So I could only warn there might be an dirty bomb attack manipulated by our own government. And I had written in message the possible motive: "Either for election, or for the support of war on Iraq, or against criticism of failure's their choice."

18 months after June 2002, I can say it was an attempt to justify war on Iraq. With 911 attack as justification, Bush started Afghan war. It would have been easy for him to start Iraq war if there had been a dirty bomb attack.

Padilla was released weeks ago. Because Iraq war is over. He was not needed any more. Remember they even activated two top officials of US government (Bush and Ashcroft) to propagand on Padilla's arrest at first. Is it childish to have such an end? Because the designated main show had no chance to act. I think my revelation had stopped a dirty bomb attack to American people.

4. Missile attack in Monbasa, Kenya.
On 11/28/02, Report said suspected Al Quada operatives fired two missiles at an Israeli charter flight which was taking off from Monbasa. However, the missiles missed the target.

I think this attack was a manipulated one by Israeli's secret police based on following reason:
(1) In both Afghan war and Iraq war, no US war planes was reported shot down by ground to air missle. The two Mid-east regime at that time had much more resource to get shoulder carry missles than small branch of Al Quada team in Kenya. Lack of such missile fight meant the shoulder carry missile is a very restricted weapon in market. Even Bin Laden and Saddam had none (or very few) of them.

(2) Even if Saddam and Bin Laden had such missile, most likly they would use it to defend themselves in the war. No reason Al Quada move such kind of weapon to a remote area of Kenya.

(3) The target was a civilian flight. It was slow when taking off from airport. It was much easier to be hit than a fighter. Yet two missils missed it. I've heard Iraqi had shot down an Aparche copter in war by rifle. These two missils missed a much bigger target. Are they toys or what?

(4) Israel was eager for the Iraq war.

(5) Bush got the Iraq war power from War Authorization Bill in October 2002. It was the time to find an excuse to start the war.

I felt Monbasa missiles attack was a psychology preparations for a manipulated missile attack. So when I saw the news of another flight attack warning, I immediately posted it to alert people. see message "109. Beware another terror attack" (1/16)
News: Within the past three weeks, US intelligence gathered what officials at Scott Air Force Base described as credible evidence of a planned bombing of a passenger airliner contracted to fly troops and freight for the military. (1/13/03, San Jose Mercury News)

I think Feds had tried at least twice to justify Iraq war by manipulating terror attacks. One was dirty bomb attack and one was shoulder carry missle attack. The plan failed to be carried out for some reason. I believe my revelation in advance played an important role. Some people argued they saw no reason Feds want to murder me. Despite other story, these two can be a reason big enough.

205. How terror attack happens (2/11)

I alleged Russia secret police was in collusion with Feds to supply terrorist with restrict weapon to create terror attack. I had such opinion based on my realization that Chinese secret police is doing so with Feds. And my personal experience told me Feds manipulated gangs and terrorist group to commit crimes which benefit them. So I made previous warnings.

On 8/13/2003, a news proved my allegation was correct.

Quote, "3 arrested in alleged plot to smuggle shoulder-fired missiles into U.S.
New York Daily News

NEW YORK - (KRT) - An international sting nailed an arms dealer who believed he was smuggling a missile into New York so terrorists could take out a jetliner on the Sept. 11 anniversary, sources said Tuesday......

The intrigue started when Russian intelligence told U.S. authorities about the arms dealer. U.S. agents posing as Islamic terrorists approached him, saying they were looking for a missile to shoot down a jetliner Sept. 11, one source said.
The dealer allegedly took the bait and reached out to contacts in Russia, where a Russian agent posed as a disgruntled military official and sold the dealer the Igla, the source said.
American and Russian agents built a fake Igla and slipped it to the dealer, then monitored its trip to Newark." (N.Y.D.N)

"A senior US official said Lakhani is not considered a major arms dealer; and that law enforcement officials had hoped he would lead them to terrorists shopping for weapons, but had to abandon that effort when news of his arrest was leaked." (8/24/03 S.J.M.N)

This is a typical story of a framed case. In which the buyer was a FBI undercover and supplier was the secret police of Russia. If they only had tipped that British weapon agent to a potential terrorist, (you can imagine FBI have a bunch of black list of those Islamic fanatics whom are eager to revenge) supplied him a real Igla, and allowed the terrorist to shot down an airplane. Then there will be a third Mid-east war or a new "Patriot Act 3".

We were able to know this case because Mr. Lakhani was not a terrorist. His motive was money. Was Feds so incompetent only could break un-terrorist related case? ( As a matter of fact, this was not a break of a case. It was a case framed by Feds) I think they have many of similar case in their hands. That's their assets. Monbasa missiles attack could be viewed as one in which "suspected Al Quada" used two disabled missiles from their supplier. They keep such assets until they need it. At the time of president election, or when government being accused of failed in terrorist intelligence, or when they need a big event to divert public's attention such like one in #191. Framming a case in December (12/26).
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Postby katsung47 » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:34 pm

206. Another interest exchange. (2/16/04)

In early December, 2003, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited US. On 12/9/03, President Bush delivered a firm warning to Taiwan over its aspirations for independence in a meeting with Chinese P.M. Wen Jiabao. Bush didn't object when Wen said Bush "opposite to Taiwan independence." Its a big retreat from his original frienly policy with Taiwan and a conflict to his opinion. Bush now said Iraq war is for "freedom". But he oppresses the Taiwan people's demand of freedom.

Conservative felt betrayed. China experts were surprised. They say "Clinton would never have gone this far."A newspaper said Bush "KouTou"(kneel and bow) to China. They find an explanation that Bush needs China's help in issue of N. Korea. But that is not the right answer. Because on 12/24, a news reported that The State Department on Wednesday announced 60,000 metric tons of American food will be sent to North Korea to help avert hungry there. It was the deal for N.Korea to return to the conference table about its nuclear program. Then why did Bush retreat so much to China on issue of Taiwan? I doubted it was another interest exchange. But I was not sure at that time.

Ten days later, when B and his family were arranged for a trip to China, and a blackout took place in the area of his company right after their leaving. And the announcement of orange code and mad cow occurence enabled me to realize they have framed a new big drug case. It was the result of another secret deal between D.o.J. and Chinese secret police. (see #191. Framming a case in December (12/26)

About 20 days later, in mid January, news report confirmed my doubt. I learned then that after his visit in US, Wen Jiabao visited Mexico and signed a U.N. Anti-corruption treaty which came in effective on 1/1/2004. On 1/12/04, President Bush announced that from then on US would forbid any one whom committed the crime of embezzlement and corruption entering US, include their family.

Chinese newspaper cheered on this announcement. China is troubled with its corruptive officials. There were thousands of corruptive officials escaped from China with a large sum of money. An article said in 2000, there were $48 billion corruptive money was brought out of China. For them, US was the safest place. Article analysed that the corruptive officials brought useful information to US intelligence. The money they brought with them helped local economy of US. So US accepts these people with a blind eye.

The event happened in ealy December 2003 benefitted China politically and financially. It resembles the secret deal of EP-3 spy plane in April 2001, the secret deal with Russia in June, 2002 in Padilla case(dirty bomb). Feds forced US to bribe secret police of other countries to cover up its own corruption.

207. Another frame attempt

Yesterday, 2/15, my wife brought home several bags. There were cushions, clothes, wheel skating shoes, and a big lamp. She said it was from G-man's. (see G-man's story at:"111. How they plant")

Free gift is not free if it was from Feds. You always must pay a price for it, sometimes big. Such like the free food caused cancer. The first free gift from G-man, I remember, was several years ago. (1995?) When he introduced my wife to buy a set of furniture with a bargain deal: 200 dollars for a 6 pieces furniture which was almost new. Later, my wife brought home a bunch of fluorescent lamp, said it was free gift for that deal. I was sensitive on fluorescent lamp. But I have never told other people the fluorescent lamp killing until two years ago I posted in internet. So Feds didn't know I was aware of this kind of murder then. Of course, I refused to install these fluorescent lamps. My wife even had a dispute with me at that time. Finally, the lamp disappeared. Feds used them somewhere else. (see "22. Fluorescent lamp killing (1) ")

What's their purpose this time with these free gifts? I worry they might have planted something in it. Or these things might have been drug contaminated? I allege so because I feel Feds may have another framed case this week. The case is still the old copy, a drug case ploted with Chinese secret police. I observe it from weather forecast. Feds control the development of case by control climate. I'll give story in next message.

(It took me 27 minutes to first post above message (I used to post new message first at site "kathaksung" in Delphforums). I was harassed by slow processing and frozen screen. I think they are accerlerating the frame case. And may discuss if they would allow the revealing message to appear in internet. As I said, they can't wait long to boost economy for Bush's election. They need to sell their real estate before interest going up. Any rogue's way is expected they will use to block my post if there is a frame case on time. To save time, I didn't use spell check this time, and may be not in later message as well.)

208. FuZhou case (2/21/04)

The outbreak of drug case in Fujiang, China in May, 2003 proved my previous allegation that China and US cultivated a drug gang with which they tried to frame a case on me. It explained why they lured my wife to buy an apartment in XianMen city. In August, when I learned that Fujiang is also the place where B imported umbrella from, all dots connected together. (see "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)") B imported umbrella from Fujiang, China. So Feds and China secret police developed a drug gang there. (started from 2000) I think they planted drugs in umbrella container to frame B. But drug gang was arrested in May 2003, how can it still work?

On 1/12/04, same day when Bush announced the order of banning corruptive officials to enter US, I saw an article "Rectify Public Security" in World Journal. It said the "5/22 big drug case" was not finished yet. This drug case pulled out another big case in FuZhou (Capital of FuJiang Province, China) Caused a snow collapse of government officials of FuZhou city. High ranking officials in province and city were arrested. (include State Security officials(secret police), State revenue officials, judge, prosecutor, police officials.) The article said the police chief and his deputy escaped to US.

I think it was an arrangement of Feds and Chinese secret police. The reason is simple. The article in May revealed the Fujiang drug gang were under surveillance (as a matter of fact, under guidance) right from the begining. They let it grew bigger and bigger so at last secret police could reap a fat profit. They collect money by the hands of drug gang. They let it corrupt government officials so at last they could take over the occupancy of government power by filling their own candidates. They let the corrupt policemen to escape to US so these criminals became their assets. With which as chips they make deal in government negotiation.

The FuZhou case broke out in July, 2003, two months after Fujiang drug case. Though people only were able to know it a little on 1/12/04 when World Journal talked about it, it resolves one puzzle in my mind. There was an attempt of framed case in August, 03. (see "152. Recent censorship in internet(8/11)", "153. Computer Warm attack(8/16) and "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)") I was once thought it was a continuation of Fujiang drug case. Fujiang drug case broke out on 5/22. It was two months and a half between 5/22 and 8/11 when they tried to apply a frame case on me and B. If they planted drugs in umbrella cargo and shipped it to New York, it would took 15 shipping days of sailing, even plus one month dockyard strike, the utmost time is one month and a half. It means that at least one month after 5/22, someone still shipped drugs in cargo if my assumption is correct. The 1/12 report proves it. There was a FuZhou case in July 2003.

Now it is clearly that Feds prepared a drug case in May, 2003. The center of plot was my wife's trip on 4/18. The plot soured when my wife cancelled the trip. Because they made it too big a case, they couldn't delay it any more so they finished the Fujiang drug case.

Then they immediately set up another one - FuZhou case. (it was still a vague one without a full report) It broke out in July. With it they framed a case in August. It was not clear why the case was soured. I felt a heavy harassment in internet with the outbreak of computer worm "Blaster". Later, B's story enabled me to realize it was another attempt of a framed case.

Probably they used up the resource they negotiated in secret deal of spy plane of April 2001. Feds reached another secret deal with Chinese secret police. Which reflected in Chinese Premier Wen Jiaobao's visit. In which President Bush seriously rebuked Taiwan and later benefit China by forbiding the entry of corrupt officials.

The December frame case is classical. All resembling to the former attempt frame case I talked about. A secret deal to bribe a foreign country. It is still a drug case. And still from Fujiang in umbrella shipment. Like my wife was arranged a trip in last April, they arranged a trip for B and his family. A power blackout same as what happened in August in Great Blackout in New York. Like SARS last year they this time used Mad Cow disease. And they even planned a terror attack to divert public's attention by raising alert code to orange. Remember how they delayed McVeigh's excution date for the first frame case in June, 2001.

I delay the story of how I observed they control frame case by controlling climate to next message. It won't be difficult for you to realize the relationship of rain day to umbrella selling.

209. Arrange a trap (2/26)

Since Feds aggressively poisoned the food these days, I went to shopping food randomly. Last Sunday (2/22), a customer called my wife, ordered a same day flight. My wife had a special service for him to open the ticket. (The travel company closed on week-ends.) I took her ride to the shopping center where her company was. She gave me her cellular phone, said she would call me when her job was done.

It looked like a temporary decision. Nothing was planned before. This was the first time I bought food in this shopping center. So I thought this time Feds might not have prepared something special for me. I bought a lot of food I liked but dared not to buy recently.

When I checked out in a super market, I paid a hundred dollar note. After giving me the change, the cashier stopped work. He looked at that note, turned it back and forth, then watching somewhere behind me. He was waiting for instruction. Of course, he could find anything from the hundred dollars note. If it was a marked one from Feds, you can't tell it by eye but instrument. (see "3. ISOTOPE MONEY") I then knew I was so closely watched by Feds. I noticed same scene last time I used a hundred dollars note. I don't know what kind of trick Feds played on notes. But the cashiers were told to take particular alert on me and big notes, that's obvious. The money was from my sister. I have no job. My mother and my sister sometimes gave me several hundred dollars to help me.

Some of the food, of course, was poisoned. I felt the poison symptoms I talked about in "188. Increase the poison dose" after finished some. They even poisoned a brand name potato chips and lured me to buy it by "buy one, get one free".

Feds knew I had to take a ride to buy food on Sunday and arranged a "random shopping route" by a customer's sudden, special demand.

210. Create rain day

In later December, 2003, one day I went to garage to pick up something. I stepped into water there. The flooding was caused by continuous rain those days. It was a time I strongly felt a new framed case. Standing in water, an opinion suddenly flashed over. Was the rain day particularly created to accelerate umbrella sale? I alleged Feds planted drug in umbrella shipment, and I did know Feds to plan case by control climate. I didn't talk about it in message "191. Framming a case in December (12/26)" because it was hard to tell a natural rain from an artificial one.

The rain days continued then. I noticed it was off after Feds announced the drop off of Orange Code alert.

