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Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby evutch » Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:19 pm

i'm happy to see that the right is getting on the band wagon.. ( or else just getting blamed for all this)
there are a few that are missing..
birth certificates, Zionist take over..
Irans war on the world, N.Koreas take over, ( or is that China?)
flight 800, flight 007, RFK, MLK, etc.
Mena, mexicans being let in..
all the nifty stuff IAM1 used to put up, and is sadly missing, crazy or not.
ones gotta admit, that poster was always ahead of the curve.
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:20 am

Yes they are indeed doing so and at the Expense of ( what they think is Obama ) only it reality it was Bush. I'm speaking of the Mosque thing in NYC---It's pretty said that the PTB are still using that staged event to drive a wedge between the dumbdowned average American and those free and open thinkers who have the obvious questions that the PTB DO NOT EVER WANT ANSWERED.

As someone who questions most everything when it comes to certain aspects of Governmental control I really only buy into a few Conspiracy theories and that is simply because the ruse used to carry those operations OUT was, and is, so full of holes that only a fool wouldn't have( at the very least,) a few obvious questions. Much of what was spun, was and is, completely impossible, as time goes by that becomes more and more obvious---So that is why they continue to make controlled suggestions in regard to the past event.

It's why they are hammering on the Mosque and 9-11--( have you seen the latest ) :lol: :lol: Only it ain't so funny.

9-11 Families and first responders are claiming that Obama turned his back on them and that "THEY ARE DYING" Really---was't it BUSH and his clan that actually turned their backs? Didn't Todd Whitman lie about the air quality just days after the event, even amid the very first concerns put forth by those very workers and 1st responders???????

9 years in and this event is still being used as a talking point for POLITICAL GAIN yet sadly this point is lost on those who lack the tools to grasp the actual truth of that event and what really happened. Very sad yet very calculated--- and the best part--the priceless part--most people actually haven't a clue that this is being done on purpose to keep the MEME ALIVE AND KICKING.

Remember Obama--one of his first administrative blunders??????????THE FLY BY with Airforce one----Don't tell me that you think it was just a dumb accident--lol that was by design--REMEMBER----NEVER FORGET---Oh but rest assured they will NEVER let that happen--

REMEMBER BLOOMBERG and his R_e_a_c_t_i_o_n----------Please! He was just pissed enough to appease those who matter most, those who give him is actual walking papers---IF THAT WASN'T THE CASE then he'd be opposing the Mosque---Not supporting it under the guise of the very founding documents that were so breached during the clean up phase on the event called 9-11.

Here is something I've not put forth on this board before ( in any manner ) it's the one thing that will draw the most reaction from those most in the know. Can you handle it--can you grasp it---do you question it or merely cast it aside as an honest mistake????????

The fly in the ointment--the real fly--real ointment in regard to the staged event called 9-11 was/is Flight 93 and the mistaken ( mistaken report on purpose ) of it's rumored crash near Camp David----This was done in order to sow the seed of confusion as a diversion for any shoot down order---Nobody hardly ever mentions this in any conversation because they simply don't know about it which is because they would rather watch TV over reading.

Colin Powell is on record, which is still available in certain archives, when he says during his initial briefing that a plane had indeed crashed near Camp David. This would be a simple mistake ( and who would question it ) given the moment---yet the area in questions was stormed by Fire and Rescue as well as several State Troopers---WHY---WHAT--were they looking for if there wasn't a plane down---- WHO SET IT IN MOTION-many people witnessed this as well as one hand picked MSM news outlet that reported it.

What is the point of all of this--pretty simple---deflection of the shoot down orders for the SUPPOSED flight 93. What if that plane was somehow guided to a landing or crash landing where a few people survived with some tale of reality to tell--- it was already down and Powell said as much in his Q&A on the plane ride home--so the story of great heroism was spun and quickly made legend complete with a makeshift monument! So how many planes are we/ were we talking about?

I stay current on 9-11---the latest is an attempt to further associate anyone who questions with the new Time Traveler 9-11 Theory, therefor making them out to be crazy fools only to be mocked and laughed at by those with their heads buried in the sand.

9-11, The Fake Moon walks, and JFK-----QUESTION: Did they finally fix the A/C on the ISS? :lol: :lol: :lol: Come on people use that thing between your ears---If they so desperately need A/C at a mere 250-300 miles up--WTF would they need on the other side??? 8-) Priceless indeed!

Bring Em Home Cole
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Postby evutch » Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:50 pm ... age=entire

i had forgotten that.
well, sorry.

and cole, sounds like you're on it.

we are hit with SO much, so often and it's ALL so well timed, and oechestrated, it's HARD to figure what is the real event, and what is the distraction.

however only a fool doesn't watch.
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:14 pm

Indeed my friend soooooo much at once, all a means of divide and conquer then control via confusion--BUT and it's very very big one---Something is happening abroad and I think it has something to do with this BP thing in the gulf.. Dr David Kelly is all of a sudden getting a huge amount of play---The Brits are going to peel back a layer or two in regard to the lead up to Iraq--how fitting as Obama twists in the wind over this bucket of dung left to the Dems. Pathetic the way they use these people like throw away Dixie cups.



