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Entropy, The Universe and Sudoku

From Mercury to Pluto and beyond. . .

Postby CodeBlackv2 » Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:09 am

If you've ever played Sudoku you know that you start out with a relatively large number of choices. Then as you fill in values, the remaining choices get fewer and fewer until finally there is only one choice. The universe is a lot like that. Before the universe was created, entropy was at infinity and there were infinite remaining choices. Then something happened to cause entropy to drop to a very low value, possibly 1, as if a selection was being made. And that sparked the Big Bang. Since then the universe has been expanding and coalescing.

My theory is that the universe is like a two-sided structure, one side is one universe, the other side is another universe. When one side's entropy is infinite, the other side's entropy is 1. The end of the universe on one side marks the beginning of the other side. Each side is the inverse of the other.

At the beginning of our universe, the instant just after the point that entropy dropped to 1 on the other side, the entropy on our side jumped to infinity. Just like the Sudoku game, the number of remaining choices began decreasing with each choice made at each clock tick. Each instant in time represents a cell in the Sudoku game and a choice. As time marches forward, the remaining choices decrease.

Someday this universe will run out of remaining choices. The questions are, what is the rate of change of the remaining choices? How far have we gone? How many choices remain? Keep in mind that we started with infinite choices, which is a mighty big number.
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