After about two weeks of fine days, On 1/20, in a five days weather forecaster, (S.J.M.N.) I saw two logo of rain cloud for 1/23 and 1/24. It coincided with the pre-warning of a virus attack on 1/24 and 1/25. So I posted message of "198. Another attempt to frame a case."

Drug dealers sell drug according to drug markets, not to rain days. But if it's a frame case, and Feds planted the drug in umbrella shipment, and they want to control the shipment to frame a case, to create a rain day will make the frame case developing to their will. 1/23 and 1/24 were Friday and Saturday. After two days rain, there would be a strong demand for umbrellas on week-ends. B is a hard working man. He works 7 days a week. (B is work fanatic and is never interested in travel. That's why I say his December trip was an arranged one by Feds.) On week-ends when the company is closed, he himself takes order and delivers merchandise. So if Feds want to frame B in a case to ship umbrella (where they planted drug) the best way is to create rain day.

That's why I said in #207 "I observe it from weather forecast. Feds control the development of case by control climate. " There probably will be a time delay for next message. They just create a windy climate which damaged my roof. I'll have to roofing next few days. Feds are in a hurry.
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Postby katsung47 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:07 pm

211. Create windy day (3/4)

1. In mid 1995, I came back from China. I found there was a new tenant family in my neighborhood. At that time I was quite familiar with the tactic of Feds. So when the new neighbour complained that their roof was leaking, I thought Feds intended to inspect or install something on my roof. Anyhow, I didn't have leaking problem, so I refused the suggestion to change the roof.

In November 95, there was a windy day. The wind became strong at night. It was not roaring, it was scream. I had never experienced such a strong wind. Hearing the sound of wind, I thought, now they would complain a big leaking.

It was more than that. Next morning, I was astonished by the scene in the yard. There were tiles everywhere. This time I had to agree to change the roof tile. It looked like there was a big damage there. And rain season was coming.

Fearing Feds might install something on my roof, I watched the contractor doing their job. I found it was an easy work.

I know human can produce artificial rain for decades. But this event in 1995 enabled me for the first time to know Feds also had the technic to create a windy climate. My house (shared roof with a neighbor) was in the center of the townhouse community. There are at least 15 similar buildings with same height (2 storey) around my house, in front, back, left, right. After the event, I went around and found our building was the only one roof was damaged. They created a windy day which was the strongest I've ever met to meet their demand.

2. In July 2003, there was a second roof change demand. The tactic was the same. Neighbor tenant said it was leaking. Within a day the roofer came. The purpose was to frame a case. Because the roofer made an aggressive sale, even offered to replace the roof board, which meant they would go into the attic. (see "144. Roof contractor from Idaho (7/10)")

This time it was in a hurry. I thought it was a swift reaction to my SARS and Fujiang drug case revelation . They were scare of it. My revelation might lead to the resignation of the director of D.E.A. (see "150. Development of Fujian drug case (8/11)") They didn't create a storm in July because it was not the rain season. But they couldn't wait any longer just came to change roof in two days but failed to persuade me to do so.

3. I felt there were two attempts of new frame case on December 2003 and January 2004. Both came with rain. So in February when the newspaper said there would be a storm coming, I wrote "207. Another frame attempt". I didn't expect they would create another event of "roof change".

At the night of 2/25, there was a strong wind. The roar of wind reminded me of the night eight years ago. Such kind of roar of wind was particular and rarely heard. The sound was similar though this time it was weaker. Next morning I saw tiles everywhere in the yard and lane. I did same thing I've done last time. I went around the block where my house located. Watched roofs of other buildings in community. None was affected by the wind. The tiles were not that easy to be blown off. It seemed that wind only picked up a house(mine) in the center of the complex, and peeled off a tract of tiles, left a large, eye-catching shadow on the roof.

I did the repair myself with the help of my relatives.

I think the damage was done by men not wind. Despite other allegations, the two events all took place at midnight. However strong the wind was, it never blew off a single tile during the daytime. It damaged bigger at night. This may also be one of the advantages to empty the community. It ensured perpetrators that nobody would witness their crime when they tore down the tile.

212. Link to car (3/9)

Two months ago, when newspaper reported a case that a bike-man was stabbed to death on the main street crossed to mine. ("192. Events sensitive (1/1/04)") I abandoned bike and took ride of my wife's car to shopping food on week-ends.

But my wife was reluctant to do so. She often reject my suggestion and sent me to the super market she chose even though it was me doing the shopping . And after a shopping trap of 2/22, ( "209. Arrange a trap (2/26)") I decided not to beg her any more. I return to bike on Tuesday 3/2.

Then on 3/4, I saw another news of bike related deaths. "Two bicyclists killed in accident still unidentified". "The men, believed to be transients, appeared to be riding toward a homeless encampment near the Guadalupe River." They were hit by a car at 5:40pm Tuesday." (one hour after I biked to the market) The driver, a young woman, said she was blinded by sun. "police investigation could last up to two months before the D.A.'s office review the case. No criminal charges had been filed against her." It looks like she will get little punishment even not for that two lives because the victims were transients. They are worthless. Nobody would stand out for their rights. In Feds' case, the scapegoat is always such weak people: black people, homeless.

Though Feds used to create a situation to make their murder looked like natural. Such like the sniper shooting case took place in a night club near Standford which I alleged to cover up an attempt murder by random racial killing. ("63. A well planed frame case") This time it was more likely an intimidation to drive me back to the car.

The reason was the article on same day: "Judge Danser to appear before state ethics panel" Danser's lawyer asked the California Supreme Court to suspend an ethics inquiry into his client's behavior. On 3/3, without comment, the high court rejected the request. (S.J.M.N. 3/4)

Since I viewed Danser's case as one of a series of local regime changes to frame a case, I view both news of 3/4 as psychological intimidation. ( see #169, 170, 171)

Why did they intimidate me back to the car? On 3/1, I found an unknown car parked at my garage. Then my wife told me it was a car of her boss.
The boss is a lady from Taiwan. She has two travel company. One is in Bay Area and the other is in Los Angles. A staff in Los Angles company is taking a fun trip for about two weeks. The boss had to fly to L.A. to work for the open of that staff. She left her car at my house. It's a same drama like the one acted last year. Arrange a trip, parked the car at my house to create a link. (see #117, 121) I am the target but I have no drive license. How can they link the car to me?

On 3/5 Friday night, my wife asked me to tell her how to operate the light of her boss' car. She was going to drive it. Where was ours? My wife said she found the oil alarm lighted so sent the car to repair that day. Now she had to use the car of her boss.

I don't know how Feds planned the frame case this time with the car. Drug planted in the car? Or the fun trip was a framed case? The staff leaving for a "silk road trip" at a bargain price of 600 dollars. So if a drug case is framed, Chinese secret police is still involved in. And they still make it a big one. My wife's boss is rich.

Anyhow, a car trap is evident. So on 3/6, I went to shopping on bike. If they use violence, a sniper is same danger either you are in a car or a bike. When I finish the shopping, I came across with my wife. She came shopping too. I gave her the food because she had a car. I still rode bike home.

In afternoon, my wife came back with another car. She said the boss came back. But the owner of repair shop lend her another car. There was still a Sunday.

The trap came one by another. On 2/22, there was a shopping trap where many poisoned food waited for me. On 2/25, roof was damaged, I was forced to do a repair. On 3/1, a car was parked at my garage to create a link. When I turned on to bike on 3/2, on 3/4, news released a bike safety intimidation. On 3/5, our car had problem and was sent to repair. I would have to ride the parked car if I still shopping in old way. But despite the intimidation, I used the bike in the morning on 3/6. Seeing I didn't trust the car, they changed another one for my wife in the afternoon. Of course, that won't work. For a man who knows the result of gun, what's difference to show a rifle instead of a pistol?

213. Heated housing market and heated persecution (3/14/04)

I posted message on 3/9 to reveal a series trap. Next day, my wife was invited to a dinner party held by an air liner company. In a prize drawing, she got a free air ticket to Asio effective within a year. My wife has attended such kind of party almost every year. She never had the luck to draw a prize. This is the only one.

I think it's a show off by Feds. That they can arrange case anytime. (A trip is often an important part in a framed case. And the bait I knew they used were: relative's invitation; lucrative business chance; bargain deal; this time is a free ticket.) But the ticket doesn't mean an immediate trip. So I expect there will be other traps coming.

I learned it from Mercury News on same day (3/4) when they issue the intimidation news. The first title on first page was: "Area home sales blooming". It said, "One prospective buyer had 10 competitors for a condo in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood priced at $489,000. He offered $530,000 but didn't get the home.....". It's a signal that Feds is heating the house market to sell their real estates property. The competitors, I think, mostly are support group of Feds used to push up a market. Because only in a rising market, Feds can sell their houses quickly at a good price.

Nobody has such ability to manipulate a house market like Feds. From Federal Reserve to fix a low interest rate to the people who pretended to be house buyers. Only Feds has such resource.

One way they used to push the house market is to raise the fuel price, I allege. Because the high cost of housing, many people have to find the house in nearby area. They drive about 50 to 70 miles or so each day to work in silicon valley. The high gas price will force this group of people back to Valley market.

Despite the downturn of Silicon Valley economy after outbreak of dot com bubble in 2000, the housing market is steadily going an up way. What is the relationship of this blooming market reported on 3/4 to the other recent economy reports? Re: "Valley job scene still the pits", "Jobs lost since the height of the boom in December 2000: 232,500, or 21.7% of the total." (2/28/04, S.J.M.N.)
"Car, truck sales fall 12.2% in valley", "The decline in new-vehicle purchases reflected a 'challenging year' for the South Bay economy. Statewide, sales fell 5 percent." (3/3/04, S.J.M.N.).

As I said in message "180. Beware of housing bubble" and "184. Jobless recovery (12/1)", an economy recovery is needed for Bush's second term. They planned this a year ago. Tax cut, weak dollar, all targets to increase demand, expand production and employment. But the result will boost the interest rate which will hurt D.o.J.(FBI and DEA) whom had invested a lot in real estate properties started with my case. Feds check up that recovery so far. But the pressure is heavy. I feel the heat of persecution when I read the news of a bloom area house market. Week ends used to be the time I went out shopping. Yesterday(Saturday, 3/13) afternoon, I was blocked again by slow procession which at last forced me giving up the surfing. I think it was an effort to force me out to shopping. What was there outside waited for me? I don't know. Probably violence in rogue's way because they are in a hurry.

I'll try my best to keep up a message each five days in my home page. I may slow down to post in other individual forum site due to heavy harassment.

214. Madrid bombing (3/19/04)

From another angle to see the terror attack - Madrid bombing.

Have you ever considered US or Israel intelligence might be behind it? I allege so based on following reason.

1. The known attack from Al Quada all directed against US. The bombing US embassy in Afirica; the bombing of US Cole; 911 attack aimed at US government, military and Jewish financial interest.(WTC is viewed as a financial center where there was a lot of Jewish financial institution). But at this time it is totally aimed at a foreign country and its civilians.

2. Al Quada is said heavily hit by Bush's anti-terror war. Bin Laden is said to be in trap of US military. How can it activate such a big attack?

3. The time is sensible. It took place just days before the Spainish election. Who thinks highly of election? Not the Islamic extremist who have little democratic opinion and not familiar with election. But the inside group of US know the importance of election. They know election is the only way in democratic system to get the power. And they are professional to manipulate an election. Such like this election year, they let out the information that Bin Laden will be arrested. To support Bush and his war policy, to maintain an international ally is important for him.

In US, such an terror attack would generally boost the public's enthusiasm to support the government. It's no surprise if they use it in Spain. Only this time it doesn't work. Because Iraq war is real unpopular.

4. Even Al Quada really care Iraq and Saddam that much, (the fact is Saddam and Bin Laden had different opinion and there is no evidence they had cooperated in terror attack.) the revenge target should be Great Britain which practically joined war, or Poland which actively joined occupation. A bombing in Spain is nothing else but to influence the election.

5. US government has a history to plan to attack its own people to provoke a war. The plan of Northwoods is evidence. And there was anthrax attack and DC sniper shooting which I also viewed as attack from inside group to push for war.

It doesn't make sense for Al Quada to seek the hostility against them from people in Europe at this time. If they can do it now, why not do it at the time when US invaded Afghan and Iraq? Even people of Spain didn't suspect Al Quada at first but the Basque group of their own country.

Though authority quickly said they found clues and Morocan suspects linked to Al Quada, it could be a manipulated case. In events of Islamic rebellion in Philippines and Monbasa terror attack, the hand behind terrorist were intelligence of US and Israel. (see #193 - 196, 199, 204) You know how easy it is to frame a terror attack if you know the story of smuggle of shoulder-fired missile. (# 205)

People are always the loser of a war in which they lose their lives and treasure. Only a little group of celebrities benefit from it. Either for more police power or business interest. That's why people all over the world are anti-war, include US'. The event in Spain proves that democracy system in Spain still works. It's a sorrow that US is becoming a covert totalitarian country. Where intelligence control media and election, manipulate sentiment of public. They create incidents to justify a war.

Madrid bombing is more like a tactic to help the election of Bush's ally Aznar in Spain to strenthen Bush's war policy in an election year.

I would say it's Bush's war policy fails in Spain.

215. Attempt to frame a negligent case (3/24)

When my father in law came back home from hospital last December, he weighted only 90 pounds. There is a food tube in his stomach which needs to be cleaning and changing sponge. I did the most care work such like serving meal and helpiing bath. He is much better recently. He gains about 20 pounds in weight and is able to take a short walk to the park.

In 3/15, a social worker visted us. My father in law is a sicked Senior and deserves in-home supportive service. In another word, I could be paid for what I did to him. She came to estimate the time needed for service. She told us we could be benefit for that service until June when Governor Schwarzenneger will cut the budget. She hinted me to put all the payment under my name when I told her my wife also did some work. She said it would be convenient for her to calculate the time, and it was kind of extra work to write another check just amounted several dollars to my wife. But at last I found it wouldn't work because for the time to drive my father in law to hospital, it has to be under my wife's. I have no drive license. She reluctantly agree to put that under my wife's name.

To take care of elder is a duty in Chinese tradition. I'd do it even there is no pay. I've never applied for that payment. It must be done by my wife. How did she know there is such kind of benefit? I alleged it was guided by someone.

My father in law complained the social worker came too late, it was three months when he was home. But I think in another way. She came in time schedule of Feds. I have told of heated persecution. The trap came one after another. This could be a latest one. I alleged so for the event develops later.

After the social worker's visit and I signed the document she requested which meant I took the responsibility of caring, my father in law started getting sick again. He coughed so heavy that he couldn't go to sleep at night. Later he lost appetite to eat. My wife drove him to the hospital for an emergence on Sunday morning(3/21). He was there until now. My wife said he is much better after giving oxygen. His appetite revovers too.