Attorney General set to order new probe into death of weapons inspector David Kelly ... death.html

I've done quite a bit on this these past few days > ask yourself how this ties into the Lockerbie bombing-- :o each of these events are feeding on one another in the foreign press only NOT SO MUCH HERE--Why? Confused and masked by that NYC Mosque thing, and Now the Troops leaving ( combat troops ) that is--from Iraq.

Here is what the US is countering with >>

Fidel Castro fascinated by book on Bilderberg Club

Now think about this for a second: WTF does this have to do with anything relative to what is going on ( currently ) on a reality based Global scale????? :lol: :lol: It's as if they sit back and practice writing soap opera scripts just for the hell of it. Comical!~ ... bildenberg

I'll see your Dr Kelly and raise you one Fidel Castro--just don't look behind the curtain in the process! :lol:

The frustrating aspect to all of this is/are those who for ( certain reason ) refuse to THINK about all of this with an open mind. Really pisses me off. I have a Brother in law who simply refuses to consider any of this simply because his job depends on his TOEING THAT LINE. Makes me want to flat out puke.

The Chemtrail thing is real, it ain't no Conspiracy and I've seen it first hand this past May---I regret not taking some pics---Nothing like it since--not even close and not nearly the traffic to come close to the numbers on " CONTRAILS " clearly visible that day. Just stay away for the Alex Jones explanation and you'll be fine---HE'S WITHOUT QUESTION--their mouthpiece, He's Mr Y2K FEMA CAMP Man to me---damn crazy, but that's the whole idea--Guilt by association.

Anyway--I've got some great stuff from a highly touted Universities archived data base that clearly demonstrate the lengths that the PTB will go to to further their agendas.

Have you heard from Rudy Lately >>>>>>lol--

news local-beat
Giuliani on Mosque: "This Project Is Divisive"


He has no shame---shall we rewind back to 09-12-01 and post his comments in regard to " NOT ATTACKING MUSLIMS " within the city or anywhere else? :lol: :lol: Dan Moran tried to gain election on the backs of the victims---only, as I said, the PTB underestimated the will of the people. ... 62444.html

More later---keep an eye on the Kelly-Iraq-Lockerbie-BP Money trail~~~~this may very well be the next shoe to drop!

All just my humble opinion~~~

Bring Em Home Cole
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Postby evutch » Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:31 pm

i agree whole heartedly! we ARE being PLAYED.

dead peasants.

BTW, i saw my FIRST chemtrail over, OVER twenty years ago, being made alert by my aging " who knew nothing" mother. she not only alerted me the diff between chem vs contrails, BUT pointed out the "grouind droppings".
and damn, she was right on.
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:44 am

Yeah I never ever paid any attention to this thing before, then this past May a very very odd thing happened, I remember it like it just happened yesterday.

It was a crystal clear day in late May when I noticed a pattern of tic tac toe like squares of contrails being formed in the sky all over the area. Still didn't pay any mind to it until I noticed that they were not dispersing, they were merely expanding and hanging in the atmosphere for hours at a time. Really weird--Then I saw the planes responsible TWO WHITE aircraft crossing back and forth across the sky--3-4 hours worth of work and then they were gone.

One would have thought that the air traffic was especially heavy that day and probably blown it all of as being just that--typical plane traffic----only thing is--NOTHING even close to that many trails ever since May--Nothing--all that's been seen since are " CONTRAILS " that disperse in a few minutes time.

Oh and the Respiratory thing that began about a week later was probably just one big coincidence.

My take is that it's either weather related of Big Pharma related activity--one or the other.

Bring Em All Home Cole
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Postby raburgeson » Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:55 pm

The net is being used to destroy information. Now many don't recognize the fact because it always gets bigger. It's scientific fact if you fill your head with crap you drop data to take on new information. They want you to forget the old lie to except the new lie. a couple days ago had a video of the government's that urged the farmers to plant hemp. This has been deleted from the net. The link to the article and video can no longer be found. In short it has been covered up. The article had some short falls. The man who wrote it said the plastic industry gave hemp the bad name and had it illegalize and give canibus a bad name. This was a shortfall of understanding. From hemp come canvas, bio fuels and many other products. The government ran a campaign that smokers of this plant crazy, wild, and uncontrollable. At the same time they were weaponizing it because the effects were it (made people peaceful).

I want to bring a statement made by a big oil man, you can look this up and find out who he was. He said, Farmers make and excellent profit from hogs because they sell 100 percent of the pig. We have to learn how to do that with our product. So oil companies produced the first plastics and took over rope and cloth. They also got rid of the threat of bio fuel and then expanded into other areas like paint and so on. They started and drove the plastic industry and were very happy to let the blame fall there. So now we have indoctrine suppressing hormones and garbage patches in the oceans because of these bad technologies. Well if you are to point your finger, point it in the right place.

