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The Obama Administration & US Politics

How2 Blow $75 Billion & Have Nothing to Show 4 It

As the 2012 election is now over, Barack Obama has won a second term. Many wonder how his policies, his administration, and how the entire political arena, will change our future.

Postby CodeBlackv2 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:37 pm


Only 0.6% of the $75 billion went to help homeowners but even that didn't solve any problems.

Its not enough to have money. You have to know what to spend it on. BO and company have no idea how to spend your money for you. Just as long as you don't get any of it, they seem happy. And if you're thinking the 0.6% went to the people, guess again. That went to offset the lower house payments. The people didn't get squat.

See, they just think all problems are simply a matter of government mandates. They never once even consider that its the workers, the inventors, the business developers who make the world go round. You know, the people who make stuff?

The Jeep commercial hit the nail right on the head. Americans do well when they make good stuff but not when they don't. Libs couldn't care less about making anything. That requires work! And that is why the system is breaking down. Americans don't make squat (except weapons). Too much liberal b.s. Nature will correct the deficiency.
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Postby The_Joker » Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:33 am

The so-called "NINJA" (No Income NO Job or Assets) loans offered prior to the GFC are largely responsible for the mess that led up to the GFC Meltdown. Then the Rescue packages dolled out by the Fed at the Request of the US Federal government where misplaced and misused on Infrastructure and the like in many cases when no Infrastructure was need etc.

As a solution the Federal Reserve Bank in America has now offered the same type of loans again to so-called "Stimulate" growth, Growth indeed, to push more people into debt while they swallow the BS of the Fed and it's propaganda on the issue while America's national debt which is already impossible to repay get's worse and worse.

It's is a never ending downward spiral that people are swallowing hook, line and sinker.
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