It coincides with another case. On 3/19 and 3/20, local Chinese TV and newspaper reported a news. A Chinese ethnic couple were charged as criminal on 3/19 in Bay Area for negligence caused death. The couple called 911 that their 82 years old mother lost consciousness this January. The elder was sent to hospital. She was dead there on 2/17. It said police believed the elder hadn't received sufficient care. That she hadn't had enough water and food. But the old lady was in hospital for at least more than 18 days. The reason is hard to believe. The couple were in prison because they can't afford to pay the bail of 250,000.

My father in law couldn't eat for about two days due to the severe cough. If he died, could authority charge us as similar case? Once it gets clear, I would have been died
in prison already. The above negligent case is more like a case picked up by Feds to justify the coming frame case. If you still remember the Stanford "random racial shooting" death. (see "63. A well planed frame case")

I alleged so for another reason. Feds has high tech. weapon of EM wave which can control people's natural reflection. I've talked about EM sleep wave. I know they also have an EM wave which can cause the victim nausea, vomit. It was no strange if they can irritate a cough by EM wave. I say so because when my father in law coughed heavily last week, I also had a little cough. I once thought probably we both caught a flu. On 3/19, I had suggested my father in law to visit a doctor. Then his cough suddenly stopped. His appitite recovered. That night, my wife told me happily that her father
finished a bowl of noodle and wanted more. Only next day he got sick again.

I now quite believe it was not a flu but an EM wave shooting. It explains why he coughed so severe at night becaus at that time, he was a fixed target at bed and no other body is moving. During day time when they used the EM wave, because the movement, I was more or less affected and had a little cough. After I suggested hospital, they stopped for a while because he was not weak enough for Feds to fix a charge at me. At that short while, my father in law miraculosly stopped cough and recovered appetite. They revived the shooting next day because they are in a hurry which was so strong that we had to send father to the hospital.

Follow up to #215 (3/29)

I'm sorry that my father in law passed away on 3/24, less than ten hours after I wrote the above message. I think he is a victim of the recent aggressive persecution from Feds.

His condition suddenly worsened later that day. His respiration exhausted within six hours. He passed away at 11 p.m. 3/24. His name is ZiFeng Yao.
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216. Poison tap water (3/29/04)

When the food was poisoned and symptoms were observed, I always changed the food to identify which one was poisoned. Then threw the poisoned food away.

In later Feb. and early March, for more than a week, I found the colour of my urine kept being in red. I couldn't identify the source however I changed the food. At last, I concluded it must be something very basic I had to have everyday - water. I went to super market, bought a bottle of water. It worked. The urine colour turned into plain yellow from red.

After I found the water bought from water store was poisoned which caused bone-ache, I abandoned it and turned into tap water. (see "187. Drinking water ") Now they even poisoned the running water. How do they confine the poisoned water to my residence, I don't know. But certainly it's great advantage for them to do so when most, if not all, the houses in communty are all their property.

What water the rest of my families drink? I noticed they stopped to buy bottle water and turn back to the water which is bought from water store. I don't touch it because I don't want Feds switch back to poison that water again.

217. Create a heat climate

While I was testing if it was water being poisoned, start from 3/7, bay area was attacked by an unusual heat wave. In consecutive 11 days, almost everyday the temperature broke the history record. The titles always being "Bay area records broken"

3/8.(S.J.M.N.) "Record warmth blankets region",
3/9. "San Francisco made it to 82 degrees - blistering a 112-year record high of 78 set in 1892.
3/11 "82 degrees, in Moffett Field, San Jose, old record 76 in 1946"
3/15 "10 records broken and 3 tied", "Oakland downtown, 81 degrees, old record 75 set in 1972."
3/19 "Among the records broken Thursday: King city 92, (old: 87, 1960)"

And you can see that when they broke the record, it was not a degree or two, its a big leap 5 or 6 degrees higher than the historical record.

I think it was a tactic to push people drink more water. For me, which meant Feds wish me to drink more poisoned water.

The economic and political situation doesn't allow the interest rate to stay low for such a long time. To finish my case to release their real estates property, Feds even poison the tap water and created a heat wave which never had happened in history that newspaper said the spring is coming a month early.

218. Chemtrail and covert climate war (4/4/04)

In many web sites, there is a common topic: "chemtrail". People puzzled what is it for. They worried the chemistry will hurt human's health and pollute the nature.

Here is a typical post about chemtrail in a discussion.

Quote, "Chemtrail, the name given to non-dissipating vapor-like trails left in our skies in grid like patterns by high altitude, unmarked aircraft. People all over the world have now witnessed these, and they've been so concerned that they have contacted their governmental representatives.

Dennis Kucinich has included this phenomenon as part of his protest statements against U.S. space weapon development. Other senators have been involved, too.

So, what is going on? Are these just harmless jet vapor trails? Is it a hoax and just airplane pollution? i wish NPR or Bill Moyers would cover the subject thoroughly... Go to the link and scroll down to see images and read material to decide for yourselves:

With my experience, (see "210. Create rain day"; "211. Create windy day (3/4)"; "217. Create a heat climate") I say it is the experiment to control climate. Pentagon use climate change as a weapon. It has been used in pratical life already.

I allege:

1. The hurricane which took place last summer in mid US which caused more than a dozen loss of lives was an experiment of how to create a devastating wind. And the cold weather in North-east early this year was one, too. Because they were historical extreme. Like what I've talked in last message about heat. For consecutive days, the heat record were broken, not only one degree or two, but 4 to 6 degrees. It's unusual.

2. The climate war has been in practice already. North Korean is a victim. North Korean suffered histrical drought for years then followed by flooding. The famine caused millions of deaths. The purpose is to weak the ruling government. Just like the sanction applied on Iraq. But the victims are always the civilians.

3. The historical flood in German last summer, it happened soon after Iraq war. German and France are the two main countries against Bush's invasion of Iraq. The revenge was swift, though in a covert way.

4. The historical heat wave attacked France last summer. The heat wave lasted for weeks. The news reported unusual deaths caused by heat were more then ten thousands. French is the strongest opposer to Bush's Iraq war, it suffered a strong revenge from US inside group.

5. An intimidation to Britain and Europe under the cover of climate change. Here is a news
Quote, "25.01.2004
Britain is likely to be plunged into an ice age within our lifetime by global warming, new research suggests.

If that happens, Britain and northern Europe are expected to switch abruptly to the climate of Labrador - which is on the same latitude - bringing a nightmare scenario where farmland turns to tundra and winter temperatures drop below -20C. The much-heralded cold snap predicted for the coming week would seem balmy by comparison. ... tion=world "

But is Tony Blair an honest ally of Bush? Yes, he was. But read this news not reported by mainstream media of US, you may realise why Blair's figure rarely seen in media recently. They censor news which may reveal how unpopular the war policy of US is. Watch the time of two news, you'll understand why I say it is an intimidation.


Dec 21 2003
Relations in 'deep freeze' since Saddam caught
By Chris Mclaughlin, Political Editor

TONY Blair and George Bush's love-in has collapsed over the rebuilding of Iraq. The two leaders have fallen out over plans for the reconstruction of the country and the heavy-handed action of American troops against the civilian population. And the rift has been deepened by a Washington ban on a proposed morale-boosting visit by the PM to British troops in Iraq during the Christmas holiday. ... _page.html

I think the intimidation aimed at Britain, as well as Europe. Because the war policy of US inside group is more and more lonely in this world.

219. Free ticket and funeral urn (4/9)

The funeral service of my father in law was on 3/28. One day after the service, my wife told me she would take her father's ashes to homeland in Fujiang in later April.

One year ago, my wife planned to go Fujiang with her father and daughter on 4/18/03. They cancelled the trip at last moment because worrying about SARS. What I know is Feds prepared a big drug case there which broke out in May.

The air line company said the tickets couldn't be returned, so my wife had to change the flight date to December. That plan failed too because my father in law was found caught cancer. At that month, Feds plotted a big case. see "191. Framing a case in December (12/26)".

Since Feds always arranged drug case to connect a trip, I tried to persuade my wife to abandon such an idea. I suggested her to bury father's ashes in local grave yard. She refused. She said the free air ticket she got 3 weeks ago seems a God's will for this trip. (But I believe this is the will from evil Feds.)

My wife is the only driver in my family. My daughter's commute to school depends on her. She can arrange the trip in summer vacation so my daughter won't be affected. To bring a funeral urn to homeland is something any time can do, why in such a hurry? As I said before, it's Feds in a hurry. The economic and political situation doesn't allow interest stay so low, they are forced to finish my case as quick as possible because they invested so much in real estates linked to the case.

Then why they hadn't push my wife's trip earlier? They need time to arrange another big drug case. My father in law passed away on 3/24, (officially it was 3/25, the time doctor came to announce the death was early 3/25). They arrange my wife's trip in late April. Which means it takes 25 days or so to prepare a big drug case.(let local drug gang made an order and the time to transfer needs that much time, I think.)

My wife got a free air ticket on 3/10. On 3/15, after the visit of a social worker, my father in law got sick. On 3/24, He passed away suddenly after I posted a message alleged a framed case of negligence. Then my wife planned a trip in later April. All these I think is one of series traps Feds plotted to finish my case. I think Feds is framing a drug case at that time or later.

220. Things sensitive

1. In Chinese tradition, guests going to marriage or funeral used to give a package of gift money. Relatives and friends attended the funeral service of my father in law did same thing too, in a generous way. I think they knew our economical situation and try to help. Since the gift money mostly were cash, I wrote it here in case Feds reporting them as illegal money. I had experience how they tried to turn legal money into illegal. see "111. How they plant."

2. In recent days, at least three times, there were customers came to my house to pick up their air tickets. The unusual thing was they all came around 10pm or even later. I think it was arranged by Feds for the coming framing drug case. They could report it as suspicious contact at night. I had experience. They preferred to arrange such meeting in mid-night. see "49. Frame attempt" and "54. Trap".
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221. Things sensitive, follow up (4/14)

"To pick up flight tickets at my house" happened after the death of my father in law. It reached to peak on day before yesterday (4/12) when two of such case occurred. After giving ticket to a customer, my wife left home with my daughter, said she forgot a customer's passport in the office. (But why bring my daughter with her, at night? )

When I was home alone watching TV, there was a knock at the door. Another customer was coming to pick up her ticket. I looked at the table. There was an air ticket there. Obviously prepared for me for a convenient delivery. But it was also very clear that it's a trap to establish a link. So I just turned the woman away. I told her this was a private house. She should pick up ticket in company where she bought it. I banged the door behind her with indignation. To frame a case, Feds acted in such a straight rogue's way.

3. I noticed starting from 4/14, it was five rain cloud logo in five days' weather forecast in newspaper. Though I didn't keep records of weather forecast, the column of "San Jose precipitation" of "month to date" is: 0.00". Which means there is little rain in past month. The coming rain days will increase the demand of umbrella. Though it can be a coincidence, I think in different way. Because it coincides with the planned April trip of my wife. They are hurriedly to frame another drug case. see " 210. Create rain day".

4. Hurry to sell real estate property

Feds are hurry up to finish my case in a rogues way. Because they have to open the employment gate for Bush's election within months. Which will cause the rising of interest rate and the break up of housing bubble. They are pushing to sell their houses invested in my case. They might have sold already most of houses they had in other areas. But they still hold a lot around my area because my case isn't finished. How can they sell so many houses quickly in a short period? Only six months left for president election.

After the article "Housing: Bay area bidding war returns"(3/4, S.J.M.N.), "Homes, realty sales surge 30%"(3/19, S.J.M.N), there was an article aimed at a quick sale on 4/11: "The symptoms of home fever. "

It said, "As offers pour in, cutthroat market a boon for sellers". It gave "Advice for home buyers" that " ** Get pre-approved - not just pre- qualified for a mortgage before you want to make an offer on a home. ** Work with a real estate agent who has successfully guided many clients through multiple-offer situations. ** Request that your agent present your offer in person to the seller and his agent. ** Include an "earnest money" deposit of at least 3 percent of the purchase price when you present your offer. ** If a seller makes a counteroffer on price or terms, be prepared to respond quickly......."

That's how Feds to manipulate a house market. They flame buyers by media, by "competitor buyers", by "real estate agents". This time it's urgent, so they push for a quick sale before interest rate rising. They advice you get everything ready, so when a deal is offered, little time to take a sensible consideration, no chance of regret, because you put the "earnest money" on it already, or even make decision for you because you've authorized the real estate agent represent for you in person already.

Why I say push "by real estate agent"? I think many real estate agents work for Feds. Because housing is a very important way for Feds to loot money. They develope it to their main business. The profit is huge.

The man who lives in B house is a real estate agent, I think. Only in my block, he has at least two properties. Once I saw he had two real estate shelf boards in his backyard, (the shelf used to hang "house for sale"). That "for sale" board later appeared in next lane, before the house of alleged "Feds head-quarter" I talked about in "133. Strong reaction ". It was a cover up sale after I revealed that house was a head office of Feds. And if that house belongs to the owner of B house, then he has at least 3 properties in my block. If people had that man as their real estate agent, he works for whose interest? Customer's or Feds'?

222. Perform a secret deal (4/19/04)

I've talked about there was another secret deal reached by Feds and Chinese secret police in December, 2003. ( see messages #191. and #206.) The framed case in December seemed have been soured after I revealed it. No news about the performance of that deal was heard then.

But the persecution was intensified. Feds tried to solve it by gang violence and other frame case.

Two weeks ago my wife's announcement to bring her father's urn back to Fujiang showed that the tactic Feds used was back to the old way. That is to frame a drug case with the help of Chinese secret police.

Vice president Cheney suddenly had a trip to Japan, S.Korea and China. He visited China between 4/13 and 4/15. When the media reported Cheney's trip plan, I thought it could be a secret mission to arrange the frame case for Feds. Japan, S. Korea were only a cover up. Because the news of vice President's China trip was just days after my wife's decision of Fujiang trip. And Feds like to activate their high ranking assets to work for them in big plot. Such like they activated Ashcroft and Bush in "dirty bomb" case. (Padilla case) In December's frame case, Bush was actively do something to favour China. He at first rebuked Independent tendency of Taiwan, then gave the order to forbid corruptive foreign officials to enter US.

Several days later, a news strenthened my doubt. On 4/13, media reported President Bush used a rare prime-time television news conference that night to acknowledge about recent occurence in Iraq. I noticed the first sentence quoted by newspaper was: "America's word, once given, can be relied upon....." Though the speech was about Iraq, that word was obviously for China. 4/13 was also the day Cheney arrived in China. It was to ensure China that US would carry out the secret deal. What happened in Fallujah was an embarrassment for Bush, it did not worth for him to had an unusual news conference to talk about it. It was only used to cover up an assurance of secret deal.

