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Government and Political Conspiracies

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Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby CodeBlackv2 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:53 pm

Yeah this goes here, the oldest government conspiracy, money.

Couple Charged for Trying to Sell Nuke Tech to Argentina

Pedro forgot that with government it ain't about your program being better, or working, and the other one being a waste of money and time. Its about who kissed what butt cheek this week. All you get with government is a big stinking pile of crap and Los Alamos is a good example. Its had one problem after another. Threatened by forest fires or not, politicians (and their backers) are always fighting over control of Los Alamos. Workers are always stealing classified data. Those top secret laptops just keep getting up and walking out. And when someone speaks out they get the Wen Ho Lee treatment. Remember him?

Its a tough economy. People have a right to market their skills. People can't get a job to feed themselves and yet the gov just keeps spending like a drunken sailor at a strip club.

Hey, weren't we supposed to have a law to stop this kind of harassment? It was called the whistle blower law. Oh that was so last decade. Besides, the gov never enforces laws when its the one committing the crime.

You can't stop nuclear proliferation. Its only a matter of time before everyone has them. Tick tock.
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