In the mean time the guilty as it can get BP oil company is trying to put the blame off on something else or someone else. Go back and review the videos from news sources, don't miss 60 minutes talking to a survivor of the platform.

Now for the government. Right now they are making noise trying to make it look like the few that control 60% of the money in this country need a tax break. In the mean time, they are taking small lobby packages and then handing out billions in corporate welfare. They take some poor single woman of and put someone with a big appetite on like a manufacturer or a rail road company. The woman has no choice and starts a day care or something to survive. Swim or starve she makes it or does starve. Bush and Obama would both be sued out of existence because neither are fit to run a day care, they ended up running the country though didn't they.

The American revolution was fought because of taxation without representation. The government hasn't represented anyone in the US for 50 years. If they represented you the citizen you would not be standing in line being harassed before boarding a plane. If they represented you they would have grounded all the foreigners. Is there something wrong with punishing the guilty and letting the innocent go? What about the immigration laws that exist that they not only don't enforce but try to find ways to disable the laws. Go Arizona. In this country it is unconstitutional to take away the rights of someone else. The constitution is the law of the land. Sharia law will not be tolerated here. To stone the victim of a rape or any other form of murder disguised as saving the family grace will take someones constitutional rights for a life time. If you find I have not learned tolerance from these SOB politicians you are right on.

These storm troopers they have unleashed into the civilian world need put on a leash. It was noted on a training brochure at a police academy in the Midwest that the curriculum advised the students it was better to cause trama than receive it. So bash the victims. How about the violence and the taser use?

The big drug companies, or big pharma if you prefer. These companies have not cured one disease in the last 50 years. These are treatment only drugs who's side affects need treatment. There is always a class action suit going on against them. Look how they advertise this crap. They list a long list of side effects and then they give another list of side effects like the first list doesn't exist. If the drug doesn't cure you and just treat you then I recommend you ask for a 50s or 60s medicine that won't kill you or leave you bipolar.

About space pictures released by the government. Every last one of them are fake. We have armchair scientist studying hand me down fake picture and none of them are working on data they have collected on there own. NASA is a front to make you believe you have something to do with a space program. NASA is there to keep the public from getting to space. In 2006 the space shuttle should not have been aloud to launch without antique plates on it. The shuttles design was so poor it couldn't be landed in a rain storm and now I'm talking about when it was new. I have studied their pictures. Have you heard of the missing crater on the moon. Google that. The moon pictures they have been showing you are pictures of a 3d model they made covered with subliminal smut. The chemtrails they spray specially the highest layer defuse the light rendering pictures taken from Earth useless. WE need a civilian telescope in orbit that the government cannot touch to figure out what they are doing up there. The US and Israel didn't sign the treaty for non proliferation of space. What do you think starwars during the Regan administration was doing.

Timothy Oneill, Guy Cramer, and Dr. Joe Resnick own the mineral rights to the solar system beyond the orbit of the 3rd planet. No one contests this because no one believes we can get up there. I contest their claims to the moon right away because the moon spends half it's inside the orbit of the Earth. The rest of it you all can get together and protest.

Now I want to give you some facts and I will let you put them together.
1938 Germany claims a large area in Antarctica
1947 we had Roswell
1947 we had Operation Highjump.
1945 we had Operation Paperclip
During Second World War we had Foo Fighters.
During the return of Operation Paperclip Adm. Byrd made this press statement. On March 5, 1947 Santiago, Chile newspaper;
On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas

Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions. The admiral further stated that he didn't
want to frighten anyone unduly but that it was a bitter reality that in case of
a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects
which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds. ... on_17.html

Read the whole story, it is weird but true. An international force with of great capacity invaded Antarctica in 1947. They didn't go down there to blow the butts off those evil penguins. This happened just after they captured two saucers in Arizona. A little retro engineering and they should have been in deep space by 1950. They should have been capable of producing human hybrids soon after and they expect you to believe in little green men if you see one of their disk craft. What I'm saying is they are up there with weapons and have the resources of the whole solar system.

Take heart and get an adapting ring to put your telescope on your camera. Hunting in Northern Canada it was noticed that there were no chemtrails at the north end of the Hudson Bay. Now we are talking about the ice they are worried about but, they are doing nothing to protect it, instead they are concentrating the spray over large population areas way South. Curious isn't it? Anyway the armchair scientists can get high resolution pictures far better than the ones they get from NASA or people can go get them for themselves. Don't worry chemtrails have bankrupt them an they can't spray everywhere. Don't go for any world wide taxes on anything either, it will go to programs like this chemtrail crap.
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:31 am

Welcome, a lot to digest. Take it from me, It's best to leave Rense alone. It's been noted on several sites that they get their marching papers from, or allowed to spew by one of the regularly mentioned alphabet agencies. ;)

I've been off for a spell but will get back up to speed in time. Lot's coming into focus at the present. Time will tell.

Bring Em All Home Cole
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