People may say I was over sensitive. But the following development proved my judgement.

On 4/16 and 4/17, Chinese TV and newspaper reported a top news: "Pioneering work between China and America, escaped corruptive official deported to Beijing" (by Cao Jiang, New York) It said, "Yu ZhenTong, who allegedly misappropriated 485 million dollars in China and then escaped to US, was escorted by American law enforcement officials to Beijing for Chinese police on 4/16. ". "Yu Zhentong escaped to US in October 2001. He was arrested in December 2002 in Las Vegas."

You can see how tightly and efficiently those events connected together. Feds arranged my wife's trip after the death of my father in law. They immediately arranged Cheney's visit to China to assure a frame case. On 4/13, the day Cheney arrived in China, Bush confirmed the secret deal that "America's word, once given, can be relied on....". Cheney must have got a satisfactory reply from China. The day after he left China, on 4/16, an escaped corruptive official whom China longed for, was deported to Beijing. So next step is in China's turn to fulfil their role in secret deal. That is to frame a drug case.

America is a covert totalitarian country. Inside group control it through media and intelligence. You can see how President, vice president, Attorney General work for the interest of Feds. On the other hand, you can realize how eager Feds want to eliminate me. Because what I revealed in this article are all true, they are afraid of it.

223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24/04)

I alleged Feds plotted a framed drug case in later April when my wife will take a trip to her homeland. Maybe due to my continual revelation, they suddenly changed their plan.

At about 7 p.m 4/21, my wife came home from office. She told me her uncle in HongKong got a stroke and was in hospital. Three hours later, she left for airport for a flight to HongKong. Her uncle is also her adopted father. They have a close relationship.

Chinese TV on 4/22 reported FBI director Mueller announced HongKong would be a target of terrorist attack of Al Queda because it was a financial center. He gave this speech in HongKong on his way back to US after he finished a trip to Beijing China.

At same day(4/22), the Chinese government announced a nurse in Beijing was hospitalized with suspected case of SARS. The next day news confirmed it was SARS. There were 5 similar cases. One of them died.

In less than a month, two close relatives of my wife were attacked. One is her native father, one is her adopted father. One was dead and the other one is in a serious condition. All aimed for a trip of her to establish a link to a framed drug case.

SARS, as I've talked before, is a bio-weapon. Feds use it for covert murder. The first epidemic of SARS was during March to May, 2003. The most seriously hit area were China, HongKong and Canada where relatives of mine and my wife lived. This time, again, they activate SARS.

The announcement of SARS by Chinese government is not a coincidence. It was immediately after FBI director Mueller's visit. I think a new plot is planned. Probably they use a new route to transfer drugs via HongKong? But whatever they used, Fujiang or HongKong, as transfer port, some thing are almost the fixed formula.
1. A drug case framed by the cooperation of a foreign country. The role in this case is Chinese secret police.
2. Establish a link by arrange a trip. To do this they even killed my father in law and seriously hurt my wife's adopted father.
3. Use natural disease as mass murder weapon to eliminate relatives and friends who knew the truth. Mad cow, meningitis, West Niles, SARS.....
4. A big event to divert public's attention if the framed case broke out. Such like: The sentence of Michael Jackson, Lacy Peterson's case, or even bigger: a big earthquake, a meteorite hit the earth, a big terrorist attack.....

And I worry there can be an attack to HongKong, organized by Feds in the name of Islamic terrorist. There is no motive for Al Queda to attack HongKong. The idea is just as absurd as they say Al Queda attacked civilians in Madrid bombing. Label everything to "terrorist" or "Al Queda" is now becoming a convenient way for Bush's administration, or US intelligence which is the real hand behind "terror attack":.

An attack to HongKong will be a news big enough to divert public's attention. But I have other reason to worry. My wife's adopted father is a celebrity in Hongkong. He has a securities company. Feds can guide people they want to eliminate to the financial building which is going to be bombed. It is just as easy as they could save the lives when WTC was attacked.

On 9/11 morning, Warren Buffet hosted a charity benefit inside the high security Offut military base. unusual for the time (morning) and location. Attending were several executives from the World Trade Center. They were saved from bombing.

Quote, "So where was Warren Buffett the morning of 9/11 and what was he doing?"

224. Follow up of regime change (4/29)

In early October, 2003, I talked about a regime change in top ranking of law enforcement force and extortion on judges.

169. Development of Regime change in San Jose Police
170. Suspends Coroner (10/11)
171. Extort judge (10/16)

I didn't see any report about the former acting police chief Tom Weatley who had been sicked. He must have retired because I saw a news about the new police chief selected. The new chief was a former district chief of San Jose police force.

The suspended chief medical examiner Schmunk stepped down on 11/7/2003. He resigned from his post of coroner.

Judge Danser's "ticket fixing" case is in processing. A news today(4/29) said, "A jury could get Danser's case as early as today. Danser could face up to three years in prison if convicted of felony conspiracy to obstruct justice."

Danser's trial dates coincides with my wife's planned trip time. (later April) It's similar to the case when they set up the trial date of high ranking San Francisco Police officials to the same day of my wife's planned trip date: 4/18/2003. The purpose of extortion is obvious. If the plot is carried out, murder will happen. And they get their own police and coroner to cover up the murder case.

225. Stroke

My wife has come back from HongKong. Her adopted father now is in state of vegetable.

Feds used to murder by EM wave weapon(electrical magnetic wave) which create a "brain death". That's why I am very sensitive on "stroke", "meningitis".... I had experience. See "13. Microwave ray shooting and EM sleep wave(2)", "81. "Mysterious blow"".

So when media reported Ron Gonzales, Mayor of San Jose, got a minor stroke, I had a feeling it might be another step of regime change.

Gonzales suffered a hemorrhagic stroke while delivering the State of the City address on Jan. 28, 2004. Feeling dizzy and nauseated, the 52 year old mayor was able to leave the stage on his own and was sent to hospital. He stayed there for nearly a week and recovered. He took a full time work in March.

On 3/21, in an article "Mayor's blurry rules on cash", S.J.M.N. reported the political fund of Gonzales was exceeding city cap. But in a news on 4/7, Gonzales said the fund meets state and local law and the framework was approved by the city attorney in advance. So the DA won't investigate that case.

The trouble was following one by another. On 4/4, S.J.M.N. reported, "Recall rumors swirling" It said religious Conservatives try to take out Gonzales whom recognize same-sex marriages. On 4/11, it said in an article, "Recall effort grows some wings". And that complaint on Gonzales' fundraising is going on.

The hand behind series of troubles for Gonzales is Feds. Because no other party was able to create a "stroke". For two days after Gonzales got "stroke", S.J.M.N. published pictures of brain with articles to explain "what is stroke". A typical tactic to attribute it to natural cause. It's similar to the tactic they used in a rigged election. They always publish a poll to justify the result of the manipulated vote. The media is a tool to fool people.

I have encountered many such murder attempts. When I was familiar with it, I keep the record. To convince people, the article used to come with picture. To justify a "stroke" caused by "solar storm", they publish a picture of "solar flare" to earth. To justify "meningitis" death, they publish a human's head with brain. "Meningitis" is the most frequent death cause they used, the same picture of the head repeatedly appeared in my record. They cover up their crime in a scientific way.
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226. Fake e-mail (5/4)

My wife's adopted father passed away on 4/30. Feds killed two of her closest relatives in 35 days, all aimed to arrange a trip to connect her to a framed case. The later April frame case seemed soured again but not finished. They may have another one followed in later May or early June. SARS is activated, low interest rate waiting to be lifted up, houses held by Feds must be sold off before then. It's a hurry.

Of course, each time there was a framed case, it always came with internet problem. In later April I was blocked to many web sites for several days. I was blocked to access about 4 sites which belong to, more sites which belong to Delphy group. Include one which I used to post my new message at first. Many other sites were blocked to access by "Web Site Not Responding ", "Error: page not found".

My computer was under Feds control. Any access to internet must be filtered by their server. Each time I started up, there is always a waiting period which I think was the time for the agents to be in their surveillance postion. Each time I went to a new URL which was not in "my favorite" list, there would be a delay too. At that time, there used to be a frozen page to enforce me to re-enter the internet that would take some time. Which I think was the time they used to check that new web site to see if I was allowed to enter. Many times I posted the message and made sure to see my thread was lifted to the top of list, then found the new message disappeared if I came back a few minutes later. Which I believe they had another server to fed me an incomplete information. I have experience that a web site I regularly to post had been suddenly "dead". What I saw was there was no more activity in that forum. But a year or so later, when I saw a reference link and clicked on it, I was led to that forum and found it was never "dead". I can only conclude the URL in "my favorite list" was put by a special link which led me to a "dead page" they prepared for me.

I also was bothered by constant pop-up of the page to suggest me to download "debug program" or "firewall" to prevent virus. I think it was from Feds. If I download these "program", I may download some "criminal record" they want to plant or even an evil program which would sending spamming e-mail from my internet address.

On 4/29, there was such an e-mail for me:

"Subj: AOL WARNING: Your account is a near to be closed
Date: 4/29/2004 6:57:56 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (AOL Support Dptm.)

Dear KatHakSung,

It has come to our attention that your AOL Billing information's records are out of date.
This requires an update of your billing information. Please take several minutes out of your
online experience and update your billing records. You will not run into future problems with our online services.
However, failure to update your records will result in your account termination. Please update your records right now.
Once you have updated your account records your AOL session will not be interrupted.
Please click the link below to update your billing records:


America Online, Inc."

I asked AOL service. They said it was not from them. It was a forgery. So you can expect update will have an evil result.

I announce here once again that I don't do any business in internet. I will never send any e-mail for commercial purpose. I don't communicate with private e-mail unless for some problem enquiry to web site host. I will never threaten other people.

227. A violent way? (5/9)

On 5/5, newspaper reported gas price was near record high. "12 cents overnight spike in bay area angers many, and could jump 7 to 10 cents today." It was $2.21 per gallon on 5/7. I view this round of gas price hike as an effort of Feds to push for the sale of house. After nearly three years of low interest rate, the potential capable house buyers had their houses already. So Feds hope the commuters who live in nearby area to go back to San Jose house market. When the gas price had a sudden jump, I thought Feds was irritated by pressure of rising interest rate. (Of course, they always have some other excuse to cover up the real purpose of rising gas price.)

Really, on 5/8, media reported April was the second strong month for job growth. " US banks are reporting stronger demand for business loans.". "Interest-rate fears send Dow, Nasdaq tumbling.". The "economic recovery" designed for Bush's second term can't wait any longer. So Feds must act before the interest rate rises in this summer.

This reflects the intensified persecution. Killing to arrange trips, visiting at night to pick up tickets, mission at the door which haven't seen for year. I worry there will be a violence planned on me.

On Feb. 23, 2004, there was a string of shootings in highway 580 in East bay area. No one was seriously hurt. I noticed it because media talked a lot about it. Sniper killing is a tactic Feds used to use.

On 3/11, in a well-orchestrated news conference in which police declared Chris Gafford was arrested as the highway sniper.

There was a dramatic turn around next day(3/12). District attorney refused to prosecute Gafford, said there wasn't enough evidence even though authorities from the CHP, the BATF, the Sheriff's Office and local police all said the evidence was strong.

I think Feds plotted a case between 3/1 to 3/12 to frame me in drug case. The tool they used was a car. (see "212. Link to car (3/9)") To guide me into the "car would cause problem", they made my wife send our car to repair. A trap with a borrowing car was too evident so I went to shopping by bike on 3/6. On 3/12 my wife got back our repaired car. Which meant the "car trap" plan was over. The news of D.A.'s refusal to prosecute highway sniper was on same day. I think it is another plan to continue the persecution. This time, they tried a sniper killing. If that happens, they would attribute it to "highway sniper". That's why D.A. refuse to prosecute Gafford. They have another "candidate".

From then on, my wife was reluctant to drive me to shopping. Several times, she refused straightly and said, "go by bike". I had to ask help from my brother.

On 4/24, while my wife was in Hongkong and I couldn't touch my brother, I went for a short time shopping by bike. It was the only bike ride I took since 3/6. The newspaper next day immediately posted an article, "I-580 sniper suspect's case remains in legal limbo". My sudden bike ride was out of Feds' expectation. To have a frame case, it needs resource. Support groups, witness..... They used to arrange everything then guide victim by a bait. That day, Feds might still concentrated in frame case in HongKong. Anyway, they revived it next day. They used to have a relevant news let out before the incident they intend to create. Which will make a frame case more reasonable.

228. The scandal of D.O.D. and the crime of D.O.J. (5/14)

On 5/6, my wife asked me to check why the alarm light of "service engine" was always on in the car. The car had just been sent for repair for a week in March. I viewed it as a signal that Feds played trick on car again.

On 5/7 evening, my wife called my relative discussing plan to go to San Francisco on week-ends to visit my parents. She spoke loudly so I could hear everything she talked. Which meant my parents wouldn't come for an appointment on 5/8. Originally, my parents had planned to pick me up for a dinner outside that day, and of course, to give me a ride for a food shopping.

The two events hinted me that there was danger to ride on my wife's car. And the help from my relatives wouldn't come. I used to shopping food once a week. I depended on the appointment of 5/8 because this time I hadn't do any shopping for two weeks. If there was no help I would have to go by bike. What would be there waiting for me? Gang violence? Police violence? So I didn't go out but wrote the message "227. A violent way".

The case of US abusing Iraqi prisoners was first appeared in media last week. It reached to peak on Friday and Saturday. On 5/7(Friday), five pictures of abuse case occupied the first page of Mercury News. On 5/8, four pages filled with articles of this issue with titles of "Far worth to come", "Rumsfeld warns more images of abuse will appear". I was shocked. Not for the news of abuse: I knew this government is hypocrite, full of plots, cheating, abuse, crimes. But for the result of news. It will hurt Bush administration and its war policy. That's against the will of inside group. Media is thier tool. How could it do such a movement against its master? I puzzled.

The scandal cool off in following days. A "beheading" case was thrown out to offset the negative result of abusing prisoners. The "far worse photo" won't appear for some reasons. One excuse was for the "privacy" of prisoners. (a most shameless and hypocrite justification) While I was arranging newspaper record, I found this peak time. I suddenly bewared of this was a case set up for diversion. The peak time coincided with possible day I would bike out for food. I had warned Feds use "terrorist attack" to divert. (In December attempt, they raised alarm code to orange, in April case they talked of "Al Qaida attack to HongKong") I didn't expect they manipulate it in this way.

If I was eliminated on 5/8, I think a series of cases would have happened to other people who knew this case. And the scandal would be prolonged by more "far worse photo" and "struggle to pull down Rumsfeld" to diverge public's attention from a framed case. Because a scandal of "D.O.D." is far less important than to cover up the crime of D.O.J..

I had another article about "abusing prisoners" in another thread.
Government deception (5/13)

Bush said what happened in Abu Ghurayb prison was done only by a few people and high ranking military officials denied they knew anything about it. It was a lie. They knew it clearly there were vast abuse in the jail.

Quote, "Red Cross report details abuse, mistaken detentions in Iraq.
By Bob Drogin
Los Angeles Times.

Washington - Coalition military intelligence officials estimated that 70 to 90 percent of prisoners detained in Iraq since the war began last year "had been arrested by mistake," according to a confidential Red Cross report given to the Bush administration earlier this year.

The report described a wide range of prisoner mistreatment - including many new details of abusive techniques - that it said US officials had failed to halt, despite repeated complaints from the International Committee of the Red Cross. "(S.J.M.N. 5/11/04)

As a matter of fact, torture is a method intelligence used to squeeze information from detainees. US government covered it up with fake news, disinformation and lies. The death of Saddam Hussain's sons was a typical example.

News reported Saddam's sons Uday and Qusay, along with other two people, were all died in a six hours' long battle against 200 US soldiers. But forensic analysis revealed that Uday and Qusay were tortured before their death. There is an article with pictures and details on it.

Quote, "America's Uday and Qusay Conjuring Trick
Latest White House lies reveal larger hidden untruths

Unfortunately the forgery team completely forgot to use any putty around the ankles..... If you look at the color picture of the two cadavers lying side by side, the one on the right has unique brown marks on both ankles. These marks have been identified by experts as pressure sores, caused by iron clamps used to hold the ankles while this poor man was suspended upside down for torture in the "Adnan Chalabi Hilton". As I wrote earlier, death must have finally come as merciful relief for these two......."

As I told before, media is controlled by inside group. It serves for the war policy of this group. Why this time it suddenly threw out a scandal which hurt the fame of Bush's administration? None of such kind of event happens by coincidence. They always have a purpose. (to be continued)

229. Unreasonable search and arrest (5/19)

In recent messages I revealed how Feds activated their high ranking resources to work in the frame case. How Bush, Cheney, Mueller took part in secret deal with China. The latest message of 5/14 talked about how they planned to use Iraqi prisoners abusing case as a diversion. Then there is a dramatic turn around.

On 5/15, Mercury News reported, "Ashcroft unveils big effort to share anti-terror data.". "The Justice Department will lead a national effort to coordinate intelligence information among all law enforcement agencies, A. G. John Ashcroft announced Friday, in an effort to knock down a "wall" between agencies that many top officials have said hindered the efforts to stop terrorist attacks in this country.

"Government erected a wall that segregated criminal investigators from intelligence agents, government buttressed that wall, and before Sept. 11, 2001, government was blinded by that wall." (by Maria Newman. New York Times)

The so said "wall" Ashcroft referred is a law which forbid to use foreign intelligence information in local criminal investigation. The search warrant for a foreign spy or terrorist is issued by FISA court. (Foreign Intelligence Spy Act) Which is in a low standard, agent can get it only on suspicion. While for a criminal investigation, the search warrant must base on evidence. Because US citizens are protected by 4th Amendment from unreasonable search and arrest. The point of "sharing intelligence information in criminal investigation" is to low the standard of criminal investigation . Citizens can be thus searched and arrested depend on suspicion of agents not evidence. If Ashcroft's propose goes through, 4th amendment then means nothing. FBI is historically notorious for its abusing power.

The wall doesn't hurt any effort to stop terrorist. Feds can apply anytime with FISA court. The real goal Ashcroft wants is to expand police power, to keep American people under his surveillance at his will.

The article also revealed the Feds now is turning onto the help of local police. Which accords with their attempt to force me out by bike. I have alleged I feared a police violence if I biked out.

The news paper next day proves my doubt. There were two articles about police in "World Journal" of 5/16.

One is the story of a food delivery man. He was friendly with police but was sent to court once he broke a rule. His conclusion at last was: Obey policemen, follow law.

Another one is "The experience of a juror". Which talked about the whole procedure of being a juror and a case in court. A man was searched by police officers when he walked on road. They found the defendant had less than a gram of heroin in his pocket. The man was charged two accounts: Holding drug and assault police man. The charge of holding drug dropped in plea bargain. The defendant admitted resist arrest.

What I noticed is the lawyer argued the defendant was searched illegally. He walked on the road, that was true. But there was no side walk for passengers there, so in the law, he didn't break any rule. As policemen, they should know it. It's obvious that police officers arrest the defendant on suspicion not evidence. Breaking the rule of walking on road was only an excuse. It was an unreasonable search and arrest. This shows how 4th amendment is important for the civil right of people. The defendant had been in jail for more than a year already before judge gave the sentence.

My immediate thought was that it proved my allegation they would use local policeman for a violent murder or arrest. When they failed to force me go out by bike alone, they probably would use old tactic, a "juror summon" to force me out. (see "69. Juror summon ")

Not a coincidence, next day on 5/17, a "juror" summon was in my post box. It was for my wife. I think it was a psychological preparation for me to believe all is naturally happened. I expect soon there will be a "juror summon" for me. A procedure prepared for a police search and arrest. When I picked up the summon letter, my feeling was that I almost could predict what they would do in advance. What surprised me was they did it so tightly. They are really in a hurry.

230. Unreasonable search and arrest (2) (5/24)

Several times I found the rice stored at home was poisoned, I concluded at last that it was done when I was out to shopping food when there was no people at home. (That is another advantage to empty the community that there will be no witness if Feds intrudes the house.) That's why I have to shopping at week-ends while my wife could give me a drive and my daughter was at home. My relatives all knew I shopping in this way.

Feds knew this too. So they arranged a trap on Saturday 5/8.(see "228. The scandal of D.O.D. and the crime of D.O.J.") I felt this and on 5/9 posted "227. A violent way?". In which I alleged Feds would use police violence when I biked out. Next day on 5/10, my wife told me the alarm light of "service engine" was off. Later that week, she drove me for a food shopping. It was three weeks I stayed at home without going out. Followed with was "summon" trap as I told in last massage. Then:

On Saturday, 5/22, Mercury News published new photos which said was obtained by Washington Post a day ago. Media is a tool of inside group. Many event was started by newspaper leaking on purpose. Such like Water Gate scandal. When they revived the prisoners' abusing scandal by new photo which has been silenced for some time, I thought Feds was continuing the same tactic they used two weeks ago. You can expect that my wife refused to drive me for food that day.

At noon, I saw a stranger's car coming to park at my garage door. The passengers were my parents, the driver was a friend of my sister. They came from San Francisco. The reason they came here was the car failed in smog check. The mechanic thought it was caused by dirty gas tank so he told the owner to burn out all gas. It needed three hours' drive. So he offered a free drive for my parents to San Jose. And of course, he would drive me for a food shopping when my parents were stay at home. I refused. I straightly told them I worried Feds might have planted something in the car. It would be all their words if they said police found I was doing drug deal in a stranger's car. Same tactic they used two months ago. (see "212. Link to car")

The trap is coming one after another. Obviously the action team is under big pressure from high ranking. Election day is coming. Employment must increase. The interest is hard to stay at recent low level. Real estates must be sold. So they must finish my case.
When the team tried everything, they picked up old tactic they used two years ago. Forcing me out alone, or in a stranger's car, to encounter a police search, then a police violence or arrest. If the arrest happens, force you plea guilty. They don't care how long the sentence will be. Because once you were in jail, there are various way to kill. To persuade you to admit guilty, they do every psychology work on you. One thing is by newspaper. So one day before Saturday, on 5/21, an article posted in Mercury News. Which is similar to one which took place two years ago. (see "66. Turn innocent into criminal (5/20/2002)").

Quote, "50-year sentence is like a last beating
Woman gambles in court, and loses.

"Shanahan, backed up by friends, police reports and photographs of her own blackened eyes, testified that her husband beat her repeatedly for years." She killed her husband when he threatened to kill her. "The prosecutors offered a plea bargain that would have freed her in as little as four years. Shanahan turned it down, gambling that she could avoid a conviction. She could not. She was sentenced to 50 years in prison.". "It's a mandatory law sentencing. Many observers are horrified."
"Consider the Connecticut college student who was peripherally involved in her boy-friend's drug ring - never sold drugs, never used them, had never been in trouble before.
Twenty-five years."

If Feds planned to arrest you in a road search, and fed you such an article to read one day before that plan. What is their purpose? Read message 66 again.
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231. Lone wolf (5/29)

On 5/22, Mercury News had such an article, "More anti-terror powers sought". "The Justice Department is seeking to expand its anti-terrorism powers again, adding among other things an FBI subpoena power so secret that even a lawsuit challenging it had to be kept under wraps." It's about Secret surveillance. Which "allow the government to conduct secret surveillance of potential terrorists or spies without proving that they have any affiliation with a foreign government or terrorist organization." "The Senate already has approved legislation making it easier for FBI agents to go after so-called lone-wolf terrorists not affiliated with any known organization or foreign government.".

When Bush created "enemy combatant" to exclude US citizens from their legal right, he at least had some evidence that the "enemy combatant" was either arrested in battle field or connected to a terrorist group. Now D.O.J. created "lone wolf" which covers everyone in US. Almost everybody fits for that definition. Seldom a person has any affiliation with a foreign government or terrorist organization. Yet they can be under surveillance without any evidence only if D.O.J. think he is a potential one.

In May, 2002, I found an attempt frame case applied on me and my relatives by Feds. (see 65. Birthday Party on May 3 (5/10)). After my revelation, within 3 weeks, T(tenant) and B house owner moved out. In August 2002, there was an article in Mercury News, " The court was so concerned by A.G. Ashcroft's behind-the-scenes efforts to broaden the FBI's spying abilities that the court in May secretly ordered Ashcroft to scale back the regulations."

I thus found I was under the surveillance of FISA rule. After the judge found they were cheated by Ashcroft, they rebuked him and ordered him to scale back the regulation in May. The two undercovers, T and B house owner, apparently were Chinese secret police, losing legal base to monitor, had to leave immediately. Ashcroft then in July proposed another plan -TIPS which planned to recruit one million informants, to directly send spies to everyone's house. The plan was opposed by public and failed. see: "85. Chinese secret police and DNA (9/1)" and "86. FISA Secret Court ruling".

Anyhow, I am the witness of their crime, Feds would try their best to eliminate. Inside group arranged an appeal court which in Nov. 2002 ruled D.O.J. had such surveillance power because the Patriot Act gave them so. Once again, I was legally under surveillance. see "100. Power to spy on citizens expanded (11/24)".

Feds framed another drug case in later April, 2003. I analyzed the case and pointed out Feds and Chinese secret police had cultivated that drug gang to frame case on me right from the beginning. I think the internal investigation caused the resignation of DEA director and high ranking official of D.O.J. and F.B.I. in August, 2003. (see "142. Drug case in Fujian", "143. Drug case in Fujian (continuation)(7/10)", "150. Development of Fujian drug case (8/11)")

My case continues for more then 10 years in which Feds invested a lot in real estates. As interest can't stay so low anymore, they are in a hurry to finish it. There were another two big attempts to frame a case on me in Dec. 2003 and Apr. 2004., as well as other continuing small plots of elimination. I think my revelation of secret deal between high ranking officials (Bush, Cheney, Mueller) and Chinese government once again caused the loss of legal base of surveillance power of D.O.J. That's why they start another effort to expand their police power by a larger bill dubbed the "The Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Tools Improvement Act of 2003."

The Act is so absurd that every citizen could have been under surveillance by D.O.J. only if Feds think necessary. The whole situation looks like when Ashcroft was rebuked by the judges of FISA court in May 2002. The only difference is he at that time seeking a plan of TIPS, but this time an Act in the name of anti-terrorism which is much bigger.

232. Terror attack and distraction (6/4/04)

On May 26, A.G. Ashcroft and FBI director Mueller warned public that based on credible source Al Qaida would attack US this summer. FBI also issued 7 pictures of most wanted terrorist suspects.

But in next few days the "credible source" was revealed as high suspect. Some of the "most wanted" were said arrested already.
Re: "Terrorists on Ashcroft's 'Wanted List' Already in Jail
May 27 2004
At least two of the terrorists identified by John Ashcroft as part of an 'Al-Qaeda cell' that is waiting to attack America this summer are already in jail. ... edlist.htm

Re: "Terror threat source called into question Ashcroft cites al-Qaida plan, but how credible
is the information?

By Lisa Myers
Senior investigative correspondent
NBC News
Updated: 6:57 p.m. ET May 28, 2004

WASHINGTON - Earlier this week Attorney General John Ashcroft warned of an attack planned on America for sometime in the coming months. That may happen, but NBC News has learned one of Ashcroft's sources is highly suspect.

A senior U.S. intelligence official previously told NBC News that this group has no known operational capability and may be no more than one man with a fax machine.

Under the Homeland Security Act of 2002, only the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can publicly issue such threat warnings. What made D.O.J. neglect DHS? Is FBI really so incompetent to reward suspects whom are in jail already?

The fact that D.O.J. didn't inform Homeland Security Dept. proved that there is no threat from Al Qaida. Feds didn't have any material evidence to send to DHS. They just picked up randomly some information from their old data file to create an "Al Qaida attack".

Then why Ashcroft and Mueller gave such a warning? It's a psychological pre-propaganda for a possible real attack - an attack done by Feds in the name of terrorist in order to distract. Such like McVeigh's excution to divert attention on a framed drug case (soured) in 2001; Michael Jackson's case to divert public's attention on Bush's inglorious London visit; Nick Berg's beheading to divert criticism on abusing prisoners' case.

Recently, D.O.J. had twice plotted frame case on me with terror attack as distracting tactic. (One in Dec.2003 and one in April. 2004) In May, in two attempts of violent elimination, Feds also used the releasing of Abu Ghurayb abusing photos as distracting tactic.(on 5/8 and 5/22)
After the failure of these attempts, on 5/26, they revived old tactic- a terror attack.

Three days after Ashcroft announced terror attack warning, on 5/29, my wife said she would bring her father's ash urn back to Fujian in June. Next day, my sister came to say she would have a party on 6/19. It was 5/3/2002 she had a party last time. Which came with an attempt frame case. (see "65. Birthday Party on May 3") I think a new frame case is planned. If it succeeds, a terror attack will follow to distract. And the time will be around 6/19.

233. CIA chief resigns (6/9)

CIA chief Tenet resigned abruptly on 6/3. He cited personnal reasons for resignation. That's an excuse.

Media said he resigns because of failure in intelligence assessment on 9/11 attack and WMD of Iraq. That he may have been hastened by a critical report from Senate intelligence committee which will single out the errors of the agency. That is not a true reason either, I think.

Failure to warn 911 attack was a very serious fault. As director of CIA, he should have resigned right away after the WTC collapsed. He hadn't. Because 911 attack was allowed to happen. Inside group needed it to activate war in Mid-East. So nobody took the responsibility. Now it's almost three years passed. Is it a late wake up?

Paul O'neill, Richard A. Clarke, all revealed Bush determined to go to war in Iraq even before 9/11. WMD was only an excuse Bush used to start the war. CIA, was forced to squeeze the information to favour the demand of Bush cabinet. CIA, had sent Joseph Wilson to Niger to investigate if Saddam intended to buy nuclear material there. He found no evidence could prove this allegation. Government knew this. But Bush still used it as evidence in his State of Union. When Wilson revealed that Bush lied, he was punished. His wife's ID as being a CIA covert agent was leaked by White House.
In whole event, Bush is the main suspect and offender. How could Tenet take over the responsibility?

Then why Tenet resigned? View from this angle. On 5/26, Ashcroft and Meuller announced Al Qaida would attack in this summer. Tom Ridge of DHS didn't know this in advance. Tenet of CIA hasn't mention it too. The information was unique from D.O.J.. But is it the main responsibility for CIA to deal with Al Qaida abroad? How could they let something like 911 take place again in US? That's the real reason of Tenet's resignation. He knew there will be a big attack in coming months. He is not able to stop it. Because again it is from "friendly fire". To avoid to take the responsibility of a big failure, or in another word, to avoid a duty. He resigned in advance to avoid humiliation. (Or another possibility is he was saved from humiliation by inside group, they arranged his resignation to protect him?) The seat of CIA director will leave vacant until November election. Because the attack(s) will take place during that period. So nobody will take the blame of failure again in terrorist attack intelligence.

On the other hand, is it absurd to leave such an important position remained in vacancy when the country is in terror emergency?(as D.O.J. says) Can you immagine a captain of a battleship permitted the leave of the sonar operater while there is an alert of submarine attack? It only proves a designated attack will happen. Samething like "Operation Northwoods".

The terror attack is designed to benefit the interest of inside group. Such like Bali bombing to arouse indignation of the people against Islamic extremist to support Iraq war. Or Madrid bombing to help Aznar's election in Spain. Is it a little bit early to carry out the plan at this time for Bush's re-election?

I've said the attack will take place around 6/19. Feds arranged my wife's trip and a party at that time to fix a frame case. Because they are in a hurry. If you have noticed that most financial experts pridicted that on 6/30, Federal reserve will boost the interest rates. A step they should have done earlier but had postponed by Feds (D.O.J.) for nearly a year. Because they hold a large amount of real estates invested in my case. Feds is in a hurry to finish my case to release their estates. From this event, we can see the interest of D.O.J. is more important than Bush's interest. Other department, DHS and CIA, must give way to it.

234. Multi-nations plot? (6/14)

My wife went to China on 6/13. Where she will meet her brother from Philippines. They will bury thier father's urn. I view it as another effort of Feds to frame a drug case on my relatives and me which is the continuation of the plot of April. (see "222. Perform a secret deal (4/19)")

This time they arranged the meeting of my wife's brother from Philippines. I fear they will create the frame case to "terrorist" in addition to "drugs". I've talked about the "Philippine FBI" is controlled by US FBI. They also manipulate Islamic terrorists to reach their own goal. (see messages 193,194,195,196, 199) In recent newspaper, I read such a news said that Philippines Islamic rebel recruit money by drug smuggling. (World Journal) It's easy to frame a case like that: Ordering some merchandise, planting drugs in the shipment, then the Bureau of Investigation found the receiver is terrorist. My wife's brother is a businessman.It will be easy for him to fall in a trap like that. Feds, of course, will blow the trumpets for a big victory on a case of "terrorist involving drug case".

From my experience, "War on drugs" is a legal title used by Feds to loot money. Their tactic is to cultivate drug gangs, when it grew bigger and fatter, Feds harvest. That's why they created a strict law, to net as many people as possible. More people offended the law, more money Feds could make. That's why "war on drug" can't stop drug but make it bigger, because Feds feed on it.

That's not enough. So when their puppet, G. Bush becomes president, they develop it into "War on terrorism". In the name of "national security", "patriot", they loot more money and power which they can't get in peace time.

My wife originally planned to leave for China on 6/8. I posted on 6/4 a message "232. Terror attack and distraction", alleged Feds planned a plot around 6/19. On 6/7, my wife suddenly cancelled the trip, said she probably would change it to 6/17 or October. The reason she used was lack of flight seat. But lack of seat vacancy didn't have to delay the flight three months later. October? that will perfectly match the president election time. A terror attack then will have the result of one stone to hit two birds: help Bush's re-election and distract on a framed case. I then on 6/9 wrote message 233, linked the resignation of Tenet on coming terror attack, pointed out the relationship of attack and election. I learned on 6/12 that my wife would leave next day. All her decisions were made in one day.

Will Feds plan a "terrorist drug case" in coming week with the cooperation of multi-nations secret police? Will there be terror attack follows? I hope my revelation enable people realize how Feds manipulate drug gangs and terrorist group to meet Feds' own goal. Secret police is the real terrorist in the world.

235. Manipulation and sacrifice (6/19)

I talked about how Feds planted evidence by guiding my wife to buy a lot of vinegar(a material also can be used to produce drugs) then created situation to push us consuming the vinegar as much as possible. (see "112. How they plant (2)") Since I seldom use that kind of vinegar in cooking,(it's more like acid than cooking vinegar with scent) those bottles were kept in bottom cabinet.

About a month ago, my wife asked me, "where are the vinegar I bought?". I looked at cabinet, the bottles were gone. Then my wife said she had cleaned the container of water boiler with those vinegar. She didn't explain how could a small container need so much vinegar to wash. She didn't explain why she asked me whereabout was the vinegar while she knew she had used it up. I late found her purpose was to remind me the vinegar was used up to justify to buy more.

When I complained she bought so much of vinegar which we seldom used, she emptied a bottle to make several cups of source and salted some vegetables. Only nobody has ever touched them.

Two years ago, my wife was guided to buy a lot of such kind of vinegar without awarness it was a plant. When I told her the vinegar was also a material which could produce drug, she should have known the evil purpose of Feds. What made her suddenly used all the old stock up and bought more? She knew we don't touch the food made with that vinegar. I can only conclude Feds need a pile of empty vinegar bottles to show prosecutors as evidence of suspicion of producing drugs. They are in a hurry so they just gave direct order to my wife. So she had such an unusual action.

Samething abnormal is her refusal to drive me to shopping food. It caused inconvenience for herself and our daughter too, because I cook not only for myself but also for the family. Besides, it is against Chinese tradition. Morally, family member should help each other. I could feel she was forced to do so. I have to ask help from my other relatives.

At first, my wife refused to drive me out with various reason. Then, she just say, "Go by bike". It's not her character. I viewed it not her will but the Feds'. Combined with other clues, I realize that after trying every covert method, they'll use a more direct one by forcing me out alone, to eliminate by police violence(or arrest) or gang violence.

My wife originally planned to bring her father's urn back to China in later April. I posted "222. Perform a secret deal (4/19)" alleged Feds again plotted framed case with Chinese secret police. Two days later, my wife had a sudden trip to HongKong visiting her dying uncle. I had suggested her to take the chance to bring the urn back to China. HongKong is not far away from Fujiang. She could save an extra trip. She refused without any reason. I think she couldn't go without Feds' order. The flip-flop of flight date in this month, (see last message) also revealed she had to follow the Feds's instruction. From her behavior, I saw the shadow of Muhanmmad and Malvo,( the two convicts of DC sniper shooting case) They thought they worked for the Feds so they were safe. They didn't know anytime they could be sacrifice. Feds don't care.
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236. Help puppet Bush (6/24)

There are two events in June which I think were arranged deliberately at this time.
One is the Michael Moore's "9/11 Fahrenheit" will open to public on 6/25. Which will give a negative image for Bush. If there is a big bombing taking place on 6/19 or a little later, then the film will be neglected by public.

Another event was the report issued by 911 investigation commision which said there is no credible evidence that Saddam and Al-Qaida had cooperated to attack US. The panel disputes Bush's reasons to invade Iraq. It was reported by media on 6/17. This, too, could be neglected if there was a big attack taking place on 6/19.

If there was really an attack happened, Inside Group needed not to worry about these negative event. Bush would once again become a "hero in terror war". And other information 911 panel released would help to inflame panic and indignation against Islamic people. When media repeatedly to broadcast the picture of the collapse of WTC and the voice of pilots of hijacked plane. The effect is same like they broadcast the film of beheading case. US government is very active to start a psychological war to its citizens. To prepare for more war in Mid-East.

But the planned attack didn't take place. I think it's because my analysis in message 232, 233 revealed their plot.

When the planned bombing didn't come to offset the negative influence of 911 panel's finding and Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11", inside group came to help Bush.

1. Give out a poll to boost Bush. It's the old tactic. Poll is a tool Inside Group used to manipulte the mind of people.

Re: "Outlook on Iraq aiding Bush, Kerry loses lead from last poll
By Ron Hutcheson, Knight Ridder,
6/18/04, S.J.M.N.

Bush went from trailing Democratic Sen. John Kerry to leading slightly, 48 % to 46%.
The results of the latest Pew Research poll of 1,806 adults taken June 3-13. "

2. unusual support from rival on war with Iraq.
"McCain unites with Bush, shows support for Iraq war
By Elisabeth Bumiller, New York Times
6/19/04, S.J.M.N.

President Bush and his old political rival Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, shared a military stage Friday to present an unusual joint defense of the war in Iraq."

3. Support from Democratic leader

Former President Clinton has revealed that he continues to support President Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq ..... ... index.html

4. Justify Bush's Iraq war by Russia leader

Russia Warned U.S. About Iraq, Putin Says

By Walter Pincus
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, June 19, 2004; Page A11

Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that his intelligence service had warned the Bush administration before the U.S. invasion of Iraq that Saddam Hussein's government was planning attacks against U.S. targets both inside and outside the country. ... Jun18.html

The surface of Clinton proves when it touches the interest of inside group, there is no partism. All politicians serve for their master: inside group. What surprised me is they even push out Putin to protect Bush. How eager they tried to save their puppet when their designated plan failed to carry out.

One thing interesting if you have noticed the date that media reported the defense from these big shots. Which may prove my prediction of 6/19 is correct. When I read these news, I knew the "terror attack on 6/19" was cancelled or postponed or delayed. Otherwise inside group didn't need these defense. In their plan, an "terror attack" would boost Bush's fame, and of course, distract the attention to a framed case.

237. The June plot (6/29)

Though the "6/19 terror attack" failed to be carried out, other events show how Feds prepared to frame a case in June.

On 6/17, S.J.M.N. reported, "Board OKs merging sheriff, coroner offices. In a move aimed at saving money, Santa Clara County leaders on Wednesday approved a controversial plan to allow the sheriff's department to manage the coroner's office. But the merger worries opponents who believe it could create an extra layer of public mistrust toward law enforcement."

In message "170. Suspends Coroner (10/11)" I talked about how Feds plotted to oust the chief medical examiner Schmunk. Finally Feds got coroner's office under their control. It will help them to cover up the murder committed in the coming framed case.

On same day 6/17, local Chinese TV reported a Chinese dissenter, Peng Min, was arrested in Burma and was handed over to Chinese government. Peng Min favours to overturn Chinese government by violence. About a year ago(?), he appeared in a talk show of that TV station. In interview he called for people to join his orgnization. He said that he needed qualified personnel to fill the post of Defense Minister and etc. He offered three to four thousands dollars of monthly salary for these posts. The host of talk show asked him where did he got that much money. Of course, Peng Min would not reveal his financial source. By common sense, it was from intelligence.

Peng Min was arrested a short time before 6/17. He was charged of holding a large amount of forgery Chinese currency by Burmese police. He was delivered to Chinese government quickly. I think he was arranged there by intelligence. Peng Min might have thought he was working to overturn current Chinese government. He could never dream of that he became a chip in a secret deal and was sold by his host. He became a payment to Chinese secret police to exchange for a framed drug case D.O.J. wants.

It was similar to the framed case in April when my wife went to HongKong visiting her dying adopted father. For that case, US had deported one of China most wanted escaped corruptive official to China. FBI director Mueller also announced HongKong would be attacked by Al Qaida terrorists then. Now, Ashcroft and Mueller announced the coming summer attack by Al Qaida. And, too, they gave Chinese government one of their most wanted as interest exchange - a political dissenter.

Because US still holds a title of democracy which Bush used to "liberate" Iraq, Feds couldn't deport a political dissenter to China. So the secret deal was fulfilled by the third country-Burma. (see "222. Perform a secret deal (4/19), 223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24)")

Former P.M. of Spain, Aznar was an ally of Bush. I alleged Madrid bombing was done to help his election. So, he should be familiar with these "terror attacks".
Here is an excerpt from an article:

Quote, "During his visit to California, Aznar referred more than once about a terrorist attack taking place in the United States in June, 2004, which would lead to a Federal Emergency Management Agency takeover of the U.S. (International Herald Tribune, May 15, 16, 17, Los Angeles Times, May 15)"

What made Aznar so sure there would be an "terror attack" in June? He might be able to access some inside information. I based on my own experience knew the mastermind is D.O.J. and their purpose is to eliminate a witness of their crime. For them this is a real imminent danger. Of course, to help their puppet Bush in election as well, too.

The above article is an interesting one, worth to read.

Quote, "Rogue Bush Backers prepare Super 9/11 False Flag Terror Attacks

INN Preview Exclusive -June 2

By Webster Griffin Tarpley

Toronto, May 30 - Intelligence patterns monitored over the US Memorial
Day weekend now point conclusively to an imminent new round of ABC
(atomic-bacteriological-chemical) terror attacks in the United States," ... toryid=355

238. Manipulate Supreme Court (7/4)

Several times I talked about my allegations that Feds tried to force me out alone. On the purpose to eliminate me by unreasonable police search, arrest or police violence.

Re: "My immediate thought was that it proved my allegation they would use local policeman for a violent murder or arrest." (229. Unreasonable search and arrest (5/19))

"Forcing me out alone, or in a stranger's car, to encounter a police search, then a police violence or arrest. (230. Unreasonable search and arrest (2) (5/24))

When the planned 6/19 big arrest for a framed drug case was soured, they focused again in that tactic. Even activated their resource in Supreme Court. Two days later, on 6/21, by a vote of 5-4, the Supreme Court ruled that "Larry Dudley Hiibel's constitutional rithts to be free of unreasonable arrest and to remain silent were not violated when Deputy Lee Dove arrested him for refusing to give his name after Dove stopped Hiibel and questioned him near Winnemucca, Nev., on May 21, 20000. "

Re: "Court: Police can require name
By Charles Lane
Washington Post

Washington - The Supreme Court on Monday(6/21/2004) upheld a state law that makes it a crime to refuse to tell the police one's name when stopped for suspicious behavior, a ruling that threngthens the ability of law enforcement officers to detain citizens even where they lack enough evidence for a full arrest."

This is not the first time I have such experience. Two years ago, Feds had used the same tactic. They tried to force me out by a Juror Somon. Then on 6/17/2002, the day I should have reported to court, media reported that Supreme Court ruled police can subtly pressure passengers to be searched in public transit systems.

I posted in late June 2002: "At night, I heard a news report from KTSF26 Chinese station that Supreme court ruled police can subtly pressure passengers on buses, trains and other public transit systems to agree to be searched, saying officers need not tell the riders they have a right to refuse." It was sensitive because I had to take public transit systems since I have no valid drive license.(see "71. Police violence")

I won't comment if it erodes civil liberty from "not tell the riders they have a right to refuse" to "Police can require name". It's a controversial one even in Supreme Court. (Vote 5 - 4) What I worried is D.O.J. can manipulate Supreme Court to rule on a case to justify a police search and arrest. What is the meaning for check and balance of three independent powers?

My wife came back from China on 6/26. A relative drove her home from air-port. He is the one who used to drive me for shopping when my wife refused to do so. When I read the news of Supreme Court rule, I immediately realized it's a tactic played by Feds. To do it, they must also stop others to help me. So they would intimidate this relative? I asked him for a shopping ride. Really he was very nervous to say he couldn't with a very reluctant reason. That he must go home to cook for his son. (His son is a doctor, the time is 2:30 pm, not the meal time.). This was the first time he refused me. I knew why. What pleased me a bit was that I could predict Feds' act.

239. Free factory (7/9)

To frame a case, Feds used to arrange a trip for the target to establish a regional link. I think they killed my father in law in March and gave my wife a free flight ticket so she could go to China in April. After I revealed it at "219. Free ticket and funeral urn (4/9)", they changed it into HongKong. (see 222, 223, 224, 225) I think there was a big drug deal happened at that time.

Then it was the plot of 6/19. (see 232, 233, 234) Because W.B.(my wife's brother) went to Fujiang for the burial too, I thought Feds framed a big case of multi-nations. How did they frame a drug case on him?

On 6/26, my wife came back from China and told me such a story. W.B. had a fortune that he got a factory for free. W.B. lives in Manila, Philippines. He has a machanic shop there. He is a skilled worker to produce mould. One of his customers suddenly abandoned his business, gave whole of his factory, and business relationship (business order) to W.B.. It is free. The factory produces plastic soles of shoe.

I don't believe there is free lunch. Especially it is an unusual big fortune. The free flight ticket my wife got and free factory her brother got seemed all related to make the framed drug case. The sole of shoe reminded me of the shoe bomber case two years ago. In which Feds said suspect Reid put explosive in his heel of shoe. I had alleged it's a framed case. The heel bomb is more like a 007 trick. Intelligence is interested in such trick. If they plant drug in the heel and frame a case, they can make a sensation. What they need to do now is only place an order to W.B.'s factory from China, and plant drugs in heel shipment. Then there will be a drug case.

Next day on 6/27, "World Journal" reported: "Chinese police and the DEA of Philippines coordinated to break up a big drug smuggling case. The member of drug gang were active in Fujian, China; Manila Philippines.....", another article talked about "Drugs came from southwest rigion which neighbor to Golden Triangle, the drugs to Fujiang is from South-East Asio." They placed Fujiang and Philippines in the center of drug trafficking. It was a psychological pre-propaganda, a tactic Feds always uses.

On 7/8, National security adviser Condoleezza Rice visited China and met top Chinese leaders. Same day, DHS chief Tom Ridge said in a news conference that according to "credible source", a large scale Al Qaida terrorist attack would take place aim to influence the president election. The whole thing resembles the April plot. Secret deal confirmed by high ranking officials. Then an attack was warned which in practice is used to distract the public attention on a framed case.

After the miscarriage of 6/19 plot, a new frame case is set up. In addition to China, they now bribed another nation - Philippines to join the framed case. To make it more deceivable.

240. Cover up (7/14)

In my thread, many times I talked about Feds response swiftly to cover up the flaw I revealed. They did same cover up work after I talked about the June plot.

1. In "237. The June plot (6/29)" I said "Former P.M. of Spain, Aznar was an ally of Bush. I alleged Madrid bombing was done to help his election."

On 7/12, newspaper reported:
"Italy wiretaps paint portrait of man alleged to be bombing mastermind.
By Elaine Sciolino and Jason Horowitz
New York Times
7/12, S.J.M.N.

Madrid, Spain - Terrorists are not usually talkers. But the man who calls himself the mastermind of the March 11 train bombings in Madrid is an exception." The man's name is Ahmed. His Italian cell-phone number was found in the address book of one man suspected of involvement in the plot. So Italian police tapped his phone. In the taped conversations, Ahmed calls himself "the thread behind the Madrid plot". .... It's this and other conversations led to his arrest. "

After Madrid bombing, Spanish police arrested 11 suspects. On 4/4, news reported "Train bomb suspects died in suicide blast.", "The core members of the group have been detained or died in collective suicide" include ringleader Fakhet. The case should be finished. How could be there another mastermind coming out in Italy?

Ahmed was arrested on 6/7, Mercury News reported it on 7/12. So it's a story released on purpose. I think it is used to remind people that Madrid bombing is done by Al Qaida to discredit my allegation "it was done to help Aznar's election." It's amazing Feds could continually push out mastermind one after another for their own purpose.

2. Tenet resigned on 6/3. Mercury News reported, "Bush is unlikely to nominate a permanent successor before the November election, Republicans said, because a confirmation battle this summer would attract more attention to the agency's assessments of Saddam Hussein's weapons." High ranking took no care to the dangerous situation that Ashcroft and Mueller warned. So I realized there would be no real terrorist attack but an attack from their own. I wrote message "233. CIA chief resigns (6/9)". In it I doubted how could a captain of a battleship let sonar operater leave when there is an alarm of submarine attack.

I think the following news is a cover up to that obvious flaw.

"Senators urge swift naming of new CIA chief.
...... that "during such a dangerous period for the US" it would be "unacceptable" to leave the job vacant until after the election." (S.J.M.N. Brief news 7/12/04)

3. In message '232. Terror attack and distraction (6/4)" I talked about the Homeland Security Dept. whose previledge of terror warning was neglected. I thought D.O.J. was the mastermind of terror attack which was planned to distract the attention of a framed drug case. The following news can be viewed as a repair to that flaw.

On 7/8, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said in a news conference that there is credible information there will be large scale Al Qaida terrorist attacks before November election.

This is a continuation of 5/26 terrorist attack warning of D.O.J.. Though they missed the plan of 6/19, they planned another one in near future.
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241. Another plot in July (7/19)

Philippines government on 7/14 announced it would withdraw its troops from Iraq a month early in order to save the life of a hostage whom was kidnapped Several days ago. Washington opposed the action. On Tuesday(7/13), White House press secretary S. McClellan said, "A decision by the Philippine government to withdraw their 51 troops ahead of schedule would send the wrong signal to terrorists.".

I always think intelligence manipulate terrorist activities to provoke the war, to rig the election and to justify the occupation in Mid-east. I view the Philippine hostage event as another effort created to cover up the framed drug case. To make the framed drug case more deceivable, they used to make the countries which involved in plot a hostile one or in dispute. People would think, the countries were in diplomatic or military dispute, so it was impossible that their police force would coordinate to frame a case.

But secret police always take this psychological advantage to make case. I've talked about it in "193. Bombing Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia". The most evident one was the plot of drug case in June, 2001. When F.B.I. and D.E.A. had a secret deal with Chinese secret police to frame a drug case, they created the incident of air collision of spy plane in Hai Nang Island, China in April, 2001. Produced a military dispute.

South Korea, Japan all had the hostage beheading problem. These coutries are stronger than Philippine, yet they all obeyed to US and refused to withdraw their troops. Why Philippine behaved differently? I think because the framed drug case (see "239. Free factory") needs a "political dispute" as a cover up.

On same day, 7/13, Chinese TV reported that China strongly condemned Singapore Vice Premier Lee Xianlong's private visitation to Taiwan. China said it did not need an intermediator for its relationship to Taiwan. As a warning, the president of Chinese central bank cancelled his official visitation to Singapore. It's unusual. Lee Xianlong's father, former Singapore premier Lee Guangyao had visited Taiwan in same way before. China never said a word at it. Why this time it had a so aggressive response? Since it occurred at same time of Philippine troop withdrawal, I think it was a show. I had a feeling it might be part of that framing case. Newspaper propaganda the drug trafficking between Philippine, South east Asia and China. Add a Singapore will make the framed drug story more believable. But how did Feds link Singapore to me and my family? I went to bed with that puzzle.

Next day I got the answer. Dr. Wang, a cousin of my wife, also the son of my wife's adopt father whom passed away this April, (see "223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24)") called my wife on 7/14 asked about flight tickets to Singapore. My wife arranged him two tickets on the coming weekend (7/16?). My wife told me Dr. Huang's wife has family members living in Singapore.

Dr. Wang's call proved my worry is not over sensitive. Feds did plan a multi-nations framed case. It would be a heavy weight case if they claimed it was broken up by the coordination of the law force of Philippine, Singapore, China and US. Though D.O.J. failed the plot of 6/19, they planned another one quickly designated to the week-end of 7/16.

242. Dr. Wang is a target (7/24)

Dr. Wang is a successful medical doctor. He lives in Hillsbrew, where the most residents are rich people. The security should be good in this area. But on 6/19, a house was intruded. One of the residends was killed and another one was seriously wounded. The TV repeatedly broadcast a heart shape necklace, emphasized it was a jewelry lost in that case. They successfully made it a burglar case.

On 7/14, when Dr. Wang called my wife for flight tickets to Singapore, I realized Feds would frame Dr. Wang in case too. I suddenly recalled the Hillsbrew killing case. It took place on 6/19. It resembles the first attempt frame case in 2001.

My young sister and brother in law was one of the main targets. So was their son, a student of Stanford University. In 2001 framed case, Feds might plan a shooting death for him. To make it look like a racial random shooting killing, they shot an Asia girl to death on 6/10/01, a day ahead of designated case date as a cover up. (See "63. A well planed frame case ".)

If the 6/19 plot was carried out, I think Dr. Wang's house would have been intruded too and he would have been killed as a victim in "a series burglar and killing cases".

Anyhow, 6/19 plan failed. And in message "239. Free factory (7/9)" I revealed that Feds made it a drug case of multi-nations in which Philippine was involved. They swiftly planned another one in which Singapore was the center of the case.

243. The late birthday party (7/24)

My daughter's birthday is in early June. Her summer vacation started on 6/1. Though she had plenty time to have a party on her birthday. She didn't.

It was about on 7/13, I learned that my wife would prepare a birthday party on 7/16 for our daughter. What made her so eager to have a late party 40 days after our daughter's birthday? When next day she arranged a flight (leaving on 7/16?) for her cousin, Dr. Huang, I knew Feds had a new plot on that week end.

Feds used to arrange a trip or party in their plot. A party will net as many people as they want, as far as I know. But what did they want in my daughter's birthday party? To net her classmates? I was puzzeled.

On 7/16, my daughter's classmates came in about 11 a.m.. They left at about 10 p.m. I locked myself in bedroom all the time. In noon, my computer was blocked to operate by virus. I was familiar with this tactic. I suddenly awared of that the real purpose of birthday party was to force me out alone. Usual I would have done so to let kids have a happy time without a feeling of being restricted. But now it was a different situation. Supreme Court passed rule to allow police to "ask name" and other "subtle tactics to press" on people. Though it seems a minor rule, the result could be a tragedy. There could be a shooting death. Police could be justify by "reasonable ask name" but the victim was un-cooperate and so on. It would be all their words because a dead couldn't speak up.

I stayed at room. Computer recovered for some time but in late afternoon was completely inoperative. I had to re-install the original software to clean the virus.

I believe if I had left home on that day, I would have been eliminated by a police search. Then there would be a multi-nations drug case out break. And with great possibility, followed by a big "terrorist attack" which announced on 7/8 by Tom Ridge of H.S.D..

244. Push for an aggressive case (7/29/04)

On 7/24, there was a first page article in Mercury News. Topic "Criticism mounting for federal prosecutor - Morale questions as caseload drops, By Howard Mintz"

It says that U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan, the point man for the Bush administration's Justice Department in Northern California, "heads into his third year as the Bay Area's most powerful law enforcement official, the accolades have been eclipsed by serious questions about how aggressively he's filing new cases".

That "Mercury News review of Justice Department data shows that overall productivity is lackluster, especially when compared with other important U.S. attorney offices."

That "overall prosecutions in the Bay Area federal courts are well below Mueller's main years as U.S. attorney and in 2003 were near their lowest level since 1998, when the office hit rock bottom and then-U.S. Attorney Michael Yamaguchi was forced to resign."

The article came with charts of six years data of "cases prosecuted", "Defendants charged", " Felony cases filed" let out by D.O.J. to prove Ryan had a bad 2003 record. It is obviously an push to urge Atterney Ryan to file new big case aggressively. It is also an intimidation which hinted "forced to resign" if he failed to do so. Consider the situation I am in, I think it is direct on me. As a matter of fact, Ryan has done so already. The article says, "Ryan has beefed up the San Jose branch to 20 lawyers from the usual dozen or so, an unprecedented level."

How aggressive is it? Free flight ticket, free factory, Supreme Court ruling, killing in burglar case, Philippine hostage case, Singapore diplomat dispute with China, planned terror attack.....Feds activated their high ranking resources to frame big drug cases continually these days. When they failed to carry out these plots, they push U.S. Attorney who directly in charge of my case. I am familiar with this kind of push. See a similar one at: "67. Turn on into local police (5/29/2002)".

There is only three months left for election day. Inside group must do something to support Bush's campaign, or create some justification for a rigged election. If Feds can't start a "big terror attack", they at least must give Bush a prosperous economy which will cause a tight money market and rising financial interest.That will cause the break up of housing bubble. Which will hurt interest of Feds because they invested large in housing market in my case. This is why they are so anxious to plot to finish my case.

245. Framed case and "terror attack" (8/4)

The plot to frame a case is becoming frequently these days. It always planned with a terror attack as a distraction. I allege D.O.J. bribed China to frame a drug case. And I allege Feds murdered my father in law and my wife's adopted father in March and April to arrange trips for my wife to China and Hongkong in April and June. They used to arrange trips to establish a regional link in framed case.

1. On 12/20/2003, B's family (my brother in law) was arranged a trip to China. At same time, Homeland Security Dept. raised the terror alarm to orange code. Around that time, Bush rebuked Taiwan government and announced an order to ban the entry of corruptive officials which benefit China largely. I allege it was a secret deal between China and US.

See "191. Framing a case in December (12/26)", "206. Another interest exchange. (2/16)"

2. On 4/21/2004, my wife took an emergent trip to visit her adopted father whom got a stroke in HongKong and died later. At same time, in his trip from China, FBI director R. Mueller said Al Qaida would attack financial building of Hongkong.
On 4/13, Vice President Cheney visited China, President Bush echoed same day in a rare news conference that, ""America's word, once given, can be relied upon....." On 4/16, a Chinese most wanted corruptive official was deported to China by US agent. It was a confirmation and performance of the secret deal.

See, "222. Perform a secret deal (4/19)", "223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24)"

3. On 6/19, B had a big party. At same time, my wife was in a trip in China to bury her father's urn. I allege a multi-nations drug case was framed then.(Philippines, China and US) For which, Ashcroft and Mueller announced terror attack in "coming summer" on 5/26.
On 6/17, TV reported that a China most wanted political dissenter was arrested in Burma and had been delivered to China.

See "232. Terror attack and distraction (6/4)", "237. The June plot (6/29)".

4. Another multi-nations drug case was framed on 7/16. (Singapore, China and US) This time Feds arranged a trip for Dr. Huang to Singapore, also arranged a birthday party for my daughter. For this case, Tom Ridge on 7/8 once again warned a "terror attack" in news conference.

See, "241. Another plot in July (7/19)", "242. Dr. Huang is a target (7/24)", "243. The late birthday party (7/24)"

5. On 7/30, White House speaker told media that from Air Force No.1, President Bush actively called President of China, Hu Jingtao. Bush repeated "one China" policy in the call. The speaker said it was a follow up activity after Condoleezza Rice's visitation to China. High ranking meetings used to come with secret deal, was there some new plot?

One day later on 8/1, Tom Ridge again alert the "terror attack" and raised the alarm code to orange color on specific financial area.

It is not a coincidence. After the intimidation on 7/24 in Mercury News, US Attorney Ryan must have worked aggressively to frame a case. Bush's call might be a signal to China to start the new case. We have seen such style before. And Taiwan's interest may be an exchange in this deal. (done by Condoleezze Rice)

Of course, a "terror attack" is always planned as a distraction for the framed case. The only difference is this time D.O.J. targets at financial group. It was probably an intimidation: "Don't raise interest rate too quick.We have big interest in housing market."

Interest rate, housing market, employment rate, President election, terrorist attack, a framed drug case, secret deal between China and US, there is a relationship between them. That's why as November coming, there is a so intense warning of "terror attack". It's not only an intimidation as someone thinks. It will be a real one if D.O.J. fulfills their frame case successful.
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Postby katsung47 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:55 pm

246. Aggressive work (8/9)

1. Attempt to frame case with porn pictures

A fake posted forgery messages which assumed my name. It has happened before. (see "127. Heavy harassment (5/3/03)") The recent one is:
" I am a homosexual slant-eye gook who loves republican politics ! <posts/421.html> --- kathaksung ( 07/30/2004, 18:35:09 ) ( 308 bytes )"

The fake also posted several messages with porn pictures. One in this thread:
"...But not the same things I do! <posts/64.html> --- kathaksung ( 04/27/2004, 00:51:18 ) ( 208 bytes ) img 5"

Last week when I read a message I realized it can leads to serious result.

Re: WASHINGTON, March 19, 2002
(CBS) The FBI says it expects to arrest at least 50 more people by week's end as it busts up an Internet child-pornography ring that allegedly included two Catholic priests, six other members of the clergy, a school bus driver and at least one police officer. ... 3982.shtml

Now I know why the fake posted porn pictures assuming my name. And why my complaints were neglected and even been moved away. People must register to post with a password in that web-site. Obviously only Feds has the motive and ability to manipulate things like that. You can see the forgery thread assuming my name at:

About that time and late my wife push me to use broadband instead of a single telephone line. Since what she did always came with a shadow of Feds, I refused. Now I understand why. Porn picture with user's name was not enough to arrest a person. They need a broadband, so Feds can post porn picture from my site when I surf in Internet. That's the evil tactic how they plant.

2. Car link

On 8/7, a family drove their car to my house. They were customers who bought a 7 days trip. My wife drove them to the spot where travel bus would pick them up. Their car will park at my house until they finish the trip. Twice Feds has used the same tactic to establish a link by car in framed case. To plant drug is as easy as to plant porn pictures by assuming victim's name. When Feds are pushed by high ranking officials and exhausted their tricks, they have to repeat the old tactic. Each time they arranged the car being parked at my house it always took a week. Is that the time needed for framing a drug case, applying for a warranty to search and arrest from a judge?

See the two similar events at: "117. Swift response (3/10/03)", "212. Link to car (3/9/04)"

247. Russia and terror attack (8/14)

On 5/26/04, Ashcroft and Mueller announced "terror attack in coming summer". On 6/4, in message 232, I alleged D.O.J. was the hand behind the coming attack to distract a framed drug case. I also predicted "And the time will be around 6/19."

On 6/19, Washington Post reported Russian leader Putin said his intelligence in 2002 had warned US that Iraq government planned to attack US. This news, combined with others, were used to fix the gap of soured "6/19 terror attack", enabled me realizing the attack was postponed. It also proved my allegation of secret deal between US and Russia.

On 6/10/2002, Ashcroft announced Padilla's arrest in Moscow. What made US Attorney General to give out such a news in a foreign capital? Five days later, on 6/15, in message "68, Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15)", "Re. 9. Ashcroft in Moscow" I alleged a "terror attack" would be done to US. I wrote,"Or probably there will be a big terror attack which government had said,"Bombing is inevitable.".

One month later in message"77. The payment of deal(July/02)" I wrote, "It must be benefit to FBI because Ashcroft was involved.", "If so, US people still will suffer another attack-a dirty bomb attack. When they want to demand more from people. Either for election, or for the support of war on Iraq, or against criticism of failure's their choice."

What the role Russian would have played was a witness if the attack had happened. If Russian said they knew Saddam had planned such an attack, and had informed US in advance. People of the world would believe it. Because at that time, Russia seemed to be more friendly with Iraq than US. Russia opposed US war policy in UN convention.

Putin's defense in 6/19/2004 for Bush was only a performance of that secret deal of June/2002. That's why I was surprised when I heard it.
In which you can see a time accord. Re: "The report, which cited an unidentified intelligence agent, said Russian intelligence had received information in early 2002 that Iraq was planning an attack against the United States. "This information was more than once passed on to our U.S. partners in oral and written form in the fall of 2002,"". (Washington Post, 6/19/04)

As I said, the secret deal was done in early June, 2002. The bribe of the secret deal was paid to Russia in later June. Then we could see today that "the information from Russia in oral and written form passed to US in the fall of 2002." They could cheat people anything. But the action could only be carried out after the deal.

What was the fall of 2002? In October that year, a sniper shooting spree pushed law makers passed the Bill to authorize the use of armed force against Iraq. Bush got the war power; About same time, a French oil tanker was bombed; There was also a Bali bombing which killed nearly 200 people, most of them Australians. A push for the two countries to support for the war against Iraq. What Bush needed was an "Iraq terror attack" to justify the invasion. A Russia oral and written form of information would make the case credible.

For some reason, the plot to plant a terror attack on Iraq was soured. I think my revelation in advance played a role on it.

248. Secret deal and payment (8/19)

1. In April 2001, an US spy plane EP-3 collided with a Chinese fighter above the South sea of China. An article said a secret deal was reached for releasing the spy plane and its crew.
It said in secret deal, officials of FBI and DEA were the signatories and guarantors. Why FBI and DEA involved in a diplomatic and military event? I then concluded it's a secret deal between Feds and Chinese secret police in the name of settlement of EP-3 plane. The real deal was to frame a drug case to demolish a witness of the crime of D.O.J. committed.

I was puzzled quite a while at the amount of payment for that deal. The article said it was 40 billion dollars. That was a big amount. How could Feds have that much money? I had the answer a few months later. It was an economic benefit equivalence. Later that year, China was granted to host Olympic 2008 and was approved to be a member of WTO. Media said it would benefit China billions of dollars worth. Now we could see the result. The economy of China had a big leap forward since then. China now is the sixth big economy power in the world. The worth of payment exceeds far from 40 billion dollars.

2. On 6/10/2002, Ashcroft announced the arrest of Padilla in Moscow. In a message on 6/15 I alleged there was a secret deal between D.o.J
. and Russia that there would be a "terror bombing" to US. As usual, there always was a payment for the secret deal.

The bribe paid quickly this time. Because the demand of Iraq war was urgent. Same month on 6/27 in the meeting of G-8 in Canada, Russia was granted 20 billions of dollars within 10 years in the name of demolishing its WMD. Russia was also granted to host G-8 in 2006 which meant it was approved to be a partner of G-7.

What Russia was requested to do was to pass information to US intelligence in oral and written form that Iraq planned to attack US in the fall of 2002.(That's what we outsiders are able to know so far due to the 6/19/04 news release. Russia might have done more to plant.) The purpose was to frame Iraq as mastermind in a "terror attack" to US.

The planned "terror attack" soured for some reason. US bought the ticket but didn't go to the theater. So when it wanted to see the film again, it had to buy another ticket. So secret deal repeated.

3. Since my continual revelation of secret deal, now they put relevant figures and news in inconspicuous place.

Re: "5/17/2004 (S.J.M.N. brief news)
Rice pleased with talks on Iraq policy

The US and Russia are now" on the same page "regarding the future of Iraq despite disputes,"... national security adviser Condoleezza Rice met in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the weekend to discuss next stage in the Iraq occupation..."

Re: "5/22/2004 (S.J.M.N. brief news)
Moscow signals support for long-stalled treaty

Russia signaled Friday that it would ratify the Kyoto climate-change treaty in exchange for European support for its bid to join the World Trade Organization."

I alleged another secret deal was done and the payment this time is WTO. (US opened green light for it) The plot had a tight schedule. Ten days later on 5/26, D.O.J. (Ashcroft and Mueller) announced the "coming attack in summer". On 6/19, when the plot soured, to take maximum advantage of the deal, they still let Putin give a news that Russia knew Iraq had planned to attack US. To save Bush's fame and also to prepare for the next plot in July.

249. Secret deal and July plot (8/24)

The partners of the secret deal were Russia and China. Russia would prove Iraq had planned to attack US. China would frame a drug case for D.O.J.. These two countries were chosen because they had been hostile to US in cold war so the framed case would be believable if proved by them.

The hand behind US is D.O.J.. Attorney General Ashcroft, chiefs of FBI, DEA were involved. Other high ranking officials, like President Bush, V.P. Cheney, National Security Adviser Rice are only puppets, worked for D.O.J.

The first secret deal (EP-3 spy plane's case on Apr. 2001) was signed in written form. That's why both directors of FBI and DEA resigned. Because there was evidence. To avoid more resignation, the later deals were all in oral form and were made in partner's Capital. As we saw that Ashcroft in Moscow (6/10/02); Cheney in Beijing (4/13/04) Mueller in Beijing (4/20/04 ?) Rice in Moscow (5/15/04) Rice in Beijing (7/8/04). And we heard Bush passed confirmation that, "America's word, once given, can be relied on....". They acted like Mafia. ( see #245)

I had revealed these secret deals. So they sent Condoleezza Rice for the mission. She was female and was less noticeable. Her trip to Moscow in May was in a low key. D.O.J. probably thought it was a success. After the failure of 6/19 plot, they again planned a multi-nations drug case on 7/16 and sent Rice to Beijing to deal with China.

Rice met with top Chinese leaders on 7/8. On same day, Tom Ridge warned a large scale attacks from Al Qaida. On 7/13, US expressed regret on Philippines' early withdrawal of its troops in Iraq. Same day, China condemned Singapore for its leader's visiting to Taiwan. Next day, China warns US on policies.

Re: Beijing Says Stances on Taiwan, Hong Kong May Hurt Relations
By Glenn Kessler, Washington Post Staff Writer, July 14, 2004; ... Jul13.html

All these were the psychological pre-praparation for the framed drug case. It would make the framed drug case look more credible because all the countries involved having diplomatic conflicts. To divert public's attention there would be large scale terror attacks followed. (see #241, 242, 243)

250. Signature (8/24)

My threads were locked, or moved away, or even been banned from some sites recently. The reason they used was ridiculous, such like because I posted in many other sites. (will library ban you because you go to other libraries?) One reason they used was the thread is lack of discussion. Here is a typical one:

Re: "An Error Has Occurred!Sorry kathaksung, you are banned from using this forum! Reason: No interaction

It is because the people were intimidated from my thread. Agent called those people who read my messages and warned them. I knew this for some time.

When I first started to post three years ago, people still could discuss with me. In a debate, one person wrote, "I knew you. Somebody told me about you, you are anti-US......". From then on, I knew Feds called people who read my thread. No others could be this "somebody" than agent. And no others than Feds could scare people away from reading and discussing on my thread. What have they told people of me? A spy, a drug dealer, or a criminal? It's all their words. Many times, e-mail informed me there was a reply to my post. But when I got there, the reply was deleted already. Either done by agent or done by author whom was intimidated by agent.

Intimidation is a tactic used frequently by FBI. Here is a recent one.

Quote, "F.B.I. Goes Knocking for Political Troublemakers
By Eric Lichtblau
New York Times

Monday 16 August 2004

WASHINGTON, Aug. 15 - The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been questioning political demonstrators across the country, and in rare cases even subpoenaing them, in an aggressive effort to forestall what officials say could be violent and disruptive protests at the Republican National Convention in New York."

So I decide to post a signature to reveal it. But I failed to add a signature in my profile.

Re: "An Error Has Occured! You are not allowed to change this person's profile." ... on=profile

The failure to post in my own profile only recovered after I posting signature manually. When they realize tech problem can't stop I post it.

If Feds call you and defame me, it is a tactic of intimidation. They don't want people know the fact.
It also proves what I wrote are truth. They are afraid of it.
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